Are You Ready for Some Insta-Shopping? 6 Best Instagram Stores for Ethic Wear That Will Help You Spruce up Your Indian Ethnic Fashion Game (2021)

Are You Ready for Some Insta-Shopping? 6 Best Instagram Stores for Ethic Wear That Will Help You Spruce up Your Indian Ethnic Fashion Game (2021)


Ethnic clothes were somewhere reduced to wearing them on special occasions. But their comfort, grace, and the vast scope that they offer to style need to be reclaimed. You can take a look at Instagram and find an outfit that is pocket-friendly and unique. Here are 6 Instagram stores for Indian wear, you just can’t miss it!

A New Form of Online Shopping - Instagram Shop!

The spread of Covid 19 has locked most of us inside and has forced us to rely on the e-commerce site. There are tons of different such sites that have mushroomed up on the Internet, some are genuine and some are scams. This leads to a lot of confusion as to which site to trust or not.

Life is getting a little easier when it comes to online shopping as Instagram now offers great stores which are easy to use and give a huge variety of products. You can find some of the chicest dresses to the most elegant desi wear on Instagram. You can also check out some thrift stores and be a part of the 'Save the Earth's movement by buying used clothes that are in excellent condition. So, if you are used to buying through Facebook stores you have got to check out the Instagram stores and enjoy socializing and shopping altogether.

Shopping on Instagram: Easy and Convenient

If you are on the lookout for some trendy ethnic wear then Instagram stores can be of great help to you. It is almost like a digital storefront. There are tons of sellers on Instagram and you can easily find the brands you like on their profile. There is a product detail page that has all the information you need about a product with pictures and prices. You can choose the outfit you like and come to the checkout page and make the payments on Instagram itself. You will also find product links, the sellers tag the products that allow the customers to buy them from the post. Some of these stores also have their own websites or you can contact them on WhatsApp to make your shopping easier.

If you want to know more about shopping on Instagram especially for ethnic wear during this Diwali season then read on.

How to Shop on Instagram?


    If you want to know more about shopping on Instagram especially for ethnic wear during this Diwali season then read on.

  • Shopping through the feed: Simply tap on the post to see the product and its price after which you can make the payment or reach the shop's website.
  • Shopping through stories: Click on the story with the product sticker to check the page and if you like what you see, make the payment and you are done.
  • Shopping through reels: Click on view product and save the product in your wish list, then make the payment.
  • Shopping live: Click on the pinned products at the bottom of the live video and add them to your cart.
  • Shopping on Instagram TV: Click at the bottom of the video then click on the product. Reach the product page and make the payment on Instagram or go to the website shop.
  • Shopping through the Instagram shop: Click at the bottom of the app and check out the shops or their website.
  • Shopping through shops on Instagram: Search the profile of the shop or the seller. Click view shop and choose what you like.
  • You might see shops with swipe-up features on some stories; this will take you to the website to shop.
  • You will also see upcoming products of the shops you follow and can set a reminder through the shop story on the product page. You receive a notification 24 hours and 15 minutes before the launch of the product for you to not miss out on what you wanted to buy. You can also add the delivery and payment details before the launch so that you can buy it immediately after the launch.

6 Popular Instagram Stores for Desi Wear


Here are 6 very popular Instagram stores for ethnic wear lovers. Check them out and start shopping

When searching for ethnic wear shops on Instagram through Google, comes before any other store. It is a store that has exclusive hand-woven textiles that are unique in their own ways. They also have some of the best-handcrafted products you can buy from Instagram made by different designers. Each product in the store is handpicked and is of the best quality. You will find some of the freshest and sophisticated designs to choose from and since Diwali is just around the corner you can find great ethnic wear to flaunt from the store. The products of are a perfect blend of subtle and statement and will make you the talk of the party this season.

This mustard yellow embroidered cotton silk kurta comes with a slip, a Magenta skirt and a Chanderi Dupatta. The kurta has a beautiful V neckline and quarter sleeves and the skirt is decorated with gota to make it look more festive. The Chanderi dupatta has exquisite embroidery and pom pom on it to make it look very chic. This 3 piece Set is available for Rs. 9,070.

