Add a Few Woolen Kurtis to Your Wardrobe and Stay Up to Date in 2021: 7 Best Woolen Kurtis- Beat the Winter in Style

Add a Few Woolen Kurtis to Your Wardrobe and Stay Up to Date in 2021: 7 Best Woolen Kurtis- Beat the Winter in Style


When the winter breeze gives you shivers your favourable material is woollen. And woolen Kurtis is perfect for you if you love to make a balance between comfort and style. Along with adding confidence, Kurtis makes any woman look beautiful and elegant. Here are some of the most picked out the latest woollen kurti designs this year you must have a look at,

Winter Fashion: Look Sharp and Snazzy Whatever the Weather!

It’s officially Winter!. Winter is all about celebration. From small family gatherings to big fat Weddings, and munching on home-made goodies to recollecting all the favourite memories with cousins is right here. Nothing is going to stop you from hanging out, not even dry skin. Wanna know what makes it more enthusiastic? It’s Winter fashion.

Winter fashion is unique. You have to get covered up from head to toe to battle the cold weather but yet look stylish. Woollen kurti is such a game-changer. Heard of woollen kurtis? They are indeed made from either pure wool or woollen blend fabrics. They are incredibly soft, breathable and stretchy. And also feels very light as compared to the other bulky winter outfits. So enough of donning a scarf with regular kurtis. It’s time to revamp the winter wardrobe with exclusive woollen kurtis.

Are Woollen Kurtis Trendy?

When it comes to women’s winter style, most women prefer sticking up with western wear. Cardigans, sweaters or just beanies and scarfs would do for winter. Pulling out a jean with a pair of boots and a jacket is no fun when you are out for a cousin’s marriage or to a party at your aunt’s house. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to choose from Indian ethnic wear. Sarees, jackets, full sleeve blouses and so much more. But what about kurtis? Are kurtis there in the game? The answer is yes of course. Woollen kurtis are beyond beautiful and trendy. Perfect addition for women who love wearing ethnic outfits on the go.

Elegance and comfort are the essence of kurtis. Kurtis are ageless attire that fits women of all ages and sizes. Kurtis are inescapable for women. However, for most women, they are a big no-no for winter. They don’t even exist in the bucket list for winter shopping. But to all those fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters it’s goodbye only for summer kurtis but not for winter woollen kurtis. The craze for woollen kurtis is reaching new heights because of their versatility and wide collections. So take pleasure riding the winter sun with woollen kurtis. This winter, make sure to reinvent your winter fashion with affordable and stylish woollen kurtis.

Know Your Winterself

Be it comfort, warmth, style or fashion it’s always best to know your likings. The way you want to look helps you shape your sense of fashion. Woollen Kurtis are versatile enough to choose them on different occasions. But to get started with donning woollen Kurtis you need to know some fashion inspiration behind it.

Colour Inspiration

Say goodbye to pastels. Winter is the time to play with bold colours. The deep wine red and brick red will keep your winter days even brighter. Bright orange competes with the winter setting sun. Dark navy blue and military olive green are fantastic choices for a winter get together. Purple is a new trend and is worth a try. Black is one colour that never goes out of trend almost any season. Technically wearing dark colours help absorb most of the sun’s heat, keeping warm throughout the day. So go for dark colours without hesitation.

Neck Line

The neck design is the most flattering part of any kurti. Choosing the appropriate neckline compliments one’s overall appearance. For winter you don’t want to go for deep necklines because you want to keep yourself warm as much as possible. But again it’s a personal preference. The most celebrated necklines for woollen Kurtis are V neck, round neck, mandarin neck and high neck. The classic V neck and round neck is perfect for weddings and parties. Styling with a dupatta is quintessential for these necklines. The high neck is a very trendy neckline to rock with friends.

Style Statement


Woollen kurtis does not fall short on stylish cuts and sleeve detailing. Woollen kurtis ensemble both style and comfort within its simplicity. Designed to beat the cold full sleeves are perfect for the winter months. Knitted sleeves add more complement. A-line and straight cuts are predominantly the favourable cuts for woollen kurtis. They are designed to highlight minimalistic details but yet flattering.

Seven Must Have Woollen Kurtis

Believe it or not, there are woollen kurtis for every occasion. Be it formal, casual or occasional, woollen kurtis slays them all. Here are nine must-have fashion-friendly woollen kurtis to fall in love with.

Geometrical Printed Kurtis

Geometrical prints are the epitome of woollen kurtis. They effortlessly accentuate a women’s beauty. Winter is the best time to experiment with these bold and stylish patterns.

This kurti offers a contrasting colour combination but looks decent as well. It is stylish and has a retro touch. This calf-length kurti goes well with leggings. It is very casual and can be worn for formal occasions too. For a stunning look ensemble with flats and free hair. Make this Janasya kurti for yourself from Myntra pricing at Rs.1,899.

Floral Woollen Kurtis


In a country full of diversity nature is one thing that remains common and so is the print based on nature. It is the evergreen print and women are never tired of them. They are equally dominant in the winters as summers.

This kurti has a mandarin neckline which is perfect for a casual winter day out. Pair it with a legging or palazzo and a scarf with oxidised earrings to complete the look. For a more bold look team up with fashionable hoops. Get this beautiful kurti from W for Woman pricing at Rs.2,799.

Embroidered Kurtis


Who says no to an embroidered kurti? No one. Women of all ages adore embroidered Kurtis. They are the embodiment of elegance and grace. Don’t underestimate embroidered woollen kurti. It gives that classic look and keeps warm throughout.

