10 Interesting Kurti Front Neck Designs to Brighten up Your Look! And a Look at How the Kurti Evolved Into the Beloved Garment it is Today (2020)

10 Interesting Kurti Front Neck Designs to Brighten up Your Look! And a Look at How the Kurti Evolved Into the Beloved Garment it is Today (2020)

Though kurti originated as a man's garment and for centuries it is worn by both genders. It is a fashion statement among the young and the old. And the neck designs are as important as the kurti itself. An interesting neckline can change the appearance of the kurti itself. Here are 10 kurti front neck design that would strike the mark.

The Origin and History of the Kurti

The origin of the kurti dates back to ancient times. Earlier it was one of the traditional clothing items of the people populating the areas spread across present Indian, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and was worn only by men, but later it was adopted by women and the masculine term for the clothing “kurta” got a sister term “kurti”. Kurtas became highly popular several decades ago after prominent people in the society like poets, scholars, artists and the likes started donning them. But unlike kurtas of today, they hardly had any design or element of style to them. The popularity of kurtas and kurtis got a further boost in the 60s and 70s when the hippie culture was at its peak. The hippies preferred this loose-fitting and flowing attire as it resembled their carefree and laid back attitude towards life.

The 5 Types of Kurti Every Woman Should Know About

In the beginning, kurtas (and kurtis) were plain and simple clothing that was everyday wear. The preferred fabric was cotton and only a few were made with silk. The silk ones were for occasional wear. As times passed, kurtis became more and more elaborate in terms of design and style. Nowadays kurtis are a standalone fashion item coming in a variety of patterns, cuts, colours and fabrics. If you are a fashionista then are some kurtis that you must swear by and must-have in your wardrobe. These kurtis will take your ethnic wear to the next level and won’t leave you lacking in style. The 5 types of kurtis that every woman must know about are as follows.

Angraha Kurti

Angraha kurti is a Rajasthani style kurti. It looks like the jacket that was worn by the kings of Rajasthan. Until recently, it was exclusively male clothing but seeped into women's fashion of late and nobody is complaining that it did. Angraha kurti makes you look regal and it is the perfect wear for a wedding. Pair an off white Angraha kurti with metallic accessories and let your fashion metre go berserk.

Anarkali Kurti

The Anarkali kurti is classic and still scores high on style quotient. It was the most popular off-screen attire of the Bollywood beauties of yesteryear and is still favoured by current Bollywood actresses. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the anarkali kurti is as evergreen as the actresses of the Hindi film industry. It also happens to be a very versatile attire, a very potent feature in any clothing. It is as suitable for a date as it is suitable for a wedding. Pair a red anarkali kurti with gold accessories and you are ready to rock any occasion.

Tail Cut Kurti

A tail cut kurti is an invention of the modern fashion. In it, the front part is longer than the back. This asymmetry is quite quirky and very attractive. Because of their fun shape, they are highly appropriate for casual and semi-formal occasions. If you happen to be a college student and a fashion aesthete then you definitely need to have this type of kurti in your wardrobe. Though you can wear this kurti with any type of lower wear, it would be best if you choose to be unconventional and chuck the lower wear altogether and wear the kurti as a dress.

Asymmetrical Kurti

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Another product of modern fashion, the asymmetrical kurti lets you beat boredom in your fashion in the most quirky way possible. As the name suggests, an asymmetric kurti is one that is unequally cut along the hemline. The most common cut in such kurtis is the high low cut where one side is cut significantly higher than the other side. Breaking the rules is the very rule of this kurti and so there is no obligation that the high low cut is the only asymmetry you have at your disposal. The hemline can be cut diagonally or jagged or the like. The asymmetrical kurti pairs wells with almost all types of lowers, jeggings, leggings, jeans and so on, but it looks the best when paired with a palazzo.

Collar Kurti

For all you working women out there, a collared kurti is a must. The collared kurti has a venerable and authoritative look which makes it a perfect attire in the board room. It is classy, rich, elegant and makes the wearer look like a woman of power. Compliment the collared kurti with leggings of an appropriate colour. Wear minimal jewellery and tie your hair in a bun( if you have long hair). You will then have one of the best formal looks under the sun.

Top 10 Kurti Neck Designs

One particular feature of a kurti is highly important as it elevates the very look of the kurti itself. It is the neck design. This might come as a surprise to most of you as by important features some of the few things that would have come to our minds would be fabric, the cut of the kurti and the colour. These are sure some very important features in a kurti but so is the neck design. Especially now when kurtis are adorned with a variety of necklines, some traditional and some the products of the modern fashion. It might become overwhelming to consider all of them and choose which ones will be the best for you. So to help you out here is a BP Guide of 10 best neck designs on a kurti.

V Neck

V- neck is a classic neck design on a kurti and nothing can go wrong with this design. This is a straight kurti with a V- neck design and three-quarter sleeves. The base colour of the kurti is rich fuchsia with yellow block print on them. The fabric is cotton. Pair this kurti with a solid yellow lowers of your choice and comfort, matching accessories and you are all set to rock the get together with your friends. This kurti is also perfect for office on ethnic Indian wear days or casual dress days. It comes for a price of Rs. 1099 at Limeroad.

