Here's A Luxury Home Fragrance Brand To Give Your Office or Living Space a Newer, Fresher Arôme

Here's A Luxury Home Fragrance Brand To Give Your Office or Living Space a Newer, Fresher Arôme


A good fragrance can quickly set the right ambiance, it can help you concentrate better, make you feel fresh, and take away that tiredness when you come back from a long day at work. While searching for the best fragrance products for your living and working spaces, we stumbled upon Niana, a brand established by a mother-daughter duo that promises to bring you nothing but the best luxury home fragrances in India.

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A Good Fragrance is What You’ve Been Missing in Your Living Space

Perfume is the art that makes memory speaks.

The above quote is given by famous Frech perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, and we couldn’t agree more with him! A good fragrance has the power to bring back those memories that you once cherished. Besides, a pleasing fragrance goes a long way in making your surroundings more refreshing, elevates your mood, and even helps you increase productivity.

While looking for the best fragrance and perfume brands in India, we came across one company, a luxury home fragrance brand, which brings eccentric fragrances that will light up your home’s surroundings and make you fall in love with their fragrances!

Light Up Your Home’s Surroundings With Niana’s Home Fragrances

Fueled by a love for fragrance, an obsession with candles, and an intense desire to work with one’s hands, Niana was founded in 2011 by Leena Labroo. Born in her kitchen and named after her two daughters, Nisheeta & Aneesha, Niana is an expression of purest love. Their mission is to bring a deep sense of joy, serenity, and illumination to your home and space where you spend most of the time of the day, through their lovely fragrances, which are prepared from some of the finest ingredients brought in from across the globe.

We interviewed the founders learned their inspiration behind starting the company, which is on its way to becoming one of the leading luxury home fragrance brands in India.

Drawing our core inspirations from the people we meet, our travels, memories, experiences and moments; all Niana products are symbolic of these explorations and discoveries. Our fragrances are inspired by flowers, spices, fruits, aromas that surround us in our everyday lives, favourite spots like spas, beaches and mountains.

Q & A with Leena & Nisheeta: The Story Behind Niana

Q. Tell us about yourself and what led you to create Niana.

Leena Labroo: I have always had a strong sense of smell – good & bad – from fine fragrance to toe jam! Perfume, spas, lotions, potpourri, and anything that is scented has always appealed to me. As I came to understand fragrance and its components (along with age!), my nose has become fussy and discerning in a way, so I’m drawn to particular scents. Niana was born from this passion for fragrance and started organically. I have a Psychology & Communications background and have worked with advertising agencies and in the non-profit sector as well.

I had been collecting candles forever, and as a young girl, dabbled with making candles with my sister. It was always fun and creative! In India, at the time, there wasn’t really an established brand that made scented soy candles. I was clear that I wanted to make an eco-friendly candle that burnt well and smelt divine. A candle is a natural mood enhancer, and I have always loved the ambience it creates and the warm light it emits.

We started by retailing our candles through a few multi-brand lifestyle stores like AA Living, Moonriver, and Second Floor Studio. Over the years, we have expanded our product line to include diffusers, sachets, and room sprays and have increased our reach through e-commerce, institutional and corporate buyers.

Nisheeta Labroo: I went to business school in the US, where I majored in Marketing and Management (my mom and I both went to the University of Pennsylvania). I moved back to Delhi in 2010 and worked as a management consultant at Accenture and, later, as an analyst with Save the Children, an international not-for-profit organization. I have always had a strong entrepreneurial desire – watching my mom build and grow Niana from our home kitchen has been remarkable! I love candles and truly believe in the quality of the product. I felt that a large part of the market was untapped and believed that there could be exponential growth in the business. I joined Niana in 2015 and couldn’t be happier!

Q. Tell us about Niana’s unique approach to making candles, and why make them eco-friendly.

We were clear right from the beginning that we wanted to develop an eco-friendly candle that burnt well and smelt divine. Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax derived from soybean, which is biodegradable and non-toxic. No carcinogens are produced when the candle is burnt. We use cotton wicks that are free from lead and zinc. We use natural rattan reeds for our diffusers. We make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly raw materials in the creation of our products and source the finest ingredients globally.

