Don Jackets That Bring Your A-Game for Winter 2022. Have a Look at the Hottest Types of Jackets for Women and Enjoy the Warmth They Bring

Don Jackets That Bring Your A-Game for Winter 2022. Have a Look at the Hottest Types of Jackets for Women and Enjoy the Warmth They Bring

When it is winter, you ought to revisit your wardrobe by going for jackets for women, coats for women. The one that’s comfortable and warm but leaves you looking like an unfashionable marshmallow. With tons of jackets available in the market and in the fashion industry, all one needs to do is take a pick which jacket goes best with the outfit and looks great while going out. Here are a few winter jackets that we think are essential for this winter.

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Of Both Style and Utility: Buying with Care

The two most important features we look for when buying clothes are utility and style. The utility serves the purpose of clothing which is to protect us from the weather while style serves our aesthetic sense. Clothes that serve only a utility purpose will be ugly and will make us look unattractive. That is one of the reasons why no designer sews attires keeping only the utility factor in mind. Enough thought is expended on the appearance factor as is apparent from the existence of a variety of colours and patterns in clothing items.

We are human beings and conditioned to consider both utility and fashion whenever we are buying any object. This conditioning is the strongest when it comes to clothes. However, it is a challenge to hit the bull’s eye in both factors. Sometimes, we buy clothes that are great in terms of style but for fall flat when it comes to utility. Sometimes, it is vice versa. We will discuss winter jackets for women in this article and help you strike a balance between utility and style so that you get the best purchase for yourself.

How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket?

Style is subjective and it is fairly easy to select the most stylish winter jacket for yourself. You have to consider what colour suits you best and what design you can carry. The tricky part is finding a winter jacket that is effective against the weather. Following are five points that will help you choose the most effective winter jacket based on usage and weather.

Location and Occasion

Location and occasion are important considerations when purchasing any attire. Location decides the utility characteristics of the clothing item like fabric, cut, seams, pockets and coverage while occasion decides the aesthetic features like colour, design and patterns. For example, you will need an insulated and padded winter jacket if the location is a trekking camp in the Himalayas but a thin cardigan will suffice if the location is a pleasant hill station. Similarly, you will wear a trendy and casual jacket to a party but will wear a formal blazer to a business meeting.


Insulation in jackets determines what temperatures they can protect you from. A thin layer of insulation will be effective against mild cold weather but will be unable to keep you warm in the bitter cold. You should select jackets with thick insulation layers if you have low endurance to cold or you need to wear them in areas where the temperature can fall considerably. The main task of a winter jacket is to protect you from the cold hence insulation is an extremely important point to consider when buying winter jackets.



Weatherproof jackets will protect your clothing (what you are wearing underneath the jacket) from rain and snow. You must get such jackets if you intend to wear them outdoors in cold places that experience frequent rainfall and snowfall. Mountain climbers, trekkers and campers must consider this important factor when purchasing jackets. So do residents of cold and wet geographies.


Nobody understands the value of pockets in clothes until they are in need of them. Pockets are the most useful feature in any clothing item, be it in winter jackets or trousers. You can use them to carry important items you need while travelling like wallets, purses, keys, cash, cards, etc., or use them to cover your hands. A winter jacket with no pockets is a poorly designed attire and you must not waste money on them. Ensure that the winter jacket has at least two pockets before deciding to purchase it.


A winter jacket must fit your body frame if it has to be both effective and stylish. A loose-fitting winter jacket will not keep you warm as the cold will sneak in through the gaps. It will also give you an odd appearance as you will look shapeless, much bigger than your actual frame. A tightly fitting winter jacket, on the other hand, will make you extremely uncomfortable. You will feel suffocated and will not be able to move your arms freely. Hence, you need to buy a jacket that fits your body frame perfectly. Be aware of your body measurements or try them out in the trial room before purchasing.

10 Types of Winter Jackets for Women

This list consists of 10 types of winter jackets for women. It has been compiled after considering both style and utility. Follow this BP Guide to choose the best jacket for yourself.


