Bridal Shower on the Horizon(2022)? 10 Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gifts That'll Wow the To-Be-Weds

Bridal Shower on the Horizon(2022)? 10 Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gifts That'll Wow the To-Be-Weds

If there's a bridal shower in your future, you might be wondering what to get the to-be-weds. To help you find something special that'll wow the to-be-weds, we rounded up the best wedding shower gift ideas at all price ranges. Here, you'll find the best bridal shower gifts that'll never go out of style, along with modern and unique ideas for those who already have the basics covered.

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What is a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower is a relatively new term for Indians but we have been celebrating it for ages as 'Godh Bharai and is mostly attended by female family members and friends in India. People bring gifts and bless the bride to be, they wish her luck for the new phase of life she is about to enter. The modern-day 'Godh bharai' is called a Bridal shower and has games, activities, party outfits, great food and whatnot. Bridal showers are usually organized by the bride's mother or sister or even a close friend because they are the ones who know the bride well and plan it accordingly.

The ritual of the Bridal shower is said to have started in the 16th century in Holland. A rich merchant's daughter wanted to marry a poor man but the father refused to give her any dowry. The people of the town got together and brought gifts for the couple to start their new life comfortably. The same is done today; people attending a bridal shower bring gifts that are useful for the bride and the groom. If you are planning to attend a bridal shower and can't think of what to buy as a gift then this article will help you choose one.

FAQs on Bridal Shower


Are Bridal Showers Different from Wedding Showers?

  • Yes, it is. Earlier bridal showers were meant for brides and only female guests were invited to it. Now days, wedding bridal showers are different. Both male and female guests are welcomed to the shower. It is now a gala event that is celebrated with lots of fun activities, good food, music and any other thing you like to add to it. It all depends on bride or the person hosting it.

When should you plan a bridal shower?

  • Bridal showers are usually held two to six months before the wedding. People choose the dates according to the availability of the guests. It can be organized during the day or late in the evening depending on the bride or the host's liking.

Who can throw a bridal shower?

  • In west, the maid of honor usually throws a bridal shower. In our context, close friends or member of the bridal party can also throw a bridal shower. It is a good idea for everyone to decided early on as to who is planning to throw a shower to avoid any confusion or ending up having two showers. Usually the mother and the mother in law does not participate in hosting or it seems like they are asking for gifts but anyone who is interested can throw a bridal shower for the bride to be.

Do you have to invite shower guests the wedding too?

  • Yes, people who are invited to the shower are most likely invited to the wedding as well. If the shower is being thrown in the office by coworkers then you can decide whom to invite to the wedding.

Do you need to have a Dress Code at a Bridal Shower?

  • It depends on how you want to celebrate it. Some people like themed parties and can ask guests to dress according to the theme of the shower. If you plan to have a dress code for the shower then you need to inform the guests beforehand for them to arrange for their outfits. You can go with a color theme or specific attire for the event.

How many people are invited to a bridal shower?

  • It again depends on the host. If you want to throw a huge party then you can have end number of guests at the shower but if you want to keep it simple and a family gathering then you can invite close friends and family members. It is good to consult with the bride as to whom she wants to invite to the shower.

Can you have a couple's shower rather than just a bridal shower?

  • Having a couple of shower or "Jack and Jill" shower is quite popular these days. You can ask the bride and the groom if they want to have a couple’s shower before planning one.

What are the things you plan to have in a bridal shower?

  • A bridal or wedding shower is just like any party. You invite guests, offer good food, have good music and let them have a good time. You can offer alcoholic drinks if the bride is ok with it. You can also plan fun games and activities for everyone to participate in and give them gifts. You can have a gift-opening time and watch the bride open the gifts she got for the shower.

Is it necessary for the bride to open the gifts during the bridal shower?

  • It is not necessary but usually brides open gifts at the end of the event. It is fun to watch her open the gifts and it gives the bride an opportunity to thank everyone for their gifts. She does not have to open gifts if she does not want to.

Who pays for the bridal shower?

  • Usually the person hosting the event pays for it. You can ask friends to chip in if you like. Divide up and pay for different aspects of the event, such as the invitations, the drinks, the cake, or the favors.

10 Best Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bride

Now that we have covered almost everything on bridal showers let us look into the most important part of the event, the gifts. The gifts that are given to the bride to be on her shower are usually the ones she will need or use later in life. They can be things that she always wanted to have in her home. You can also look into personal grooming kits for her to prepare for the wedding. If the bride has a list of things she wants or has a registry then it gets easy to buy a perfect gift but if not then we have come up with some great ideas you can choose from.

Bride Outfits Wooden Hanger


One of the most prized possessions of a bride is her wedding outfit. She might wear it for a few hours on her wedding day but she would want to keep it with her for a long time for memory's sake. To keep an expensive wedding gown or a lehenga one needs a perfect hanger to hang it for a few days and later after she packs her outfit she can have the hanger hanging on a wall as a reminder of that special day.

