Uplift Your Mood in a Jiffy: 30 Best Electric Diffusers for Making Your Surroundings Smell Lovely in 2022

Uplift Your Mood in a Jiffy: 30 Best Electric Diffusers for Making Your Surroundings Smell Lovely in 2022

No matter how much interest we take in dressing up homes or our office spaces, it’s never really complete without a hint of sweet fragrance. When you head over to the market for buying a good aroma diffuser in India, then you will find yourself surrounded by a ton of different options/varieties for the same kind of products. For helping you in this situation, we come up with this fantastic post about best-selling electric diffusers.

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What are Diffusers and Why They Are a Good Idea!

Diffusers are basically the devices that are used for diffusing aromatic oils, camphor and so on. Essential oils are famous for their calming and soothing properties. Moreover, the fragrance of these oils brings positive vibes across the place. Certain essential oils also have therapeutic and medicinal properties. The diffuser thus burns the oil and diffuses it in the vapour from across the home. Nowadays, there are different types of diffusers available in the market. If you are a first-time buyer then here are the kinds of diffusers you should know about.

Different Types of Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

The wooden sticks are placed in the bottle containing the essential oil in the Reed diffusers. The wooden sticks start absorbing the essential oil all the way up to the tip. Once the oil reaches the top of the reed, it starts diffusing in the air. There is no need for heat, electricity or water in this type of diffuser. Moreover, the oil scent will last as long as there is some in the bottle. Reed diffusers are relatively simpler to use and maintain.

Nebulizer Diffusers

Nebulizer diffuser as the name suggests comes with a pump which breaks the molecule and spreads the fragrance across. Compared to the Reed diffuser it is more effective or rather quick in spreading the fragrance. The speed at which the fragrance is spread in the room depends on the speed of the pump. As far as cleaning and maintenance go, nebulizer diffusers could be a little tricky especially if there are some small pieces and attachments. You can use some good cleaning agents for cleaning these diffusers on a regular basis.

Ultrasonic or Electric Diffuser

Also known as an electric diffuser, the ultrasonic diffuser dispenses the oil through the vibration of the plate. The ultrasonic diffuser comes with a small water tank and then you can add a few drops of essential oil. When the plates vibrate, it causes the oil to mix in water and diffused as a fine mist into the air.

Heat Diffuser

As the name suggests, the oil is heated to the point where it converts to vapour and is diffused into the air. Heat diffusers generally work by placing the candle or the source of heat beneath the plate above which the drops of oil is poured. Although, a budget-friendly option, heat diffusers come with certain caveats such as not being suitable when the kids are around.

Top 30 Electric Diffusers in India: Choose From Our Curated List and Make Your Surroundings Fragrant

Top Rated Electric Diffusers Under Rs. 1000

1. Pure Source India Electric Aroma Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a budget-friendly electric diffuser that is not compromised on quality Pure Source Diffuser is for you. This aroma burner is completely made in India and uses 40/60 watts bulb as the heat source. In the night the diffuser can double as a night light also along with dissipating the aromatic oil. The aroma diffuser is enough to cover up to 500 sq ft in the closed space. When buying this electric diffuser, make sure to purchase the bulb also along with it. You can buy this multipurpose aroma diffuser on Amazon for just Rs. 799.

2. Kraftmania Electric Ceramic Oil Aroma Burner

Source www.amazon.in

This Buddha-shaped electric diffuser is all things modish. Made from ceramic the burner diffuses enough fragrance of the essential oils to take away the most rigid smells such as bathroom odour, pet urine etc. All you need to do is to put a few drops of oil and it will gradually fill the entire room with the fragrance and good vibes. You can buy this lightweight and beautiful electric oil diffuser on Amazon for just Rs. 599 after a hefty discount that is running currently on the website.

3. Raj Royal Green Oval Shaped Ceramic Electric Aroma Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

This Ancient matki shape oil diffuser is suitable for both home and office space. It works on the same principle of water and bulb where the dish is filled with 80% water and the bulb in the holder is then lit. The scent of the oil will start dissipating once the water is heated with the help of the bulb. There are in total four shades of this oil diffuser available on Amazon for Rs. 789.