Known for our unique fragrance portfolio, Niana aromas are subtle, evocative, and eclectic. We offer a range of fragrances - some simple and some complex, some subtle and some strong to cater to the Indian market.

Working closely with companies that are pioneers in the highly specialised field of fragrances gives us exposure to the latest trends prevailing around the world. We do extensive research and consistently train ourselves to remain fresh, creative, and innovative. Keeping customer insights and preferences in mind, we develop unique fragrances that reflect deep richness and complexity in their formulation. We are always looking for creative ways to introduce a new fragrance into the market or develop one exclusively for our clients.


A couple of years ago, we launched a limited edition candle: SMODOR – The Smoke and Odor extinguisher. We found people complaining about smells like kitchen masalas, stale smoke, and garbage in their homes. This invigorating spicy fragrance is a fusion of orange, grapefruit & cinnamon and wipes out all unpleasant smells quickly.

We found people around us always complaining of bathroom odour. This led us to launch Poofume, a before and after toilet spray. We developed a blend of citrus, musk, and sandalwood that creates a shield on the surface of the toilet bowl and blocks any unpleasant odour. The product is available in two sizes: 50 ml and 10ml (Poofume on the Go). With quirky slogans and imagery, we believe that this product has appealed to a wide audience.

Last year, after the world was hit by a global pandemic, we launched a limited edition Gratitude candle with 10% of the proceeds being donated to KARO, an organisation that supports holistic care to cancer patients belonging to low-income communities. We wanted to encourage people to share their gratitude and to appreciate those that bring light, kindness, and truth to their lives.


Through our bespoke division, we offer clients the possibility to co-create something that is truly exclusive in terms of fragrance as well as packaging. Special attention is paid to specific needs, budgets and aesthetics. Some of the luxury brands that we have partnered with include Ananda Spa, KAMA Ayurveda, Bombay Perfumery, Hazoorilal Legacy, Vanaveda, Foodhall, Tresorie, Tinder, Indus Ind Bank, and Tarun Tahiliani.

With exquisite packaging and customization options, our luxuriously textured products make attractive gifts for all occasions. We find that people are moving away from traditional gifts such as mithai and dry fruits, and are now looking for opportunities to gift their clients or wedding guests something customized and unique. We cater to many corporate clients and weddings.

Q. How do you ensure quality of your candles and fragrances?

All our products are handcrafted in small batches. Created by and for those passionate about scents, each product is poured, cleaned, labeled, and packaged individually by hand. We use 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and source the finest ingredients globally. We go through a vigorous process of testing and refining our fragrances to create the desired aroma for our customers. Access to perfumers that are pioneers in the field of fragrance gives us insight into the latest trends and customer preferences, which, in turn, leads us to create new fragrances that appeal to a wide selection of people.

Mistakes to Avoid While Lighting Up the Candle

Q. What are some common mistakes people make when using scented candles and home fragrances?

Many people aren’t aware that there is a right way to burn a candle. This is crucial, and burning your candle the right way can help you get the most out of it! Here are some of our tips:

  • Choosing the right candle – Choose candles that are eco-friendly and use cotton or wooden wicks. Soy or other vegetable wax candles are more eco-friendly and burn cleaner than paraffin candles. Spend a little more on quality candles, cheap candles usually use the cheapest wax, and their wicks often contain lead. Quality candles for your home are essential as you, your kids, and your pets are breathing anything that is burnt in your house.

  • Burning your candle for the first time – The first burn of your candle is the most important. Allow all the wax on the surface to melt and become a liquid pool. The liquid pool should reach the edges of the container. When you don’t allow the top layer to melt fully, your candle will begin to tunnel. Tunneling occurs when the wick starts to sink lower, and wax rises, forming a tunnel through the center of the candle. Being patient and allowing the wax to melt all the way across the top will help your container stay clean, and the candle will burn all the way down. Letting the whole top layer melt each time also helps you get the best scent throw out of your candle.