This Sweatshirt is both trendy and classy. It is baby pink in colour and has a typography pattern on the left side of the front zip closure. The sweatshirt is of regular length and has an adjustable hood. This long-sleeved sweatshirt has two pockets to protect your hands from the cold or to carry any object. It is made from 100% cotton which makes it a comfortable attire. It is priced at Rs. 1,699.


This full-sleeved windcheater is black in colour with red accents. It is made from polycotton, has a front zip closure and consists of 18 pockets. It is ideal for walks, jogging, trekking, camping and biking. The jacket covers from the neck to the waist and can protect your clothing from dust and dirt. Besides, it is waterproof. The many pockets allow you to carry handy items that you might need while adventuring. This Windcheater is a must-have for you if you are into outdoor adventure activities. It is priced at Rs. 1,199.

Leather Jacket

This full-sleeved leather jacket is grey in colour, is of cropped length and has a broad lapel collar. It has a trendy appearance with the grey colour and zip details at the front and on the arms. It has a front zip closure. All the zips are metallic. You can buy this Leather Jacket for Rs. 3,200.



This blue-coloured Blazer from Marks and Spencer will be a perfect addition to your winter work attire. It is full-sleeved, has a notched lapel and a one-button closure. It is made from blended fabric (98% cotton and 2% elastane) and has a stone-washed look. You can pair it with similar coloured pants or a skirt and a white shirt to complete your office look. It is priced at Rs. 4,499.

Trench Coat

This classic-looking double-breasted trench coat is full-sleeved, sports a notch lapel collar and button details as a pattern. The button details also serve as front closure. It comes with a belt that can be fastened around the waist. Trench Coats are highly effective against cold weather and this coat is no exception to that rule. The most attractive feature of this coat is its vintage design which is accentuated by its military beige colour. You can get this trench coat for Rs. 6,995.

Quilted Jacket

This is a must-have for you if you are into high-altitude trekking. This padded jacket has enough layering to withstand temperatures as low as -5 degree C. It is grey in colour with zip closure and is made up of durable material. It is waterproof and lightweight thus it gives warmth but does not weigh down upon the wearer. This Jacket comes at a price of Rs. 3,099.

Denim Jacket

No wardrobe is complete without classic denim apparel. Since we are enlisting winter jackets for women here, we have this denim jacket from Forever 21. It has the classic light blue stone-washed look, the button flap front pockets and button closure. It has a detachable grey-coloured hood that you can remove or attach via a zipper. The drawstrings on the hood make it adjustable. The jacket is full-sleeved and comes at a price of Rs. 2,299.

Faux Fur Coat

This Woven Coat has a faux fur collar which can be removed. It is full-sleeved and has a button closure at the front. The coat is printed with an orange, brown and blue plaid pattern which gives it the classic elite look. The faux fur collar adds to that appearance. The front slant pockets are perfect to protect your hands from the cold or carry any object. This is a must-have apparel for you if you take fashion seriously. You can purchase this coat for Rs. 3,999.

Cape Coat

This chic Cape Coat scores top marks in both the style and utility factors. The design, colour and front button closure add to the style quotient while the two slit pockets and hood add to the utility value. The design is an amalgamation of the 17th-century classic cape coat and the modern hipster cape coat. It's jet black colour allows it to be paired with pants of any colour. You can carry objects in the slit pockets and the hood will keep your head warm during windy days. The cape coat comes at a price of Rs. 3,995.

Wrap Coat

This casual and collared wrap coat is made of wool with polyester lining. It is of calf length and full-sleeved and does a good job at keeping the cold out. The coat is made from maroon-coloured fabric, has two flap pockets and has a button closure. It also comes with a belt to be fastened around the waist. You can purchase this Wrap Coat for Rs. 5,495.

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Best Colour for Winter Jacket

The best winter coats for women will keep you warm and stylish. If you only want one colour coat to get you through winter, black is eternally classic, stylish, and versatile. However, if you want to mix it up, bright colours such as red, yellow, and green are a great way to inject some fun into cold, dreary days.