Do You Spend Most of Your Days on Your Laptop? Protect Your Eyes with These 30 Anti-Glare Glasses for Laptop in 2022

Do You Spend Most of Your Days on Your Laptop? Protect Your Eyes with These 30 Anti-Glare Glasses for Laptop in 2022

When you're working with a laptop or computer screen for much of your day, you might notice that the brightness emitted by the machine can cause your eyes to feel strained. Regardless if you have a prescription or not, anti-glare glasses can be worn to prevent harmful effects and reduce squinting in front of screens. To find the most effective and stylish options, we scoured the internet and made this list of 30 anti-glare glasses for laptops.

What Are Anti-Glare Glasses?

Anti- Glare Glasses are specifically designed to bring down the reflective light in the lenses. The coatings can be done on the back of the glass or front of the glass in order to regulate the amount of light that enters through the glass. If you are working for long hours in front of the laptop screen then anti-glare glasses are perfect way to avoid the harmful light in excessive. These anti-glare glasses are multipurpose as they can also be used during driving. However, if you are driving in the night then make sure to have anti-glare glasses with night vision ability.

Why Use Anti-Glare Lenses: Top Benefits You Should Know

If you are mulling to buy an anti-glare glass then let us tell you a few benefits of having one.

Less Stress on the Eyes

Our 9 to 5 jobs need us to spend maximum time in front of the computer screens. At the end of the day most of us feel fatigued and our eyes go under a lot of pressure. Putting anti-glare glasses on while working reduces the strain on the eyes as there is less requirement for squinting. In fact, you will be able to increase the amount of time in front of the laptop as the negative effect on the eyes will be far less.

Protection from UV Rays

These anti-glare laptop glasses are not just suitable for sitting and working in front of the system but can also be used outdoors. Apart from looking stylish, the anti-glare glasses save your eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays. Even better you can buy an anti-glare glass with photochromic or polarized lenses to ensure complete safety from the harmful UV rays.

Better Performance for the Sports Person

Well, there are so many ways in which anti-glare glasses can help the sport person in enhancing their performance. When playing on the field during the day or even when the flood lights are switched on, it becomes challenging to focus. For sports, there are specific kind of anti-glare glasses that come with polycarbonate lenses and wraparound frames. Usually, these glasses are recommended for the outdoor sports but can be worn inside also.

Improved Looks and Comfort

Be it outdoor gaming or working on the laptop, anti-glare glasses are a great way to protect our eyes from the harmful rays. However, that is not all as one of the hidden advantages of anti-glare glasses is that your pictures come better in it. If there is no anti-glare coating on the glasses then while taking the picture the normal glasses will reflect the light. This in turn is going to ruin your pictures big time.

Top 30 Anti-Glare Glasses To Consider: Our Curated List Selects the Best for You!

Best Unisex Anti-Glare Glasses

So, now that we have discussed a few benefits of anti-glare glasses, let us take our readers across the top picks in best anti-glare glasses for Laptop category.

1. Intellilens ® Square Unisex Blue Cut Spectacles


If you are suffering from headaches and strain on the eyes due to excessive exposure to the laptop screen, then this anti-glare glass from Intellilens might come in handy. Intellilens unisex anti-glare glass comes in a black shade and promises relief from excessive glare. The glasses are very effective in keeping off the lights that cause fatigue and strain to the eyes. Its advanced blue cut technology adds to the capacity of the glasses in blocking the blue light emitted by the laptop. You can buy these anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 695.

2. SilverCare Blue Ray Cut UV420 and Anti-Reflection Unisex Wayfarer Computer Protection Spectacle

For those who are looking for an anti-glare glass packed with top-notch technology but light on the pocket, Silvercare anti-glare glass is one of the best picks. The glasses are fitted with CR 39 lens with a dual anti-reflection coating for a better viewing experience. Further, the frame is made of top-notch TR material which has anti-cracking properties making it very useful. You can buy Silvercare anti-glare glasses on for just Rs. 299.

