Looking for the Best Electric Kettle in India (2023)?  Use Our Guide to Grab the Perfect Kettle for Your Needs!

Looking for the Best Electric Kettle in India (2023)? Use Our Guide to Grab the Perfect Kettle for Your Needs!

It isn’t easy to imagine modern kitchens without electronic appliances. While many kitchen appliances have made a place in Indian kitchens, one particular appliance that has gained the most popularity is the electric kettle. An electric kettle is quite a handy device, easy to carry, and comes in varying sizes, making it travel-friendly. Below is the list of the 30 best electric kettles in India:

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Why Buy an Electric Kettle at All

In a fast moving life we want things that support us to live a full life without spending too much time in doing the daily chores. Electric kettle is one such appliance which not only takes a fraction of tune in heating the liquid but is cheaper than LPG. There are several benefits of an electric kettle offer than saving time. Electric kettles are also safer to use compared to a gas stove. Further, some claim that tea and coffee tastes better when made in an electric kettle. So that qualifies as enough reasons to give a try to electric kettle.

Types of Electric Kettle

Let us now understand about a few basic types of electric kettle.

1. Plastic Electric Kettle

As the name suggests these kettles have a plastic base made from polypropylene material. Apart from being more cost-effective, these kettles also don't pose the threat of breaking if dropped by chance. Moreover, plastic kettles can keep the water or any liquid washer for a longer duration compared to stainless steel kettles. However, if you are worried about BPA leakage into the water then go for the kettles of a good brand or prefer glass or stainless steel kettles.

2. Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stainless steel is known to be one of the safest materials for eating or drinking. Stalin steel kettles are quite popular for their sturdy build and not-so-expensive price tag. Within the stainless steel kettle category, you get features such as a scale filter for avoiding limescale buildup and double-walled walls to avoid the outer layer becoming too heated posing a hazard.

3. Copper Electric Kettle

Source nymag.com

Modern copper electric kettle come with stainless steel lining to avoid copper poisoning and other digestive issues. Compared to the above three type of electric kettle, copper electric kettles heat up the water faster and therefore more energy efficient. Since copper is more expensive compared to stainless steel, glass or plastic, expect a higher price points. If you are fond of a distinct vintage look in your kitchen than copper kettles are a perfect statement piece.

4. Glass Electric Kettle

Easily, the most stylish, glass electric kettle come a little pricey. In the glass electric kettles it is easier to see the water or any liquid boiling and even check the levels. Further, transparent electric kettles are easy to clean and see the limescale build-up etc. However, you will need more care to maintain these kettles because they might break easily compared to stainless steel or plastic kettle.

Top 30 Electric Kettles in India

So, now that we know about four broad categories of electric kettle, let's have a look into some of the most notable electric kettles in different category

Best Electric Kettles in India under Rs. 1000

1. Baltra Heating Electric Kettle

Baltra electric kettle is an official edition to your home as well as office. This electric kettle is made of stainless steel and has the capacity of boiling up to 1.2 litres of water. Further, the ergonomically designed handle of this kettle ensures the best grip. The automatic power function of the kettle ensures smooth and risk-free operation. The cup is convenient for heating on a daily basis as well as extremely simple to clean. Baltra electric kettle is available flipkart.com for just Rs. 570.

2. BMS Lifestyle Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

The aesthetic and stylish look of this kettle fits perfectly into every kitchen. Further, the 360° swivel base is connected with a standard power cord for safe usage. You can simply lift the kettle from the swivel base and fill the kettle from the sink. The concealed heating elements are strong enough to boil up to 2.0
litres of water effortlessly in 5 to 7 minutes. This BPA-free kettle is also easy to clean with vinegar, baking soda, water, bottle clearing brush and microfibre cloth.BMS lifestyle electric kettle is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 599.

3. Inalsa Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a kettle that boils water fast the Inalsa electric kettle could be a great pick. Boil just water or make Tea and coffee in just 2-3 minutes. The concealed heating elements ensure safety from calcification and make the kettle long-lasting. Further, the Absa feature such as automatic shut off, dry boiling and overheat protection ensure maximum safety. The stainless steel body adds to the safety of the water inside. The kettle from Inalsa is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 689.

4 Amazon Basic Electric Kettle

The Amazon basic electric kettle is made from stainless steel and concealed heating elements give a quick boil to water. Features such as steam sensors and auto-shutdown ensure that the user gets the maximum protection from overheating and dry boiling. Further to ensure maximum, the kettle has a wide mouth. A simple and easy one-touch lid facilitates quick filling and pouring of water. The kettle is lightweight and easy to handle making it a great addition to your kitchen. If you are looking for a feature-rich electric kettle within your budget then consider buying this kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 859.

