12 Gift Ideas for Couples: Out of the Box Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife and Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Couple (2019)

12 Gift Ideas for Couples: Out of the Box Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife and Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Couple (2019)

Fantastic idea for gifts between husband and wife, wedding anniversary gifts for the couple as well gifts you can give the couple on just about any occasion. Whether you are a husband or a wife looking for a gift for your significant other or need a memorable gift to give a couple, find here great gift ideas, tips on selecting gifts as well how gifts can improve your relationship.

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Ideas for the Best Gift for Husband and Wife

Surprise Your Beloved With Romantic Gifts

In any beautiful married life, everybody comes to a stage where they are obliged to make their loved one feel special. In such circumstances, the best a person can do is come up with lovely gift ideas for husband and wife which will not only make the other person feel special but it will also bring them closer to each other. Romance is an integral part of a couple life and with the gifts that a person presents, they can ensure pure love and devotion to their partner. Gifting is nothing but complimenting a romantic couple life. 

Unique Gifts Can Make Your Special Days More Memorable

When you look for that one 'unique' gift for your beloved partner, you pay close attention to their likes and dislikes. You 'study' your partner's priorities and you learn more about the love of your life. Since every human being was designed differently, every one of us is looking out to be valued for our uniqueness. Similar is the case between a couple, each one of us (whether we agree or not) is waiting for the other person to pay closer attention to us and understand us. When you choose a very unique gift for your husband or wife, you prove the amount of affection and regard you hold for them and their interests. This way, no matter what the occasion is, you make it a thousand times more valuable for the both of you.

Practical Gifting Can Make a Big Difference

Yes, everyone understands that the best gifts between husband and wife are love, time, care and devotion. Apart from all the abstract nouns, one can surely make their way to the heart of their partner with the help of practical gifts. A special watch for a husband or a unique piece of jewellery for a wife; practical gifts make the remembrance of and regard for their partner quite evident. Even if a third person is thinking of gift ideas for couple or simply wedding anniversary gift for husband and wife, they should stop thinking and go get something to showcase the couple's importance in his or her life.

3 Tips on Choosing the Best Gifts for Husband and Wife

Always Keep the Occasion in Mind While Choosing the Gift

A very important thing to consider while choosing the best gift for husband and wife is to keep in mind the occasion that you're going to present the gift on. Birthdays have their own kind of celebration, anniversaries their own and any other tradition or custom is yet again different from any other event. The right gift on a wrong occasion doesn't bring the aura of joy and affection that was the ultimate goal of all the gift hassle. Don't let it all go in vain; choose the best gift between husband and wife according to the special day.

Pick Gift Items As Per the Person's Preferences

When we choose a gift for someone whether husband or a wife, we intend to make them feel special. By gifting, you're proving the significance that your beloved person holds in your life. Hence, the gift ideas for husband and wife should largely depend on the receiver's preferences.

Personalisation is a Great Idea to Add Uniqueness to Your Gifts

Customising the gift as to suit the receiver's interests more is a very important aspect to consider while choosing the best wedding anniversary gift for husband and wife. A personal touch, which could be their name on the cake or a personalised gift wrap or a gift card with their name written on it, adds more to the beauty of the gift. This little act of personalisation, done for a spouse, will make one's beloved partner a lot more special and a lot more in love. 

4 Unique Gift Ideas for Husband

Choosing a gift for a man ought to be well suited for a man. If it's a perfume, it should have a strong smell; if it's a watch, it should have a manly look; if it's a bag, it should be designed in a way for a man to carry with pride. Men have specific traits and characteristics that the gifts presented to them should follow. 

Leather Bags

One good sized high-quality genuine leather bag for the man can prove to be exactly the right gift as it's something that men look forward to. A man carries it to their office almost every day. It will remind them of your love and care for them. Amazon, starting at Rs.2,494, is providing Men's Sling Bag with genuine cowhide leather. It’s a chest shoulder backpack or a cross body purse. Best for travel and hiking, the bag is water resistant and anti theft.

Sports Kit

So you've got yourself a gift receiver who likes being sporty and athletic? Targeting their fondness and giving them their favorite sports equipment or even the sports kit like the Adidas Spain Home kit, provided at Amazon, can make their day for sure. It costs Rs.4,030, is made entirely of polyester and is red in color.

Gift Cards

If you are having a hard time deciding the favorites for the husband's gift, worry no more! Get your husband an occasional gift card with a personalised message and show how much you love and care for them in the most simple way. Amazon e-gift cards ranging from Rs.1,000 to Rs.10,000 may help for sure! They are available in multiple designs and colors and one can pick one which is the most customised to their liking.