3. JIM HALO Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses, Reduce Eye Strain Anti Glare Clear Lens Video Eyeglasses Men Women Clear


Protect your eye against electronic devices such as laptops, mobile, television and so on with these unisex anti-glare glasses. The blue-light-blocking glasses come in a retro-style, plastic frame. Further, the UV400 protection successfully blocks the blue light from any electronic devices. The frame is transparent and very comfortable against the skin. You can select from Black, Tortoiseshell or clear frame depending on your choice. The glasses are very effective in blocking the blue light and therefore preventing excessive eye strain and fatigue. Buy these anti-glare laptop glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 990.

4. Lenskart Blu | Zero Power Blue Cut Computer Glasses


The subtle and sober style of these Lenskart anti-glare glasses is packed with blue lens technology. Effective against blue light, and UV rays, these glasses are crack resistant and dust repellent. The full-rim square is carved out from TR90 making it both durable and flexible. This scratch-resistant pair of glasses fit perfectly on those who have an oval or inverse triangle faces. You can buy Lenskart anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 749.

5. Titan Round Blue cut Computer Glasses Zero Power Spectacles (Brown, 52mm, Medium)


When we talk about style with performance in the world of accessories, Titan is the first name to pop into our heads. This round frame anti-reflective pair of glasses from the house of Titan is both elegant and performance. The zero-power spectacles are effective against protection from the harmful rays emitted from all types of electronic devices. Apart from offering superior care to your eyes, this pair of glasses also comes with 6 month warranty on manufacturing defects. Buy Titan anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 899.

6. Fastrack Square Blue cut Computer Glasses Zero Power Spectacles


Fastrack is a prominent name in the accessory space and their zero-power, blue-cut computer glasses are perfect for everyone who uses electronic devices for a longer duration. The glasses have a generic design that makes it perfect for any type of face. Further, you also get a warranty of up to 6 months on manufacturing defects. These non-polarized, blue light cut, unisex glasses are available on Amazon for just Rs. 999.

7. HORUS X - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This super stylish anti-glare glass from Horus X is both lightweight and offers long-lasting protection against harmful rays. The gamer glasses are made from polycarbonate making them lightweight and easy on the skin. Further, the smooth and thin branches are sophisticated enough not to meddle with your gaming headphones. This unisex anti-glare glass is anti-scratch, anti-reflective and very light making it suitable for both men and women. Apart from these superb features, you also get a 100% warranty making it worth a buy. Buy these anti-fatigue and super stylish glasses on for just Rs. 6,300.

8. Vincent Chase Brown Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses

Vincent Chase is a widely known name in the eyewear space. Get a seamless experience with the benefit of cutting down on the harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices. The Vincent Chase Brown Full rim rectangle glasses are both stylish and very functional. Say goodbye to all headaches, eye strain and other eye issues with these anti-glare glasses from Vincent Chase. This pair of glasses can be worn both by men and women and is suitable for any face shape. You can buy this eyewear on for just Rs. 1,600.

9. Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you are suffering from the problems like eye strain, excessive fatigue, or headache then this pair of glasses from Livho could be a great pick. The amber lenses are known to block more blue rays compared to their counterparts. Further, the frame is made of TR90 which is known for its lightweight and flexibility. You do not have to compromise on your look while wearing these glasses as they are quite stylish and comfortable even for wearing for long durations. In total, you can select from three types of Lenses and a range of frame colours. Buy this product on for just Rs. 2,729.

10. Transparent Pink Blue Light Glasses for Men and Women M8539 C5

Our natural sleep gets hindered due to excessive eye strain and fatigue. To maintain healthy eyes and proper sleep balance this anti-glare glasses from is very effective. The glass is made from very high-quality material and soft silicone nose pads ensure maximum comfort. Moreover, these silicon pads can fit different nose shapes, therefore, giving great flexibility. The comfortable and stylish pair of glasses can be worn by everyone irrespective of their face type. You can buy this anti-glare glass on for just Rs. 749.

Best Anti-Glare Glasses For Laptop Under Rs. 500

11. Aferelle® Silvercare Anti-Glare Computer Protection Blue Ray Cut UV 420 Eyeglasses


This pocket-friendly anti-glare glass comes loaded with comfort and features. The accurately engineered lenses protect your eyes against all kinds of harmful rays emanating from computers, television and other electronic devices. Aferelle also ensures that the lenses are updated, packing the latest technology for maximum care of the eyes. Along with these comfortable glasses, you also get a premium metallic case and cleaning cloth. Get rid of eye strain, redness, headache and lack of sleep with this anti-glare glass. You can buy this pair of glasses for just Rs. 499.