5.Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS

Source www.amazon.in

Prestige is one of the most popular names in the kitchen appliances category. The prestige electric kettle came with great features within a decent budget. The 360-degree swivel base ensures ease of use. Other useful features such as automatic cut-off and single-touch lid locking. This kettle has a capacity of 1.5 litres which is enough for both home and office set-ups. The power indicator at the bottom of the kettle glows when power is on. Prestige electric kettle is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 759.

6. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Say goodbye to the long time taken in just boiling a glass of water on every gas stove. The butterfly electric kettle is perfect for boiling water and making tea and coffee in just a few minutes. The lightweight and compact kettle come with an automatic cut-off and keep-warm feature which ensures that there is no risk even if you forget to switch off the kettle. One of the best features is the locking lid which prevents any leakage during pouring the water. The ergonomically designed handle ensures that you handle the kettle safely. without the risk of dropping. Butterfly kettle is available on amazon in for just Rs. 549.

7. Pigeon Favourite Electric Kettle

Ergonomic design and decent power consumption are the two notable points of this electric kettle from a pigeon. Other than that the stainless steel body enhances the longevity and performance of the kettle. From the cordless design comes ease of operation and the pigeon kettle lets you have that comfort. The cord winder lets you wind the cord wherever the kettle is not in use. Other features such as an indicator light help you to know when the kettle is switched on. This smartly designed kettle is available on flipkart.com for just Rs. 699.

8. Kelvinator 1.8L 1200W Food Grade Electric Kettle

Made from food grade 304 stainless steel body ensures clean and safe water to drink. The material from which this kettle is made helps prevents corrosion, stands harsh temperatures and extend the shelf life. The water level indicator helps users in gauging how much water is there in the kettle. Further, the Kelvinator Electric kettle is safe to use with its safety features such as auto turn-off after boiling which also saves electricity. The electric kettle comes with two years of warranty an LED light indicator and dry boil protection. Buy this electric kettle on reliancedigital.in for just Rs. 799.

9. Lifelong LLEKBT01 Electric Kettle 1.5 Litre

Source www.amazon.in

The lifelong electric kettle comes with a powerful heating plate of 1500 Walt's that heats the water in a jiffy. The 1.5 litre capacity of the kettle ensures that you are able to make large amounts of coffee or tea. Made from food-grade stainless steel, the kettle comes with useful features such as 360° rotating base, one-touch lid opening and light Indicator at the bottom.you get year warranty on the kettle making thin elegant and functional kettle worth consideration. Along with the kettle, you would also get a stainless bottle for as long as the offer is running on amazon-in. Visit amazon.in today to buy a pigeon electric kettle for Rs. 849.

10. Milton Go Electro 2.0 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

This feature-loaded kettle from Milton comes with a spout that makes it easier to pour the drinks. The stainless steel body of the kettle ensures longevity and maximum performance. Since the kettle has a 2-litre capacity, it is easy to heat a decent batch of water in one go. You can buy this Milton electric kettle on amazon.in for Rs. 948.

Top Electric Kettles under Rs. 2000

11. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 Litres Kettle

This Havells kettle is sure to amplify the aesthetics of your kitchen with its stylish design. However, there is a lot more to this kettle than just the looks which will convince you to consider it while buying an electric kettle. The 1.2-litre kettle wide mouth ensures that pouring and filling the beverages is not a problem. Along with the ergonomic design of the kettle, there is also a light indicator helping you to identify when the kettle is switched on or switched off. Get this kettle on Reliance Digital for just Rs. 1,499.

12. KENT 16023 Electric Glass Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Kent electric kettle has a borosilicate body and a hidden element making it visually appealing. This kettle has so many good features such as a pouring spout, lid release, convenient handle, LED, light, power cord and so on. It has a capacity of 1.7 litres which is good enough for making beverages in good amounts. Make tea, coffee, or vegetable soup or just heat water and milk in this kettle that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Kent electric kettle can be bought on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,699.

13.Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr 600 B

Source www.amazon.in

Cello electric kettle is designed to support multitasking in the kitchen with optimal speed and efficiency. The 1 litre capacity of the kettle is perfect for heating water and making tea and coffee. Safety features such as boil dry protection ensure that the kettle switches off automatically when there is no water. Further, the ease of use has been kept in mind and therefore the liquid level indicator on the kettle will help you gauge how much water is there inside the kettle. Convenient to use and easy to hold, this electric kettle from Cello is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,271.

14. AmazonBasics Double-Walled Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

This kettle is made from SUS304 stainless steel making it a perfect solution for the kitchen. Further, the double wall ensures that the outer body does not get heated and is safe to touch without the burning hazard. This kettle is lightweight and well-designed for ease of carrying around. Further, the kettle is made from rust-resistant steel and comes with a warranty of one year. While operating make sure that you are using the 16A socket. Buy this Kettle from Amazon Basics on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,449.

