Find Out Which is the Best Automatic Roti Maker Machine in India with Top Choices for Manual Roti Makers You Can Order Online (2021)

Find Out Which is the Best Automatic Roti Maker Machine in India with Top Choices for Manual Roti Makers You Can Order Online (2021)


In today's fast-paced life, when we barely get enough time to give proper time to ourselves, technology has made it much easier by automating the most mundane of our tasks! If you find the activity of chapati or roti making one such task, we bring you the best automatic roti maker in India, which will make the process a breeze for you! Also, find some of the best manual roti makers in India you can directly order online. Read on to know more.

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What is an Automatic Roti Maker?

Roti and Rice are the staple foods of the Indian diet. These days, people are quite busy with their jobs and other activities, so preparing even everyday food items like chapati has become tedious. Fortunately, Roti Makers have come to the rescue of individuals who do not have much time to devote to cooking. There are several roti makers available, from Manually operated, Semi-automatic, and fully-automatic to Smart Roti Makers.

Although it is unnecessary to hoard many appliances in the kitchen, it is important to wisely choose only those gadgets that will make our lives hassle-free and easy. One such product that is becoming popular is the 'Automated/Smart Roti Maker' that has several benefits and is worth your investment.

Types of Roti Makers

  • Manual Roti Maker: Several reputed brands like Panasonic, Bajaj, Prestige, etc., manufacture such manual roti makers. The process involves kneading the dough manually and then placing balls of the dough on the roti maker, one at a time. This ball is pressed into round discs and gets cooked between the heated plates of the roti maker. These roti-makers have a non-stick surface, which ensures the chapati doesn't stick and comes out easily. This device is useful to make rotis and various other dishes like pancakes, uthappams, kakras, thepla, etc. The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean and maintain. You just need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove any stains, remaining residue, flour, or oil marks.

  • Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic: These devices are also becoming popular and are ideal for commercial purposes, like for restaurants, as they can dole out almost 600 to 900 rotis in an hour. It involves minimal human supervision. The only flip side is that they are massive and have a large capacity, so they are not ideal for an average kitchen. Moreover, they are expensive too, and hence not the right product for domestic purposes.

  • Automated Roti Makers: Today, smart products have made our lives easier, and one such innovative product added to the list of smart gadgets is the Smart Roti Maker. This device uses Artificial Intelligence and is compact, which can easily fit into any kitchen.

Automated or Smart Roti Maker - Rotimatic


Unlike the manually operated variants, this category of 'Smart Roti Maker' has only one player in the market and is known as 'Rotimatic Roti Maker'. It was invented by Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar. Rotimatic is the top product of their company Zimplistic Pte Ltd. This compact gadget blends seamlessly and adds beauty to your kitchen space.

How does it work?

The Rotimatic Roti Maker measures, dispenses, blends the ingredients, and also kneads the dough. All this is done automatically with the built-in loT and Artificial Intelligence technology. It adjusts the flour and water proportion in real time to make a perfect dough ball, which gets pressed into a thin flat disc. This is roasted until it puffs up to make a delicious roti.

The perfect heat flow in the device ensures that the rotis are cooked from the inside. The kneading is done with precise ingredients, which results in a perfect round, well-cooked, puffed, and delightful golden-brown roti every single time. It takes about one minute to make a roti once the device gets fully heated up. The machine weighs 18 kg and measures 16 x 16 inches. It has 15 sensors.
Once the device gets connected to WiFi, the latest updates are installed and also provides troubleshooting capabilities.

Is it Easy to Clean?
The parts that come in contact with the dough need cleaning after every use. These parts are dishwasher-safe. It is suggested to clean right after making rotis; else, you need to scrub to remove the dry flour. The inbuilt features ensure that the gadget is fresh and clean in every nook and cranny.

Power Consumption & Price

The power consumption of the device is almost similar to a large microwave.

• Power Consumption – 1.6 kw to 1.8 kw
• Voltage – 110V (US, Canada) to 220 V (Australia, Singapore, UK, UAE, Sweden, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Australia)

The Rotimatic Machine is available on Amazon for Rs. 3,40,000.