12. Maverix Rectangle Computer Glasses for Eye Protection


What if we told you that the anti-glare glasses don’t have to be boxy and boring? Maverix rectangle computer glass looks stylish and comes with the latest blue light filter technology. The makers of this glass claim to reduce eye fatigue and strain by up to 90% and provide good care. Moreover, these glasses also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Made from polycarbonate, these glasses are extremely lightweight enabling the user to keep wearing this for longer hours. If you are looking for eyeglasses that are functional and stylish then buy these Maverix pair of glasses on Amazon for Rs. 499.

13. Elegante Blue Light Blocking Blue Cut Zero Power Anti-Glare Rectangular Eyeglasses


The Iron Man fans will know what it is like to have a pair of glasses that match that of Tony Stark. So, if you are looking for pair of glasses that enhance your glamour quotient and the heads turning then Elegante anti-glare glasses is for you. You get one free-size fit for all rectangular shape glasses that can be used for laptops, computers, mobile phones, video games and even outdoor for protection against harmful sun rays. The Pro Acme blue light filter technology of these glasses protects you against harmful lights. You can buy this pair of glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 459.

14.CREEK Blue Light Blocking Blue Cut Zero Power Anti-Glare Retro Square Eyeglasses


Apart from the retro look that this pair of eyeglasses can provide you, the glasses are made from TR90 material which is known for its lightweight and flexibility. Talking about the 7-layered anti-reflective coating, it helps in providing better protection to the eyes. The reflective blue light technology of the glass ensures that around 85% of the reflective lights. Moreover, the stainless steel material is skin-friendly and lightweight ensuring you can wear it for a long. You can buy these anti-glare glasses from Creek on Amazon for just Rs. 749.

15.Peter Jones Round Anti Glare Reading Glasses


This anti-fatigue, anti-glare-resistant eyeglasses are the perfect pair of glasses for everyone who works on a laptop for a long time. The round flames look super stylish, are lightweight and also fit on all types of faces. Apart from that the UV400 lenses protect from harmful lights and block the UV rays that cause major damage to the eyes. Along with these useful sets of glasses, you also get a decent casing and cleaning cloth. This pair of anti-glare glasses is available on Amazon for just Rs. 394.

16.Anemone® Unisex Blue Light Filter Anti-Glare Glasses


If you have been taking the blue light emitting from the electronic devices lightly then it's time to change that mindset. These blue light-emitting devices are as harmful as the UV rays from the sun. Anemone anti-glare glasses protect your eyes against blue light and also UV rays. Made from good quality material, these glasses are high standard lightweight ensuring that you can wear them even for a longer duration. Features such as comfortable Nosepads and spring action durable hinge ensure comfort and longevity. You can buy this pair of anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 549 and give your eyes the protection it deserves.

17.U.S. Craft Avengers Anti-Glare Glasses


Eliminate scattered and reflected lights with this Blueray Block UV-protected glasses for both men and women. The aviator style of this glasses make it stylish and apt to be worn anywhere. The Tony Stark-inspired glasses also come with metal beams that look very elegant and perfect to be worn both outdoor and indoor. One of the biggest advantages of this anti-glare goggles is their lightweight which makes it suitable for activities such as hiking, cycling, shopping and so on. On the other hand, the square shape of the shades makes it perfect to wear on any kind of face shape. This effective and stylish goggle is available on Amazon for just Rs. 399.

18. Mr. Brand Rounded Anti-Glare Glasses

The vintage round frame anti-glare glasses make a good buy within the budget. The non-polarized shades provide 100% protection against UV rays and can be worn by both men and women. The convenient design of these glasses makes them a perfect pick for both outdoor and indoor activities. The golden temple on the top of the black frame gives it that ultra-luxe look enough to turn heads. You can buy this pair of shades on for just Rs. 249.