  • Relighting your candle – Trim the wick to ¼ inch before relighting to minimise mushrooming and soot. Trimming your candle’s wick will give you a brighter and cleaner burn. Long wicks can lead to smoke stains on your glass jar. Trimming the wick keeps the flame in control and helps to prevent the formation of soot. You can use scissors or a special wick trimmer or even your hands, but make sure you always trim the wick before you burn the candle.
  • Safety and care – It’s important to remember safety when you’re burning candles.
    • Always burn your candle within sight. Never leave your lit candle unattended.
    • Always burn your candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from curtains and fabric.
    • Never burn your candle on or anything that can catch fire.
    • Make sure your lit candle is out of reach for children and pets.
    • Keep all objects, including matches and wick trimmings, out of the candle.
    • Keep candles out of drafts and air vents in order to maximise the scent.
    • Store the candles in a cool, dry, and dark place as the wax and fragrance oil can be sensitive to temperature and light.
    • Get rid of your candle when there’s ½ inch of wax left. You can clean out the wax and repurpose the jar by using it to store your makeup brushes, cotton, flowers, or just about anything!

Burning your candles the right way will help you get the most out of your candle and help you save money to buy some more!

Recommendations From the Founders

Q. Please tell us about different home fragrance products and how each is best used.


We sell scented soy candles, reed diffusers, sachets, room sprays, and Poofume, a before & after toilet spray. A mix of methods can be used to scent your home. Candles are best suited for intimate moments, entertaining, and to help you unwind and rejuvenate. Diffusers work effortlessly and continuously in small spaces to create an enveloping scent. For a quick burst of instant scent, use room sprays – these work well on linen and bedsheets. Use sachets to perfume your personal belongings; closets, lingerie, linen, gym bags, even shoes! Poofume is a must-have for all bathrooms - just a few sprays can mask any lingering and embarrassing bathroom odor.

Q. Which products would you recommend to someone trying Niana for the first time?


We’d recommend they try our scented soy candles as you can choose a fragrance depending on the mood you’re in – Lavender, to relax; Mandarin Lime, to feel refreshed; Jasmine to set the mood for romance. We also recommend Poofume; it’s an instant work of wonder and a must-have for all bathrooms!

Some of our favourite scents from our collection are Bamboo Grove, No 6, Eternal Romance, Balsam & Cedar, Quest, and Zeal.

Q. What are the top recommendations from your brand?

Mogra Candle


Intoxicating, rich, and sensual, its ancient smell of the calm and cool beauty of the night makes it true to its name - a gift from God.

MRP: Rs. 865

Cool Fresh Reed Diffuser


Lime combines with white peony, vanilla, and mahogany giving it an air of sophistication, both modern and traditional. A burst of exuberance!

MRP: Rs. 1,450

Zeal Candle


Satiate every citrus whim and breathe in the distinct flavor of orange and mandarin. Combined with neroli, orange blossom, musk & tonka bean, this fragrance is an instant mood enhancer, making the moment lighter, zestier, and more effervescent.

MRP: Rs. 1,800

Where Can You Find Them?

Here’s How You Can Set the Right Fragrance for Different Rooms

Q. How can fragrance add to a room, and how can it be used to set different moods?


Fragrance has the ability to transform a space, alter a mood and rekindle memories. An often-overlooked element, scent can make a major impact on the ambience of your home. Using a special scent for each room allows you to give each space a distinct personality. From your bedroom to kitchen, here are our top picks to add charm to your home:

  • Entrance: Leave the chaos of the world behind as you enter your private sanctuary. The entrance of your home should be inviting and uplifting. Luminous, an intoxicating blend of white violet flowers, soft musk, and sandalwood is sure to leave a good first impression.

  • Bedroom: Create a soothing environment with a serene and intimate scent for your bedroom. Scents like jasmine, lavender, and ylang-ylang are natural aphrodisiacs and promote relaxation. A little sexy yet subtle, Honeysuckle Jasmine is the perfect scent for your bedroom. This intimate scent is sure to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

  • Bathroom: Use clean and refreshing scents that can help transform your space into a spa. Avoid heavy smells that will overwhelm the space. Cool Fresh, an infusion of lime, white peony, vanilla and mahogany will blend effortlessly into your space, conjuring a crisp and clean feeling.

