Celebrate Your 3rd Anniversary as Though it Were Your First: 15 Romantic 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband (2018)

Celebrate Your 3rd Anniversary as Though it Were Your First: 15 Romantic 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband (2018)

Three years on and still feel like newlyweds? Don't let the glow subside; nourish your relationship with romantic 3 yr anniversary gifts for husband. However, even the most enthusiastic couples could do with a little help, and if you've exhausted your best gifting ideas already, fret not for Best Present Guide brings you some wonderful 3 year wedding anniversary gift for him.

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Creative Ideas to Add a Spark to Your Third Anniversary Celebrations

With every passing year, wedding anniversaries call for celebration. These big milestones help you keep the love alive. With your positive and sensitive gestures, you can make your husband feel extra loved on this special occasion.

Men Will Be Men, Get Him an Exciting Gift

Though it is as clichéd line as ever will be, but men will be men. Things have got to be real and raw for them. And when it’s your third anniversary, things still fresh and new as it was a couple of years ago, it has to rock on like it earlier used to. It has to be as sparkling and sensationally captivating as new. You have to get it all right and lit at the same time. This has to be something you will enjoy for the moment and also cherish for times to come. Where do his interests lie? Use that to get him something thrilling, so that his face lights up the minute he opens and sees the gift.

Add Wine to Any Celebration

A celebration is a quintessential thing for a third anniversary indeed and any celebration is not complete without wine. A bottle of good wine or Champagne can make an ordinary day seem like a celebration and you absolutely must include it in your anniversary celebration. If you're having a party, wine can elevate the mood of your guests, and even if you're having a quiet celebration on your own or an intimate dinner at home, it will help you enjoy the day and each other much more.

Tease Each of His Five Senses Through Gifts and Experiences

Take turns to tease his senses one after another to create a sensuous anniversary. On an average day you may not have the time for romance anymore, and you know you can do better than those odd stolen moments of romance. Weave in your memories, remembering all your past moments together, how you initially met each other, got together, jelled so well, how your wedding was a success and how good you can make it throughout your life being beside each other in every moment of happiness and sorrow, how you will face troubles together which life flings on you and come out with flying colours. Create different experiences or give him gifts to appease different senses and try to link each gift to a memory to create an anniversary like no other.

15 Traditional and Modern 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Make this day special by giving your man anniversary gifts tailored to his personality. If your husband is old fashioned and conservative, we know exactly what will complement his classy personality. If he prefers modern gifts, we have you covered there as well. Check out some of the sure shot ideas to make him a happy man on your anniversary.

Jaguar Perfume

Source www.amazon.in

Perfume is a beautiful way to express your affection for him. It is a classic option for any man. For some people, their fragrance becomes a part of their identity to the point that their presence is felt and realized by the smell. Bear in mind, it is a very personal item and gifting a perfume has always been considered a romantic and intimate gesture. Purchase this archetypal Jaguar Classic Chromite Eau De Toilette, 100 ml bottle. This strong perfume expresses sophistication and strong, eccentric persona. Priced only at Rs.1,485, this modern and charismatic fragrance opens with a fruity accord of mandarin and green apple blended to the elegant character of incense wood. The woody heart of patchouli and cedar wood brings a powerful and a very masculine side to the composition. The rich and oriental wake reveals notes of tonka bean, praline and ambroxan. Buy it from Amazon.

Love Ferrero Chocolates

Source www.fnp.com

Chocolate is packed full of feel-good endorphins that ensures you feel good in every occasion. Depending on how much you eat, it’s good for your cardiovascular health. And it’s been found that by eating around 40 gms of dark chocolate every day you can extend your life and assist your weight management. Purchase this healthy and sumptuous Love Ferrero Chocolates at only Rs. 1399. The box includes 16 pieces of mouthwatering chocolates. These are everyone's favourite. Regardless of the occasion, you can gift anybody this lovely pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. You will get 16 pieces of yummy chocolates which are stunningly decorated with artificial rose petals to give it a romantic touch; buy this from Ferns N Petals.

Photo Collage with Memorable Moments

Source www.amazon.in

Create an anniversary which is more “us” this time around. Take your best photos till date and get started on a journey of beautifully created memories. Motiart 13 Piece Black Photo Frame Wall Collage is reasonably priced at Rs.3,950. It's contemporary design can be used vertically or horizontally, based on the preference of the owner. The 13 frames are segregated as such: 3 pieces measuring 10" x 12", two frames of 6" x 8", four frames of 4"x 6", and another four frames measuring 4" x 4". So, utilize these frames to preserve the best moments of your life. Buy them from Amazon.

