Get The Best 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend: These 10 Amazing Ideas Will Not Disappoint You (2018)

Get The Best 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend: These 10 Amazing Ideas Will Not Disappoint You (2018)

When you've reached the 3 year dating anniversary gifts are less about impressing him and more about finding those special things that will send your man over the moon. You know what he likes and what he is need of; what you may be lacking is creative ideas. So we did a little legwork and found some super awesome gifts for him. Anniversary or otherwise, you'll be itching to buy them for him!

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Your 3 Year Anniversary - A Milestone to Celebrate

Celebrating three years of being together? Congratulations, that's a really big milestone for any couple. You have survived the ups and downs and chosen to remain devoted to each other. The 3 year anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the joy of having found each other and cement the relationship even more. Make sure you celebrate it in style - a carefully chosen gift sets the mood and marks the occasion, so spend some time to find the right one.

Five Kinds of Gifts to Look for Him

Finding gifts for men has always been seen as challenging that's why default options like shirts or gadgets are popular. But if you try a little harder, you'll find gifts that match his personality and individualistic interests and passions, which will make the gift memorable. If you are wondering how to get started, then why not start by thinking around the 5 major kinds of gifts we detail below.

For His Office

If your partner is a working professional or studying, a gift for his professional pursuits would be a thoughtful gesture. You can get something like a laptop bag or backpack or a personalised journal. Or pick out something to decorate his office or cubicle. Or even something practical like a desk organiser to make his workspace better. Start by considering his typical workday routine and find what could improve it.

For His Romantic Heart

Romantic gifts that declare your everlasting love are not everybody's cup of tea. But even if he is not the sentimental sort, a romantic gift given on occasion will be cherished by him. A keepsake gift featuring a favourite memory, a handmade cute gift, a thoughtful card capturing your heartfelt feelings or a cute collage - these memorialize your relationship and the journey you both have experienced together.

Romantic gifts particularly for milestone celebrations are great as they acknowledge the significance of the day. But do keep in mind your boyfriend's preferences while choosing one - you don't want to put him off by making it too cheesy!

For His Hobby

For some, their hobbies are all consuming interests. Does your boyfriend have something like that? He could love astrophotography or be learning to play the guitar or perhaps he is a hardcore gamer - buy him something related to his passion, it will truly tell him you care for him. However to nail this, you will need to spend some time doing careful research -- you want to make sure what you buy is not something he already has, it is the right model/brand etc. After all your gift must not be something that's of little use to him!

For Indulging Him

Special celebrations are prime occasions to take in unique experiences and make precious memories. If your husband is one of those who don't like to spend on themselves, then try using occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to buy him stuff he would love but never buy for himself. This could be anything from a mind blowing experience like bungee jumping or a massage session by experts or a really vintage bottle of liqueur. So go ahead find something out-of-the-ordinary and use the anniversary as an excuse to experience it.

For His Daily Life

For some men, practical stuff always win. They like the idea of gifts that come into use in daily life rather than something fancy that has no utility. If your man is such a guy, then think up of stuff like a good shaver or a really good travel mug. You can show your thoughtfulness here as well by observing and identifying what will make his life easier. For instance, if your boyfriend travels a lot, wouldn't he love receiving a new power bank or a comfy travel bag?

10 Best 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Personalised The Happy Mug

After 3 years together you know your boyfriend inside out. His quirks, his characteristic style of speaking, his likes/dislikes, all the things that make him uniquely him. Why not give him a gift that encapsulates his quintessential character? Oye Happy offers a way with this cute mug which can be personalised with a photo of him and a few phrases. Just pick out a photograph and answer a bunch of questions and the company will professionally design your customised mug and send it out. Order it for Rs.690 on

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker


So your boyfriend is a coffee addict and loves his cold coffee! Well, we have the perfect gift for him. Check out this revolutionary HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker Which can make cold coffee in a jiffy. Very simple to use, this device can chill hot coffee by almost 55 degrees in 1 minute, without diluting the original drink or changing its flavour. The volume of the cup is around 370 ml. The cup can be used for making other chilled beverages as well such as iced tea, wine, and whiskey. Get it on Amazon for Rs.5,413.

DJI Tello Professional Camera Drone


If you boyfriend likes tech toys, then buy him a good quality drone, currently the hottest trend. The DJI Tello Drone is among the best in the market featuring top notch features. The drone has a 5MP HD Camera and works on Intel processor which results in high-quality professional footage.

With a flying height of 50 meters above ground , the drone can take really cool aerial photos. Its electronic image stabilization features helps ensure great images consistently . The drone has a programmable coding system which can be modified even by beginners. Buy it for Rs.12,999 on Amazon.

Braun 7-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit


OK, so a grooming kit is not the most romantic gift to give on an anniversary, but it's perfect for a guy who values useful gifts. The Braun 7-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit contains 6 different attachments which can take care of all your boyfriend's grooming needs. The trimmer gives around 40 minutes of trimming on a charge of 10 hours. With a fully washable trimmer head and comb set, the device can be easily maintained. The sharp stainless steel blades are guaranteed to give precision trimming that your boyfriend can rely on to look smart. Order it for Rs.2,929 on Amazon.

