How to Safely Store Your Nintendo Switch and Prevent Scratches or Other Damages to It. These are The Best Nintendo Switch Cases You can get Online in India (2021).

How to Safely Store Your Nintendo Switch and Prevent Scratches or Other Damages to It. These are The Best Nintendo Switch Cases You can get Online in India (2021).

Most electronic gadgets are prone to damage no matter how slight. Whether a scratch on the screen, loss of associated accessories or even the unthinkable form of damage, such as falling on hard surfaces or in liquids. To avoid all these, safely store your Nintendo in a Nintendo switch case that will prevent many other kinds of damage. Here-in BP Guide has made a detailed list of some of the best Nintendo switch cases to go for.

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Using a Nintendo Switch Case

A Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming device, one that is on the expensive side. No wonder many prefer to ensure that their Switch has a case as this protects their precious gadget from hard usage and damage. Many people use Nintendo on the go while travelling. If you have a sturdy case, this will protect the game from bumps and prevents scratches. It provides additional protection by covering the console with its strong outer shell. In addition to all that, the case can also be used to carry all the accessories required to enhance the gaming experience.

Different types of cases provide extra storage to keep gaming cards, chargers, and earphones, among many other things. The inner of the cases are lined with velvet cloth and have separate compartments for each item, thus making everything clean and scratch-free.

Nintendo Switch Case Available Online in India

1. Animal Crossing - Nintendo Switch

Looking for an attractive Nintendo switch case for your little one? Try this one out. This case is made up of high-quality material that makes it a great choice. The outer shell is composed using premium rubber material with fine detailing. Also, it has a top handle to carry it around and durable dual zipper pulls to keep things secure. Moreover, it has digital print on the front side that looks very aesthetic. Whereas, the inner shell is lined with fabric cloth along with a net and mesh tinge. Furthermore, the interior is molded and has a mesh zippered pocket, and various compartments to keep game cards and cable wire. The case has 6 game slots, a place to keep a game console, and a padded screen cover flap with a velcro tab. You can buy this product from Desert Cart for only INR 2,819.

2. Carry Case for Nintendo Switch


In case you are looking for a high-quality Switch case with lots of features, try out this one. This case is by Orzly was initially launched in 2019 has been on the bestseller list since then. The outer shell of this lite case is made up of premium quality durable EVA shell. Whereas, the inner shell is lined with fabric cloth and has various compartments. The interior has a mesh zippered pocket to keep earphones and other accessories. Also, there are 8 cartridge slots to keep game cards, one large storage compartment to keep the battery and data cable. Moreover, it has a secure console to keep in the Nintendo switch along with a padded panel on the top of the screen to prevent your device from scratches and lines.

Next, it has a microfiber lining in order to keep things secure and protect. This case is particularly designed to store small items and gaming stuff. Additionally, it has dual zips that keep the contents safe and does not let them fall out. You can easily glide them to open up and to close the case. The zips are made up of soft rubber that does not require much effort. In addition to all that, there is a handle on the top of the exterior. It provides extra grip to hold the case and also makes it super-easy to carry around. You may also keep it in your bag as it is very light in weight. Lastly, it is available in a range of colours. You can buy this product from Amazon for INR 1,499.

3. UGREEN Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Lite


This switch case by UGREEN is particularly designed to keep the Nintendo Switch Lite. It is made by using premium quality materials that make it last longer. Also, it is very spacious, thus can carry small gaming accessories as well. The outer shell of this case is made up of environmental EVA and 1,680D oxford cloth that is shock resistant as well as scratch-resistant. This material acts as a hard protective shell that keeps it safe from outer damages. Whereas, the inner side of this case is lined with a soft velvet cloth. The interior has one larger compartment to keep headphones, charger, and data cable, etc. Moreover, it has one zipper compartment to keep the gaming accessories. Furthermore, the inner shell also has 4 game cartridges to keep the game cards in their slots.

This case has an additional central flap for extra protection from scratches and also, an extra elastic strap. The strap ensures that things do not drop out from the pouch. It has a dual zip closure that makes sure that all the things are secure in the pouch and prevents them from falling. There is also a place to keep the game console that is covered with a shield protector to protect the screen from damage. It has a side buckle that you can attach to your suitcase or bag. It also comes with a welcome guide and 24-month free friendly customer care service. You can buy it from Amazon for only INR 899.

4. Travel Storage Box Bag for Nintendo Switch Game Console

This case is s a great choice for the Nintendo switch case game console as well as for its accessories. This is so, because, it is made up of good quality stuff which not only keeps the case in good shape for a longer time but protects your console as well. The outer shell is hard made from EVA and Pu material. However, the inner shell is lined with cotton and has padded underlining. This gives additional protection to the game. The inner shell has one large mesh and net compartment to keep accessories such as cable, battery, charger, and earphones, etc.

