Want to Reduce Facial Fat(2020)?  If You are Also Trying to Achieve a Perfect Jawline, Here are Some Tips on What to Do to Reduce to Face Fat.

Want to Reduce Facial Fat(2020)? If You are Also Trying to Achieve a Perfect Jawline, Here are Some Tips on What to Do to Reduce to Face Fat.

Chubby cheeks look cute, but for those longing for sharp features like a chiselled jawline, sharp nose and sculpted cheekbones, facial fat and double chin is quite annoying and tedious to get rid of. We identified that a lot of women, of all ages, feel conscious about their chubby face and want to know how to reduce face fat for a slimmer face. So, we did some research for you. Here is everything that you need to know about face fat, why you have it, how to reduce it and more.

Your Face is an Important Aspect of Your Personality!

We understand that the looks can influence our perception about the personality of a person. And, it would start with the face and would include other factors too. But, when we look at a person, we readily conclude by looking at the face. Countless research activities are going on around this, but we can safely say that good looks starts with having a beautiful face.

If you have a chubby face, it is expected that people will not have a good feeling about you. And the first impressions are influential and quite judgmental at times. It is crucial that you shed excess facial fat and look slimmer. It will be an add-on to your personality.

How to Reduce Facial Fat

When you are obese, you have fat deposits across your body. It leads to a chubbier face, and that may not suit your personality. It becomes essential to reduce facial fat to look well. We are now discussing some of the ways that can help you reduce much of the facial fat.

Doing Facial Exercises

One of the best ways to reduce facial fat is to undertake a few facial exercises. It can tone the facial muscles, thereby making your face look slimmer. You can do a lip pull exercise that involves keeping your head still and lifting the bottom lip up as much as you can by stretching the jawbones. It can be repeated for around 15 times.

Another exercise is the chin lift where you lean your head back while standing still and pulling the lips as if you are kissing. It will strain the jaws, and you can repeat it ten to twelve times. The common one is the mouthwash exercise where you puff up your mouth with air and do the effect of rinsing as you would typically do. You can repeat it around ten times.

Do Not Consume or Reduce Alcohol

Apart from being bad for health, alcohol consumption can also make you flabby at all the wrong places. And this includes your face. Being chubby is not fashionable at all, and you need to get rid off any excess flab. Hence, you need to stay away from alcohol for a long time. When you have alcohol in excess, your body retains a lot of water, and some of the water can be retained in your face. It could lead to your face looking chubbier than before.

In general, excess alcohol consumption can lead to gain in weight as it has empty calories without any nutritional value. Studies do show a correlation between heavy drinking and an increase in weight. The excess fat is accumulated in all parts of your body, including your face.

Drink Water

One way to remove excess flab is to drink extra water before your meal. It will help you control the amount of food you take as your tummy will be full. The number of calories you take in is significantly reduced, and if you can continue it on an ongoing basis, your body weight will decrease as a whole. And so will the excess fat accumulated in your face.

When you intake more water, it leads to lipolysis when the body breaks down the excess fat into fatty acids. The fatty acids are then consumed as energy. Even studies show that drinking more water can boost your metabolism rate and cut out the excess flab in your face too. If you stay hydrated, fluid retention is reduced, which prevents the plumpness of your face.

Reduce Intake of Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are found in junk food that does not have many nutrients – only excess calories. Pasta, burgers, cookies, etc. are known to contain large amounts of refined carbs. Having a large amount of junk food every day can lead to excess flab in our body, including our face.

These junk food items contain heavily processed carbs without the essential nutrients leaving only the calories. They are digested quickly and can lead to overeating, and the excess calories get accumulated in your face. While studies have shown a correlation of increased belly fat due to having extra junk food, there are no such reports for studies on facial fat. Nevertheless, it is right for you not to have junk food but to have whole grains as a substitute. It will help to lose excess fat in your face.

Have Lots of Sleep

Your body needs to get an adequate amount of rest. You would be astonished to know that sleeping well can help you to get rid of the facial flab. If you sleep less, it will lead to the secretion of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates appetite. As a result, you eat more, leading to the intake of more calories. As a result, you have an excess flab in your face and other parts of the body.

If you do not have adequate sleep, you have a slower metabolic rate. It leads to lower absorption of fat in your body, and the fat continues to accumulate in the face and the body. If you have adequate sleep, your body functions at optimum metabolic rates and the excess fat in your face are also reduced. You must have at least eight hours of sleep at night to induce loss of facial fat.

Have a Balanced Diet

It is essential to have a balanced diet that does not contain additional calories and junk food. You must not have refined flour and processed food as it will increase the amount of fat in your body. Instead, you must have lots of healthier food like fish, meat, fruits and vegetables that are healthy and can provide you with an adequate number of nutrients.