Handcrafted Leather Macbook Sleeve

For a boyfriend who likes the finer things in life, this handmade laptop sleeve is the perfect choice. Made of genuine leather this 13" Macbook sleeve features a colourful digitally image printed on 100% cotton canvas. The sleeve is lined with beige cotton twill fabric to protect the laptop and the case can be secured with a magnetic flap. The sleeve can be ordered from for Rs.5,200.

Elistooop Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Strong Bass Sound Support


A speaker that is likely to be a conversation starter!! The incredible Elistooop Bluetooth Speaker makes for great gifting idea for a boyfriend who appreciates the offbeat. Designed as a bulldog head with sunglasses this wireless speaker nonetheless is a full fledged device. it features the latest bluetooth 4.1 that ensures seamless connection with your mobile device, and strong stereo and bass effect to enjoy the music. With a 4000mah battery the speaker can play for up to 6 hours of on one full charging cycle.

There are 4 different colour choices, so you can pick as per your boyfriend's style. Prices vary as per the colour, the Bright Black one costs Rs.1,699 on Amazon.

3 Photo Collage Wall Art for Couples


A romantic gift to treasure, this collage wall art will highlight some of your cherished memories. Instead of the regular collage template, which is just a collection of photographs this collage wall art has 3 images on glossy paper, plus the message I Love You printed, along with your names and a date of your choice, making it a permanent declaration of your love.

The dimensions of the frame is 18.5 x 13.5 inches while the artwork inside will measure 14.5 x 9.5 inches. Order it on for Rs.849.

Personalised Etched Stone - Message I


Another suggestion for the romantic boyfriend - the Personalised Etched Stone will bear a special message from you to your sweetheart. The engraved stone will last for a lifetime and can be used as a keepsake or as a paper weight. This is a one-of-a kind statement gift that can reflect your deep love for your boyfriend. Get it for Rs.2,499 on

Montblanc Legend Night Eau De Parfum


Your 3 year milestone calls for a gift that’s special - a luxury fragrance for your beloved. Montblanc Legend Night Eau De Parfum is a standout perfume with top notes of clary sage, peppermint, cardamom which sets a fresh and lively tone. The middle notes are refreshing mix of apple, fir, cedar, lavender, violet. while the base notes are exotic with black vanilla, vetiver, Akigalawood®, patchouli and musk.

This intriguing blend gives the perfume a refined and subtle fragrance which is long lasting and aromatic without being overwhelming. Get it for Rs.4,200 on Amazon.

Engravable Ellipse Black Gold Trims Parker Ballpoint Pen

An engraved luxury pen is a thoughtful gift that will remain a cherished possession of your boyfriend for many years. The Ellipse from Parker has a classy design that is both stylish and sophisticated. A perfect gift for a professional the pen features elegant golden trims set against a background of black, making it distinctive without compromising on its functionality. A lacquer coating gives it a graceful and glossy look, Order it for Rs.1,520 on

5 Signs Your Relationship is On Track, 3 Years On

By all accounts, the 3-year mark in a relationship is a big deal. It signals the relationship has become a serious one with all indications of long term commitment. Questions on making it official become inevitable and impossible to avoid, with everyone from family to friends and colleagues asking "So, when are you getting married"?!

Regardless of external pressure, it is important to step back on this occasion to see where the relationship is and where it is headed . Here are 5 things that tell you that your relationship is chugging along on the right track and is a strong committed one that makes both of you happy. Check out how many of them you tick off in your relationship!

Your Lives are Intertwined

After 3 years, you are both often seen as a unit. You may or may not live together but your lives are intermingled. You regularly and frequently communicate, spend sufficient time together and have been introduced to the other's social circle. You make plans together and consider each other's priorities as your own.

You've Discussed the Future (Including Marriage!)

You regularly discuss how future looks for you - individually and together. The discussions should typically cover critical issues like career progression, family , living together, future goals and ambitions. As a couple you must have also discussed frankly the question of marriage so you both are clear on the subject. Fundamentally, you need to be sure that you are both part of each other’s future!

You Have Met Each Others' Family

Meeting your partner's family remains one of the critical milestones of a relationship. Being accepted fully is not always possible, but it is surely important for the relationship to have the blessings of elders particularly in the Indian context. So by this time, both of you should have met the other's family and are sufficiently integrated.

Your Relationship Remains a Priority

As years go by, a relationship loses its freshness and settles into a rut as you both get sucked in by the demands of daily life. Despite this challenge, a good relationship is one where the partners make every effort to remain committed to the bond you share. Whether it’s having a dedicated date night or going on vacations regularly or building strong communication, both of you consistently take efforts to strengthen the relationship and put their partner first.

You Have Sufficient Financial Transparency

Financial issues are tricky but do have a significant impact on a relationship. Financial stability and security are very important so as a team you must see to it that both partners are comfortable with how financial affairs are settled in the relationship, and have an understanding of the other's financial standing. Both must have the confidence and the comfort level to bring up any issue for an honest discussion.

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Don't get too comfortable

You're in that happy space that a couple reaches after spending a significant amount of time with each. There are fewer surprises, lesser anxiety, you're more than comfortable spending time together at home instead of dressing up and going out. It's all blissful. But don't get so comfortable that you stop taking effort. Your hair in a bun is convenient but give him a regular eyeful of the glamorous avatar that you so often donned during the first few months together. Make creative date ideas, plan fun things together - movie nights at home don't count. Make some effort and he will too. You've been dating for three years but don't behave like you've been married for twenty!