Gifting Women in the Workplace: 11 of the Best Gifts Ideas for Women at Work to Empower them and Celebrate their Good Work (2022)

Gifting Women in the Workplace: 11 of the Best Gifts Ideas for Women at Work to Empower them and Celebrate their Good Work (2022)

Gifting women in the workplace falls under corporate gifting. Be it your sister, cousin, relative or keen. When giving such a gift, consider their profession, what they normally use on daily basis and even your relationship with them. This will help when figuring out the type of gift, which could be a utility gift or even a personalized gift for the women who are close to you. BP Guide has listed for you some best gift ideas for women at work below, read through to figure out what and how to choose and gift.

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Why Should you Present a Gift to a Working Woman

Though a lot of people emphasize on women empowerment but often forget to appreciate and say thank you to the women they have in life. Women dedicatedly shower you love & care throughout their life. You can also show your gratitude to the women who helped you grow professionally and personally by giving them a present.

We all know a career-driven women, be at home or in office, whether she is a co-worker or an employee, deserve to feel special. Women perform every given task with perfection and in time.
These days even corporate organizes a cake cutting ceremony with a rose & a chocolate or some other small gift for every women working with them to celebrate their achievement on women’s day. Though giving gifts are not mandatory in office but creating a culture of healthy & professional gift giving is not too much to celebrate a women’s achievement.

How Much Should you Spend on a Gift

Co-workers after spending some time together, become family. sometimes it’s tough to keep a strict check on gift budget for a woman colleague as she might be your friend too in office. You always want to give the best without burning you pocket. Set a budget and make a list of people you want to buy gift next month and accordingly for close family members you would definitely want to spend more and for colleagues you can buy a little less expensive item. Avoid giving multiple items such as a face wash, body lotion or moisturizer. You might overspend this way instead buy a gift box (skin care gift set) which contains 2-3 items and will cost less. No matter what, don't go beyond your budget as this will help you to manage your finance better.

Celebrate the Small Things at Work Place

Its not always that a gift is to be given for a professional reason like, on promotion, target completion, or around performance review. For some personal occasions of colleague / employee like Birthday or anniversaries, wedding or when a woman is returned to work post completion of maternity leave, entire team can contribute with a fair amount in gift giving process. Companies too show appreciation to employees to retail employees. Sometimes a small gift is enough to motivate a colleague and to build their confidence.

11 Best & Unique Gifts for Working Women

Selecting a perfect gift for a coworker is difficult, it is even more difficult if the gift is for a woman colleague. Some women are very particular about few things. Here we are suggesting some incredible gift ideas for a woman at work.

1. Unique little jar of goodluck


This little jar of good luck is a unique & hand made thoughtful gift to express your gratitude & appreciation to a colleague such as leaving or starting a new job or need some motivation and inspiration while working in office. You can express your feelings through the power of words in a thoughtful, touching way. These charming set of quotes, affirmations and humour inspire and uplift. Simply conveyance good luck captured in a Jar. This can be bought from Etsy for Rs.1,407/-.

2. Light weight silver jewellery

Most women love to wear jewellery. Gifting a light weight daily wear jewellery to a female colleague & friend in office will make her so delightful. A simple piece of jewellery enhances women’s personality, make them look beautiful and stylish.

This silver enamelled earrings crafted in 925 silver with a shiny oxidised finish is a unique and ideal gift for working women. This is a fashionable gift and a token of appreciation for your colleague. Uniquely handcrafted, this stunning earing can be worn with any outfit. This beautiful earing set weighs 6.000 gm can be bought from Carat Lane. The original price of the product is Rs.2,100/-, post discount it is Rs.1,890/-.

3. Hair straightening brush


Women are always conscious about their physical appearance. A hair straightening brush from Philips StyleCare makes a woman feel good and look presentable in office. It provides naturally straight, beautifully shiny hair in just 5 mins. It’s an ideal gift for a woman at work. It gives healthy-looking, frizz-free hair. The temperature of the bristles stays at an optimized level to minimize the heat damage while reducing friction which helps the hair to stay smooth and silky. There are two temperature settings (170°C & 200°C) to best suit your hair type. The protective ceramic coating evenly distributes heat across your hair so that it gives your hair a shiny look and help to avoid any hair damage. It also comes with a storage hook and swivel cord. It has a total of 247 number of bristles. This Philips StyleCare essential hair straightening brush can be purchased from Croma for Rs.2,899/-.

4. Insulated travel coffee mug


An insulated travel coffee mug is an ideal gift for a woman at work. It can be given as a gift for praising her for a job well done. With this mug she doesn’t need to sip coffee on room-temperature. This is made of stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated travel tumbler (with lid) coffee mug, keeps beverages cold for 6 hours and hot for 4 hours. It's easy to carry and provide better grip. she can also carry her tea, coffee, hot chocolate or health drink while on the go with comfort. This is available on Amazon for Rs.649/-.

5. Skin care gift box

  • Though skin care is basic but not every woman spend a lot on buying a skin care regime for themselves. Gifting a luxury skin care gift set from Kama Ayurveda is a perfect gift for congratulating a close female friend/sister who recently secured a new job or as a birthday gift to a working women you know well. These must-have skincare products are gentle, effective and authentic. This must have skin care gift box can be purchased from Kama Ayurveda at a price of Rs.1,500/-.

    It contains:

  • Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil which helps hydrate dry and irritated skin.
  • Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser100% natural face wash that effectively cleans skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  • Pure Rose Water which is an incredible facial toner and natural astringent, it balances and restores the skin’s pH level and helps tighten pores.
  • Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream moisturises skin, prevents acne, blemishes, fine lines and gives adequate sun protection.
  • Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream reduce blemishes and Saffron brightens skin and reduces pigmentation.

