The Best Chocolate Bouquets on the Market for Birthdays, to Make it a Splendid and Unforgettable Day! (2022)

The Best Chocolate Bouquets on the Market for Birthdays, to Make it a Splendid and Unforgettable Day! (2022)

When it comes to gift giving, certain gifts will leave a lingering impression on the recipient. One such gift is a chocolate flower bouquet. This is an unbeatable combo, be it gifting friends or loved ones. It can even be used to gift acquaintances and other colleagues if done in the right way. For this, BP Guide will help you figure out how to gift a chocolate bouquet for birthday the right way as well as some marvellous options to choose from.

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Be Thoughtful and Present Something New

We rarely apply thought when gifting to a friend or in our immediate family. Most of the gifts are common ones. You can decide on giving something else and stand apart from the crowd. You can try gifting chocolate bouquets. Chocolates are loved by people of all ages and will be loved by the recipient. The chocolates packed in awesome designs are also a treat to see.

Chocolates are known to be comforting and passionate. It can help you profess the deep feelings you have for the receiver. Apart from being healthy, they are easy to share with others. Gifting chocolates also form an integral part of the tradition. It enchants people as it rekindles memories and makes people smile. It is enjoyed by everyone too. We will discuss some of the best chocolate bouquets you can buy to gift to your family and friends.

How you can Select a Chocolate Bouquet

The Occasion

The celebrations call for something unique. You must keep in mind that you must choose the gifts based on the occasion. The chocolates you choose must gel with the occasion. The chocolate bouquets are ideal for birthdays and anniversaries. They can be presented during festive occasions too.

Selecting the Types of Chocolate

When choosing the chocolates, also consider the ones that the recipient prefers. Understandably, it can only happen if you are close to the person. Do they like any manufacturer? If yes, you may have to check whether the chocolates are provided in the bouquet. Else, you may have to customise it for the recipient.

Checking the Ingredients

Few people can also consider the ingredients of the chocolates. They may prefer dark or milk chocolates. Some of them are also fussy about the origin of cocoa. They may also choose to try out the newest brands available. It is better to know about the recipient's preferences before ordering the bouquet online.

The Recipient

When selecting the gift, also consider the person to whom you are gifting it. The person's age can determine a lot on the colour of the package or the layout of the bouquet. The chocolates you gift elders could be different from those you will gift your spouse. The flowers on the bouquet will also depend on the choice and demographics of the recipient.

The Quality of Chocolates

The quality of the chocolates included in the bouquet must be checked too. Always have the ones from the best brands. It will ensure that the associated ingredients are in the proper mix. It will also ensure that natural flavours are included. Moreover, you can be assured that only the best quality materials are used to prepare the chocolates.

Best Chocolate Bouquet Options for you

With chocolates being a favourite among people of all ages, you can also keep chocolate bouquets in the list of proposed gifts. Putting together a bunch of the favourite chocolate brands along with delicate flowers is the ideal gift. We will discuss some of these options with you.

1. Holy Krishna's Heart Shape Bouquet Of KitKat chocolates


Are you trying to have a new gift for your friends and family? Flower bouquets can be an option, but flowers do fade away. Why not try out this bouquet of KitKat chocolates? It is applicable for all age groups and is in a heart shape. The gift is ideal for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and festive events.

Twelve KitKat chocolates form part of this bouquet. The recipient will love the gift. It comes in a 5 ply carton that will double up as a gift box. It comes pre-wrapped, and you need not take the trouble of gift-wrapping it. You can send a personalised message too.

It is priced at Rs. 629 and available on Amazon.

2. Floral Bouquet With Chocolates & Ganesha Table Top


Fern and Petals is a renowned brand and helps its customers celebrate their moments with fabulous gifts and fabulous flowers. They have retail outlets too, apart from their online store. Apart from selling flowers, they also design brilliant chocolate bouquets. These unique bouquets can enhance festive vibes and help the recipient celebrate more with the guests.

The gift contains an assortment of the best quality roses. There are five red and five yellow roses along with seasonal green fillers. It also has ten Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolates, weighing 12.5 grams each. There is an elegant Ganesha printed tabletop too. The items are arranged in a medium-density fiberboard. The board measures 4 inches X 4 inches.

It is priced at Rs. 1,249 on the company website.

3. Basket Full of Chocolates from My Flower Tree

My Flower Tree started by delivering flowers. Later they grew and included cakes, potted plants, and personalised stationery in their portfolio. They have more than 25 stores across the country. They deliver chocolate bouquets too. With chocolates being a gift of choice for people of all ages, the brand has curated this unique bouquet to make the recipient happier during celebratory times.

Apart from anniversaries and birthday parties, the bouquet can be ideal for weddings. It comes in a round cane basket filled with several types of chocolates. The chocolates include: - - 5 pieces of 5star (22.4gms each); 5 pieces of KitKat (13.2gms each); - 16 pieces of Ferrero Rochers (200gms each) and six pieces of Dairy Milk silk (60 gms each). They deliver in more than 600+ cities.

It is available at Rs. 2,599 on the company website.

4. Bouquet of Munchies from My Flower Tree

It is the second entry from My Flower Tree and not without reason. The bouquet is equally elegant and consists of several chocolates like the others. It is more of a snacks bouquet and contains namkeens too. The gift is also ideal for birthdays and other parties and is bound to bring a smile to the faces of the recipients.