4. FStyler Electric 2IN1 Multi-Color Glass Aroma Oil Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

The plug in ceramic camphor diffuser from FStyler is a perfect addition to your bohemian interior. Perhaps, one of the simplest diffusers, all you need to do is to plug in the daani into the socket and switch it on. The camphor on the plate will start diffusing slowly into the air. You can also use the diffuser for dissipating essential oil just by putting a few drops onto the plate. Buy this oil diffuser on Amazon for just Rs. 999.

5. CIKONZA Multipurpose Direct Plug

Source www.amazon.in

For those who are looking for a mini plug-in diffuser, Cikonza multipurpose electric oil burner is a perfect option. Once you have put the dhoop or incense on the plate and plugged in the daani, just switch it on. The burner is powerful enough to burn and dissipate the fragrance into the atmosphere. Save your time with this mini electric oil diffuser and get the perfect vibe and fragrance in your house. This mini-burner is available on Amazon for just Rs. 599.

6. Homecenter Fusion Electrical Aroma Diffuser with LED

Ever wanted a cool-looking electrical diffuser that does not look like an odd one out in the scheme of your interior décor? If yes then this electrical diffuser from Home Centre is what you need. Suitable for all types of fragrances, this microporous electrical diffuser also has a very futuristic design and aesthetics. It’s not just the aroma that you will buy this electrical diffuser for but also its ability to double up as a LED light lamp. Made from sturdy material like polypropylene, the diffuser is easy to operate and maintain. Buy this diffuser at Home Centre for just Rs. 799 and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

7. Shoppo Street Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

The 2-in-1 device works as an oil diffuser as well as a mist humidifier. That’s not all as this diffuser from Shopstreet comes loaded with features such as LED light, anti-dry, 4 hours of automatic power and so on. Further, the ANION function ensures that the air negative ions such as smoke from cigarettes and other pollutants are negated when air positive ions are released. Further, the ultrasonic technology ensures that the sound is very low and does not interfere with your work or sleep. This device is available for purchase on Amazon for just Rs. 729.

8. Earth Shala Electric Aroma Diffuser - I

Source awenest.in

We liked the white ceramic design of this oil diffuser that comes with an electric option. Either use it as a night lamp or essential oil diffuser depending on your choice. Again, one of the simplest diffusers out there, all it requires is a couple of drops of oil and a power socket to function. Along with the pack, you also get 5ml aroma oil. Buy this simple yet powerful oil diffuser on awenest.in for just Rs. 810.

9. Oil Diffuser Air Treatment Humidifier with Night Light

Source metamersh.com

If you want an aroma diffuser that compliments your smart home, then this app-controlled diffuser is a perfect choice. Along with the aroma diffuser and humidifier, this device can also double up as an LED lamp for your home. Moreover, the type C charging port of this diffuser makes it compatible with contemporary USB chargers. Use it at home or put it in a corner of your office, this aroma diffuser exhibits sophistication. You can buy this Oil diffuser on Meta Mersh for just Rs. 349.

10. Spinel Microporous Aroma Diffuser

If you want to use an aroma diffuser in the comfort of your home or car, then Spinel Microporous Aroma Diffuser is the best fit. Sturdy design and powerful performance make it perfect for small spaces. In addition to the diffuser, you also get the night light built making the device multipurpose. Buy this cute-looking oil diffuser from homecenter.in for just Rs. 699.

Best High End Diffusers Under Rs.5000

11. Rosemoore Equilibrium White Plug-in Oil Burner

This white plug-in aroma diffuser from Rosemoor Equilibrium offers a clean fragrance just after a few drops of oil. The ultrasonic technology of the diffuser ensures that there is the least sound along with the maximum fragrance. Apart from it being electric and clean, we liked the intricate design of the diffuser that adds to the overall charm and will suit all kinds of interior decoration. The beautiful electric oil diffuser is available on rosemoore.co.in for just Rs. 1,251.

