Need Ideas for How to Wear a Scarf Professionally(2021)? Different Ways to Wear a Scarf Because There is More to It Than Just Slinging It Over Your Shoulders.

Need Ideas for How to Wear a Scarf Professionally(2021)? Different Ways to Wear a Scarf Because There is More to It Than Just Slinging It Over Your Shoulders.

Wearing a scarf is a simple and affordable way to revamp your professional outfit, but knowing how to wear a scarf can sometimes be tricky. Allow us to introduce you to a few of the best scarf tying methods.

Scarf: A Stylish Accessory for all Seasons


Scarves are one of the practical and versatile fashion accessories that is found in the wardrobes of both men and women. They are available in different materials like cotton, wool, silk etc and in different sizes too to suit our needs and lifestyle. The best part is that this clothing accessory is not expensive, so you can stack a variety of them in your wardrobe.

Queen Nefertiti one of the powerful and beautiful Egyptian Queen is said to have invented the scarf. Today, the scarf has become a global phenomenon. Women have been wearing the scarf for cultural and religious reasons and even men wear it for the same reasons.

Today, scarves have become the new power symbol that gives women more visibility in the workplace. They draw the attention of people to your face and wearing a bright-hued scarf shows your confidence and also adds a pop of colour to the dreary work ensemble.

Also, scarves are not limited to a particular season. The darker and bulkier scarves are perfect for fall and winter while bright patterned ones are a summer thing. Fashionistas agree to the fact that scarves can make any kind of outfit look absolutely phenomenal! There are also several ways to wear it. Let’s look at some of the styles to wear a scarf like a pro!

Tips to Choose a Scarf

1. Length

Sleek and long scarves are in fashion this season. Worn in a loop or just wrapped around your neck with ends of the scarves dangling on the sides look chic and elegant. Long scarves make a stylish and flattering statement and is perfect for everyday silhouettes.

2. Shape

The rectangular scarf is the most versatile one. The square scarves are perfect for bandanas while circular ones are ideal if you do not have much time to wear your scarf. You just have to wrap the circular scarf around the neck, which saves your time.

3. Fabric

If you are looking for warmth then try cashmere, wool and silk blends, but for summer linen/silk is ideal. If it is just to add an accent then chiffon, polyester or simple silk is what you need. Since scarves are worn next to the face, it is important to look for a fabric that is not scratchy or causes a breakout. Fabrics like cashmere, chiffon, silk, charmeuse and soft knit are amazing choices that are sure to pamper your senses. Avoid see-through or sheer fabric.

4. Colour

As scarves are amazingly inexpensive, you can buy quite a few to match with various outfits. You can pick vibrant hues for casual wear, while subtle and dark colours are perfect for work.

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf to Work for Women

1. Bow Tie

Wearing a scarf to work might often seem like a risky fashion choice, but it is actually the safest and elevates the whole look and makes a woman look more professional. Scarfs are a necessity especially during winters and there are several ways to tie a scarf, but a bow tie is one of the best. It looks complicated but is quite simple to make a bow tie.

Here’s how to do it: -

  • Pick a scarf that is long enough so it is easy to work with it. Fold lengthwise till it reaches the width required then wrap it around the neck. - Adjust in such a way that one end of the scarf is longer than the other. Then fold the longer side up twice so that there are four layers. - Now gather the folded side of the fabric in the middle to get a bow like inkling. - Take the other end of the scarf and loop it in the folded end. - Loop the ends to a knot, this forms the bow knot.

2. The Classic French Knot

This is one of the simplest ways to wear a scarf and is a perfect addition to formal outfits for women. The classic French knot is doable with any scarf, but the best material is printed satin. It is timelessly classic and a perfect style for the summer and spring seasons.

Here’s how to wear a French knot:

  • - Fold the scarf to form a thin band and drape it around the neck by crossing the two ends. - Then bring both the ends at the front of the neck and tie a knot below the chin. - Slightly move the knot to the side of the neck and tie another knot on top of the existing one. This forms a Classic French Knot.

3. The Triangle

This is a fun way to wear a scarf with a modern twist that is relaxing yet fashionable. It suits well with formal wear and also casual wear. It almost feels just like wearing the scarf backwards. It saves time getting ready to work as it only takes minutes to wear it. It is wearable during the winter and rainy seasons. Any scarf material works well for this look however the best option is cotton.

Steps for triangle style

  • - Take a scarf and fold it in half to create a triangle. - Drape this scarf around the neck with the pointed end of the triangle facing the front of the neck. - Then tie the loose ends into a knot behind the neck or just bring them front and let them hang next to the triangle.

4. Infinity

Infinity scarfs are extremely easy to wear and for this very reason, it has gained popularity over the last few years. They come in different materials and are easy to choose based on the season. For instance, in summer, lightweight material with floral prints or stripes is ideal whereas, for winter, silk, heavier cotton and wool materials are the best options.


  • Take a scarf of your preference based on the season and the outfit.
  • Then fold them lengthwise to make the width as small as necessary.
  • Drape the scarf around the neck and make both the ends meet and turn them into a loop.
  • For summer, make a bigger loop and fluff them up. For winter, make a smaller loop and drape them comfortably around the neck. It gives a cozy and warm effect during winters.