Electronic Gadgets

In this modern era, electronic gadgets are never the secondary option. Finding the best smartwatch, sound system or even the right earphones can prove the best gift for the husband. Check out the Wjpilis Bluetooth Smart Watch at Amazon which is efficient, comfortable and affordable too! Priced at Rs.1,618, it has multiple functions and modes. Further features of Bluetooth Smart Watch A1 – WJPILIS include touch screen, SIM card slot, camera pedometer, sport tracker for iPhone and Android.

4 Unique Gift Ideas for Wife

Women are quite beautiful and graceful creations of nature. The gifts presented to them must have a touch of affection, beauty and softness. The colours matter a lot when you're presenting to a wife as women are choosy and they won't compromise with what they actually want. Be picky while you pick a gift for a wife and pick the best one out there. 

Jewellery Pieces

A necklace, a bracelet, an earring or a nose pin, jewellery drives women crazy! Know her taste and get her a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift to make her day in an instant! Check out Sedmart Tree of Life Pendant Amethyst Rose Crystal Necklace made of gemstone chakra jewellery which will surely make your wife feel as special as ever. It costs Rs.1,080 on Amazon and is made of ancient red copper.


Source www.amazon.in

Fragrance is one attractive thing that will surely help you make your way to your wife's heart. Women love to smell good and once you provide them the right equipment, they are definitely not forgetting you in a lifetime. Sunkissed Glow by Jennifer Lopez, priced at Rs.4,519 at Amazon, is one exquisite perfume to choose. It has a fruity floral fragrance for young women and adds a sparkling feeling to one’s life.

A Spa Gift Basket

When you gift your wife her favorite spa basket, you are delivering evidence that you really care about her and her physiological needs. Giving the women the right spa basket like the luxurious bath spa gift set by Freida Joe from Amazon will guarantee her positive thoughts about you. Priced at Rs.1,484, the Luxurious & Elegant Bath Spa Gift Set For Women By Freida Joe includes hydrating and refreshing bathroom gel, bubble bath, lotion and salts. It comes in deluxe white, rose, jasmine and gold variations.

Home Decor Items

Wives love to take care of their house as much as they take care of themselves. When you gift them a special antique home decor item, you are helping them decorate their house. Eventually, she will understand your concern for her priorities and this is definitely a good thing! You can give her a special room decor, A Woman's Prayer Oil. The imported item is made of stone, resin and glass and works as a warmer, burner, and diffuser. It is priced at Rs.992 on Amazon.

Flower Bouquet

You adore her? Get her gorgeous flowers with the right odour! Flowers add life to the environment and will guarantee to bring you closer to your wife. At Amazon you can buy Luyue’s Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquet which cost only Rs.600; the flowers are natural-looking and made of silk and plastic. You can also choose natural flowers to bring beauty to the relationship of you and your wife.

Gifting to a Couple? Lovely Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife

A couple is binary, two hearts beating in togetherness of a unary life; the best gift ideas for couples involve choosing the right thing that will please both of the individuals equally. One can either go for a household item that both of the partners will use or one can simply choose two equally valuable gifts for the husband and the wife. 

Couple Watches

Willing to gift something to a couple? Give them something that strengthens their bond and you'll be remembered by them too. Couple watches bring the people in a relationship closer while reminding them of the person who gifted them as well. Go to Amazon and for Rs.2,765 you can buy Dreaming Q&P's Pair Hearts Watch. It’s a pair of romantic his and hers watches with an ultra thin leather strap.

Electrical Kitchen Appliances

When it is a gift for the couple, why can't it be a gift for the couple's home? Get them the right electrical appliance which both of them will make use of. Whether a juicer or a roti maker, toaster or electric kettle, anything that's a day to day usage. At Amazon, for Rs.25,627 can get you SlowStar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer which has slow speed of 47 RPM and includes a spout cap. This is equivalent to 9 HP motor due to advanced 3 stage speed reduction gears.

Personalised Picture Frame

Memories last forever. A very cute picture of the couple in a beautiful picture frame can prove to be a really amazing gift when it comes to the gift ideas for couples. You can consider the American Flat 8 x 10 inch Black Picture Frame which is made to display pictures measuring 5 x 7 inch with mat, or 8 x 10 inch pictures without mat. The frame with a black border costs Rs.944 on Amazon. You can go fancy too; in the end what matters is your care for the bond that the couple shares!


Keepsakes are definitely a fine idea to make your way into the couple's "caring ones" list. Give them gifts that remind them of special moments in their life together; such gifts stay with a person forever. This Stylish Happy Anniversary Personalised Plaque is perfect for an anniversary. Order it for Rs.499 on archiesonline.com. You're not giving a mere item, you are giving a lot of memories and feelings along with it, keep it special.

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Attach a Memory to the Gift

No matter what gift you're giving, either a partner or your favourite couple, a sure shot way of making the gift significant to the receiver is to attach memories to them. Give them personalised gifts or add a personal note with the gift, wrap the present in an interesting way or give it to them in a creative manner. All this will make receiving a gift so much more special and the memories created around it will make them remember it for a long time.