Make Lasting and Actionable New Year's Resolutions That You Can Live Up to, Easily Achieve and Help Your Reach Your Goals.(2021)

Make Lasting and Actionable New Year's Resolutions That You Can Live Up to, Easily Achieve and Help Your Reach Your Goals.(2021)

Making New Year's Resolutions should be a carefully thought-out process. With the right steps taken, you could be achieving your goals in a short time through the resolutions. Herein, BP Guide will walk you through all you need to know when setting New Year's Resolutions to help you reach your goals. This guide will also spotlight Unique New Year Resolutions ideas worth considering that are proven to help you reach your goals.

Creating Healthy Resolutions and Keeping Them: Start the New Year on a Positive Note

Why Make New Year Resolutions?

A New Year’s resolution is a decision, a promise you make to yourself to achieve a personal objective or break an unhealthy habit, especially looking back at the past year and work on improving one’s self in the New Year. However, despite our best intentions, once the aura of a fresh year wears off, most of us struggle to make good on our goals. Welcoming something new for most of us means creating a new decree that involves starting from scratch, offers a fresh start and a clean slate. Changing ingrained habits is a mean feat and preparing for it is a daunting task. For a resolution to be successful it is important that we turn the goal into a habit to begin with and the habit we choose is small enough to be achievable! For instance if you would like to quit smoking, it’d be wise to cut down on the number of cigarettes you have each day.

Creating Successful Resolutions for the New Year

Generating new habits takes time and energy and a new behavior doesn’t come about overnight. It is important to first mentally prepare yourself for a change. Take a personal inventory that focuses on what you’ve achieved in the past year, which areas of life you’ve made a progress in and where you lacked. Find small ways to celebrate your achievements. As you expect changes to make relevant changes in the future ahead, ensure that you stay positive, take gradual and steady steps to change, build on smaller changes and allow some room for error and improvement. Your resolutions should match your goals, priorities, dreams and aspirations. For instance, if in the professional arena, you aim to improve your spreadsheet skills, then creating a professional roadmap would be a good way to stay motivated in line with your goal.

Further, limit the number of resolutions to a manageable few. You can only have so much time and energy to achieve your goals. For instance, write anything you’d like to accomplish for self-improvement on a post-it and each post-it comes with one discreet tactic. Place the post-its on a wall and group any similar ones together. Next, place the topics you feel the most about on the top and the ones that aren’t so strong on the bottom. As you spend time evaluating the top list of resolutions, you’d also see your personal limitations and energy you would be able to devote coming to surface. This, in turn will help you focus on your priorities while keeping a balance in honestly devoting time to each resolution.

Keeping Up with Your New Year's Resolutions

To ensure you keep up regularly with your New Year resolutions, use the SMART acronym with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time specific goals. Next, keep tabs on tracking your goals and progress. This will help you look back and monitor the changes you’ve made. Irrespective of what your goal is, it is important that you reward yourself for every small accomplishment, this will keep you motivated and excited in the long run. It’d be wise to share your resolutions with your family and friends to keep you accountable and on track and ensure that you avoid failing with a support system around you.

New Year Resolutions for 2021: Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions to Take Up This Year

1. Declutter, Clean and Redo!

Every year millions of people across the globe make NY resolutions hoping to bring a spark of positivity in their lives and this also brings in an opportunity to make changes you’ve been putting off for a later time. Cleaning in itself is a daunting task but having to clean around stuff that have no emotions attached to them can make the task all the more stressful for you!

Decluttering you space makes it easier to clean and organize your space better, reduces the stress, gives you the financial freedom to explore new and meaningful things to spend on and increase your savings as well! The best way to act on this New Year resolution is to begin with 5 minutes at a time and work on giving away one item each day, and donate stuff you don’t need/use. Once you begin decluttering your space, freedom and fresh air become a blessing you can enjoy every day.

2. Vice Control

Quit drinking alcohol right after you’ve been drinking in celebration of the New Year may seem a bit odd! However, there’s a significant difference between a glass of Champagne at midnight and painting the town red. If you’ve resolved to lose weight or save more money or just embrace health like never before, then quitting alcohol will help immensely. If you smoke then that makes two habits you should give away in the New Year completely! The best way to act on this New Year resolution is to take baby steps, pick a quit date for both these vices, share your resolution with your family and friends so they can support you through this transition. Get rid of your smokes and alcohol or anything that reminds you of these vices. It may seem too daunting a task to begin with, but start slow. If you’re used to drinking two beers or two glasses of wine at the end of the day, cut it down to one for a month and then try drinking a glass only once or twice a week, till you can comfortably let go completely.

3. Healthy Eating and Fitness Regime

Losing weight, getting in shape and being fit is yet another common New Year resolution that most people like to begin with. It seems easy to do, but when you begin, it turns out to be overwhelming. The best way to move ahead on this front is to start an exercise program and follow a healthy diet plan that’s easy to stick to and delivers steady results to keep you engaged and motivated.

Start eating healthy and less as an extension of this new thought process. With a considerable amount of determination and some basic tips to follow you’d be able to develop healthier eating habits, control any emotional stressors that affect your food intake and have you steer clear of any pitfalls well in advance. You can also incorporate a new act of cooking something healthy and new every week, for variety is really the spice of life.

4. Exploring the New by Stepping Out of Routine

A dose of self-confidence never hurt anyone and will only help you lead a happy life in every sense of the word. So if you’ve been contemplating on picking up a new language, learning how to drive, or indulging in a new hobby, there’s no better time than the New Year to do so. No matter what you decide to explore, make sure to track your progress and see how it’s helped you over time and help develop your confidence level.

