Find the Best Gift for Your Husband on His Birthday: Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Men in 2018

Find the Best Gift for Your Husband on His Birthday: Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Men in 2018

Even with the unlimited resources available online, it takes hours even days to find a gift for your husband on his birthday. It is very difficult to get something that you remotely like. To help you out, we have put together a list of gifts that he is sure to go Wow!! about. Also available are a few ways to surprise him and make the day even more pleasant and memorable.

Tips to Find the Best Birthday Gift for Him

Ditch the Old-School Gift Buying Method and Shop Online

Earlier buying a birthday gift for one's husband involved a lot of planning, discussions with friends and family and hours after hours of going to and fro from one store to the other. Sometimes multiple trips to the markets were required. But thanks to the internet and the emergence of online shopping, we can peruse and buy gifts from the comfort of our home. Shopping is now an activity which requires us to just work our finger muscles. The modern way to shop is from our laptops or our phones. Download the various shopping apps which are available for Smartphones to make shopping online easier than ever. Most websites now have their own mobile app or mobile website, which makes shopping as easy as brushing our teeth.

Gifting Personalised Items are Highly in Trend

Personalized gifts always bring something new and fresh to the table. Whether you choose to put a person’s name or initials on a gift or use a photograph, a personalised gift is always special because it’s meant solely for the person it’s gifted to. Something as simple as a keychain or a coffee mug becomes a hundred times more precious in value when personalised with a special photo. If you need further motivation in favour of personalised gifts, then we would like to inform you that personalised gifts are quite a trend now. A lot of famous Celebrity couples have been seen sporting personalised jewellery.

Romantic Birthday Gifts are Remembered and Cherished for Years

Never underestimate the value of good old romance. Your husband needs some special attention from time to time and giving him romantic gifts will make him feel more appreciated and loved. A romantic gift doesn’t have to be overly mushy. Select something which helps you express your feelings towards him. Get him something that is meaningful to the both of you in some way. A gift that perfectly defines your unique relationship. Things like a photo collage, an engraved watch, or a memory scrapbook. You could also go for DIY gifts like a love notes mason jar or a gift basket filled with all of his favourite things.

Birthday Gift Buying Guide for Your Husband

Buy a Gift that Matches His Personality and Style

Your husband has a distinctive style and personality, something that attracted you to him. So appreciate his individuality by gifting him things which are suited to his personal interests. If he is a gamer, then get him some of the latest video games. If he is more of an outdoorsy guy and loves to go camping and hiking, then you could give him a rucksack or camping gear. If he loves music and plays an instrument, then get him sound recording equipment so that he can record his jam sessions. If he is trend conscious and suave, then get him a pair of trendy shoes or maybe a jacket.

Gadgets Never Fail to Please

Since he is a modern man, we are assuming that he is fond of gadgets. So gifting him some hot new electronics that has just been released on the market is a sure way to put a big smile on his face. Go for gadgets which suit his interests. It could be a pair of headphones, a good Bluetooth speaker, a smartwatch, an iPad, a brand new smartphone, or maybe a wireless phone charger.

Stick to Your Budget

Budget is one thing, the importance of which can never be undermined. No one has unlimited resources, so before picking a birthday gift for your husband take proper note of your bank balance. You don’t want to get into a huge credit card debt for a single occasion. Always try to make practical decisions. Pick gifts which are well within your spending capabilities. Trust us when we say that your husband will appreciate your thriftiness. Your husband is someone who is your life partner. Your priority should always be the life that you share together, not a moment of frivolous splurging.

10 Amazing Gifts for Your Husband on His Birthday

Here are a few amazing and pocket friendly gift suggestions that will blow your husband away while letting you stay well within your set budget. Take a look.

Wireless RF Key Finder Locator


If your husband is always misplacing his home or car keys, then help him not be late for work by buying him the JTD Wireless RF Item Locator Key Finder. This key finder comes equipped with a LED flashlight and base support. It includes 4 receivers, one transmitter and 4 key rings with a 75-130 feet range. The flashlight on the receiver sends out a loud beeping sound which will guide you to your misplaced article in no time at all. It has a low consumption and long standby time with stable frequency technique. The wireless search feature easily penetrates through walls, cushions and doors with a push of a button. Buy this useful device for ₹2,935 on

Portable Sandwich Maker


If your husband is someone who could live on sandwiches, then reward his palate and his tummy by gifting him a portable sandwich maker. The Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker is the perfect gift choice for your sandwich-loving husband. It’s non-stick heating plates made with Double Teflon coating and 750 watts of power rating efficiently toasts and grills sandwiches and wraps. The fixed grill plates and hinged lock seals the heat in and the automatic thermostat control turns off automatically once grilling plates are heated. Therefore you get perfectly toasted and grilled sandwiches every time with no risk of burning. The 2 metres long power cord is extremely convenient. The Heating plates measure 18.4 cm x 9.3 cm and compact vertical storage occupies the smallest space in your kitchen. Buy this handy device for Rs.829 on

Beard Comb and Brush Set

A well-groomed man always gives off a better impression. Facial hair, though a sign of masculinity often keeps one from looking their best. To make the task of keeping his beard in control a bit easier, gift him HisMane Beard and Mustache Brush and Comb Kit. The brush is composed of 100% boar bristle with a bamboo handle and the beard grooming comb is made of genuine wood. This facial hair care gift set for men is suitable for the application of beard oil and wax for styling, growth and maintenance. Buy it for ₹539 from

A Classic Leather Jacket

If your man enjoys trying on new looks then you could gift him clothing items as well. It could be a shirt, ties or something classic like a blazer or a jacket. We would recommend a classic leather jacket to make him feel suave and stylish. This light brown jacket from U.S. Polo Association is constructed from genuine leather and has a zipper fastening. It’s a classic riding jacket with long full sleeves and has a buttoned neck closure as well. Buy this beautiful and well-cut leather jacket from for ₹8,499.

