Are You Looking for the Best Baby Carrier(2021)? 10 Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier to Help You Choose the Best Baby Carrier that Suits Your Style.

Are You Looking for the Best Baby Carrier(2021)? 10 Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier to Help You Choose the Best Baby Carrier that Suits Your Style.

No matter how cozy a swing or bouncy seat is, babies like being cradled in your arms best. That's what baby carriers provide, and why they're so popular with busy parents. To help you choose the carrier best suitable for you, we discuss in this guide different types of baby carriers, how to choose a baby carrier, the safety aspects and the best picks.

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What is an Ergonomic Baby Carrier?

Are you wondering how an ergonomic carrier is different from the regular one? Well, ergonomic baby carriers simply support the natural posture of your baby without causing any discomfort. In fact, ergonomic baby carriers are designed to ensure both the child and parents are in utmost comfort even for longer hours.

You can notice that an ergonomic baby carrier supports your baby’s legs in M shape which doesn’t put all the pressure on their hips. This provides overall healthy development to your child and keeps the mother or the father also comfy.

How an Ergonomic Carrier is Good for Your Baby than the Regular Ones?

Natural Support

Now that you know what an ergonomic baby carrier does, you will find it easier to understand that such baby carriers hold your child the way you would hold them. This natural and balanced support keeps your child comfortable and calm even for hours. Your child’s body remains in perfect alignment from neck to hips which is great when it comes to their posture development.

Healthy Hip Development

Usually, when you use a baby carrier, it will put a whole lot of stress on the child's ligaments and hips but not in ergonomic designs. These advanced baby carriers make sure that the still-developing bones and ligaments of your child get the support they need. No need to worry about future health issues because these carriers provide a motherly touch to your babies.

Comfortable for Both Child and Parents

Enough about how comfortable these carriers are for your babies because parents need some comfort too. An ergonomically designed baby carrier ensures that parents get as much comfort and support as their babies. With cushioned straps and a smart design, you can carry your child on the front or on the back for as long as you want without getting tired.

These are the Top 10 Baby Carriers You Should Have a Look at

Klingaru Ergonomic Baby Carrier


Just like their name, Klingaru is one of the best ergonomic baby carriers in India to cling your baby to you. If you are a new parent looking for a budget-friendly option to carry your babies safely then this one is a perfect choice for you.

Klingaru baby carrier supports the natural carry position of babies and hence your babies experience no discomfort in it. Hassle-free parenting isn’t a dream anymore, all thanks to this ergonomic design. This baby carrier is recommended for babies ageing 4 months onwards and weighing 4.5kgs to 15kgs.

Now, you can carry your baby and perform household chores like a no big deal. Carrying your baby and keeping them close to you would not only keep them safe but will also develop a healthy relationship between you two. Grab this Klingaru baby carrier on Klingaru for Rs. 3,150.

Mothercare Three Position Baby Carrier

Next, we have Mothercare three positions baby carrier available in the colour black. This one is suitable enough for babies to hold right from their birth. Using a baby carrier is much more efficient as compared to pushchairs and also provides the comfort of moving around in crowded places.

Talking about the positions it supports then you can carry your baby in the front position from birth. Moving on to the front-facing out position is perfect from 3 months onwards and then from 6 months, you can carry them on the back. Moreover, added cushioned support is also provided which can be used or removed as per the choice.

For the parents, they have provided wide padded straps for the shoulder which remain quite comfortable for the carrier. You can easily machine wash this carrier for quick cleaning. Buy this Mothercare baby carrier on Mothercare for Rs. 3,399.

Ergonomic Baby 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

What if we tell you that you get a 6 in 1 ergonomic baby carrier is a super affordable price? Well, we were as shocked as you but Polka Tots provide this amazing Ergonomic baby hip seat that supports 6 in 1 functions.

This super-efficient carrier supports 6 carry positions which give the freedom to carry your child in whichever way you want. Apparently, this one is considered especially suitable for C-Section mothers. The wrap-around waistband feature in this carrier not only provides 360-degree support to babies but also to parents too.

In fact, it comes with an airbag under the hip seat which is superb in providing added support over the C-section area. You are going to love the storage area in this carrier where you can keep your phone, keys and other small items while carrying your baby. This must-have 6 in 1 baby carrier is available for purchase on Polkatots for Rs. 3,199.

Anmol Baby Ergonomic Baby Carrier


100% cotton made and completely hands-free baby carrier by Anmol should be on your wish list if you are a new parent or going to be one. Whether you are shopping or hiking or just taking a stroll, this carrier comes super handy to carry your baby comfortably everywhere.

The ergonomic feature of this carrier supports the natural M position of the baby which serves as no barrier in their natural development. This baby carrier is ideal to carry babies from 2 months to 3 years old weighing 4.5 to 20kgs.

With features like wide cushioned shoulder straps and thigh cushioned guard accents, this carrier turns out boon for both babies and parents. Thanks to its ergonomic design, neither your baby nor you feel any stress on the neck or spine and the priceless moments you spend with your baby remains comfortable too. This baby carrier can be purchased on Amazon for Rs. 3,324.

Luvlap Elegant Baby carrier

Luvlap provides an elegant baby carrier that comes with 4 carrying positions. This ergonomic baby carrier with hip seats provide added support and comfort to your baby right from their birth. It results in perfect bone and posture development thanks to the ergonomic design and features offered by the carrier.

Made out of polyester, this carrier comes with 2 shoulder belts and 1 waist belt for complete care of the baby. 4 positions supported by this carrier are horizontal feeding position, baby facing parent, baby facing out and piggyback position when they grow a bit older.