Manually Operated Roti Makers Options to Try

1. Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti Maker


This easy to handle roti maker makes rotis in a jiffy without much effort and time. The built-in handle comes in handy to press the roti maker's plates, and the knob helps lift the plate to check if the roti is ready. Available on Amazon, the cost of Jaipan Roti Maker is Rs. 1,700.


  • This 1000-watt roti maker has a non-stick surface that prevents sticking of dough to the surface.
  • The power-on neon indicator shows if the roti maker is connected to the power.
  • Made of stainless-steel body, the roti maker is durable and has a smooth finish.
  • It comes with 12 months manufacturing warranty.

2. Bajaj Vacco Go Ezzee Chapati Roti Maker


If you want to make round rotis easily, Bajaj Vacco Go Ezzee Roti Maker is needed. It is one of the useful kitchen tools, perfect for working couples. It will save your efforts and time to make rotis manually. Available on Amazon, the price of this roti maker is Rs. 2,032.


  • It is made of superior quality elements and is crafted with utmost precision that ensures the rotis made are light and fluffy.
  • It has a shockproof body and comes with heat-resistant handles.
  • It is fitted with ISI marked high-quality 6-amp plug.
  • The automatic cut-off feature regulates the temperature of the roti maker.
  • It also comes with an LED indicator.

3. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker


Sunflame is one of the best brands in the country, well-known for its kitchen appliances. The RM1 900-watt Roti maker model is one of the popular products offered by the company. Available on, the price of the Roti Maker is Rs. 1,419.


  • Power Consumption – 900 watts
  • Is equipped with a Thermostat feature that ensures the safety of the user.
  • The non-stick surface prevents sticking of the dough and ensures uniform heating.
  • The easy to press handles will help to press the handle together.
  • The sturdy stainless-steel body is extremely durable.

4. Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0


If you are looking for the best roti maker, then Prestige Roti Maker tops the list. The multipurpose design of PRM 5.0 makes it easy to make chapatis and uthappams, pancakes, and omelettes too. Available on, the price of this Roti Maker is Rs. 2,356.


  • The tough and durable stainless-steel body makes it extremely safe and shockproof.
  • The granite non-stick coating is long-lasting and gives the roti maker an elegant finish.
  • The elevated edges and concave curve design of the roti maker makes sure that the roti is in the centre of the surface and makes flipping easy.
  • The Power Indicator light shows if the device is switched on.

5. Baltra BTR-201 Magicook Roti Maker


Baltra Magicook Electric Roti Maker is a perfect kitchen appliance to buy if you want to get relief from the stress of making rotis every day. You no longer have to worry whether your rotis are cooked properly, as the roti maker's dual side heating property ensures that your roti is perfectly made.
The product is available on for Rs. 1,925.


  • Power consumption is 900 Watts.
  • Has shockproof stainless-steel chrome finished body.
  • Comes with 24 months warranty.
  • Has non-stick coated plate.
  • It has top and bottom heating.
  • Has dual indicators.

6. Eagle Roti Maker


Now it's easy to make hot, round, and fresh rotis in minutes with the Jumbo Eagle Roti Maker. All you need to do is prepare the chapati dough and divide it into small balls. Place one dough ball at a time inside the roti maker and press the handle to make perfectly round rotis, which is so much easier than rolling them manually. The roti maker is affordable and is available on for Rs. 1,478.


  • The dual heating feature ensures rotis are adequately cooked.
  • The shockproof body and heat-resistant handle make the device safe.
  • The indicator light shows the roti maker is connected to the power outlet.
  • The non-stick surface ensures rotis do not stick to the surface.
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Cleaning Your Roti Maker

As roti constitutes the primary food for a majority of Indian households, your roti maker is going to be in use almost every day, which makes it necessary to make sure it remains clean and healthy-to-use before every use. A crucial thing to remember while cleaning your roti maker is not to directly pour water into it for cleaning it; you can use lukewarm water, soak a cotton cloth in it, squeeze the cloth, and then use it for cleaning the machine, followed by rinsing with a dry cloth.