Personalised Happy Cushion

Source www.fnp.com

Stylish Personalised Picture Cushion, priced at Rs.349 is a cushion cover that you can customise with your own picture. It is approximately 10-11 inches x 10-11 inches. It is strongly believed that a perfectly captured memory is worth a thousand words. A worthy photo deserves to be presented in style. This cushion beautifully printed with your picture is trendy and eye-catching and will look eccentric in any room of the house. Order it from fnp.com.

Pen with Video and Video Recorder

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband likes creative gadgets or is fascinated with spy flicks, he may get a kick out of a pen fitted with a recording device. Get him this cool Fleejost HD Quality Video/ Audio Hidden Recording, Hd Sound Clarity Pen Camera With Memory Card Inserting Facility. It is available for Rs.539 on Amazon. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB port facilities and a memory card can also be inserted inside. This cross functional spy pen records clear images and stills with natural colour. So, if your love enjoys spy gadgets, and professional spy equipment, this is the best spy camera pen available.

Tie Set

Source www.amazon.in

Is you man someone who has always enjoyed dressing up to look perfect? A coordinated tie, pocket square and cufflink set is always a sought after accessory by well dressed men. Perfect for formal dressing, these can transform even a semi formal look. Owing to their popularity you will find an immense number of combinations and colour palettes available online.

We recommend the elite Peter England Men's Tie Set which is reasonably priced at Rs.1,199 and can be purchased on Amazon. Get this exclusively designed accessory for your husband as a confirmed strategy to win his heart.

Personalised Keyring

Source www.amazon.in

Make your husband’s key sets, and carry ons stand out in an elegant manner with this Fully Personalised and Custom Printed High Quality Photo Keychain, priced at only Rs.199. You must email your preferred images to the vendor after placing an order on Amazon. Print quality of the image will depend on the quality of the image. So, it is recommended to email, instead of what’s app and send pictures of a high resolution. You may have photos on one or both sides of the chain.

Romantic Heart Shaped Orchids Arrangement

Source www.fnp.com

You may be surprised to know that men enjoy flowers as much as women do. Sending a Heart Shaped Orchid Arrangement is sure to make your husband break into a smile. It is priced at merely Rs.999 on fnp.com. It consists of 5 red roses, 4 blue orchids and dracaena leaves, all beautifully arranged in a square glass vase measuring 4 x 4 x 4 inches and finished off with blue paper and bow.

Did you know that orchids have the tiniest seeds in the world? This makes them a challenge to grow and cultivate. They take forever to sprout and actually turn into a plant! Growing orchids from seeds is only for the patient and very green-thumbed. What can be more special than this elite flower orchid arrangement?

Smart Wrist watch

Source www.amazon.in

Although we are a few years into the smart watch era, it is still one of the hottest selling gadgets in the market today. It is the most preferred wrist wear for men of all age groups. You may use it to track your fitness goals, get time in the digital form, sync it with your laptop or mobile to update information, get notifications regarding reminders or social media messages and much more. Check out the ever popular Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch, reasonably priced at Rs.1,490 on Amazon. This rectangular shaped elite watch has a black dial and calling facilities, and is compatible with Android phones only.

Park Avenue Gift Hamper

Source www.amazon.in

Searching for the right grooming kit can be a tricky and challenging task for any woman. Let’s face it, most of these gift sets lie in your cabinet without ever being touched. But with Park Avenue’s Luxury Grooming Collection, there's a different story. Men of class prefer this over any other brand. You can purchase it for Rs.513 from amazon.in It comprises of a 150 ml can of deodorant, 70 gm of shave cream, 100 gm talc, a 125 gm bar of soap, 50 ml of after shave Lotion, a shaving brush, and Apache razor. It has everything your husband will ever look for in an impeccable hamper.

Rayban Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses make great gifts. They are fashionable and useful for all. You can select a pair of sunglasses for your husband and be rest assured that it will be useful to him on a daily basis. These Aviator Ray-Ban Golden Green glasses are available on lenskart.com at a very affordable rate of Rs.4,761. It will give your husband a stylish new look and keep his eyes safe from dust and the harmful rays of the sun. The full rim metallic frame has integrated nose pads and light weight temples which offer comfortable wearing experience.