This embroidered kurti has a V neck with a ban collar. The embroidery work from the top to halfway through the middle is a head-turner. Complete this look with a legging or an embellished palazzo and high heels. Avoid dupatta unless you are gonna drape it only on a single side. Try on some ethnic earrings with minimum make-up. That’s it, you are ready for any kind of family gatherings. This stunning kurti is available on Amazon pricing at Rs.1,399.

Embellished Kurtis

Embellished Kurtis are party stunners. Keep it minimalistic or go for as much heavy as you can handle it. You don’t want to compromise your look at your cousin’s or your bestie’s wedding.

This full length embellished woollen kurti is a go for sheer luxury. For a more wedding look pair it up with embellished palazzo and fine jewellery. Drape a dupatta on the elbows from the behind. Make this Laabha kurti your own this winter from Myntra pricing at Rs.1,759.

Layered Kurtis

Fusion Kurtis are getting very popular not only among teens but to any woman who loves fashion. They find a perfect balance between Indian and western culture. Be it a simple jacket or heavily worked jacket, and shrugs to ethnic jackets, there is a continuous rise in demand.

This kurti is such a treat for both formal and informal meetings. It has a round neck and embroidered jacket, with full sleeves. It stays stylish on its own and doesn’t require much of additions. Pairs well with both flats and high heels. Get this amazing kurti from Nykaa Fashion pricing at Rs.1,295.

Yoke Design Kurtis


Woollen Yoke design Kurtis are mandatory for every Indian wardrobe. Despite being simple in approach it can easily pull off an elegant and chic look.

Be it an office meeting or a small get-together this kurti is a fashionable attire to get going. Fashion standards can be seen on the Sitara and embroidery works on the yoke. It has full sleeves and pintucks below the yoke. It has a mandarin neckline and goes well with contrast leggings. Style it up with a stole and matching flats. You can either match a dupatta pinned on one side or drape it over the shoulders on the neck. This dark coloured yoke designed woollen kurti is a definite treat for winter, so get it online from Biba pricing at Rs.2,399.

Plain Woollen Kurtis

Plain woollen Kurtis are excellent choices to experiment with winter fashion. They are very casual, feel extremely comfortable and fashionable.

When it comes to a winter date night you sure want to look good yet showing most of your natural beauty. Keeping your attire simple but yet chic is tricky. But the good news this plain woollen Kurti does the job just right for you. Simply pair it up with jeans or jeggings or leggings. Mule slippers and shoes are the legit fashion trends to never miss on. This kurti is available on Lime Road priced at Rs.1,872.

Ethnic Woollen Kurtis

The one thing that women can never ditch is ethnic woollen kurti. They are the real deal for every winter occasion because of their versatility.

This cosy kurti has a mandarin neckline and full sleeves. This red ethnic kurti gives a chic look and goes well with denim pants and leggings. Team up with drop earrings or Jhumkas depending on the occasion. Get this woollen blend kurti from Flipkart pricing at Rs.674.

Ideas to Slay Winter Kurtis

Winter woollen Kurtis are vogue. But if you ever struggle to spruce up and stay trendy with woollen Kurtis, well buckle up. Here are few ideas to slay them this winter.

  • If you are an extremely stylish person who keeps up-to-date with fashion and thinks woollen kurtis is a boring topic, ever tried pleated kimono cape? Winter is the precise season to try it. Ditch scarf and team up your kurti with a pleated kimono cape and a brooch. They are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Not very casual but is a must to try for weddings.
  • If you don’t have a trench coat yet, get yourself one. They are a very classic and interesting addition to a woollen kurti. Complete this look with jeans and winter boots.
  • Adding a style statement with comfort to a woollen kurti needs work but Cardigans scores with ease. Wear an open, cropped or vest type cardigan to show off your stylish woollen kurti on the inside.
  • Denim jackets are a staple wardrobe essential. Classic blue denim or any contemporary denim jacket pairs well with woollen kurtis for that casual and stylish look. For a dazzling look team up with your favourite mule slippers or juttis.
  • If the weather isn’t cold enough to freeze you up, never hesitate to pair short kurtis with cigarette pants or a capris. Pair up with high or low heel pumps. It makes an impeccable fashion option to be attired for any kind of office meetings and business dealings.
  • Shawls and stoles are a timeless fashion trend. Wrap a woollen stole around your neck and team up with your favourite jeans and sneakers for a posh street style look.
  • Are you a Beanie person? If yes beanies never disappoint in adding that striking finishing touch to your woollen kurti. Nothing is more stylish, comfortable and warmer than wearing beanies when the cold breeze hits you. For a ravishing look adorn beanies with shirt type kurti or plain woollen kurti.

How to Care for Woollen Kurtis

Woollen kurti requires all your attention in terms of maintenance. They are delicate and can easily fade, stretch out and become soggy. To prevent them from getting out of shape and bleached make sure to follow these tips.

  • Never wash woollen kurtis in the washing machine. Hand washing at lukewarm temperatures is best to keep them soft.
  • Use only mild detergents. Chemicals can harm woollen fabrics and cause bleaching or fading.
  • Do not dry them under direct sunlight. Try to dry them at room temperature to keep them free from wrinkles.
  • Do not dry them on hangers. Try to dry them on a flat surface.
  • Do not dry using iron under any circumstance.
  • It is advisable to hang woollen kurtis in your wardrobe for long life.
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