15. Faber FK 1.5 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Enhance your kitchen experience with Faber FK 1.5-litre electric kettle with a stainless steel body. The kettle comes with a cool touch handle saving energy without any scorching rick. You can prepare water, tea and soups in this kettle. The kettle is aesthetically pleasing and its 360-degree base enhances the ease of use. Other simple features such as dry heat protection, and auto-off make this kettle ideal for every kitchen. Make soup, tea, oats, noodles, pasta and other such in this kettle from Faber. Faber electric kettle is available on croma.com for just Rs. 1,990.

16. Inalsa Electric Kettle PRISM with LED Illumination

Source www.amazon.in

Inalsa Prism LED illuminated kettle comes with double sensor control providing perfect temperature control and curbing fluctuations. The non-slip grip handle ensures that the kettle does not drop while pouring the liquid. Coming on to the quality of the kettle, it is made from one of the finest borosilicate glass which is resistant to scratching and scuffing. The blue LED hints to the user at the kettle are being switched on. The Inalsa Prism LED kettle is designed beautifully and functions perfectly for all your heating needs. You can buy this kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,132.

17.Glen Electric Kettle

Source glenindia.com

Available in vibrant colours Glen electric kettle comes with 800 watts heating element for quickly boiling the water. The kettle comes with a wide spout making pouring easy and cleaning the kettle quickly. The kettle from Glen comes with two years of warranty ensuring that you get the perfect after-sale support. The lockable hinge lid makes it easier for pouring and washing the kettle. Moreover, the rotational base helps in placing the kettle in any direction the user wants. Packed with some of the most notable features this user-friendly kettle is available on glenindia.com for just Rs. 1,496.

18. Borosil Omni 1.5 L Electric Kettle with Egg Tray

Source www.amazon.in

What could be better than having a kettle that also comes with an egg tray? Basically, this one kettle takes care of your breakfast needs. Borosil Omni 1.5 litre electric kettle is perfect for cooking multiple recipes and boiling eggs in the egg tray. There are several unique features of this electric kettle such as a temperature control knob with a light indicator. Further, a glass lid also ensures that you can check the food status inside conveniently. This kettle is simple, smarter and a better option for your kitchen needs. Buy Borosol Omni electric kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,990.

19. Preethi Armour Multi Utility EK708 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

The multi-utility electric kettle from Preethi comes with useful accessories such as a steamer bowl and steamer tray. Armour 1.2 litre capacity comes with 600 watts of power, boiling water in less than 4 minutes. Since you get the adjustable thermostat, it is easier to cook different foods such as oats, noodles, soup, tea and coffee. With the kettle, you get a steamer bowl that can be used to steam and heat ingredients. A steamer bowl on the other hand can be used to boil eggs and prevent the breakage of eggs while boiling. Preethi multipurpose electric kettle is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,989.

20. Wipro Vesta 1.8 Litre Cool Touch Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Wipro electric kettle comes with a 1.5-litre capacity and is perfect for making tea, coffee and even boiling milk. The inner stainless steel body of this kettle ensures better heat protection and durability. Further, the auto-cut feature prevents overheating of the liquid or the kettle itself. The other three great features of this kettle are 360° swivel technology, single-touch lid locking as well an ergonomic handle. For those who are considering buying a compact and multipurpose electric kettle, Wipro electric kettle would be a great pick. Buy this electric kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,199.

Best Electric Kettles in India under Rs. 5000

Let us now take a look into some of the electric kettles that are relatively at a higher price point.

21.Sharp EKJ-15DN 1.5 L 2200 Watts Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

We start with the glossy stainless steel finish of this kettle that looks so elite and visually pleasing. Further, the kettle comes with a capacity of 1.5 litres and boils the water fast enough within just 5-7 minutes. The notable features such as a wide body and slip-proof handle ensure that you can do your work quickly without having to worry about the kettle slipping while pouring. Prepare tea, Coffee or other herbal drinks without having to worry about overheating as the auto-shut technology does not need you to keep the track of time. You can buy this kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 2,399.

22. Morphy Richards Rapido Electric Kettle

A known name in the kitchen appliances space, Morphy Richards’ electric kettle is a 1.5-litre capacity kettle with a sturdy design and superb performance. The stainless steel body of the kettle with the tough plastic handle is made taking into account all the safety measures. Moreover, the enclosed heating element of the kettle ensures that the cooling is done uniformly. Apart from the wide mouth opening for the ease of pouring and filling, the light indicator at the bottom is just perfect for showing power on and off. With all these features and the performance, Morphy Richards Electric Kettle is available at Rs. 2,300.

23. Hafele Electric Stainless Steel Kettle with Spout Cover

Source www.amazon.in

Hafele electric stainless steel kettle has that beautiful traditional design with modern features making it perfect for your kitchen. This tea and coffee maker comes with an analogue temperature display that looks very bit of designer. Other features such as a water level indicator and LED indicator light help in perfect boiling, tea and coffee making. The kettle also comes equipped with UK stix control for the perfect heating. Moreover, the water gauge and dry boil protection features enhance the safety quotient of this kettle. You can buy this kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 4,099.