Boat Neck

The boat neck cut is a slight arch extending from one shoulder to the other. It resembles the arch of the base of a boat and hence the name. This boat neck anarkali kurti is made from viscose rayon fabric. It is navy blue in colour and has intricate prints on the right upper side and along the hem. The kurti has a flared hem and short sleeves. Pair this simple yet elegant kurti with minimal jewellery and you are all set to rock your evening ensemble. It comes for a price of Rs. 1699 at Myntra.

Collared Neck

A collared kurti exudes an aura of authority and hence is perfect for all the women CEOs out there. This is a straight cut collared kurti is light cyan in colour and has a checkered pattern. Some of the boxes have tribal line drawings in them. This kurti is perfect for any formal occasion, be it a business meeting or regular office wear. Pair it with cyan jewellery for a perfect, ethnic Indian office ensemble. Priced at Rs.2499, the kurti is available in LimeRoad.

Key Hole Pattern

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A keyhole pattern kurti has a keyhole-shaped cut along the button line. Like in this kurti. This is a straight cut kurti with three-quarter sleeves. It is soft yellow in colour and of a solid pattern. It is made from cotton fabric and hence is appropriate wear for the hot summers. The solid pattern of the kurti makes it a versatile one and can be worn both in casual and official functions. It comes for a price of Rs. 1228 at LBB.

Jewelled Neck

A jewelled neck kurti is one that is heavily embroidered around the neck. The congested embroidery around the neck gives the impression of a necklace hanging around the neck and hence the name. This jewelled neck anarkali kurti is beige in colour with maroon and green embroidery on it. It has 3 quarter sleeves and is of ankle length. It is made from rayon fabric. The kurti has a v-shaped neck with heavy embroidery around it. The heavy amount of embroidery on this kurti makes it exclusively party wear. Pair maroon leggings with it and some gold jewellery and it would be perfect attire for a wedding. This kurti costs Rs. 2257 at CraftsVilla.

Asymmetric Neck

Asymmetrical neck design not only looks unique but also fashionable. This kurti has a collar shaped asymmetrical neckline that not only looks attractive but also regal. Besides this kurti is of a beautiful indigo colour with white block prints on it. Apart from the neckline, the other standout feature of this pure cotton kurti, is that it is handcrafted after combining the traditional crafts indigo dyeing and Dabu printing which is native to the Akola region near Udaipur in Rajasthan. It has full sleeves that are flared at the wrists and so is the hemline. It looks best when paired with white leggings. The kurti costs Rs. 5400 at Jaypore.

Cowl Neck

This kurti has a cowl neck and an asymmetric shape, and the combination of both makes this kurti a standout in any occasion. A cowl neck is rare and so is an asymmetric cut and this kurti, having both of these features makes it a special attire. It is made of cotton fabric and has geometric patterns on it. The cowl and the hemline is yellow ochre in colour while the rest of the kurti is off white. It has short sleeves. If you are a fashionista and love to look different from the crowd then this kurti is a must-have for you. It is unique and would be best if your goal is stand out from the rest by your attire. This kurti comes for a price of Rs. 1799 at LimeRoad.

Angraha Neck

Do you want a chic garment, looks royal and yet doesn’t compromise on your comfort? If yes then don’t look further than this Angraha style kurti. This is an A-line kurti with a grey base colour and pink prints on it. It has the tie-up detail around the neck characteristic of the Angraha kurti. It has a flared hem, three-quarter sleeves and a v neck that is typical of such style of kurti. The fabric from which it is made is cotton. Pair this stylish kurti with a grey or pink leggings, compliment with minimal jewellery and you are all set to rock the casual look. The kurti comes for a price of Rs. 2199 at Myntra.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neck design in a kurti is a U-shaped or V-shaped neckline that dips at the centre creating what is called a deep neckline. Like in this kurti. This is an A-line kurti that has a flared hem, three-quarter sleeves and is of calf length. It is of a bright green and black in colour. It is made from cotton fabric and has a regular weave pattern. It is stylish and comfortable wear that is a must-have for any wardrobe. It is a casual attire that can be worn daily. It comes for a price of Rs. 2599 at Myntra.

Illusion Neck

The illusion neck is one of the most stylish neck designs that you can have on a kurti. In fact, it would not be a lie if it is termed as the most stylish neck design that a kurti can have. Essentially the illusion neck design involves the neck and shoulder parts of the kurta to be covered in lace or some other translucent cloth creating the illusion of a neckline. Such a neck design makes you look extremely sultry and sensuous.

Take this kurta for example. It is a straight kurti with an illusion neck design. The shoulder, neck and even the arms are covered with a flowery lace. This lace covers three-fourths of the arm. It is jet black in colour which amplifies the sensuousness. It is made from poly crepe fabric and the length of the kurti is till the calves. Pair this kurti with rich red colour leggings and increase the wow factor of your look. This kurti comes for a price of Rs. 999 at FlipKart.

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The Right Neck Design

The neck part of the kurti is the one that strikes upfront to any viewer. It sets the basis for the fit of any kurti. But you need to be careful in choosing the neck design since it should match your personality and the fabric. Another factor you need to consider is the occasion. If you are looking for more of a formal or office wear, a mandarin collar would be better. But if you are looking for occasion wear or party wear, a scoop neck would be a better choice for a sensual look. The right design just sets you up for a hit. It makes a lot of difference to the end result and makes you look more beautiful.