5. Turtleneck Knot

Turtleneck knot is one scarf-wearing method that has never gone out of style. It is classy and timeless and a perfect addition to the wardrobe both formal and casual. It is wearable with any material based on the preference. This is style is best for winters as it keeps the neck and body warm.

It only takes a few simple steps to follow: -

  • Take a long scarf and find the middle region.
  • Drape the scarf behind the neck and bring back the ends of the scarf to the front.
  • Make a knot by fluffing up the scarf and tuck in this knot into the neck cover.
  • It can either be worn with flares on the sides or just hung down loosely.

5 Ways to Wear Scarf with a Suit for Men

1. The Wrap-Around

Wearing a scarf on a suit is nothing new, however, it has been worn only in certain styles for a long period. But with the evolution in fashion, there are many new ways to wear a scarf on a suit and look stunning. The Wraparound is one such style that is very close to infinity scarf in looks but with changes in minor details. This style gives a youthful and effortless look.

Here’s how to wear the Wrap-Around scarf, it is super simple and easy.

  • Take a long scarf and wrap it around the neck by placing the middle part in front of the neck. - Then wrap them one layer upon the other till the whole scarf is used up.
  • Then tuck in the loose ends in the loop to create a turban-like effect. The wrap around look is complete.

2. The Slip-Knot

The Slip-Knot is also known as The European Loop in some parts of the world. It is fashionable and works well on both formal and casual wear. This is best during winters and rainy season as it keeps the neck warm.

Here’s how to wear a scarf as a Slip Knot:

  • - Take a long scarf of the material of your choice. - Fold the scarf vertically till the desired width is achieved. - Then fold it again to form a hoop of sorts. - Now drape the scarf around the neck by placing the hoop on one of the shoulders. - Take the end with no hoop and place that inside the hoop. - Then, tighten the hoop by pulling onto the scarf that has passed into the hoop. This forms the Slip-Knot.

3. The Ascot

The Ascot is one of the classic ways to wear a scarf. It goes well especially on a jacket or suit as it gives an impression of a loose necktie. It also looks very good on a turtle neck.

Here’s how to wear it:

  • Take a long scarf of your choice and find the middle part. - Place the middle part behind the neck and bring the loose ends to the front. This ensures both sides are equal in length. - Take one end of the scarf and place it onto the other end. - Make one end of the scarf pass under the other end. Then make a knot by bringing it upward. - Make sure both the ends are now equal by adjusting them.

4. The Tuck-in

The Tuck-in is a trendy way of wearing a scarf without giving much thought to the steps. It is simple and sophisticated. It gives an effortlessly trendy look. This is the best way to wear a scarf when there is absolutely no time and you cannot go without a scarf. This can be worn on-the-go as well.

Here’s how to wear a scarf as The Tuck in:

  • - Take a scarf and find its middle. A long scarf gives a relaxed loop while a shorter scarf is more hugged in. - Then start to drape the scarf from the front part of the neck and take it to the back. - Wrap this around the neck once and adjust it based on how relaxed the loop you want. - Then take both the ends of the scarf and tuck them into the loop.

5. The Fake-Knot

The Fake knot is a slightly complicated method of wearing a scarf, but it really does make it worth the effort as it helps stay warm and sharp. It is suitable for winters and goes well with both formals and casual wear.

Here are some simple steps to wear a scarf as a Fake Knot: -

  • Take a long scarf and drape it around the neck.
  • Leave one end of the scarf longer than the other.
  • Take the long end of the scarf and form a loop by bringing it behind and around itself, then pass the end of the scarf into its own loop.
  • Then take the other side of the scarf and pass it down the loop to form a knot.
  • Tighten this knot and adjust it as required.

6. The Overhand Scarf Knot

This is one such look that looks effortless and adds that style quotient to office wear. The style perfectly suits winters when worn with heavy outerwear like coats.


  • Drape the scarf (long or medium in length) with one end longer than the other around the neck and bring the ends to the front.
  • Cross over the long end with the shorter end.
  • Run the longer end behind the shorter to form a loop, then pass the longer end of the scarf through this loop to form the overhand knot.
  • Then tighten the knot and adjust as required. Do not panic or re-do if the ends are not of the same height. As the ends are tucked into the suit or coat.

Difference Between Men and Women Scarves

Scarves are a unisex fashion accessory. Nevertheless, certain scarves are gender specific because of its size, design and pattern. However, what matters is that the wearer is comfortable and it augments the outfit and overall appearance. Here are a few differences between men's and women's scarves.

  • Color – Men usually prefer neutral or dark solid colours while scarves for women are more colourful. However, neutral colour scarves are available for women too.
  • Size – Traditionally men’s scarves are long and wider as compared to women’s scarves. Women most often choose to wear narrower, shorter and circular scarves to enhance the look of an outfit.
  • Pattern and Design – Women’s scarves incorporate elaborate patterns, motifs, open-knit lacework etc while men’s scarves are usually solid coloured with cabled or striped design.
  • Material and Fiber – Women’s scarves are available in a variety of fabrics including cashmere or silk while men’s scarves are traditionally acrylic or wool. Generally, men’s scarves do not include luxury fibers. Also, sparkly, and furry fibers are exclusively intended for women.
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Scarves are probably one accessory that we must have in our closets. If you don’t have one, then you better get one or two! It enhances both your casual and office wear. It’s a handy accessory, no matter what the season is. These different stylish ways to wear a scarf should help level up your look!