You must avoid salty food as it makes your body retain the water and your face also turns chubby. If you have food with much sugar and processed carbohydrates, it will have a similar effect on your body. However, your fuller face could be a result of food allergies too. Older women can also have a chubby look due to hormonal changes.

Try out a Few Home Remedies

When you are trying to lose facial fat, you may try out a few home remedies too. You can apply a mask of egg white on your face. You can also add lemon and milk. It can help in tightening the skin and thereby reducing the facial fat. The other options are using almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil that also lead to the tightening of the facial skin.

If you apply cocoa butter, it will hydrate your face and increase the elasticity. You can use it as a night mask that you can apply on your face before going to bed. It will lead to lesser fat on your face. Glycerine is another option that hydrates your skin and removes the facial fat and makes you look better.

Beauty Tips Specifically for Women

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Women can use makeup so that their face looks slimmer. A bronzing powder is the first choice. Women can apply it on the side of the nose or on the sides of the cheek. Also, add blush to the top of the cheek. The powder can also be drawn around the cheekbones. The powder must be darker than the skin, and it will help your face look slimmer.

Now, the next point is how to emphasize the eyes. You must put some eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner while only a plain gloss on the lips. Also, you must shape your eyebrows to make your face look trimmer. A contouring powder can also make your nose look slimmer. You may visit a parlour for the need.

Dedicate Time to Cardio Workouts

The extra plumpness in your face could be attributed to excess fat in your body. One way to get rid of it is to be on a cardio workout regularly. These exercises can help to burn fat and induce weight loss. It has also been corroborated through studies that cardio workouts help in losing weight faster. You must allocate at least thirty to forty minutes every day to have viewable changes within a short time.

You can undergo a mix of resistance training and aerobic training, but people generally suggest aerobics as a better option. You should discuss it with a gym trainer and finalize. Such a rigorous exercise schedule is bound to reduce your weight. In turn, the facial fat is bound to go.

Reduce Intake of Salt

One more factor for your increase in weight has excessive salty food. It leads to retention of water in your body that leads to plumpness in your face and other parts of your body. You must take note that processed food contains a high percentage of salt content and is one of the reasons that they should be avoided at all costs. Not having salty snacks and processed meats can help to reduce your salt intake.

If you feel that your body could be retaining lots of fluids, you must cut down on the salt intake in your diet. You should prepare your food at home to control the amount of salt that is added. In this way, your excess flab in your face and body can be removed.

Reasons for Gaining Weight

We have discussed the various remedies you can use to reduce facial fat. It is essential to note that most of it can be reduced in the first place as it is linked to your overall body weight. We will now look into some of the points why you may be gaining weight.


Genetics is a significant reason why some people are fatter than others. Studies have shown that there could be about 400 genes that could lead you to be obese. Genes can affect your appetite as well as your metabolism, which are the primary reasons for you to gain or lose weight. And being overweight or obese could lead to more fat to accumulate in your face and neck.

The effect of the genes could be due to environmental factors too. You could grow fat if your mother smoked during her pregnancy. Babies who are breastfed for over the first three months are less likely to be fatter. Moreover, if you had a habit of having sugary foods during your young age, that could be another reason for you being fat. And as we have discussed, those who are fatter usually have a chubbier face.

Stress and Exhaustion

If you are stressed out continuously, you could be having a lesser sleep. It will lead to an alteration in your metabolic rate that will also alter your hunger and feeling of fullness on your stomach. The hormones cortisol and ghrelin are secreted which leads to a craving for additional carbohydrates. The secretion of the hormone leptin – that helps you keep your stomach full is reduced.

Studies have also shown a correlation between higher stress levels and weight gain. Moreover, when you have sleeping problems due to stress, your hunger levels will also be increased, leading to more intake of calories.

Body Structure

It is understood that genetic and hormonal factors can lead to you getting fat due to changes in the metabolism rate. As the fat gets deposited in different parts of the body, it also gets deposited in your face.

Your body structure is also a significant factor in your face looking chubbier. However, the structure of everyone is not the same. For a few of us, the facial structure and the overall bone structure can also be a reason. As fat starts getting deposited, the structure of your face can sometimes hide the facial fat too.

Having Calorie-Dense Food

Your daily intake of calories is a significant factor that contributed to your obesity and getting fat. If you are having too many calories and more than what you are burning, you will gain weight continuously. If you gorge on everything in front of you or have snacks frequently, you could get obese. It will lead to the deposition of fat across your body, including your face.

Poor dietary choice and having too much sugary or salty food could make you have non-nutritious but calorie-rich food. You must not overeat or have junk food only ideally, have your diet chart created by a dietitian.

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There are plenty of methods available to help you lose extra fat in your face. Switching up your diet, adding exercise to your routine and adjusting some of your daily habits are all effective ways to boost fat loss and slim down your face. For best results, be sure to pair these tips with a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimize your fat burning and overall health.