From a joining a club that gets you to interact with people with similar interests to volunteering at an NGO/ a clean-up drive or taking care of animals at a shelter to trying new activities, therapies for healing and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul, there are ample ways to explore something new and exciting in 2021.

5. Mix & Match Healthy Habits

In addition to keeping a fitness regime and eating healthy, there are many ways of keeping healthy, positive and happy. For instance, by sharing your resolutions with friends and family enhances your resolve to do better in the New Year and gives you an opportunity to partner with others in following your promise to yourself through!

You can plan on starting a new diet that promise wholesome eating, that’s both nutritious and exciting, take the stairs in your bid to stay fit and make the most of the energy boost that’ll follow from climbing the stairs. You can explore yoga with a partner, or new exercise moves every week, enjoy soul spa activities with a loved one and more! Invest in a workout gear that is both comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself.

6. Indulging in Self Healing

We all tend to lean on friends and family for support every now and then, how about turning to ourselves in the New Year and become responsible for unpacking and releasing out emotional baggage, working on our mental health by indulging in therapies to heal our hearts and soul. There are innumerable ways of exploring self-healing activities and therapies now, without even leaving the house and invest in digital apps that may or may not be free to begin with.

From meditations to energy healing techniques, practicing the art of gratitude and positive affirmations to seeking Divine intervention for guidance and support, there are multiple ways to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. So begin the New Year by investing in a soul spa!

7. Reinvent Yourself

Turning over a new leaf also involves working on yourself. From getting rid of unhealthy fat to taking off a few inches can make your lighter and happier like never before! Whether you get a new hairstyle or dye your hair in a new color, you’d feel considerably brighter and find yourself peppy and charged up in no time. It’d be good to streamline your daily routine with some time that helps you reinvent yourself.

Include things/products in your day that work on replenishing your skin and body without weighing you down, rather than investing in products that cover up any visible flaws or scars, follow through with natural remedies to heal and restore your healthy skin and a healthy body. Even if you don’t follow a disciplined diet plan and fitness regime, keep yourself active with a simple and leisurely walk around your neighborhood or the nearest park to get some action rather than none!

8. Go Green

Recycle, reuse and reduce and become more eco-friendly in the way you live your life this New Year. Your contribution, no matter how small will make a considerable difference to your environment. By going digital, you end up using less paper, switch off unnecessary lights and appliances when you aren’t using them and reduce the energy consumption.

Work on getting natural light and fresh air as much as you can. Re-use things before you recycle them, save money and share your office essentials with your co-workers, which in turn will help the unnecessary manufacture of new stationary at the cost of environmental needs. Save water, be it for cooking, washing or bathing, use public modes of transportation and green your commute. Surround yourself with a healthy dose of environment friendly plants and trees as much as you can.

9. Going Places and Sharing More

Make 2021 more about going places and sharing more! When things look up and you’re free to travel, invest in road trips and just enjoy the world around with some quiet time out in the open. Even if you cannot travel overseas in the near future, you can surely travel solo by road for a change, switch off from technological intrusions and just be. Enlist yourself with groups that can have you meet people and help you both personally and professionally, make new friends and gather new information that’s beneficial for your personal development.

Take more trips with no particular destination, pick up new habits along the way and learn about new ways of doing things. Get artsy, engage in cultural activities with friends and family like a trip to the museum, attending concerts or exploring new creative activities. Share your achievements and new habits with people close to you or on social media and inspire people all across the globe, known or unknown to you!

10. Random acts of Kindness

In 2021, engage in random acts of kindness that brighten someone’s day by being thoughtful and caring. Whether it’s complimenting someone, sharing a smile, expressing gratitude or giving something of use to someone who needs it the most, there are several ways of expressing this beautiful sentiment. Give out compliments generously and make people feel good about themselves.

If you meet someone who’s sad, grumpy or upset, just smile, listen to them and offer help in any way you can. Visit a sick child or bring in small gifts for kids at a hospital, spend some time with the elderly at an old age home and make them feel wanted. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart, offer help with meals or anything else they might require, share your love and show you care at an animal shelter. There are so many things you can do selflessly.

Bonus Tips: Some More Unique NY Resolutions

With 2021 standing before us like a fresh chapter, especially after an overwhelming and struggling 2020, here are some unique ways you can invite new beginnings for a happier and healthier you.

  • Meditate – for it will help you improve your mood, reduce the stress and anxiety you battle with and improve your brain power.

  • Stop Sweating the Small Stuff - and enjoy the little things in life. Go bungee jumping, learn how to scuba dive and more. Appreciate the simple pleasures of life like going out at night and look at the sky full of stars, walk barefoot in the grass, etc.

  • Invoke Peace in Your Life – by being kind to yourself. Begin accepting things as they are, practice non-judgment, believe in and respect yourself and be friends with yourself. Enjoy being in your own company and do things that make you happy and keep you content.

  • Curate Your Social Media Feeds – and declutter. Give yourself a social media cleanse and purge anything that tempts you to shop impulsively, diet or restrict anyone that makes you feel less about yourself in anyway.

  • Grow by Learning– new things. Explore a variety of online courses, reading books and expanding your knowledge base, be it digitally, in paperbacks or from your real world experiences.
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New Year's Resolutions to Improve Yourself

With the right steps taken to setting New Year's Resolutions, you will not only improve on your well-being but also be a step ahead in reaching your goals. There are some things to take note of, which are quite obvious. For instance, when setting the resolutions, it is best to set resolutions in line with improving your health, through diet and fitness regimens. Also, do away with the bad habits. This could be habits such as smoking and drinking or even overindulging in any activity. Instead, pick up new healthy habits such as travelling, sharing or volunteering. Read through to learn more on how to make lasting New Year's Resolutions.