Another beautiful piece available at the store is this Grayish Blue Maheshwari Zari Linen silk saree. A festival is incomplete without a gorgeous sari that makes you stand out and look elegant. This is a hand-woven linen silk sari with a check pattern on it. The border is made of zari and has tassel detailing on it. It is a light saree, therefore, you can easily wear it to a party and be comfortable. The Sari comes with an attached blouse piece and is available for Rs. 6,870.

Both the attires and many more can be bought from

Margazhi Designs

Another fabulous desi wear store on Instagram is margazhidesigns. The store is popular for its traditional woven sarees that are manufactured and sold by them. The sarees in the store are colourful and have beautiful patchwork, attached borders and elegant pallus.

Each saree is unique and will make you a part of the Indian culture. Margazhi Designs also have a vast khadi collection when it comes to sarees, they are simple yet elegant. The dyes used in these sarees are natural and they are available for Rs. 6,000 onwards. The store also creates beautiful ensembles by pairing the sarees with interesting accessories to make your attire a complete package. Check out these two gorgeous sarees available at margazhi designs that you might like and explore more if you wish.

This is a simple dual-shaded sari. The body of the saree is a mix of violet and pink and the light green Madurai kattam zari makes it look exquisite. It is 100% pre-Mangalagiri cotton which makes it perfect wear during the summer season. The saree comes with a blouse piece and has it stitched as you like. This Saree is available for Rs. 9,520 only.

Apart from many other beautiful sarees, this one stands out. It is a leafy green tussar saree. Tussar is an elegant and light silk material that is easy to wear. The Saree has green and gold checks on it that make it look very sleek. It does not have a border and comes with a plain gold blouse to make it look heavenly. The saree can be bought for Rs. 12,000.

Both the sarees are available at


Raw_mango is another very popular store on Instagram that has some of the best collections of ethnic wear that can be worn by both young and elderly women. While looking through its collection you will instantly travel back to the olden and classic times and remember how your mother used to dress up for festivities. The outfits available at the store are unique and beautiful and they sold out fast. Check out these two attires that caught our eye.

If you want to dress to kill this Diwali then you will love this beautiful blush organza odhani. It has peacock butas all over it and looks chick due to it border lined with gota and kiran. It is hand-woven therefore you will be able to see the natural variations in the colours that come due to textile. This collection is called Reena and is available for Rs. 46,800.

Next is this exquisite green Chanderi cotton sari with a gold & jade border. This Kedar Green Saree is made of semi-sheer soft and airy textile and is perfect wear during scorching Indian summer. You can buy this saree for your mother this festive season and make her smile throughout the party. It is available for Rs. 11,000.

Both the pieces are available at raw_mango.

Ogaan India

ogaanindia is one of the first multi-designer stores that is still very popular for its ethnic collection. It has beautiful sarees, kurtas, dupattas as well as some of the most elegant potli bags to go with your outfits. The products in the store hit the market with great Indian fashion through a contemporary feel combined with bright Indian colours. You will find pathani silk hand painted kalamkari sarees, organza silk hand embroidered sarees as well as hand painted suits and stand out in the crowd this Diwali.

You can check out their online store or explore their Instagram page and find what you like the best and have it shipped across the world.


This Purple tissue saree looks beautiful and is very light. Usually, girls do not wear sarees as they don't feel comfortable wearing but tissue being a light material makes it easy to wear and handle. You can buy this Saree for Rs. 13,125 and get an unstitched blouse piece in the same colour.


Tired of convincing your daughter to wear ethnic outfits during festivals? You won't have to encourage her anymore if you buy this beautiful moonlight Blue Anarkali Set for her. This again is made with tissue and is embroidered with beadwork which makes it look elegant and modern at the same time. It comes with a hand embroidered palazzo made with a tissue as well. It can be bought for Rs. 26,800.


Another ethnic store you can check out on Instagram is Lajjoo C. They offer classic ethnic wear that is made with a combination of bold Indian colours and showcases the Indian culture. It offers comfortable attires for Indian women that highlight their personalities and make them look as elegant as ever. Each piece created by them is made with contemporary flavours, fabrics and Indian craftsmanship.

