Make the Best of Your Time in New York - Visit These Places When in New York in 2020.

Make the Best of Your Time in New York - Visit These Places When in New York in 2020.


If you're visiting the iconic New York, then this article will tell you everything you can do, eat or experience there. We have a list of places you can eat at, shop at, or visit to make your trip memorable. Read on!

Why Should You Visit New York at Least Once


The most interesting aspect of New York is the plethora of delicious delicacies it entails. This is because the delicacies of New York encompass many dishes belonging to numerous ethnic groups that reside in the global city. From Bedford Park that delivers spicy and mind blowing Mexican food to Bellerose that will satiate you with the lavish Indian and Pakistani food, New York is an entertainer to chefs from all over the world. In fact, there are so many great restaurants in this multicultural city that it’ll only take you a brisk walk to get to the nearest delicacy.

However, if you’re an indecisive foodie, we’d recommend you download apps such as ChefsFeed. The app provides trustworthy food recommendations from the chefs themselves. You can also search for highly recommended delicacies, restaurants, and chefs. Even more, it will notify you when you’re at a proximate distance from the recommended restaurant. If you’re a health conscious foodie, opting for an app such as Clean Plate is a great idea. The app offers only healthy options nearby. You can search for recommendations by entering words such as 'clean meat', 'vegetarian friendly' or even 'clean desserts'. It’ll provide you with a list of places that offer takeout and deliveries as well.


NYC is a shopping fanatic's heaven. You will certainly get whatever fashion-related item you like in NYC with not only a reduction in the costs of various designers, but also from a collection of versatile articles from all around the globe. Why is that so?

There are three main fashion capitals on earth: Milan, Paris, and New York City. Fifth Avenue is one of the biggest as well as the most crowded shopping areas in the capital with the most resourceful and globally known markets such as the colossal toy shop of FAO Schwarz. If you are a fan of personalised items, take a tour of the Garment District which serves optimal customised designs. We would also recommend you visit the Fashion Walk of Fame there for the variety of exotic collections.

Shopping can always be made easier with tech. For all the tech savvy shopaholics in New York, we recommend you to download Spring. With features such as Unwrap Spring, you can discover fresh items in a store; it also entails themes such as 'Gifts under $ (a certain price)', that make browsing so much easier. You will also have access to holiday pop ups directly on your phone. Best feature of this app? It ensures free shipping on everything!


How can New York be the very hub of Theatre? Well, with around 39 theatres on their very peak on Broadway today, New York offers the best of the best performances. Most of these theatres are packed in a small region called 'Great White Way'. A tour of New York City should include at the very least one show as it is an essential part of the culture of the city.

Most of the most well-known artists and entertainers of around the whole last century earned their fame on a Broadway spotlight! The Theatre community in NYC is not only ever-expanding but also a great place to find marvelous skill and performance. As versatile as the theatre is at New York, you will be able to enjoy shows of numerous types suitable for various members of your family, the romantics, the snobs, the comedy fanatics, and even the dark sitcom lovers.

By surfing at sites such as TodayTix, you will be able to get theatre tickets at a price that you can brag about. It delivers tickets for a variety of shows ranging from comedy to musicals. Not only can you get tickets for an onstage performance, but also enjoy a show from home! All these features coupled with reasonable prices make it an ideal site for the NYC theatre fans

10 Best Places to Visit in New York

Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is among the most famous monuments in the world. It was gifted by France to the US in the 1880s. Representing the Roman goddess of liberty, the female statue wears a crown and a flowing robe and carries a torch high above her head. In contemporary world, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most frequently-visited spots on the globe.

What to do there: Ride the ferry across to Liberty Island; you’ll be able to admire the mighty statue rising into the sky from this point. The boat ride gives a lot of opportunities to click some beautiful photos. Take some time to appreciate the Statue of Liberty from its very base and read the numerous writings and inscriptions. You can also catch a glimpse of the real 1886 torch that is displayed in the lobby.

Coney Island


This seaside Coney Island used to be the greatest outing region in the US. Also, it also takes credit for numerous novelties and technical progresses in the past. Today, Coney Island entails parades, sideshows, carnivals, big screens, museums and so much more. It is the ideal vacation spot for not only children but also young couples.