Customised Pocket Watch


We may no longer need a pocket watch to tell the time, but it’s one of those classic items which make great gifts, especially for the lovers of all things vintage. Get this beautiful classic vintage style pocket watch from The great thing about this watch is that you can get it engraved with anything from a short quote to his name along with a date. This item has been handmade from brass and with a glass covering the dial. This open face Pocket watch measures 2 inches in diameter and comes with a vest chain and leather case to keep it secure. Order it for $28.12 which is around ₹1,969 from here.

Activity Wristband


An activity wristband will help keep your husband healthy and active by monitoring his daily activities. The new fastrack reflex smartwatch-fitness band is the perfect device for a busy man. Not only does it look super cool with the dual color combination, but the silicone strap also ensures a snug fit while staying light on the wrist. This fitness band has most of the features of a smartwatch. It has steps, distance and calorie tracker, sleep tracker, call and SMS alerts, OLED display, 10 days power reserve, vibration alarm, the rechargeable unit with USB port, sedentary reminder and is ipx6 water resistant. It’s compatible with both IOS and Android OS. Buy it for ₹1,448 on

Neck Massager Pillow


If your husband often complains of neck and shoulder pains then it’s mostly due to the long hours spent sitting at a desk, in front of a computer. To help relieve the stress and get him pain-free, get the Neck and Back Deep Shiatsu Portable Massage Pillow from Naipo Naipo. This electronic massager has a warmed kneading function which provides satisfying massage almost as good as those given by a therapist’s hands. This useful device will help your husband relax and relieve muscle tension anywhere that he wants. The massage nodes on this device can be warmed up to about 112 degrees F and be used to massage the neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, calf and foot areas. This device helps improve blood circulation and doesn’t cause any skin damage. The UL approved power adapter works with a wide range of voltage outputs, from 110-240V. Buy it for ₹5,399 from

Coffee Foam Maker


Having that light as air frothy foam on top of the coffee is what makes us spend thousands of rupees every month buying cappuccinos and lattes from coffee chains like Starbucks. But with the InstaCuppa Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker, your husband can make cafe style coffee at home and save up on the money. Get creamy froth within 15 - 20 seconds with this amazing device. It has a stainless steel whisk, a stainless steel stand and is battery operated, making it a completely portable. It has a 1 year protective warranty against manufacturing defects. Buy it for ₹999 on

Aluminum Card Holder


A credit card holder is a practical and useful gift. Buy the Glive's 2pcs Aluma Security Aluminium Credit Card Wallet Card Pack Holder from This secure case will keep all of your husband’s plastic money safe and undamaged. This case measures 11 x 7.5 x 3 cms and fits up to 22 business cards or 11 credit cards. It has 6 expandable pockets and comes in a variety of colours. It’s made from alloy thus protecting your card's magnetic strips from damage and keeps cards with RFID chips safe by blocking their signals from scanners, protecting you against identity theft. It’s water resistant so the contents stay dry at all times. Easy-touch latch allows for quick access and its accordion design makes getting cards out easy. Get it for ₹279 at

Cocktail Kit


Is your husband fond of cocktails? Then you could let him try his hand at some mixing and shaking. Gift him the Taluka Stainless Steel Bar Set from This 9 piece bar tool set contains a peg measure, a 750 ml cocktail shaker, bar spoon cum stirrer, ice tongs, can and bottle opener, and a lot other useful bar tools. This silver colour set is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Buy it for Rs.799 here.

Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Special on His Birthday

Apart from fabulous gifts, there are various other ways to make your husband feel special on his birthday. We have listed some innovative things that you can do to make your husband feel happy on his special day.

Get Him a Magazine or Gift Subscription

On his birthday you can make sure that he never runs out of interesting reading material by gifting him a subscription to a magazine. If he has a particular interest then pick a magazine related to that. If he is into current affairs get him a subscription to Time, India Today or Open. If he is more of a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast GQ seems a good choice. If he is a health freak then get him a Men’s Health subscription.

Dedicate a Song to Him on the Radio

A great way to surprise him is to dedicate a song for him on the radio. A lot of FM stations have request shows that you can call in. Write down a sweet birthday message for him and pick a song which expresses your feelings for him. Don’t forget to make sure that he hears it though. If he is at work, call him and ask him to turn the radio on.

Leave Love Notes for Him Around the Home or in His Car

Another inventive way to surprise him on his birthday is to hide little birthday love notes in unusual places. Leave one on his nightstand, next to his breakfast plate, in the car, or inside his office bag or briefcase. Be creative with your messages and you will surely make him smile.

Create a Beautiful Photo Book

A photo book or scrapbook full of memories, as we like to call it, is always a great idea. It’s easy to make and always manages to fill the receiver with joy and nostalgic feelings. You can get scrapbooks on the market, what you need to do is pick out the photos, add little decorative accents and notes. Just use your creative skills and give your hubby a sweet surprise.

From our editorial team

Surprise Party!!!

Buying the ideal birthday gift for your lovely husband is very tricky. They are usually go-getters and have everything they want or need. When it comes to buying a gift for your husband you are prone to find it very difficult since the options are very less compared to that of a woman. There are not many things unique to gift them. However, it is easy to surprise them. Men love surprises too. A small party for his friends, accompanied by his favourite foods and cocktails and his favourite cake is something that would blow his mind away. If you are pro at these you can try your hand at a party with the whole works including family, friends and colleagues. Nothing is better than celebrating an important and much anticipated day with friends and family with their wishes and blessings.