The snacks bouquet contains - A Snacks Bouquet consisting of 1 Haldiram's Moong Daal (40gms), 1 Bikano's Aloo Bhujia (40 gms), 1 Nestle's KitKat (13gms), 2 Snickers (50 gms each), 2 Dairy Milk Silk (60 gms each), 2 Cadbury's Bournville (31 gms each), 1 Bounty coconut chocolate (75 gms), 2 Cadbury's 5 Star (19 gms each), 2 Cadbury's Dairy Milk (13 gms each). Don’t expect it to be bland, but it is wrapped in a dazzling cover.

It is available at Rs. 1,399 on the company website.

5. Choco Blush Box Combo from Flower Aura

Flower Aura is mainly known to deliver flowers across the country. They provide the best freshly cut flowers across the country through their network of affiliates. They also deliver chocolates, stuffed teddy bears, sweets, and cakes. They have also moved into providing the choicest chocolate bouquets too.

The design and setting of the items in the bouquet bring out the charm associated with the gift. The item can be chosen for all celebratory occasions but is more suited for festivals. The white teddy in the middle adds to the vibrance of the gift. It is loaded with 14 Dairy Milk Chocolates (13gm each). The white box measures 23 inches X 16 inches.

It is priced at Rs. 1,049 on the company website.

6. Gratifying Chocolate Hamper from Flower Aura

This second entry from Flower Aura is mainly due to the elegance of the bouquet. Chocolate hampers are among the best birthday gifts. Of late, they are suitable for multiple occasions too. It can also show the love and affection you have towards the recipient. The exclusive hamper comes as a gift bouquet and has an expressive card.

The bouquet is designed with the choicest chocolates for you. The bouquet contains 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate (60gm Each), 2 Cadbury Temptations Almond Chocolate (72gm Each), a packet of 4 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 50gm, 2 Chocolate & Red Velvet Jar cakes 375 ml. The cane basket is elegantly designed that will make you get hold of this divine bouquet for those close to you.

It is priced at Rs. 1,699 on the company website.

7. Yummilicious Chocolates from Winni


Winni is a renowned brand that sells flowers, cakes, gifts, etc., online. They have built a brand for themselves within a short time. They bring exclusive goodies to your house at prices that suit all budgets. Within a short time, they also catapulted themselves to be the second-largest gifting platform in the country.

People of all ages love chocolates, and this entry is both elegant and yummy. It can easily be gifted to people of all ages and provide the deft touch of closeness for celebratory occasions. It comes in a decorated cane basket and includes various hues of chocolates. The bouquet contains 5 Gems packets, Small Ferrero Rochers, 5 Dairy Milk, 5 Cadbury’s Silk, and 5 KitKat. You can also pay in equal instalments with no EMI.

It is priced at Rs. 1,799 on the company website.

8. You are adorable from Oye Gifts

If you are searching for an adorable bouquet for a special occasion, it is the right one for you. It can grace several events but birthday parties and anniversaries are ideal for this gift. It will make the recipient happy and provide the added aura for the celebrations. The business has grown tremendously over the years, focusing on delivering exclusivity and customer delight.

The bouquet is filled with flowers and chocolates, and you also get a cake along with it. It is the epitome of carefulness and the love you can show for the recipient. It helps pamper your loved ones and has six red roses apart from the six Dairy Milk small chocolates. It also comes with a half kg chocolate truffle cake to complete the bouquet.

It is available at Rs. 1,325 at the Oye Gifts website.

9. Chocolate Sky Bouquet from City Flowers

The City Flowers brand is known for its prompt delivery of flowers and confectionaries online. The brand ensures that the festive mood is augmented through elegant gifts. With chocolates being delicious and loved by several people, they are the sweetest gifts for the people you care. It makes the recipient go gaga and make them feel happier.

The sweet and brilliant surprise can play wonders with the feelings and emotions of the recipient. The joy on their face will also make you feel better. There is an abundance of more than 12 chocolates, including Snickers (25 gm), Dairy Milk (14 gm), KitKat (12 gm) and 5 Star. The flair of the bouquet is complete with the regal packing in an excellent paper. You can have a cake as an add-on item too. Adding goodies like Ferro Rocher, cookies and other gifts is possible at an extra cost.

It is priced at Rs. 1,151 at the company website.

10. A bundle of love Flower Chocolate Bouquet from HalfCute


Halfcute is an online gifting marketplace that aids in enhancing the festive mood by delivering gifts at the doorstep. They emphasise customer delight, have enhanced brand awareness, and provide the best quality products. The brilliance of the bouquet can be judged from the fact that it is a mix of flowers and chocolates alike.

The gift can win hearts due to the mix of fresh and artificial flowers that provide the unique décor. It also covers 50 pieces of handmade chocolates that are bound to melt in the mouth. They complement readily with the flowers in colour.

It is priced at Rs. 1,500 at the Halfcute website.

Bonus: Basketfull of Chocolates from City Flowers

We will round off this list with another entry from City Flowers. Like its other options, this one too has an assortment of various types of chocolates. What separates it from the rest is the sheer quantity of different available options. Your recipient will find the love and care from you evident after receiving this gift.

It comes in a round cane basket and has various chocolates placed stylishly. The bouquet contains several 5-Star, and KitKat apart from six pieces of Cadbury Silk and 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. It is truly an attractive gift for the festivities. There are options to add on cookies and other goodies. You can also add cakes at an added cost.

It is priced at Rs. 2,439.59 on the City Flowers website.

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A Delectable and Memorable Gift!

Whether they are a sweet tooth or not, you can never go wrong with chocolates and flowers. In fact, chocolates are considered healthy and pairing this gift with flowers will do wonders. There are also some ways to do it right, regarding the occasion, checking the type of chocolate or ingredients. If not sure, this guide will help you choose the right way and a number of different chocolate flower bouquet options have been suggested to help you when gifting.