6. Wireless earbuds with mic


This is an excellent gift option for your sister or a friend/women who is always busy with office work. She can listen to music and can take calls too (if job requires to take frequent calls) with comfort and ease while working and travelling. This wireless earbuds from boat have 12 months warranty, clear sound quality and retails at Rs.1,299/-. You can buy it from Croma. It enhances your music listening experience with 12 hours of playtime and 2 hours of charging time. It is equipped with a multi-function button for call and music control. Its stereo built-in-mic provides hands free experience. The in-ear design provides passive noise cancellation support which makes it more advanced. Also, both left and right earbuds are capable of working alone. They don’t mess up your hair or interfere with your glasses or earrings.

7. Chocolate box


Chocolates are women’s best friend. They are mood enhancer. They are happy, sad or hungry, a chocolate instantly bring smile. A box of chocolates can be gifted personally & professionally too. Whether you have to express gratitude or appreciate a team member for outstanding performance in a quarter or casually say thank you, chocolates are best workplace gift. This 24 pieces Ferrero Rocher box and a blissful Ganesha table top, can be sent from Ferns & Petals for Rs.2,499/-. This Lord Ganesha 4*4 table top is made of medium-density fibreboard and gives festive vibes with beautiful and thoughtful Divine Surprise.

8. Gift a spa experience at home

  • A Working woman handles both her home and professional duties well. She gets tired too while performing this duties day on day basis. Sometimes a Massage therapy is all you need to get relief from stress, to relax muscle tissue & to experience other health related benefits. Massage therapy can give you relief from physical pain or discomfort that can lead to mental stress and depression.

    This at home spa & massage service from Urban Clap is a perfect gift for a working woman. Spa at home is easier as you don’t have to go through waiting in line and don’t need to take the hassle of reaching to a certain location.

    You can gift this spa experience to your wife or mother who are professionals and spend 8-9 hours of duties at office and handles kids at home and cook food too. Urban Clap sends trained therapist, they carry their own massage bed, natural essential oils and disposables including sheets, towels etc. they create a relaxing spa ambiance including candles, aroma & soothing music. It helps you get sound sleep, relieves pain & lower blood pressure. You can gif a spa by selecting a therapy like coffee body polish, Swedish stress relief and pain relief, top to toe therapy at different prices like Rs.1,199 & Rs.1,399/-. You can select city and address book an appointment.

9. Personalised water bottles


Personalised gifts are always better than other gifts as it shows that you have made that little effort of giving the gift a personal touch and people connect with personalised gifts. It will be a memorable gift for a woman at work as it will be with them even if they change job. You colleague will admire such gesture as it helps in building strong rapport and relationship with them.

This personalised name white water bottle from Ferns & Petals can hold liquid up to 650ml water. It's made of aluminium and contains a steel holder in the cap for attaching the bottle conveniently. You need to provide them a name for personalisation. The price of the bottle is Rs.499/-.

10. Stylish laptop bag


There is no better professional gift for a working women than a laptop bag which can be used either for an office or a work trip or a weekend getaway, they cannot leave behind essential items like Laptop and its charger, wallets & pen. This is for the stylish women in your family who are professionals, working and likes to maintain class.

This multi-colour Mandala print laptop bag is available on Amazon for Rs.3,998/-, after discount price of the product is 1,499/-. This is a proudly Indian and 100% PeTA approved vegan product with a stylish mandala pattern. It has sturdy and durable accessories, with a zip closure and adjustable side strap. It has double handles for easy carrying and a back chain for easy access. There is also a front pocket with zipper closure, for storing other items. The bag contains a single large compartment. This has a separate inner padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop. The main compartment has an in-built phone, keychain and pen slot.

11. Microwave office lunch box


This gift is for a woman who brings home cooked meal to office every day. It is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 350°c; 4 containers with 2 containers of 320ml each + 2 containers of 240ml each comes in blue colour lunch box. It is microwave, leak proof. fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe. Unlike plastic or ordinary glass, will not reach chemicals into your food even after repeated usage. It Is harder and tougher than ordinary glass, scratch resistant & retains perfect clarity. Airtight seal keeps odours out and freshness in. it comes with 1 year warranty on manufacturing defect. This is available on Amazon for Rs.1,358/-.

Few Points to Remember Before Selecting a Gift

Gifting at work place should always be as per company’s gift giving policy. Below are some points which you should avoid/ consider while giving gifts to a working woman.

  • Always look for a meaningful and useful gift for a colleague. Always think from the receiver’s perspective before buying, if they would really like the gift.
  • Some gifts like clothes or perfume are very personal choice, avoid giving them unless you know a woman well.
  • Avoid giving expensive gift items as women might not like to accept the expensive gift from a colleague as it will make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Your gift should always be a professional one as you are giving it to a female colleague and she might take it as a wrong gesture.
  • When you are unsure of what should you gift then you can opt for a pre-loaded gift card from Amazon or other websites so that women can buy gift of their own choice. These cards are acceptable online and offline too.
  • You should never gift a co- worker with intention of getting some favour from them as it's not ethical.
  • Don’t give cheap quality products in office as they spoil your image.
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Unique Gifts to Celebrate Women in the Workplace.

Above are some of the best gift ideas for working women. To select a gift to give, make sure it's meaningful and useful. For personal gifts, only give if you know them well. Avoid too expensive gifts and many more such considerations have been made on the section: "Few Points to Remember Before Selecting a Gift". Also, remember that celebrating women at work is a way to show you gratitude, friendship or even love depending on who you are gifting, whether a family member, acquaintance/colleague or life partner. All in all, when looking for gifts to show them how much you value them, above are 11 of the best gift ideas for women at work.