Make a Healthier Choice in 2021: Switch to Green Coffee and Know all About Green Coffee Uses

Make a Healthier Choice in 2021: Switch to Green Coffee and Know all About Green Coffee Uses

Green coffee can be called the required health supplement that the world needs now. Everyone is aware of the amazing health benefits of drinking coffee regularly. Green coffee takes them a notch higher. In times when the world is grappling with the COVID pandemic, make the smarter switch to green coffee. Read on to know more.

All About Green Coffee


In the era of eco-friendliness, everything is going green. Even coffee. Yes. So far you have heard of green tea and have gradually come to know of its many health benefits. So why should the other popular beverage be left out. To the uninitiated green coffee, much like green tea, is coffee that hasn't undergone the process of roasting and is still raw. It has a distinct earthy and herbal flavour unlike its roasted counterpart. We have been having coffee in many different forms over the years. We have the caffe lattes, mochachino, cappuccino, espresso and so on and so forth. Compared to them, green coffee is new in the scenario but is quickly proving itself to be indispensable. Read on to know why.

Green Coffee Uses: Know Why Consuming This Type of Coffee is Beneficial


Research has shown that there are a myriad of health benefits of green coffee. Health complications related to blood sugar levels and other diseases can be mitigated with green coffee. Moreover, it assists in weight loss and makes skin and hair looks beautiful. Here are the benefits of green coffee in detail.

Helps in Weight Loss

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that effectively burns glucose and body fat. Regular consumption of green coffee will lead to reduced absorption of carbohydrates and result in the lowering of blood sugar levels and insulin spikes. Research has also suggested that caffeine helps in boosting metabolism rate to the tune of 3% to 11% which helps not only in losing weight but also maintaining an optimum amount of body weight. Some of us who are trying really hard to lose weight should give green coffee a chance.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Research has shown that green coffee bean extracts help in lowering inflammation. This has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. It has been seen that green coffee beans reduces fat accumulation and resistance to insulin. Some studies even suggest that green coffee might reduce the absorption of glucose in people with obesity. This ability of green coffee to normalise blood sugar levels make this beverage an able candidate to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Anti-ageing Properties

Most of us spend a lot of money and effort trying to look younger than our actual age. We dabble in anti-ageing creams, eat anti-ageing foods, follow anti-ageing beauty regimes and so on. Considering how much effort goes into making us look young, you would probably not believe it when I say that you can slow down the effects of ageing by just sipping leisurely. But it is the truth.

Green coffee is effective in slowing down the appearance of signs of ageing. To begin with it is filled with antioxidants which are known for their anti-ageing properties. Green coffee has a high concentration of chlorogenic acid in it and they help in reducing the redness on skin caused by exposure to the sun. Caffeine also has anti-ageing properties and reduces wrinkles, crow's feet, skin roughness and limits photodamage. Thus, green coffee is infused with many anti-ageing nutrients and that is why you find green coffee bean extracts in many anti-ageing products.

Prevention of Diseases

Our body contains damaging free radicals that help in the development of many diseases and most notably cancer. Green coffee beans are packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals and thus effectively reduce the development of diseases in our bodies. In one study, it was seen that chlorogenic acid antioxidants can counteract the proliferation of as many as four kinds of cancer cells. We already know of the presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee so by this development green coffee can potentially deter cancer.

Improves Energy Level

Coffee, be it any coffee, contains caffeine. Studies, as well as our own experience, have proven that caffeine affects our cognitive performance, psychomotor abilities, athletic performance and blood pressure. It is capable of making us alert, motivated, focused and energetic. That is why coffee breaks in between work are ever so needed. What green coffee brings to the table beside this necessary caffeine is a lot of other health benefits. So drinking green coffee will not only give the much-needed energy and focus to your day but also many health benefits.

Health and Skin Benefits


Green coffee is the best friend of beauty conscious people. The coffee alleviates many skin and hair problems and give them a healthy look. Green coffee is a natural detox that removes toxins, bad cholesterol and unnecessary fat from your liver and cleanses it. A healthy liver is projected in the form of glowing skin and soft, supple hair in our body. Besides, green coffee contains high levels of volatile materials that reduce wrinkles and maintains healthy skin. Green coffee also contains esters and fatty acids that not only nourish the skin but also heals it from severe damages. Regular consumption of green coffee can reduce the appearance of acne and heal acne prone skin.

Side Effects and Precautions

Green coffee is largely safe to drink but like any other object under the sun, it has certain side effects. The side effects of green coffee are mostly a result of overconsumption of it. You know that green coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine in a moderate amount is healthy but excessive intake of caffeine will result in sleep disturbances, increase in blood pressure and anxiety. Also, caffeine kills hunger meaning you will not be eating your meals on time as the sensation of hunger will not be present in you. This will result in gastric problems.