Woodland Leather Jacket

Let’s face it, men can be exceedingly difficult to shop for. The best gift would be the one he would certainly buy for himself. He may not care much for trendy items but if it's useful or even necessary, he will be very thankful for such a gift. As far as wardrobe needs go, unlike women, they need a few good tees or shirts, some basic denims and they'r good to go. How about upgrading his wardrobe with smart and snug winter wear for the colder days. The chic Woodland Brown Casual Jacket is priced at Rs.4,317 on snapdeal.com.

Sony Camera

Source www.amazon.in

Are you still confused about what to get him? Go through the wide collection of Sony cameras and pick the one that will support his photography skills. Sony DSC W830 Cyber-shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera (Black) is what we'd recommend as it has an 8X optical zoom and come s with a free memory card and camera case. It is available for Rs.7,929 on Amazon. It has a super HAD CCD sensor with 20.1 effective megapixels, 720p MP4 movie mode the camera shoots 1280 x 720 high definition movies at 30 fps, 8X optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens. It is also equipped with sweep panorama and intelligent auto and picture effect. It's 2.7-inch (230K dots) clear photo LCD display is also worth a mention.

Genuine Leather Boots

Seeking a unique leather boot for your better half on your third wedding anniversary? If your husband enjoys leather goods, then check out Lee Cooper Genuine Leather Boots, priced at Rs.1,959. I'ts textured upper design, pull loop, lace fastening, PU sole, and genuine leather are of high quality. With winter around the corner, there can be none other gift than this. Men love to dress up, but during the cold season, you will find most of them in leather jacket and boots. Buy this from reliacetrends.com.

Wallet and Belt Combo

Source www.amazon.in

Wallets and belts are a man’s favourite and most essential accessories. They can never have enough of these. Some men prefer different texture, style, color, designs for every occasion or outfit. Hornbull Men's Black Wallet and Belt Combo, available for Rs.949, comes with a sophisticated formal belt and a wallet. Made of high quality leather, and handmade by skilled craftsmen, these durable items are ideal for men.

This wallet and belt combo set has been made out of top grain buffalo leather and it's natural tone varies from piece to piece. If you are using such leather for the first time or have little knowledge about pure leather then don't worry about its color variations. Pure leather products get more beautiful with age. These are not PU which will contain shine on its surface.

How to Make the Most of Your 3 Year Anniversary

It always seems like days, weeks, months and years are slipping away from our lives with the snap of a finger. If you sat down to make your bucket list, it will be never ending, yet you may feel exhausted at the thought of accomplishing even one of those things. So, it is advocated that you make the best out of every moment together. Plan it well and do so in advance.

Every Day is a Honeymoon: Check Out the Best Honeymoon Spots

Put a refreshing spin on your three year long marriage by going on a honeymoon for your third anniversary. Not a holiday, mind you, a honeymoon. Where you act and feel like a newly married couple. Visit local hill stations, or pick a beach destination. Spend some alone time together, away from all the hassle of your day to day work and routine life, planning a trip to Manali or may be Hampi, which is probably the best spot to spend time together or visit Dal Lake in Kashmir spending your day in shikaras. This would definitely make your day a memorable one.

You, Me and the Pool

If you cannot afford to go out of town for just a day, or take a few days' break from work, the best way you can spend a day is spending some quality time in a pool side in a resort nearby with nobody around, just the two of you and some solitude. This way you can make the most of your time cutting out travel time and enjoying every bit of the moment thoroughly.

Go on a Long Walk, or Drive

It is always fascinating to walk down an un-trodden path hand in hand with your life partner. Isn’t it the most awaited dream come true for you and your husband? If you've managed to slip away out of town for a few days, or even a day, take a leisurely stroll in a park or forest nearby. You can make arrangements for a day out with your husband to the forests walking down the path with water glistening through its path in the woods and the subtle clattering sound, birds chirping and only two people under the sun with all the greenery and positivity filled in air with love and happiness. Being amid nature is magical and will immediately put you both in a good mood to enjoy the rest of your anniversary.

For the less fortunate who are stuck in town or cannot get away for long, go on a romantic drive instead - short or long. Imagine you've gone back to the time you were dating. A nice drive, holding hands when you can , sneaking glances and grins, stopping for an ice cream or to take in the view. A simple change of scenery can do wonders for you both.

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Things are only as exciting as you make them

There are two ways you can approach your upcoming anniversary. Get all excited about it, plan gifts, surprises and couple's treats and draw your husband in so that he too cannot wait for the big day to arrive. The other, and less appealing, way is to fuss about not getting good gift ideas and complain about how there's nothing fun or interesting to do. It may seem like you are limited by your options but in reality it's the attitude with which you view anything that makes all the difference. So which way do you want to go?