Check out these two products to get an idea of what more they have to offer.


Yellow is an auspicious colour and women love to flaunt it. This beautiful lime green kurta with sharara is one such piece that you should have this season. The Short Kurta has delicate embroidery all over as well as on the sleeves and neck. It is paired with a round buti sharara in silk. The ensemble can be bought for Rs. 65,900.


Another beautiful piece from Lajjoo C is this elegant Ivory organza cutwork Zardozi Embroidered Saree. The saree is in silk with sequin butis and a pallu of organza. The pallu is full of scallop hand embroidery with cutwork at the edges. This saree is a must-have if you like to look classy at weddings and festivals. You can buy it for Rs. 69,900.

Tokree Shop Jaipur

Tokreeshopjaipur is another great store that is based in Jaipur and offers a cool collection of ethnic wear for all occasions. You can find some great outfits for yourself as well as for your kids in the store at affordable prices. Each piece created is handmade and is made with quality material. The price range of the outfits in the store starts with Rs. 1100 onwards.

This Sadabahaar set is a simple yet elegant kurta and pant set. The lining used in the kurta is made of mumul hand block printed in green mughal buta which is inspired by Amer in Jaipur. This is a beautiful set available for Rs. 14,000.

If you are looking for great Indian wear for your kid this festival then you will love this Meera A-line long Jacket. This is a hand-block printed long jacket with cuts of the cuff. The beautiful floral in blue colour with dark blue piping makes it look very cute. This Jacket is available for Rs. 3500.

Tips on Being Careful While Shopping on Instagram


Online shopping has made life a lot easier during these scary times. We are Indians and when it comes to celebrating festivals we do not like to compromise therefore the shopping for new clothes never ends. The best way to be safe and shop is through online sites and now with Instagram stores it is a lot easier and fun to do so. With all the fun comes a lot of hardship, as well as a lot of online scams, are going on and people end up losing their money and lose trust on these sites, but if you be careful you won't have to face such issues. Here are some tips for you to shop safely on Instagram and be happy.

  • Watch out for fake brand accounts. You will come across more than 65 million fake posts in a year according to data analysis firm Ghost Data. There are tons of fake accounts made under some of the most luxury and high-end retailers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Nike and even Apple. It is important to make sure you do not shop through these sites by checking out what kind of deals they are offering. These sites buy likes and followers and fool the customers. Around 20% of all posts sell counterfeit products therefore it is important to check these accounts carefully. Check for the URL links for any spelling mistakes to start with. See if the deals they offer and too good to be true and mostly use your common sense before making payments.

  • If you find a company promising you free or cheap followers or likes to make you shop from them, stay away. If you see a spike in follower counts or your engagement rate is insanely high then there is something fishy about it. It is always better to target the right audience rather than buying fake followers.

  • Beware of any email or a message coming from Instagram, do not click that link as you could be a target of a phishing scam. Once you click the link and put your email address and password the hacker is able to lock you out of your account and use your details and scam you. Some may even blackmail you if you want to use your own account. Remember verification services are not for sale. Always check the sender's email and use a secondary code to log into your account to be safe. Always remember that Instagram never sends a direct message about your account or the app.

  • Stay clear of people asking for money or gift cards in exchange for loans or rewards, people telling you that they are from the Instagram security team and ask for your account details, people asking for your phone number or trying to meet you etc. Also, check spelling and grammar mistakes in messages and links or accounts that offer discounts on bulk shopping.

  • If you feel that you are being scammed you should report it to Instagram. Your reports are anonymous and the account you reported will not be able to see that you reported them.

  • If you use your credit card to make payments and see suspicious activity on your card then you should immediately report to the bank as well as the local police.

Using your common sense will help you shop safely from Instagram.

From our editorial team

Be Scam Smart

Unfortunately, scammers often target people shopping on the internet, and shopping through Instagram is no exception. So, it’s important to be vigilant about spotting scams and counterfeit goods. If you fall victim to a scam or accidentally buy counterfeit goods, you should alert your bank immediately. Afterwards, you can report scams.