Have an Upcoming Wedding and Stuck on What to Gift the Bride at Her Bridal Shower(2022)? 10 Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Get Bonus Points for Being Unique!

Have an Upcoming Wedding and Stuck on What to Gift the Bride at Her Bridal Shower(2022)? 10 Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Get Bonus Points for Being Unique!

So is it your sister getting married? Or your BFF? Whichever the case is, you know you got to make this special for her. The best way is gifting. The best bridal shower gifts are the ones that consider the bride herself, so if you’re looking to add something special to the mix, think beyond the bridal theme and consider the bride's traits and hobbies. When it comes to what to bring to a bridal shower, this list is it.

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How to Choose Your Gifts for a Bridal Shower?

What Type of Gifts do You Get for a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower gift etiquette might be difficult to master. What do you do about a bridal shower present vs. a wedding gift when the pre-wedding event is only a teaser for the big day? Is it really necessary to bring a gift to both the pre-wedding celebrations and the wedding itself? Yes, but we've got some wedding gift etiquette advice to assist you out. You must bring a gift to both events according to proper wedding gift etiquette, but this does not mean the two gifts must be of equal value. In fact, when deciding between a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift, the bridal shower gift should be less expensive. It all boils down to figuring out how much money you have to spend on wedding gifts.

Personal and home bridal showers are both popular options. If you're giving a potentially risky present, make sure to use your best judgment. You'll have to rely on your knowledge of the bride if there are no register, theme, or recommendations. If you are close, this is easy, but if you are not, kindly ask a family member or a friend for some wonderful gift ideas for the bride. Consider what kinds of gifts, such as items for cooking, entertaining, bed and bath, or vacation, will be beneficial after the wedding.

Expensive or Inexpensive?

The key to proper wedding shower gift etiquette is to consider the rule of 20-20-60. Sixty percent of the funds should be set aside for the wedding gift, followed by twenty percent for the engagement party, and the remaining twenty percent for the shower on the big day. A bridal shower present should be roughly one-third the price of your wedding gift. The hostess of some bridal showers might have offered a one-of-a-kind gift or a contribution to a bigger gift fund. Make a note of whether the bride has a registry wish list that includes goods from a local store, a national chain, or an online retailer. This makes buying easier because you'll know the pricing ranges for these things and know there won't be any duplicates.

Personalized or Homemade Gifts

Giving the bride-to-be a personalized bridal shower present allows you to tweak your gift concept. Custom wine glasses, his and hers mugs, or a monogrammed cutting board are all examples of this. To make her gift even more unique, add the bride-to-initials, a sweet love quote, or her future wedding date to these products. A memorable shower gift could include passing down a family relic or creating a photo montage or album. If you're a cook, homemade preserves or unique recipes are a thoughtful gift. Make souvenirs for the bride or couple by knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, or embroidering. Allow anything you contribute to come from the bottom of your heart. Give something that will convey your best wishes to the couple without breaking the bank.

Top Bridal Shower Gifts in 2022

Customized Printed Clutch

Source homafy.com

Accessories are the perfect way to add something special! Wedding clutches are an essential wedding accessory. They're not only excellent for storing makeup for touch-ups (since remaining picture-perfect is essential!), but they also serve to tie a bride’s wedding look together. Priced at Rs.1,200 is this beautiful and personalized square-shaped clutch, that can be customized with the bride’s name. Adorned with pretty floral patterns and embellished with white pearls and golden trimmings, this printed clutch from Homafy is a simple, yet elegant wedding accessory that’s sure to win her heart!

Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights

Source www.etsy.com

Here’s an original design, handcrafted and personalized Charcuterie gift, the bride can use to impress her guests with elegance and panache. The larger flared part of the glass is held in place by the expertly crafted Beer Flight Trays for sturdy carrying and serving. They're made to fit nearly any contour of a beer glass. The smaller Taster Flight Tray is great for smaller taster glasses of any type or shape. With 10 personalization options, you can pick any piece that carries an engraving burnt deep into the board for a premium look and feel. Made from FSC-certified architectural bamboo that has been sustainably obtained, this personalized Charcuterie Plank and Beer Flight Gift set is ¾ inches thick and is priced at Rs.4,200.

Bridal Robe

Source cherlot.com

The simplest of things, a bridal robe, may make all the difference. The Cherlot Bridal Robe isn't just for getting ready in the morning. It can be used for both pre-and post-wedding occasions because it serves several purposes. It'll come in handy for the bride as she gets dressed with all her makeup and gorgeous hairdo. This intricately created robe protects her styling while keeping her comfy throughout those many hours spent perfecting her bridal look. Pre-wedding shoots can also be done in this bridal gown. The bride will have a picture-perfect look thanks to the elegance of white and the delicacy of the lace. Priced at Rs.5,401 plus taxes.

Body Care Gift Set

The bride deserves to be pampered before her big day. Pamper your BFF with this self-care kit! Forest Essentials' invigorating and moisturizing Ayurveda body care collection contains freshly collected Aloe Vera, juicy Pomegranate seeds, and delectable Limes from Kerala. The Body Care gift set from Forest Essentials, priced at Rs. 6,000 includes: Luxury Sugar Soap with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime; Silkening Shower Wash with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime; Bath & Shower Oil with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime; Velvet Silk Body Cream with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime; Body Mist with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime

Marble Condiment Bowls

Who knew seasoners could be so attractive? The aesthetic of her meals and dining table decor will be enhanced by this two-piece condiment set. Give the bride’s herbs a lovely home with this condiment set, which includes a wooden tray and brass spoons. The right blend of marble, brass, and wood complements all of her kitchenware. Stylish and stylish, this gift set can be used as the focal point of her serving table to leave a lasting impression on her visitors. Made of wood, marble and metal, this Condiment Bowl Set is priced at Rs.1,600 and includes 2 marble bowls, 2 brass spoons and a wooden tray, all handcrafted.