  • Living Room: For your living room, select scents that you would enjoy being around for long periods of time. Set candles tableside for ambient lighting – perfect for entertaining. If you’re hosting a party, choose a lively fragrance that will get noticed. Zeal, a blend of orange, mandarin, neroli, musk, and tonka bean, an instant mood enhancer, is sure to encourage guests to mingle.

  • Kitchen: For days when your kitchen isn’t smelling of baked goods, use a spicy or citrus scent to eliminate strong aromas. SMODOR, a fusion of orange, grapefruit, and cinnamon, is an invigorating spicy citrus fragrance for your kitchen.

  • Study: Improve concentration and fight mental fatigue with stimulating cinnamon. Perfect for your study, invigorate your mind with Red Spice, an old-time favorite of cinnamon with undertones of clove and nutmeg.

  • Dining Room: Don’t compete with the food! For your dining room, opt for herbaceous or citrus-based scents that complement the food aroma. Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Mandarin Lime and Lemon Verbena are great scents to neutralize stubborn cooking scents and set the mood for entertaining.

  • Guest Bathroom: No more embarrassing smells or cleaning up after your guests at a dinner party! Poofume, our Before & After Toilet Spray, is a must-have for all bathrooms. A blend of citrus, musk and sandalwood creates a shield and blocks any unpleasant odor.

  • Closet: Designed for use in small spaces, our scented sachets are ideal to gently perfume your closet. Hang the sachet in your closet or slip into drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Other tips

Scent according to the season: In the summer, use light and fresh fragrances. Choose energizing citrus-based aromas that will boost your energy. In the winter, use woody scents that will leave you feeling cozy and warm.

Know the Founders & What’s Next For the Company

Q. What’s next for your brand?

We’re entering the US market this year through a new partnership - this is a big step for us, and we’re really excited to see the response. We’re looking to expand our online presence in India and are also working on a few exciting B2B partnerships.

We have a bunch of new products lined up for this year. We’re planning to launch two new reed diffusers, three room sprays in our Timeless collection, and a deluxe candle collection featuring our bestsellers in a larger three-wick container. We introduce a festive range for Diwali every year; we’re currently sampling some designs and look forward to launching the collection later this year.

Q. What are your own interests?

Leena: Yoga, meditation, bridge, travel, painting, and spending time with my friends, family, and dog Sofia! I started painting in lockdown last year, and I’m hooked.

Nishi: Fitness, travel, adventure sports, TV shows, wine and cheese, playing with my dog Zelda.

Bonus Tips for Gifting & Niana’s Latest Recommendations

Q. What should one keep in mind when selecting candles for gifting?


Scent is extremely personal. Make an effort to find out what the recipient’s favourite fragrance is - this will add a personal touch to your gift! Choose a scent that matches their preference - e.g., Mogra or Rose for someone who likes floral fragrances, Driftwood or Balsam & Cedar for someone who likes woody scents.

Packaging is key! Choose a gift that is thoughtful and beautifully presented. We launched a curated range of gift sets last year that make lovely gifts for all occasions.

New Spring Summer candles


A soft and romantic scent to refresh your home. Crisp and intoxicating, a perfect balance of floral notes with a woody undertone.

MRP: Rs. 700

Orchid Candle


Fill your home with a smell that is reminiscent of beautiful, colourful blooms. Fresh & modern, this powdery blend of exotic floral notes complements the beauty of the enchanting flower.

MRP: Rs. 700

Passion Candle


Passion blends contrasting notes to create an effect that is striking and contemporary. Warm, fruity notes of pink peppercorn are at the heart of this composition. Cradling this tightly is the creamy, spicy ylang-ylang flower, fresh cucumber, and grassy notes. A bold musk with mulberry notes completes the accord with its strength and softness. Passion embodies a certain modernity through its energy and joyfully invites you to share its universe.

MRP: Rs. 1,800

Signature Gift Set - Floral


An exclusive gift set featuring their best-selling floral fragrances. Curated with love, Niana's handcrafted sets make beautiful gifts for any occasion. An irresistible floral bouquet featuring Honeysuckle Jasmine Reed Diffuser, Mogra Candle, Wild Rose Sachet.

MRP: Rs. 2,800

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