These hangers are beautifully made and come in various sizes and designs for different outfits. She will love to have a wedding outfit hanger as a gift in her shower. You can buy this beautifully carved wooden hanger and have it customized with the couple's name on it. This hanger is available for Rs. 650 on

Newlywed Cookbook


You have known your best friend for years and you know she can't cook. Don't let that stress her at all. You can buy her this Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland as a gift for her bridal shower. This is a wonderful book with 130 recipes that she can try for her new family.

The book also has tips on how she can stock her kitchen pantry to be a better cook. She can learn to cook great vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for her family and impress them with her skills. She can also try to cook a few with her husband and have a wonderful time in the kitchen. The book in hardcover is for Rs. 1,693 but if you want to get a kindle edition you can pay Rs. 251.93 for it and gift it to her. It is available on

Nykaa Trousseau Box - Moon Metal


Another perfect gift for the bride-to-be can be a Trousseau Box. She will need it to keep all her beauty essentials to get ready for the big day and many other special events after the wedding. This is a stunning Trousseau box with is light weight that makes it easy to carry around. It also has a number lock system to keep her things safe in it. It is made of high-grade aluminum and looks quite stylish. You can order it for her for Rs. 799 from

Just Married Personalized Passport Covers - Set of Two


Getting married is very exciting in so many ways and one of them is travelling. If your friend or sister is getting married and is planning to fly abroad for her honeymoon then she will love this next gift. This is a set of two Just Married personalized passport covers. She can keep her and her hubby's passports safe using these. They come in two colours, red and silver and look very cute. You can get it for Rs. 995 from

Personalized Cute Owls Wooden Name Plate


You can also check out this cute wooden nameplate as a gift for a bridal shower. Bridal showers are not just for gifts and fun it is about wishing the best to the new couple and what can be better than wishing them a happy new hope with a new nameplate. This personalized cute owl wooden nameplate can add a charm to their new home. This will remind them of the wishes you gave them every time they look at it. You can buy this adorable-looking nameplate for Rs. 895 from

Bride Satin Robes

Getting out of the heavy wedding outfit and slipping into something more comfortable is what every bride looks forward to after a busy and tiring day. She will love to have something stylish, sensuous and comfortable to wear at the end of the day. This bride satin robe can be one of the best gifts you can get for a bride. The soft-touch of satin will be soft on her skin and she will thank you for it each night. This robe is available for Rs. 2,310 on

Personalised Luggage Tags for Couple


One of the most exciting things a newlywed couple does is to travel around to meet relatives in different cities. Getting something related to travel can be a good gift for a bridal shower. You can check out this personalized luggage tag for a couple. These are made of faux leather and have adjustable straps for them to use on their luggage. It also has a clear card-sized window in the back. You can have their names printed on them and give them to the bride to be as a gift she will love and use for a long time. You can buy it for Rs. 489 from

Richardson SheffieldFusion Fashion Visage Modern Kitchen Knife Block Set Set of 5

Most people will agree that giving a knife as a gift is not a good idea but most will also agree that it is one of the most useful gifts you can give someone. It can be a lovely addition to a bride's kitchen that she will use for a long time. This Fusion Fashion Visage Modern Kitchen knife block set of 5 from Richardson Sheffield is makes a very stylish gift.

It is in mirrored glass and a sleek black geometric frame which adds style to a kitchen. It is made of high-quality martensitic stainless steel with a taper ground edge. The set has one purer, one all-purpose knife, one cooks knife, one carve knife and a bread knife. You can buy this set for Rs. 9,360 from

Laviche Bath EssentialsBride to Be Box


Want to spoil the bride-to-be? Give her this Laviche bath essentials bride-to-be box and watch her smile. This box contains Bride-to-be soap, Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, Rainbow Body Scrub, Rainbow Whipped Soap and Floral MDF Box. The ingredients used in them are 100% natural and have products like butter, oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil and many more to keep her glowing. You can order the box for Rs. 1,800 from

Wooden Wedding Ring Holder & Engagement Tray

Last but never least is the gift that will make her very happy. This is a wooden wedding ring holder that she can use to hold the rings that will remind her of the wedding vows they both took. This heart ring holder can be personalized with the bride and groom's name on it along with the wedding date. She can keep it on her dressing table afterwards as a sweet reminder of the day they promised each other eternal happiness. You can buy this ring holder for her for Rs. 2,499 from

What to Know Before Buying Bridal Shower Gift

Here are a few things regarding buying gift for a bridal shower to make your life a little easier.

  • You will have to buy two gifts, one for the shower and one for the wedding according to the etiquette. You not have to buy both the gifts of the same value. You can go for a smaller gift for the shower and get something more specific or expensive for the wedding if you like.
  • You can check the registry to buy a gift for the shower or the wedding. A better option is to buy something personalized for the shower but in case all the gifts from the registry are taken by the time you check it out for the wedding gift you can always give cash or go for a memory gift for the couple.
  • It is always better to bring the gift along with you when you attend a shower but you can always have it sent to the bride before the event. In that case you can show up to the shower with a best wishes card and a bouquet of flowers if you like.
  • If you are not able to attend the shower you do not have to give a gift but if you are close with the bride you can send it to her through registry. Plan it so that she gets the gift on her bridal shower to make her happy.
  • You can get a gift specifically for the bride on the shower but if you like you can buy a couple’s gift as well.
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