What to do here: Wade through the Coney Island walkway and discover a wide array of activities as well as attractions, with all the views, music, fragrances, and shouts of exhilaration of the festivals. You can also choose to relax on the beach and go swimming in the fresh waters of the sea. The hotdogs of Coney Island are particularly famous.

First Street Garden

This is an exotic and mind blowing community garden in New York’s Eastern region. You don’t have to pay a single penny for visiting this garden when it’s open. In case it’s closed, you can appreciate the art on the railings. The garden was established in the 1980s with splendid murals tinted on the walls. The distinct feature of these paintings is that they honor powerful women who brought about a difference in America.

What to do there: if it’s open, you can find a bench to enjoy the tranquil environment of the park. You’ll be away from the chaotic city streets so reading a good book will deliver a whole other experience. You can also go through the varied collection of paintings and pay your salutes to the influential women who changed the course of America.

Central Park

Central Park, located in an area of 843 acres, is one of New York’s most popular places. It is a famous spot for leisure activities, games, and resting since its opening in 1800s. In modern era, there is a plethora of sculptures and shrines placed throughout the park. In terms of natural features, the park includes hills, grounds, pools, pastures and even lakes.

What to do there: Walk through the huge park to discover exciting statues such as Alice in Wonderland, Cleopatra’s Needle, and Angel of the Waters. You can also let your kids wander off in one of the 20 play areas located in the park. Unleash your inner child by taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage. Playing volleyball near the Sheep Meadow is also an amazing idea.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the Met in New York, is the most prominent art museum of the USA and one of the most frequently-visited places around the globe. It was established in 1872. Divided into many areas, this museum has art creations from all around the globe, with paintings from all time periods from ancient age to the modern-day.

What to do here: You can see a luxurious private collection in the Robert Lehman Collection. Walking through the museum will allow you to travel through the history of American art. You’ll be able to explore as much as 5000 musical instruments. If you’re a history fanatic, visit the Roman Sculpture Court that houses ancient statues from various civilizations.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral


Established in the mid-1800s, New York's St.Patrick's Cathedral is the most prominent Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in the USA. The vast area of worship can seat around 2,400 people. The magnificent church has housed funerals of various influential figures. Its architecture is also strikingly beautiful, including sumptuous tarnished glass, arcs, many tombs, an elaborate altar, church bells, and an enormous organ.

What to do there: When you visit St Patrick's Cathedral, a volunteer-led guided trip is the perfect means to discover more about the magnificent building's structure, design, and history. The self-guided audio trip also provides the visitors with interesting facts. When you view the glorious church from outside, you’ll notice many intricate yet exotic details engraved into the marble. The sumptuousness of this gigantic church provides room for a relaxed contemplation. If you’re religious, we recommend you attend one of the services.

Theatre District

One of the most visited places in New York is the Theatre District also known as The Street, The Rialto, and the Main Stem. Since it is located in the very hub of New York City, the Theatre District has a vast variety of amazing restaurants that deliver international delicacies and amusement spots. It is also one of the first places in America to inculcate street lightning.

What to do there: Visit the Theatre District during the daylight to explore impressive statues. You can relish a luxurious dinner in one of this region’s global restaurants. If you visit it early, you’ll be able to witness the transformation of this dreamy spot with well-lit billboards and drama-lovers running to take their seats. And of course, enjoy a Broadway show with your loved ones. Whether you go for musicals or something more modern, there is a show for everyone.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building has over a hundred floors that stand impressively at 443 meters. This magnificent building was the tallest building in the world for around forty years. You’ll be impressed to know that the Empire State Building has appeared in more than 200 movies and TV shows since its construction. It also houses numerous inspection decks, telescopes, a radio station, fairs, gift shops, and cafeterias.

What to do there: You’ll discover bronze portrays of the art used to construct the tower in the main lobby. You can also wade in one of the gift shops and buy some souvenirs. Enjoying a luxurious meal in one of the building’s global restaurants is also a good idea. If you want to travel back in time, visit the Dare to Dream exhibit. By reaching the 86th floor through the elevator, you’ll be able to enjoy the highest outdoor observation deck in New York!

