High Quality Home Furnishing Fabrics Need Not Cost a Bomb: Make Your Home Tasteful, Sophisticated and Cosy with Premium Home Furnishing Products

High Quality Home Furnishing Fabrics Need Not Cost a Bomb: Make Your Home Tasteful, Sophisticated and Cosy with Premium Home Furnishing Products

Contrary to popular belief, decorating your home should not cost you a bomb, and that too without compromising on quality. If you have just purchased your new home or are planning to change the home furnishing of your existing home then you have landed at the right place. We were looking for a well-established and reputed home furnishing company which was known for its premium quality products and yet was ready to offer jaw-dropping prices, when we stumbled upon Lushomes. It was time for us to delve a little deeper and discover whether they actually met the primary requirements of those of you looking to change the look of your homes.

The Stupendous Growth in the Home Furnishing Industry in Recent Years

Home is where the heart is, but what happens when this home becomes your college, office, gym and cafeteria too? The demand for 'home goods' spikes north. That's what happened in 2020. Desperate to make your homes more comfortable, liveable and work-friendly, most of you flocked to online home furnishing stores to find suitable solutions which met your requirements. Today, the home furnishings industry in India is expected to clock an annual growth of over 10% this year and the demand for home furnishing products in India is predicted to double in the next 4 years.

The pandemic triggered a plethora of changes in your lifestyles and preferences. One such change was the perception of functionality. While earlier homes needed to mirror a sense of affluence and taste, today, they are additionally a reflection of your family’s lifestyle and liveability. The pandemic prompted almost all of you to upgrade, renovate and restyle your homes to suit your changing daily needs and home furnishings are a big part of this transformation. Home furnishings bring comfort, functionality and liveability to every nook and corner of a home – from the living room to the bedrooms, washrooms, study and more, there is not a single space which does not need home furnishings. It is no wonder that the industry is looking at a long spell of sunny days going forward.

Lushomes: Your One-Stop Destination for End-to-End High Quality Home Furnishing Products

Founded just 6 years ago, Lushomes has been able to successfully establish a name for itself in the home furnishing industry. Its founder, Aayush Thakkar, attributes its success to his family's insistence on learning and understanding the family's business. From a very early age, the children of the house had been exposed to the family's export business in home furnishings. This alone led to a fascination, appreciation and deep understanding of the products and the industry early on, and the extent to which the segment exhibited business potential. Lushomes is a reflection of the breadth and depth of this knowledge, as well as a reminder of a heritage long past.

Through Lushomes, Aayush aims to provide customers with a one-stop solution for all their home furnishing needs. Starting from products as diverse as bath curtains and car pillows, the company boasts of an array of choices in 10-12 major categories. Today, the company features a total of 4,500 products, of which 3,000 are available anytime in a pocket-friendly range.

As Lushomes not only deals with e-commerce business but also provides customized products for their B2B consumers, quality is given paramount importance. Every product, starting from its raw material sourcing, manufacturing, stitching and dispatching, is thoroughly checked for defects at every stage. The company strongly believes in the value each product adds to their customer's happiness and lifestyle, thus guaranteeing an unparalleled buying experience.

Understanding the Lushomes Story with Aayush Sanjay Thakkar, Partner and Operational Head, Lushomes

Partner and Operational Head, Lushomes
Aayush Sanjay Thakkar
Aayush Sanjay Thakkar is a Masters in Marketing and Strategy from the Warwick Business School, UK. He started acquiring first-hand knowledge about the home furnishings business from a very tender age. He set up Lushomes in 2015 with the objective of providing high quality end-to-end home furnishing solutions to his customers at surprisingly affordable prices. His vision is to see Lushomes in every household of India and to be recognised as one of India’s finest and most affordable home textiles brand. Aayush is a gym freak and also loves to keep working on new projects and looking at ways to scale up his existing business.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • I am the owner of the brand Lushomes which deals in home furnishings and travel related products for over 6 years. I finished my BMS from Jai Hind College, post which I went to the UK to complete my Masters in Marketing and Strategy from Warwick Business School.
  • Q. What led to the creation of Lushomes and how did you go about it?
  • When we were kids our father made it a point that we (my sister and I) were exposed to our family business dealing in exports of home furnishings. This somewhere laid a very strong foundation for the product knowledge and liking of what we do since the very start. Working with him made me realise the potential of the product in this market.