Beautiful Custom Women Jewelry Box Case

This Jewelry Box Case is multi-layered with 4 pull-out drawers, earrings board, necklace hooks, ring groove, 2 side doors with 48 necklace hooks, and is suitable for storing necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hairpins, watches, brooches, and other jewelry. TPR soft glue, which is soft and well supported, is used to create the petal shape, which protects all jewelry from scratches. Earrings, earplugs, and other items are stored in the stamen of the flower, which aids in the proper organization and sorting of her precious accessories, allowing the bride-to-be to say goodbye to a cluttered dressing table! This gorgeous and portable Jewelry Box Case is priced at Rs.789.

Custom Bride Hanger

Source www.etsy.com

Personalized Bridal Hangers is a lovely addition to the bride's closet. Each hanger is custom-made and each name is formed by hand from strong metal wire that is flexible. Available in hanger colours of walnut, cherry, white, black or natural, each bride hanger can be made in your choice of silver, or coloured wire, adorned with pearl embellishments of varying shapes. A simple and elegant accessory for the bride-to-be, this customized hanger’s priced at Rs.1,623 plus taxes and measures 17” in width.

Gold Plated Kundan Haathphool with Pearls

This ornate Hand Bracelet, also known as Haath Kamal or Haath Phool, is a popular bridal item worn all over the world. The haath phool, a regal and royal piece of jewelry worn by queens and princesses during the Mughal Era in India, is actually a snug bracelet with four strands extending to each finger and ending in a ring. The bridal haath kamal is an ornately designed ornament that is rarely included in bridal jewelry sets. Priced at Rs.2,400, the gold-plated Kundan Haathphool is handcrafted in silver-copper alloy with 22kt gold plating and is adorned with synthetic stones and pearls, with a white and gold finish. A beautiful bridal accessory to gift ahead.

Luxury Face Mask Set

Source www.etsy.com

Elegant and chic, this luxury face mask set is a gorgeous addition to a bride-to-be’s personal accessories. With three layers of fabric for the ultimate in protection, the gift set includes high-quality lace masks, professionally manufactured and comfortable to wear. These Face Masks are ideal for all special occasion where the lady wants to look her best. Priced at Rs.631 each, the Cotton face masks are made of 100% breathable fabric and lace that can be washed and reused. They maintain a fashionable appearance and measure 13.5cm in height and 24cm in width. Each mask is adorned with embroidery lace and sequins.

Pearl Layered Statement Belt

Source odette.in

Bridal belts are the ideal combination of elegance and style. The Pearl layered statement belt is a multifunctional belt that can be worn on a saree to enhance the bride's waistline or a pair of denim for a contemporary touch. It is an embodiment of elegance and grace with unmatched sophistication. The belt is secured with a slide-in clip closure and features a solid premium spherical white resin material in the center. The Gorgeous Pearl and resin belt is priced at Rs.1,750 and measures 27cm in length and 3cm in width.

Bonus Tips: Does a Bridal Shower Host Give a Gift?

Bridal Showers are quite popular for a reason. They allow the bride's closest friends and family to meet and bond, and they frequently include wonderful food and gifts for everyone. The hostess, like everyone else, is expected to bring the bride a present for the shower. If the shower is costing you money, you might want to coordinate the purchase of a large present or give her something modest but extremely wonderful only from you.

While it is not required to present favors at a bridal shower, many hostesses prefer to do so. This is because the extra touches typically add to the enjoyment of these occasions. Small presents for guests can double as décor items and even if they don't, as long as they're cool or useful, they're appreciated. So, wrap up this memorable occasion with lovely and useful mementos. It's wonderful if you can include the tokens into your or event's design in some way.

Be creative with your gift, the more unique it is, the more fascinating it will be. Next, attempt to think of anything that is at least a little useful. While favours are intended to be keepsakes, they should also have another function. That could mean anything from amusing guests at the celebration to coming in help on the wedding day itself. Here are some fun choices to make if you plan to hand out party favours at your bridal shower:

  • Luxe Candles are always appreciated, but guests will also enjoy homemade versions of the bride's favourite perfume.
  • Make the Jelly Beans work double-time! Fill transparent acrylic boxes with them, along with seating assignments. Guests can take a seat at the shower and then snack on the delicacies after the party.
  • Herb packets are a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone will appreciate this gift idea, whether guests use them in their cuisine or dry them to make their own sachets.
  • Treat your guests to something appropriate for the Time of Year. For instance, after a wintertime party, send your guests home with gift boxes full of gingerbread cookies.
  • Emergency & Cocktail Kits can store gifts for both work and recreation. Emergency supplies can be kept in little pouches in case of a big-day crisis, while ingredients for single-serving cocktails can be kept in tins.
  • Flower Crowns are a fun wedding shower activity as well as a favour.
  • Consider a geometric to-go gift of sparkling pink Himalayan Salt Cubes for the bride who prefers salty to sweet.
  • Soaps wrapped with exquisite lace are attractive shower favors that are simple and inexpensive to make.
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What do you give someone who has everything? A gift card! This is a thoughtful option if you know the bride-to-be is planning their dream honeymoon, wants to make renovations to their home, or could simply use a gift card to their favourite place. Gift cards are also ideal if you can’t make it to the bridal shower. You can send your good wishes from afar with an online card, complete with a gift card attached. It’s a sweet way to send your love across the distance.