24. Inalsa Designer Electric Retro Design-Brewista Food Grade 304 SS, BPA-Free Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

The pleasing design and strong performance are what define this electric kettle from Inalsa. This dome-shaped kettle has internal SS304 finishing and external matt finishing. Circle heating technology ensures that the liquid inside is heated for seven minutes Further, the SS mesh+capacity is in place for the horizontal flow of the water without splashing onto the body. Since the mesh filter is detachable, the drink poured into the cup is safe from any limescale pieces or any other impurities. Once heated, the water can be warmed for up to 2 hours. This kettle is available on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,305.

25. Black +Decker Appliances 1.7 Liter Double Wall Protection Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Black & Decker stainless steel electric kettle is a modern arch-shaped kettle with premium features. This arc-shaped kettle comes with an extended spout for pouring the beverage easily and without spilling it. Further, the extended nozzle has a filter inside to keep the residue restricted from flowing into the cup. The water level indicator shows just the right amount of water that is inside the kettle. Easy to clean and maintain, this kettle comes with 360 degrees cordless and detachable power base making the kettle portable. If interested, you can buy this kettle on amazon.in for just Rs. 4,284.

26. Wonderchef Luxe Multicook Stainless Steel 1.2 L Electric Kettle

Source www.amazon.in

Boil and steam hassle-free with Masterchef Luxe Multicook Kettle which is lightweight and compact. Made from 304-grade anti-rust stainless steel interior, this kettle also comes with an egg boiler, steamer and bowl. Since the kettle has a wide mouth, it becomes so much easier to stir the content inside. Additionally, cleaning the kettle thoroughly is also much more convenient. Other features such as a 360-degree cordless base, power on and ready indicator, glass lid and steamer make this kettle perfect multipurpose equipment. Get this Multicook electric kettle on wonderchef.com for just Rs. 2,699.

27. Bosch Lifestyle TWK7901 1.7-Litre Electric Kettle

Bosch is a reputed and very well-known brand in home kitchen appliances for all the right reasons. This electric kettle from Bosch is also designed keeping in mind the left-handed person that only shows the holistic mindset of the brand while designing a product. Further, the larger water window ensures that you can see perfectly even during the night and pour as much water as required. Another notable feature is that the kettle switches off automatically when removed from the base. This feature-loaded kettle is available on flipkart.com for just Rs. 3,200.

28. Nedis 1.7 Litres 2150 Watts Electric Kettle (KAWK310EWT, White)

Source www.croma.com

Nedis multi-utility kettle comes with 1.7 litres capacity and is ideal for boiling water, and making tea and coffee. This multi-utility candle comes with a detachable base making the kettle portable. The kettle comes with a water level indicator and the indicator light shows when the kettle is in use. The concealed heating element gives a uniform and level heating. This 2150 watts kettle comes with 6 month warranty. Further, the anti-slip bottom gives firm support to the kettle without the risk of falling accidentally. This kettle from Nedis is available on croma.com for just Rs. 4,990.

29. XECH Electric Water Bottle Portable Design

If you are someone who has a demanding job or spends a lot of time outdoors then this electric kettle cum water bottle from Xech is just for you. This portable water bottle is packed with a powerful heating element to boil the water in just under five minutes. The material used in making the bottle is high-density ABS material and 304-grade stainless steel. Further, the bottle comes with boil-dry protection and a silicone pressure release cap that lets off the steam once the water starts boiling. Convenient one-button operation makes this kettle simple to use by anyone. The bottle comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can buy this BPA-free and non-toxic heating bottle on amazon.in for just Rs. 2,399.

30.Eslite 1.5 L Electric Stainless Steel Hot water Kettle with Cool Touch Body

Eslite 1.5 litres electric kettle comes with a vacuum layer that prevents heat radiation and is completely safe to touch without the risk of burning your hand. Yet another safety feature is the locking of the lid preventing accidental spills while pouring the hot beverage. The swivel power base, elegant design and automatic cut-off feature make this kettle worth a try. Buy this Eslite 1.5 litre electric kettle on pepperyfry.com for just Rs. 2,029.

Frequently Asked Question Related to Electric Kettle

Let us now address some of the most frequently asked questions related to the electric kettle.

1. What Should I Look for in an Electric Kettle?

Safety features and ease of use are two important aspects to look into when selecting a good kettle.

2. Are Electric Kettles Safe?

Yes, a good quality electric kettles are completely safe to use

3. Can Electric Kettle be Used to Boil Milk?

Not all, but there are electric kettles available in the market that can be used to boil milk, make tea and even pastas and noodle.

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