12. Iris Electric Vaporizer Ceramic Perforated Lamp in White Colour

This electric vaporizer comes is a strong performer at home and office alike. The perforated design ensures that the diffuser can also be used as the night lamp, enhancing the overall décor of the home. Simple and easy to use, the diffuser is also easy to maintain as all you need is a dry cotton or muslin cloth that can be used to clean the diffuser. You can buy this beautiful diffuser on the official website of your Home Town for just Rs. 2,000.

13. Naturalis Aroma Diffuser

Add flair to home and office with this beautiful forest-themed oil diffuser from Naturalis. The metal exterior is sturdy and durable perfect for keeping it anywhere without having to worry. Apart from the beautiful design, there are other features also making this diffuser unique such as low and high mist mode, 4 times settings, Color changing lights, auto shut off during the low water level and so on. Along with these top-class features, you also get five different aroma oils with this pack. Buy this Naturalis aroma diffuser device on the official website of naturalis.co for just Rs. 3,250.

14. Dr Recommends Essential Oil Diffuser

This whispering quiet diffuser is suitable for your bedroom, baby room or even the office space. It can run up to 12 hours non-stop as a humidifier and as a diffuser, it is quite effective for quick dissipation of the vapour. Quiet does not mean that you have to worry about switching it off as the auto-off mode takes care of that. This high-quality diffuser is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 1,299.

15. Dr Trust Aroma Oil Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

Dr Trust diffuser cum humidifier not just looks good but also works efficiently. The full tank capacity is up to 200 ml and the device functions for up to 6 hours. The diffuser ensures that the air is purified and negates the different types of skin issues and inflammations. The device can be further used as an aroma diffuser by diffusing the essential oil into the air. Dr Trust diffuser is available on drtrust.in for just Rs. 1,899.

16. Soulflower Aroma Plastic Diffuser

Your first impression would be beautiful when you see this plastic diffuser from Soulflower. The metallic design touch and the intricate designs are nothing short of marvellous. Moreover, the diffuser is completely simple to operate and easy to maintain. All you need to do is add water and your choice of essential oil to the tank. Once the water heats, the drops of essential oil dissipate into the air bringing in liveliness and positive vibes. Use it as a diffuser, humidifier or simply a night lamp to uplift the vibe of the place. Buy this diffuser on tatacliq.com for just Rs. 3,739.

17. All in Exporters DT-1509GS Electric Aroma Diffuser

Available in a range of trendy colours, Allin is a perfect diffuser for you if you are looking for stylish and sophisticated devices. The electric aroma diffuser is packed with exciting features such as multiple LED lights, a charger and a measurement cup. The diffuser is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 1,599.

18. kapimo Electric Aroma Oil Diffuser Humidifier

The dark wood finish design along with the Smart touch sensor is a perfect example of the beauty and functionality of this device. Kapimo electric diffuser is portable and comes with an adjustable mist output. You can select between the seven LED lights or just fix at just one matching the décor of your home. The diffuser can work between 7-9 hours and comes with a safety auto-off feature. This diffuser is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 2616.

19. DI GRAZIA Room Office Home Electric Air Purifier

The high-speed purifying diffuser from Di Grazia diffuses the aroma quickly into the air, purifying the entire space. Apart from creating a therapeutic and pleasant atmosphere, the diffuser helps to ease out various ailments such as cough, sinus and so on. This diffuser is available to buy on Flipkart for just Rs. 2,499.

20. India Meets India Ceramic Heat Diffuser

Handmade directly from the pottery hub of India – Khurja, this ceramic heat diffuser comes is perfect for home decoration and gifting. Use it to dissipate the essential oils into the air or just use it as a decorative lamp for that perfect vibe. This diffuser is easy to plug in and use for everyone. When you buy this diffuser, you also get Lavender essential oil with the pack. Buy this diffuser online on Flipkart for just Rs. 1,559.