    We branched out of our family business and came up with the brand Lushomes which deals in home furnishings ranging from table linen, cushion covers, curtains, kitchen linen, bathroom textiles, rugs, neck pillows, eye-masks and other related products. We took an office on rent and that is where the journey began.
  • Q. You have a very wide range of products, but what did you start with?
  • We started with fewer products but in all the categories. At the time of the launch we listed products in cushion covers, curtains, bathmats, table and kitchen linen categories. Our focus had been to provide our customer with a one-stop solution for all the home furnishing needs. Today we have an SKU base of 4,500 products with 3,000 available to be purchased any time.
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce new products?
  • We believe in strong R&D of our products. We have a few sample makers making new products every moment with the inspiration and themes that the management comes up with.
  • Q. What are you trying to achieve?
  • We are trying to achieve a one-stop solution for all the home furnishing needs. We have a very strong customer-facing presence though ecommerce. Also, we make customised products for our B2B customers.

    Our products are made for the mass market. Our prices are such that every Indian family can afford them. Our aim is to reach every household in India and to be known as an affordable home textiles brand.
  • Q. What are your own interests? How did you spend time during the lockdown?
  • Oh, I am die-hard gym freak. I spent most of the time working on new projects during the low-time and scaling up my e-commerce wing of business.

The Most Popular Products in Lushomes' Portfolio

Lushomes Black & White Smooth Velvet Neck Travel Pillow and Eye Mask (Cervical Pillow, Pack of 2)

If you wish to protect your spine from cervical spondylitis and remain comfortable and refreshed during long and frequent travels, this beautiful set of a cervical travel pillow and eye mask is an absolute must for you. The outer material of the pillow is premium velvet whereas the inner material is polyester. It is simply perfect to protect your neck during travel and relieves neck pain too. You can purchase it for ₹ 899.00 here.

Lushomes Bamboo Digital Printed Bathroom Shower Curtain with 10 Eyelets

Shower curtains give your bathroom a bright and classy look. This shower curtain has a white base with a high quality digital print of green bamboo leaves on polyester fabric. It has 10 eyelets and its dimensions are 72 inches x 82 inches. The curtain is completely waterproof and prevents splashing of water from your bath-tub or the shower section. It is also machine-washable in cold water and is available for ₹ 1,799.00 here.

Lushomes Contemporary Wine Table Cloth with Striped Centre and Plain Border

This beautiful table cloth is sure to light up the dining room in any home. The wine colour table cloth measuring 60 inches x 90 inches has a striped design in the centre and a plain border. Constructed from high quality polyester and polyester blended fabric it is available for ₹ 1,399.00 here.

Where Can You Find Them?

How Does Lushomes Meet Customer Expectations Consistently

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • We have multiple QC (Quality Control) points at different stages of Manufacturing, Stitching and Dispatch.
    • Manufacturing: The fabric, packing material and accessories are thoroughly checked before they enter the production phase.
    • Stitching: The products is thoroughly checked for any defects arising out of the current process.
    • Dispatching: As mentioned earlier, we transact in e-commerce. Therefore, having a strong sale share in the D2C mode and maintaining good quality is the need of the hour, as customer experience and returns could drastically increase here.
  • Q. What makes Lushomes products different from those of other brands?
  • We have our foothold in all the categories of home furnishings. We constantly strive to better our products and want to come up with new products every day. This approach gave us 4,500 SKUs in a span of 6 years and this number is always increasing.

    Also, one brand would only deal in towels or bathmats, maybe. But for us we deal in all the major categories of home furnishings and we have an expertise in all of them.

What's Next for Lushomes?

We are taking Lushomes international with listing our products on international marketplaces and are now catering to customers outside India as well. It’s a very challenging but exciting aspect of business.

We’re planning to do a small range of products to see how they do in the American market, after which we will further expand our product range and enter new geographies. The process has already started, our production has also begun, and fingers crossed, if everything works out well, you’ll see Lushomes on amazon.com in the next few months.

Any Recommendations for Our Readers to Get Their Home Décor Just Right?

  • Q. What are some common mistakes people make when selecting fabrics for upholstery and home furnishings?
  • One of the common mistakes which comes to my mind is people use shorter curtains. This spoils the overall look of the room.

    Not spending your décor budget evenly on all parts of the house and focusing too much on the theme to match everything with one another is the other common mistake that I have observed.
  • Q. Please give our readers some tips on using fabrics effectively around the house to set a mood and improve the ambiance.
  • With so many colours, finishes and textures to choose from, first figure out what décor style works for you. Always mix it up with rich fabrics like velvets and silk and some linen to give it a rustic look.

    You could keep on changing your curtains, cushions and throws to change the look of the room, if that is what you personally like doing. Mixing different patterns is also a great way to bring in visual interest.
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When Planning Your Home Décor Take a Holistic View of Your Entire Home

When you are planning to do the home décor of your home it is important to look at every part of your home and plan your home furnishings accordingly. It is during such activities that checking out manufacturers like Lushomes is more convenient because they provide you high-quality home furnishing solutions for your entire home and at very affordable prices. Share your experiences of using Lushomes products in your home and remain connected for more such engaging content.