Also, there is a place to keep the console. The console port also has an elastic strap that you can close to hold it right in the place. The strap protects the console from dropping out. Moreover, it has 8 slots to keep the game cards, an extra flap to protect the screen of the game from scratches, and any other kind of damage. The outer shell has a shiny appearance along with an emoji sign and a "Do not Touch" sentence in white colour. This gives it a very cool tinge and makes it eye-catching. You can buy this product from Bang Good for INR 667.

5. Mario Kart Special Edition Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for a multi-purpose case to keep your Nintendo Switch Lite along with its accessories, consider this one. This pouch by Mario Kart is made up of strong and sturdy material that will make it last for a longer period of time. The outer shell is made up of cotton cloth with an underline padded material. Also, it has inscribed Mario Kart stickers in red, white, and black color with a title. The padded material provides extra protection to prevent damage, bumps, and scratches. Whereas, the inner shell has a lot of space to keep game cards, a charger, a data cable, and even Joy-sticks.

It has a mesh large compartment, for bigger accessories, slots for games, and a portion for a game console. Moreover, there are two elastic straps to hold the console so that it does not fall out. In addition to all that, there is an extra cotton flap on the center to protect the screen of the game. This Nintendo switch case is highly portable. You can carry it around with you where you go. Also, it is very light in weight, thus can be kept in a bag as well. You can buy this product from Flipkart for only INR 1,599.

6. AmazonBasics Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch - Red


This Nintendo switch case has a very attractive outlook and opens just like a vanity case. It has customized ports to keep different gaming accessories and the switch lite console. The build of the exterior is firm and strong that protects it from damage. It is lined with foam and then covered with red textured cotton material. This makes it super comfortable and soft to hold. Also, the edges are lined with a microfiber material so that they do not feel hard. At the top, it has an elastic stretched handle to carry it around with convenience and the zips are detailed with leather material. Moreover, the interior has a stuffed foam padding with separate compartments to keep a charger, earphones, batteries, adapter, data cable, and a console.

There are flaps in between the ports that keep each piece of equipment protected and prevent scratches and marks. In addition to all that, it is made up of good quality material that makes it very durable and long-lasting. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty. The handle provides excellent grip thus, you can conveniently carry it during travelling. You can buy this product from Amazon at a very reasonable price of INR 1,899.

7. Hard Case Cover Shell Skin for Nintendo Switch


This case is designed to conform to your device. It is very light in weight as it does not contain lots of extra accessories and components. It is made up of premium quality Polycarbonate (PC) material. This makes it highly versatile and long-lasting. Next, it has very high impact resistance, which makes it virtually unbreakable. Moreover, this material has been shown to protect things from dangerous UV rays and other harsh radiations. This Nintendo Switch Case Lite has a semi-transparent appearance with a tinge of gloss. Also, this ergonomic case has a strong grip that allows the user to hold it easily and even play games with the cover on.

For the purpose of playing games, it has a cut out space for controllers, buttons, and switches. This feature provides a comfortable experience along with additional protection to your device. In addition to all that, the 24-hour protection prevents the game from scratches, marks, dust, and bumps, etc. The assemble and disassemble is also super-convenient. You just have to put the game into the case, and you are done. This case is highly compact, portable, and easy to carry during travelling. You can buy this case from Bang Good at the price of INR 467.

8. Nintendo Switch(Mariokart) Carry


Tired of buying cases again and again? Give this one a try and make your life easier. This is so, because, this high-quality case lasts for a longer period of time and saves both of your time and money. Also, it is highly sturdy and the build is strong. The outer shell of this product is made up of Micro Hard EVA that keeps the shell protected and the inner contents secure from outer bumps, and damage. Moreover, the outer edges are lined with a microfiber material that makes the pouch softer to carry in hand. Whereas, the inner material is lined with soft velvet to keep the game and other items.

Furthermore, it has a mesh compartment to keep batteries and a charger. In addition to all that, it has two elastic straps to keep the console of the game right in its place. This case is highly portable that you can easily carry it around and while travelling. The material is super good therefore, it is highly durable. Also, the case is really easy to clean. You just need a semi-wet cotton cloth and wipe off the dust and grime. You can buy this Nintendo Switch Case from Amazon for only INR 1,499.

Factors to Consider When Buying Nintendo Switch Case

If you are thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch Case you need to keep a few things in your mind. First, consider the size of the case. Make sure that the size of the case is big enough so that it fits the game correctly. Next, look for the one that is made up of premium quality materials, so that you do not have to buy the case again and again and waste your money. After this, make sure that the case has compartments to keep the accessories and gaming cards. This will save you from the hassle of carrying 2 pouches. Moreover, go for the one that has an inner cloth lining with an extra flap to protect the screen of the game. Last but not least, set your budget, and select the case which suits your price range and is highly versatile.

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Looking for Nintendo Switch Cases Available Online?

Different Nintendo Switch case will come in different styles and designs. Depending on your preference, there are some key factors to considers. One will be the budget. The next factor is design. After allocating a specific budget in accordance to the design you are looking for, select the case to purchase. Some design aspects to consider will include the size, the material of the case and other design attributes such as the number of extra compartments and the inner lining, to safely store your Nintendo Switch along with any extra accessories.