Disturbs Sleep Cycle

As already been mentioned, caffeine wreaks havoc with our sleep cycle and that is a much bigger problem than it sounds as lack of good sleep is the breeding ground of a multitude of physiological and psychological disorders. But there is a simple method to prevent this side effect from manifesting itself. And that is to have optimum amount of coffee. Limit your coffee intake to one cup a day and you won't have to worry about the side effects of caffeine intake.

Harmful for Bones

There is another potential side effect of green coffee and that is not easy to tackle as the previous one. A two month study was conducted on mice wherein they were given daily doses of green coffee extracts. The study showed that the mice suffered significant calcium depletion in their bone tissue. So, long term of consumption of green coffee might cause calcium depletion in our bones.

How to Make a Cup of Green Coffee?

It will be unfair if we just inform you about the many health benefits of green coffee and not teach you to make your own cuppa. Follow this recipe to brew yourself a healthy cup of green coffee. There are two methods of preparation listed here. Choose the one which is more convenient for you:


  • 20 grams of green coffee beans
  • 300 ml of hot water
  • Sugar or honey or a pinch of cinnamon

Method 1

  • This method involves using coffee bean powder.
  • Take the green coffee beans and ground them to powder of your desired consistency(coarse or fine).
  • Remember that green coffee beans are hard to grind so use substantial force(manual or motor) on the grinder.
  • Then transfer the powder to a cup and pour hot water(approximately 90°C) on it.
  • Mix and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Filter the mixture to get the green coffee beverage.

Method 2

  • This method involves using the raw green coffee beans and is a time consuming method, but you will get a stronger flavoured coffee.
  • Start by soaking the beans overnight in water.
  • The next morning boil the coffee in the same water over high flame.
  • Then simmer it over low flame for 15 more minutes.
  • Let the flavoured water cool completely before filtering it and what you will get is a cup of delicious and strong green coffee.
  • If the beverage is too strong for you then dilute it with water.

Now you know not one but two ways to prepare a cup of green coffee. What remains to be known is what kind of coffee make the best green brew and when is the right time to consume it. The answer to your first question is Arabica coffee beans. Arabica is premiere coffee and green Arabica coffee beans will give you the best green coffee cuppa. As for when is the best time to drink this coffee, it is after your meals so that the coffee can aid in your metabolism.

Bonus: Learn All About Coffee's History

The history of green coffee or coffee is very interesting. It becomes more interesting when we know there is no clear origin of coffee. Nobody know when was it first discovered; there is only a legend regarding its discovery. It goes like this, there was an Ethiopian goatherder named Kaldi who first accidentally discovered this beans when he noticed that his goats were behaving strangely after chewing on berries of a particular plant. They became energetic and couldn't sleep at night. He reported this incident to the abbot of the local monastery who indulged in further investigation by making a drink with those berries and finding that it kept him alert after consumption. He shared his knowledge with the other monks and that is how, the legend says, coffee spread from its original homeland.

The first record of coffee plantatation was in the 15th century in Yemen. By the 16th century, it became familiar in present day Egypt, Persia, Turkey and Syria. The origin of cafe or coffee houses can be traced to these parts of the world. Coffee was immensely enjoyed there and it was enjoyed not only at homes but also in qahveh khaneh or coffee houses spread across towns and cities. These coffee houses were not just places where people drank coffee but also social hubs were all kinds of social activities took place, like discussion and exchange of news, debates on philosophies, art and politics, chess matches, listening to music, watching performers etc.

Trade between Arabia and Europe brought coffee to European shores in the 17th century. It was quickly becoming both popular and controversial in that continent. Some people called the black drink Satan's invention and this suspicion took hold so strongly that in 1615 the Venetian clergy disbanded it. Pope Clement VIII was asked to intervene and decide on the beverage's fate and he refused to pass judgement without tasting this controversial drink firsthand. He drank it and found it to be great, he gave his approval and all fears regarding the drink were allayed. Now with no deterrent present, coffee became popular in Europe in leaps and bounds. Coffee houses similar to that of Arabia's sprang across all major cities and towns in Europe. It replaced the traditional morning drink of beer and wine as people felt more invigorated in the morning after drinking coffee which helped in surviving the long day of back breaking work ahead.

European colonisation across the world bought coffee and coffee plantations to other continents. The Dutch first tried to grow coffee outside the Arabian peninsula in India but it failed. Then they tried planting in Java and it was successful and soon their plantations spread to Celebes and Sumatra. The world famous Brazilian coffee is a result of this colonisation and a romantic crush. Francisco de Melho Paletta was sent to the French Guyana to ask for coffee seedlings. The French Governor refused to grant it to him but his wife was so smitten by Paletta's looks that she smuggled some coffee beans to him through a bouquet of flowers that she gave him as a parting gift. Thus, began an industry that will feed millions of people a cuppa today.

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Get More from Your Cuppa by Switching to Green Coffee in 2021

Green is the new trend especially as the world is facing the greatest health crisis of all times. Health is a priority for everyone today and green coffee is the perfect health-conscious decision one can make. So, make yourself a cup of green coffee and see the green energy flow!