Best Electric Diffusers Above Rs.5000

21. Smart Aroma Diffuser

So, if you are strolling around to buy new gadgets for your house such as Bluetooth speakers, a diffuser; then look no further. Smart Aroma Diffuser from Doctor Dreams is everything you want in your modern home for good vibes. The app-supported diffuser doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. You also get Amazon Alexa inbuilt and 10 light modes to match the décor and your mood. Just about right in size, the diffuser can fit in any corner of your house. Sturdily built and good design is also the USP of this diffuser cum Bluetooth speaker. Buy Doctor Dreams aroma on the official website of Doctor Dreams for just Rs. 5,397.

22. Iris Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

For those who are looking for an aroma diffuser that can also elevate the entire décor of their house, Iris Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser is a perfect pick. One of the nicest things about this diffuser is its built quality and the material used. The design and the shade match with every décor adding to the style and beauty. This ultrasonic diffuser is up for purchase on shopperstop.com for just Rs. 5,750.

23. Iris Ultrasonic Diffuser Netted Black( Black)

It is not just the design of this Iris ultrasonic diffuser that appealed us but also the performance. The netted black design gives a very contemporary look to your home. Further, the diffuser is nothing short of setting a new standard in the aroma diffuser category by emitting a cool mist and spreading the fragrance very quickly, covering the entire space. The positivity and good vibes will be all around you as you switch on this simple yet powerful diffuser in a corner of your home. You can buy this diffuser on At Home for just Rs. 8,000.

24. Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser- Large

Source www.ajio.com

If you are someone who is a big fan of variation as per the requirement then this aroma diffuser is for you. Not only does it diffuse the essential oil aroma quickly into the air, but also comes with some interesting controls. For instance, it comes with a two-step brightness adjustment that can be used as a simple table light without emitting the mist. Further, there are different timer settings such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes. The colour white looks ultra-luxe. You can buy this Ajio for just Rs. 6,590.

25. All in Exporters Mist Humidifier - White

The device has an extremely interesting design, something that falls straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, these rotating nozzles cover the maximum area leaving no corner without the fragrance. Moreover, there are three modes for controlling the diffuser – low, medium and high with the help of an adjustable mist knob. You also get a durable handle that can be used for lifting the humidifier. The 11-litre capacity ensures that the humidifier works for 24 hours non-stop. Auto shut-off function on the other hand promises maximum safety. This humidifier from Allin Exporters is available on firstcry.com for just Rs. 6,974.

26. Aromatech Aromini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatech Aromini humidifier emanates everything ultra-luxury. Apart from being a very strong diffuser, the device has every related feature that you can think of. The AroMini BT diffuser is packed with a cold-air diffusion technology that releases the nanoparticles without any residue. The technology ensures that the essence and the benefits of the essential oils are not burned out in the process of retaining the best part.

Further, the Bluetooth and nebulizing technology help in releasing the nanoparticles into the air which helps in creating a consistent fragrance and a subtle one. Buy this advanced aroma diffuser on ninecentral.in for just Rs. 37,596.

27. Aroma 24/7 Sensei Air Diffuser with Essential Oil Diffuser

Source www.amazon.in

Get the maximum health and therapeutic benefits of essential oil with the Sensei air diffuser. Suitable for home, office and car the diffuser can scent an area of up to 100 sqft. The nano diffusion technology of the device ensures that there is only a clean fragrance without leaving any residue behind. Another feature is the touch switch making the humidifier easy to operate. Moreover, the high-quality material of the device is pet friendly. Further, you get a one-year warranty on the device which adds to the trust. Use it as an oil diffuser or as a humidifier depending on your needs. Get this ultra-quiet, ultrasonic diffuser from Sensei on Amazon for just Rs. 5,999.