Manufacturers have also provided a front utility pocket to keep small accessories in it. You can also adjust the hardboard support which protects the baby’s head and back. Moreover, the entire design is super adjustable as per one’s preference which is all about being ergonomic. You can buy this carrier on Luvlap for Rs. 1,614.

Babyhug Comfort Nest 3 Way Baby Carrier

Babyhug brings you their Comfort Nest Baby Carrier which is an ideal support system for babies right from birth. You can carry your newborn baby in it till the time they turn 18 months old. For such a tender age, they have also provided adjustable infant head support too.

The carrier supports a 14.5kgs capacity and remains quite comfortable for babies as well as carriers. It supports 3 carrying positions for your baby which are face-in, face-out and on the back.

Crafted with premium quality fabric, it remains soft on your baby’s sensitive skin. The head support band can be removed as per your choice. Side buckles are also provided for size adjustment and for a personalized experience. This one is a simple, lightweight solution to carry your baby which is available on First Cry for Rs. 1,690.

Kol Kol Adjustable Baby Carrier

You may find Kol Kol Adjustable Baby Carrier a bit expensive as compared to others but they are totally worth it. Made out of 100% breathable cotton fabric, these carriers cause no harm to your baby’s skin. You can carry your baby right from their birth in it till they turn 4 years old.

The carrier also comes with an additional back support accessory which can be added or removed as per preference. This is a perfect solution for parents who travel more often with their kids.

The carrier supports 4 carry positions which are horizontal feeding positions, facing-in, facing-out and on the back. They also provide this detachable hood which can be used when your baby wants to sleep in your arms. With a completely ergonomic design and complete neck and lumbar support, you can ensure the safety of your baby. So, buy this baby carrier on Kolkol Baby Carrier for Rs. 6,000.

Trumom USA 3 in1 Baby Carrier


Trumom is a USA-based brand which offers 3 in 1 baby carrier. This carrier allows you to carry your child in front-in, front-out and on the back positions. You can use this carrier till your child turns 3 or weigh up to 12 kg. The carrier is tested and approved according to the safety standards and hence it is totally safe for your baby.

Apart from supporting your child’s head, this ergonomic design also comes with padded side wings for side impact protection.

Cushioned hip support is common in almost all baby carriers but this one provides chest pads for complete backing and comfort. You are totally going to love this carrier for its 360-degree protection and support. Grab this now on Drtrust for Rs. 1,499.

Mee Mee 6 Position Premium Baby Carrier

We have another premium quality baby carrier that provides 6 in 1 functions. This is Mee Mee’s baby carrier which helps you spending emotional and close moments with your baby comfortably.

Made out of premium quality breathable fabric, this carrier provides adjustable height and seat features to provide a personalized experience for you and your baby. Close carrying your baby develops an emotional bond and makes your baby feel safe and this carrier is apt for providing that experience.

You can carry your baby in 4 positions with this carrier like face-in, face-out, piggyback and horizontal carrying position. The ergonomic design ensures proper support to the baby’s back, hips and head right from birth. This carrier can be used from the birth of your baby until they are 2. This sling-type carrier from Mee Mee is available for purchase on Men Moms for Rs. 2,499.

R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite Baby Carrier

Lastly, we have R for Rabit Hug Me Elite ergonomic baby carrier. This one is a very lightweight and simple solution for your carrying your baby safely. Available in grey colour, this one is recommended for babies aged 6-24 months weighing 6-18kgs.

This carrier provides 3 carry positions which are front-in, front-out and piggyback. It is made out of breathable cotton fabric which is super easy to wash and clean. You get padded hip support for the natural development of your babies and extra lumbar support for better posture.

The ergonomic design is created not only for the comfort of babies but for parents too. The wide cushioned straps provide equal weight distribution which causes no stress or strain on your shoulder and back. You also get detachable head support for your baby which is great for their neck and spine. Buy this baby carrier on Mother Care for Rs. 2,697.

Buying Guide for Ergonomic Baby Carrier

If you are buying an ergonomic baby carrier for the very first time then you need some expert advice on it. We have come up with a complete buying guide on how you can purchase a comfortable and ergonomically built carrier for the safety and comfort of your baby. You can check out the details right below.

Know the Types

Interestingly, there are 6 types of baby carriers available in the market. These are Ring Slings, Baby Wraps, Soft Structured Carriers, Meh Dai Carriers, Onbuhimos and Baby Wearing Aids. Apparently, there is no one particular right type out there for you. You can try different types and then decide on what is right for you as per your preference.

Keep Baby's Age and Weight in Mind

While some carriers are exclusively designed for newborn babies and toddlers, some are designed for only bigger children and preschoolers. So, keep your baby’s weight and age in mind before buying a baby carrier. This will help you by determining the right size and ergonomic options for the comfort of you and your baby.

Low Maintenance


Babies make a lot of mess all the time and there is nothing you can do about it. So, while buying an ergonomic baby carrier, make sure that you pick a low-maintenance design. Choose a carrier that can be easily washed in the machine to get rid of the dirty smell every now and then. The material should be breathable, comfortable and yet easy to clean too.


Of course, the budget is a big factor to consider before buying a baby carrier. You need not go broke while buying a branded baby carrier. Sometimes, a local or homegrown brand can provide similar features at many affordable prices. And of course, we have mentioned a lot of such brands for you in the above section.

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You Can Wash It Whenever You Feel Like It

When you purchase a baby carrier you can start babywearing straight away or can wash it. However, you never know how much time the carrier spent in a box, therefore you can try it and wash it whenever you feel like it. Washing will refresh the material and the carrier will straighten up when dried and ironed.