Time Square


Time Square is the leading commercial, retail, and amusement area in New York. It is among the world's most busy pedestrian zones with around 300,000 individuals walking through it each day. The hustle of the city it has also earned it names such as The Centre of the Universe and the Crossroads of the World. It is particularly lively at the weekends.

What to do there: Time Square is one of the best places to observe people from all kinds of backgrounds. You’d want to keep your camera around to take pictures with people dressed up in famous Disney characters. You’ll also come across numerous landmarks in Time Square. We recommend you visit the Paramount Building, which once housed the Paramount Theatre. If you’re out before midnight, you’ll witness all of the signs synchronising for a magnificent display of digital art!

Chinatown Manhattan


Manhattan's Chinatown gives a glance into a whole different world. The rich heritages, ethnicities, culture, and history mix to make it an appealing and charming place. It is an ideal place to not only try delicious Chinese delicacies but also to buy unique items such as organic remedies, charms, and anxiety relievers. Galleries, sculptures, and shrines make Chinatown stand out.

What to do there: Walk along Chinatown's small yet lively streets to take a glimpse of a disparate side to the Big Apple. Enjoy the delicious mouth-watering Chinese food. China town, as the name suggests, is the go-to spot for enjoying Chinese cuisine like soups, noodles, and dumplings. You will also come across many fortune tellers, acrobats, dance troops, and opera singers. Enjoy the traditional Chinese culture, Chinese remedies, and even luck amulets!

Tips for a New York Tourist

Don't be Afraid to Wander

New York City is among the safest cities in the whole of the US. The days when people were told to try and not wander off in the Lower East Side of the city are way past us. Now, it is absolutely safe to visit any place in the city at any time of the day. In fact, while doing this you will be able to find many different exciting things and places which you otherwise won’t. By just wandering around the city, you will also be able to have some alone time, meet new people and build connections for a lifetime.

However, bear in mind that NYC is an urban city, so don't try to go to a lone street without anyone by your side at 3 A.M. Therefore, download an app that allows you to map your walking routes. An app such as 'Trails' will enable you to live in the moment by tracking your steps and allowing you to retrace your steps back to a spot that you missed. You can also insert photos, videos, notes and audio clips for making memories.

Find a Hotel in a Convenient Area

You will be able to spare some cash if you book a hotel room on the outskirts of the area, but it is never worth it. This is because most of the best places are on the inner sides of the city as it is one of the most crowded cities in the whole world with attractions for tourists all over. Also, you will be wasting a lot of time on the streets to get to your destination which you could spend appreciating even more beautiful sights. Your tour will be a lot more fun if you can stay at the hotel to rest, change clothes whenever needed and run back to your destination spot.

An average hostel in NYC is a much better alternative than an expensive hotel in New Jersey. Why should you pay for an entire day at the hotel when you only need a room for a few hours? By-the-hour hotel rooms will enable you to cut down on your expenses immensely. Sites such as will provide you with a list of hotels where you can stay for a minimum of four hours.

Wake up Early

This is one of the most crucial travel tips to enjoy your trip. Waking early in the morning will enable you to look at the city and absorb its rich culture much better. If you do not wake up early, you will not be able to find a peaceful place as all the streets will be crowded. You won’t be able of experience anything different than your routine life. After all, you can experience crowded streets at any part of the world but quiet serene views in a city like New York are worthwhile. Also, by waking up early you will be able to visit the famous tourist attractions without having to wait in long queues. You’ll be that early bird that catches the worm.

Also, food is one of the most important parts of a travel experience. You learn so much about a city and its culture by the kind of food they have. Only by setting your voyage early in the morning can you have the most important meal of the day i.e., breakfast in a city such as New York.

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The Big Apple

New York, a truly global city is home to many people of varying ethnicities and origins. It houses multiple cuisines and has something for everyone. Make sure you have a planned out itinerary so that your trip is much more efficient. Try keeping all kinds of places on the itinerary, and not just places to visit. Include places where you can shop, eat and go for sightseeing. Do not forget to take lots of photos!