28. Neom Organics Wellbeing Pod - Essential Oil Diffuser

Source www.nykaa.com

Sometimes are requirements are as simple as a humidifier with long working hours and easy to clean. However, it is the simplest things that are hardest to find. You are in luck if you are looking for an elegant design, necessary function and powerful diffusion. The Neom Organics aroma oil diffuser not just looks uber cool but also maintains a high standard in features and specifications. The white colour with the golden stripe makes it a perfect décor item for contemporary home interiors. A very simple yet very powerful diffuser, you can buy Neom Organic diffuser on nykaa.com for just Rs. 23,450.

29. Ice Labs Essential Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers

Stimulate your senses and indulge in the therapeutic experience with an aroma oil diffuser from Ice Labs. Let’s talk about the design first which is low-key yet very stylish. You do not want the aroma diffuser in your house to be a dominant decorative piece and this diffuser fits your bill. Now, coming to the specifications, Ice Labs packs all the necessary functions such as auto-shut off for maximum safety, Multi-Colour LED lighting, timer and whispering quietly. Use it for your own space or gift it to someone, this aroma diffuser is a perfect mood-setter. Buy Ice Labs aroma oil diffuser on ubuy.co.in for just Rs. 3,377.

30. Serene House Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Light House Scentilizer Light Wood

The Serene House ultrasonic aroma diffuser creates an invigorating atmosphere with a mix of sound, light, aroma, sight and touch. Carved out of high-quality material such as porcelain and glass, the aromatic oil diffuser simply uplifts the overall vibe of the space. The decent design of the diffuser easily blends with the interior of the house and office. Powerful diffusion technology can cover the space up to 450 sq.ft. Keeping safety in mind the makers have put in features such as auto-shutoff, 5-hour continuous but 10-hour intermittent modes. Buy this urbane and classy diffuser on ubuy.in for just Rs. 3,198.

How to Choose Right Oil Diffuser: Our Top Tips

Type of Essential Oil You Want to Diffuse

You would know that some oils require relatively less temperature to start the diffusion process while others diffuse and very high temperatures. However, we all have our favourites and prefer to put only those essential oils that we like. So, if you like the essential oils that start dissipating into the air at minimum heat then better to buy the diffusers that do not rapidly heat but rather go from the warm to the heated stage at a relatively slower speed. There are various electric aroma oil diffusers that can be compared and bought depending on the pace at which they heat and burn the oil.

Format of the Diffuser

Source www.idiva.com

Again, this factor depends on the kind of mobility you have. If you want a diffuser that can be packed in a bag as you travel then rechargeable ones are the best. You can move them around without having to plug them to the wire all the time. However, these diffusers cover relatively less space. Reed diffusers or plug-in diffusers often cover more space. So, it stands true that it is not just your liking but also the mobility you should consider while picking up the right diffuser.

Run Time of the Diffuser

Depending on your needs, you can select the diffuser with longer run times or the shorter ones. Generally, the diffusers with longer run time are more apt for professional settings like office reception, hotel lobby and so on. Also, the diffusers that have longer run times might kick your budget up a notch. On the other hand, the diffusers with the shorter run time do fine in the home settings, office cabins and so on. Ultimately, the decision hinges on the amount you want to spend and the setting that you want the diffuser in.

Your Budget

A very big decision that we need to make even before start looking for a good quality diffuser is how much do you want to spend. So, there are some really smart diffusers out there embedded with state of the art technology and series of features. Then you also have those simpler ones wherein the diffuser does not double up as any other device. The real question in if you want to spend money and go for a multipurpose diffuser or settle down with the simpler one based on your need.


Last but not the least; maintenance plays a very big role in re-usability and repeat purchases. Imagine buying a diffuser that requires special solution or ingredients to clean. Moreover, the diffuser should be so that even if some part needs repair, it is easier to do so locally rather than discarding the whole item.

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That’s all folks! We hope you will get a good head start in your search for a good diffuser through our suggestions. The best diffuser for your needs is going to be the one that fits best with your decor or your lifestyle — because a diffuser you love is a diffuser you know that you’ll use regularly. Once you have your specs and needs set, it’s important that you find a diffuser that’s BPA-free. The vapour released should be pure and non-toxic. Double-check the diffuser’s cleaning instructions.