The Only Food that You Can Eat All Day Long: List of Summer Fruits in India to Beat the Harsh Tropical Heat (2020)

The Only Food that You Can Eat All Day Long: List of Summer Fruits in India to Beat the Harsh Tropical Heat (2020)

Whether it is a lip-smacking pudding or fruit juice, fresh fruits are wonderfully refreshing in summer. In some places in India, the temperature crosses 40 degrees. In such a situation, the safest, and the healthy food to consume would be fruits. However, with vendors selling seasonal fruits all through the year, it is hard to tell which are the best summer fruits. So, here is a list of summer fruits that you can enjoy in the season.

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Tips for Picking Some Common Summer Fruits

Buying fruits may seem like a gamble for many. On the outside, fruits may look absolutely perfect, but it may not be ripe or too ripe or tasteless inside. So, how to pick the right fruits this summer, here is a small guide on how to pick fruits.

  • Pineapple – The shell of the pineapple should be bright or golden yellow. Avoid those that are too brown or green. It should not have any mushy spots, and the fruit must be firm to the touch.

  • Honeydew – Here it is important to pass the weight and smell test. It should also have a waxy and dull shell and not shiny. Avoid honeydews that are green. Pick those that are creamy or yellow colour.

  • Watermelons – Unlike other fruits like pineapples or cantaloupes, the smell test is not so important for watermelons. Buy those that have a matte and dull shell and feels heavy. Tapping the fruit will give you an idea about the texture inside. When you tap, the sound you hear should be light and almost hollow.

  • Plums – Look for plums that do not have brown spots, blemishes and are ripe. Perfectly ripe plums have a delicious fragrance.

  • Peaches – The easy way to buy peaches is by its aroma. Sweet-smelling peaches are the best. The fruit should be slightly soft. Avoid greenish and hard peaches that were picked early, as it will not ripen well.

10 Hallmark Summer Fruits In India

1. Watermelon

Watermelon is a sweet, low calorie, and refreshing summer snack that is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The vitamin C in the fruit helps produce collagen, which is essential to maintain the immune function and cell structure. The antioxidant Choline in watermelon contributes to the healthy functioning of the body. Watermelon juice is a perfect way to rehydrate your body in the hot summers. You can also use it in salad and smoothies.

2. Mango

Summers are incomplete without mangoes. They are also known as the ‘King of Fruits’. They are a rich source of minerals, Vitamin A and C. Mangoes also contain fiber that helps with digestion and gives a feeling of fullness for a longer time. Zeaxanthin is a pigment present in mangoes that filter harmful blue rays and protects the eyes. There are 30 types of mangoes grown in India and is one of the favorite summer fruits in the country.

3. Plums

Jamuns are quite famous among kids as they leave a tongue purple after consuming it. It is sweet, tangy and slightly sour in taste. The trees are evergreen and are slow-growing. The fruit is rich in powerful anti-diabetic properties and has a low glycemic index. Jamuns are great for bone strength and are known to prevent seasonal flu.

4. Anjeer

Anjeer or figs are a rich source of potassium, and they regulate high blood pressure. Also known as the “healthiest food in the world”, they are sweet in taste and best when consumed fresh. They also help in weight loss as they contain dietary fiber and promotes good bowel movement. Dried anjeer is a rich source of iron and helps improve hemoglobin count in the body. Dried figs are available all through the year and can be used to make milkshakes, desserts, or just roughly cut and add them to the salads.

5. Star Fruit

Star fruits are grown abundantly in India and other Southeast Asian countries. They are sour and sweet in taste with waxy skin and green-yellow outer layer. No peeling is required and hence an easy fruit snack to relish. They are low in sugar and sodium and have an array of essential nutrients. The powerful antioxidants are beneficial for the body. The fruit is eaten as it is or used to prepare savory dishes.

6. Litchi


Litchi is loved for its sweet and juicy taste. They are a good source of potassium and vitamins. They help regulate sodium levels and blood pressure in the body. Litchis are also known to increase the immunity of the body, reduce inflammation, and prevent cancer. The high-water content in the fruit helps you keep hydrated during summer.

7. Guava


It has incredible health benefits. It helps in weight loss and is suitable for diabetic patients as it regulates blood-sugar levels and insulin levels in the body. Guava also boosts metabolism, eyesight, and mental health. Guava is also great for soothing the menstrual cramps. The fruit is high in pectin and hence an excellent fruit for making jams.

8. Muskmelon

Muskmelons have high water content and keep you hydrated throughout the day. It is abundantly available during the summer season. They contain high fiber, Potassium, Vitamin A, and other minerals and Vitamins. The seeds, flesh, and skin, all parts of this fruit are beneficial for our health. It is highly recommended for pregnant women due to its folate content.

9. Ice Apples/Tadgola

Tadgola is a sweet, translucent, and juicy fruit that tastes similar to the flesh of a tender coconut. They are refreshing in the summertime as they keep the body hydrated, energized, and also regulates the body temperature. It is packed with Vitamin A, B7, C, K, and E. This seasonal fruit is known for its cooling properties. Prickly heat and rashes are quite common in the summer season. Applying the flesh of Tadgola on the affected body part not only relieves itchiness but is also soothing.

10. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a delicious fruit tropical fruit that is loaded with nutrients. The fruit usually grows in countries with a hot and humid climate. Although it takes a lot of time and effort to cut the fruit, the taste and benefits it offers make it worth the time. They are hailed for their amazing flavour and nutritional values. The best part is that even seeds have high nutritional value. This fleshy fruit is used to prepare varied dishes. It has now become a significant replacement for meat products.

Fruit Baskets – A Thoughtful & Nutritious Gift for Your Loved Ones

The juicy and delightful fruits are great gifts to give, be it housewarming, birthdays, or anniversaries. Although sweet treats and chocolates are usually favored by many, a beautiful, packed fresh fruit basket would be a much healthier option. Moreover, fruit hampers are reasonably priced, and you have endless options to choose from - Mangoes, Pears, Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, among many others.

Gifting fruit baskets is also very convenient. If you are not in the same city as the receiver, you don't need to be physically present there. You can easily place an order online and make arrangements to deliver them fresh to the receiver. The gourmet fresh fruit baskets can also be customized to suit the receiver’s taste, occasion, and dietary restrictions.

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