Looking for the Best Laptop Stands? Checkout These Options for Best Standing Laptop Stands In India 2020

Looking for the Best Laptop Stands? Checkout These Options for Best Standing Laptop Stands In India 2020

Suffering from back pain after work that involves sitting before laptop continuously and for hours? Well its time to get yourself a proper laptop stand and ease your back pain. They also offer many other benefits. This articles gives insight to various versatile laptop stands in the market.

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Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

There are many different benefits of a laptop stand. For instance, it will allow you to adjust the height as well as angle according to your preference, helping reduce neck and back pain caused by sitting at an improper angle. Other than that, some of these can also be used as standing desks and will help you stay active and keep moving and changing positions.

Moreover, these stands prevent the heating up of the laptops and prevent any of the highly hazardous heat coming in contact with your lap. They can also form great workstations, and, with these, you can easily use an external keyboard of your choice without moving your laptops further away. These may also include extra compartments to fit your phone or charger, among other things, and will keep the device at your eye level.

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Stand

The Features and Your Use

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The very first thing to consider when buying your laptop stand is its features. Now, you should look for an ergonomic design, meaning it should be adjustable to various heights and perhaps even be disassemblable. It may also include extra features like cooling pads, mouse pads, and cord organizers.

Other than that, it should fit your purposes the best. So, you should know if you will be using it as perhaps a breakfast tray or a reading table in the future. If so, the table should be adjustable enough for you to use it for all these purposes.

The Quality, Style and Price

Probably the most important thing to check in a laptop stand is its quality. So, you should make sure that it is highly versatile and can last years even if used vigorously. You are suggested to buy stands made of materials like aluminum or high-quality wood. For the style, you can choose from an array of options ranging from round to rectangular and four inches height to over twenty inches. You should also consider the design; do you want it to be minimalist or to include a floral design or something?

Now, remember that these stands don't necessarily have to be expensive. So, you should do extensive research online and choose the cheapest yet great brand and select their top products. However, remember to check the product reviews before buying any particular product.

Best Standing Laptop Stands in India

AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand Standing Desk

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Being one of the best laptops stands in India, the AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand Standing Desk is really lightweight and hardy. It also has two built-in CPU cooling fans, which make sure that your laptop does not get heated up and keeps you safe. In addition to that, this stand also has adjustable height and can be used anywhere, easily.

It can also be bent at an angle that suits you best, and it weighs only about 3.25 pounds. Furthermore, the stand by AOOU is portable, and its settings are also adjustable. You can get it from www.amazon.in for INR 20,499.

Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

Didn't like the first one or want a cheaper choice? Well, you should give this one a try. Being the cheapest one to make his list, the Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Table is highly versatile and is made of wood. It can also be used for multifunctioning with functions including as a snack tray, a laptop stand, and a standing desk.

Moreover, it will help relieve your back and neck pain. Other than that, it is easy to use and you can quickly adjust its height that ranges from 9.4 inches to 12,6 inches. Also, you can set it at an angle and it is light as well as sturdy with a weight of about 3.25 pounds. The environmentally friendly stand is also portable and can be bought fro www.ubuy.co.in for INR 6,290.

Ergotron - WorkFit-TL Standing Desk Converter

Being the most expensive one on the list, this one is also undoubtedly the best one here. So, this laptop stand has a large area and is best suited for the professional ones. With a width of over 37 inches and a height of over fifteen inches, this table consists of a huge and a keyboard tray.

However, if you want a shorter height, it can also be bent to shorten up. It, moreover, will help improve your focus and boost your productivity while also making your room look better. At most, at a single time, it can hold a laptop, a phone charger, a tablet, a coffee mug, and two monitors. It is imported from the US and also includes a five-year warranty. You can get it from www.desertcart.in for INR 51,399.

Monoprice Sit-Stand Riser Workstation Desk Converter Large - Black

Built for people that want a range of height options, this standing laptop stand can be adjusted from a height of just 4.2 inches to just under 20 inches. It can also hold equipment of about 33 lbs and includes a keyboard tray as well as a mouse setup. The top surface can include a single laptop and two monitors and can be optimized for narrower cubicles.

Moreover, its height can be easily adjusted and is ergonomic as well. It will help increase your productivity and boost health and is imported from the US. You can get it from www.desertcart.in for only INR 16,219.

Standing Desk With Height Adjustable – FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Converter

For the ones who cherish versatility, the stand, made up of density board, is very sturdy and, is used well, can easily last years. Other than that, it has an ergonomic design, meaning it can be used in various positions and heights to help you easily find your comfort zone.

Additionally, the gas spring hovering systems let you adjust it quickly and smoothly from standing to sitting and vice versa by simply using a squeeze of the handle. It ranges from 4.5 inches to 19.3 inches in height and has a width of 33.5 inches. In addition to that, it can hold equipment of up to 28.6 lbs and can be bought from www.ubuy.co.in for INR 14,010.

Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad - Laptop Notebook Stand Adjustable with Mouse Board

For people who require smaller designs, this stand has dimensions of 42 cm and 27 cm and goes to a height of about 48 cm. It can accommodate a laptop or tablet of seven to 15 inches and also included a removable mouse board that can also be used as a coffee holder. Additionally, it can be rotated to 360 degrees and include two hydro bearing fans that are powered by using a USB port.

These fans ensure that neither the laptop nor the surface it is placed at gets warm and it is also compact as well as foldable and portable. The stand is imported from the UK and is in silver colour. Lastly, it is quiet and energy-efficient and is also a great choice as a breakfast tray. You can get it from www.desertcart.in for only INR 6,989.

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