19. RYNOCHI Eye Protection from UV by Blue Light Blocking Glasses


The 7-layer reflective coating of this pair of shades is what makes it one of the good picks for those who are exposed excessively to blue light. Worry no more about eye fatigue, strain and headaches with these anti-reflective glasses that is made from excellent TR90 material. Another factor that makes these glasses worth consideration is its high light transmittance without any yellow tint in order to avoid any colour distortion. You can buy these stylish and very functional glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 379.

20. Optify® Square Blue Cut Computer Glasses for Eye Protection


If you are spending more than 7 hours in front of your laptop screen or mobile phone, then having anti-glare glasses is a must. This anti-glare glasses from Optify gives better clarity, and reduce eye strain, headaches and other eye issues. The genuine blue ray cut cr 39 lens is packed with anti-reflection coating for better viewing experience. This genuine anti-glare glass from Optify is available on Amazon for just Rs. 399.

Best Anti-Glare Premium Glasses for Laptop

Here are a few suggestions in the premium category

21.Seeafun Blue Light Glasses for Kids Girls Boys with Cute Car Case, UV400 Protection, Anti Blue Ray Age 3-12 Computer Game Glasses


Ever since the studies have gone online, kids are being exposed to screen time as much as adults. Looking continuously at the screen has a similar effect on the eyes of the kids as on the adults. To reduce eye strain and eye fatigue, you can buy these cute-looking glasses for kids. The 5-layer protection ensures that your kid gets the best protection from all types of harmful markets. This pair of anti-glare glasses are available on Amazon for just Rs. 1,899.

22. Lenskart Blu | Zero Power Blue Cut Computer Glasses


If you are looking for a beautiful piece of anti-glare glasses that also doubles up as a fashion accessory then consider this item from Lenskart. Apart from its super sharp looks, the glares also come with blue lens technology which protects your eyes from the blue light. Since the frame material is made from the TR90 material; it is both lightweight and flexible. Moreover, these glasses are also easy to clean with the help of glass cleaning solutions. Get this crack-resistant dust repellent and hydrophobic pair of glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 749 after a discount of a massive 80%.

23.Gunnar Optiks RIO-00101 Riot Computer Glasses,


Talking about the premium anti-glare glass, this is one of the most luxurious and high-end anti-glare glasses out there. This pair of glasses is efficient in protecting as much as 65% of the blue light and provides 100% protection from UV rays. While the lens coating is efficient in bringing down glare, the lens technology helps you sleep better. Further, the tint of the lens blocks the blue light and the design of the lens helps in reducing the digital eye strain. You can buy this pair of glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 8,533.

24. Premium Rimless Computer Glasses with Anti Glare Coating W1502

Rimless anti-glare glasses from look very stylish and are perfect for both men and women. Often preferred by professionals, the rimless design comes with an anti-glare coating that is effective against blue light as well as UV rays. Overall, this pair of glasses looks very stylish, is lightweight and extremely compact to be carried anywhere. You can buy these rimless anti-glare glasses on for just Rs. 2,499 and protect your eyes against harmful rays in style.

25. John Jacobs Black Full Rim Round Eyeglasses

Black full rim eyeglasses are always in vogue and therefore if you are looking for zero-power anti-glare glasses then John Jacobs Black full-rim round eyeglasses are perfect. This pair of glasses is powered with Lenskart BLU, the glasses filter away up to 90% of blue light. These glasses come with scratch and dust-resistant technology and guarantee UV protection. You can buy this pair of glasses on Lenskart for just Rs. 3,000.

26. TIZIANO Computer Readers fitted with Blue Block Lenses with Spring Hinge


These new-age reading glasses are perfect for everyone whether you are an avid reader, a gamer or a binge-watcher. These glasses come with blue block lenses known for being very effective towards blue light and UV rays. Moreover, the diameter of the lenses is optimized to ensure the thickness is maintained to its minimum. Apart from that, the frame is made from acetate sheet and stainless steel making it durable and lightweight. There are two premium colours available – Black and Brown to select from. Buy this premium anti-glare pair of glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 3,500.

27. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer Eyewear Lightweight Frame Eyeglasses


This pair of glasses does everything that you expect from anti-glare glasses and much more. The polycarbonate lenses are perfect for both men and women and on any type of face shape. One of the most noteworthy features of this pair of glasses is the free lifetime warranty. In this pack, apart from the anti-glare glasses, you can get a blue light test card, blue light torch, glasses cleaning cloth, glasses package and glasses box. This pair of anti-glare glasses is available on Amazon for just Rs. 4,074.

28. Gamma Ray Optics Gamma Ray Essentials Gr801 Computer Glasses with Uv Protection 52-18-135 Size (Gr801-C1)


This premium and fashionable anti-glare glasses come with flexible temple arms. Both the frame and lens are FDA registered and therefore perfectly suitable for everyone. Further, the anti-glare glasses meet other standard requirements such as ANSI, ISO and EU requirements. The blue light hazard reduction helps in the reduction of dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches and sleep reduction problems. This premium and comfortable anti-glare eyewear are available on Amazon for just Rs. 3,491.

29. BOVC® [Golden Wire ] Featuring ZEISS Dura Vision


Flexible, lightweight and durable, this anti-glare eyewear reduces the amount of blue light considerably. The Zeiss lens delivers maximum precision and is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Further, the anti-reflective coatings in the anti-glare glasses are designed in a way to have low reflectance in the UV spectral range. The blue cut lenses also come with the capability of blocking the blue laser. You can buy this anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 4,990.

30. Square Blue Cut Computer Glasses for Eye Protection (Set of 2)


The cat-eye frame anti-glare glasses come with a comfortable and lightweight durable frame. One of the best things about this pair of glasses is that you get two sets of anti-glare glasses. You can buy these anti-glare glasses on Amazon for just Rs. 3,800.

FAQs: Important Things You Should Know

Here are some common questions asked related to the anti-glare glasses

1. How to Know If My Glasses are Anti-Glare

Checking if your glasses are anti-glare or not is a simple exercise and should be done before buying one. However, if you are not aware of the method to check then you might simply end up paying more than required. To check if the glasses are anti glare or not, tilt the glass and observe for a glare. The glare will either be greenish or a hinge of pink which will confirm that the glasses are anti-glare On the other hand if there is no anti-glare coating then it will appear white and the reflection will be very strong.

2. Are Anti-Glare Glasses Any Effective?


Anti-Glare glasses are very effective against the harmful rays emitted from the electronic devices such as laptop, TV, mobile phones etc. If you have hectic days sitting in front of the laptop for longer hours, it is only natural to have issues related to eye strains and headaches. Some of the issues might even get worse like lack of sleep and continuous fatigue. Good quality anti-glare glasses are known to reduce the effect of blue light by over 80%. Regular use of the anti-glare glasses is even known to improve the eye issues and aid better sleep.

3. What Are Some Drawbacks of Anti-Glare Glasses

Anti-glare glasses are very effective against blue light but these coatings are very thin. Over time these coatings will wear down or can be scratched easily. This will in turn affect your ability to see through the glasses. Moreover, it will also put negative impact on your eyesight. You will need to re-apply the anti-glare coating after some time which is a very expensive affair. Further, some eye conditions such as macular degeneration can worsen if the person uses anti-glare glasses. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow your doctor’s prescription before buying the anti-glare glasses.

4. Can I Add Anti-Glare Coating to My Sunglasses

The answer to this question is yes and it should be done positively. Most of the standard showrooms will ask you if you want to add anti-reflective coating. All you need to do is to tell them that you want the AR coating added to your lenses. You will need to pay the extra amount and your lenses will be coated with the anti-glare coating. Having anti-glare sunglasses will save your eyes from UV rays and also make driving more comfortable.

From our editorial team

How Long You Can Wear Anti Glare Glasses?

Anti-reflective coatings or anti-reflective glasses can be worn all day long. However, this varies from person to person. Some people are completely happy to wear anti-reflective glasses all day long. Some people experience eye strain, headaches, and other symptoms at the same time. After wearing these glasses for a long time, you may have a headache, especially when you are not using your computer, playing video games, or watching TV. However, you can wear as much as you like as long as you are comfortable. Try what works best for you.