Removing Nail Paint Won't be a Hassle Anymore, Buy These Nail Paint Remover Wipes and Give Your Nails the Care They Need in 2021.

Removing Nail Paint Won't be a Hassle Anymore, Buy These Nail Paint Remover Wipes and Give Your Nails the Care They Need in 2021.

Say goodbye to the age-old acetone liquid formula which may not clean your nail paint but can surely make a mess. We are here to recommend some of the best nail paint removers wipes available in the market. They are quite efficient and you can check out the section below to know more.

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What to Know Before Buying Nail Paint Remover Wipes?

Are you buying a nail paint remover wipe for the first time? Well, we have got you covered with it. Make sure to buy such wipes which can remove the nail paint as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, you would not want it to leave any stains behind.

The formula should be gentle on the skin and shouldn’t cause any irritation. Always look for wipes enriched with such products (olive oil and vitamin E) which strengthens your nails and cuticles and would not weaken them. The key here is to nourish your nails while cleaning them.

Taking Care of Nails After Removing Nail Paint

It’s important to consider the aftermath once you have used nail paint remover wipes. Use some cuticle oil on your nails and cuticles to moisture them well. Do not forget to indulge in a good manicure to maintain the shape and size of your nails as your desire. You may keep your nails short or long afterwards but don’t forget to eat right to promote the health of your cuticles.

Top 8 Nail Paint Remover Wipes

We have got you covered with nail paint remover wipes price, quality and all the products you would want to buy. This section is all about the cleaning and maintaining the health of your nails in one go. Check out these best 8 options of nail polish remover wipes you can buy online.

Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes


One of the most popular brands Kara offers you their nail paint remover wipes. Thankfully, they are enriched with olive oil and Vitamin E so they provide total care to your nails. The acetone-free formula of these wipes is strong enough to wipe down even the darkest shades of nail paint without causing any damage to your nails.

You can find 30 dermatologically tested wipes in a pack that are quite moisturizing for your nails. Buy this pack of Kara nail remover wipes on Amazon for Rs. 103.

Colorbar on the Go Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes

The next one we have is Colorbar On the Go nail paint remover wipes. It comes with travel-friendly packaging and features acetone-free formula. Apparently, a single wipe of this brand can clean 10 nails in one go. Isn’t that amazing?

They provide the nourishment of olive oil to your nails while cleaning them and cause no harm to your skin or cuticles at all. Crafted with 100% vegan formula, these wipes are biodegradable too. One pack contains 30 such wipes which can be bought on Flipkart for Rs. 122.

Insight Cosmetics Nail Paint Remover Wipes


Insight Cosmetics provides you with nail paint remover pads or wipes which spread this pleasant fragrance of lemon when used. These wipes provide a mess-free experience of removing nail paint. The best thing about them is that they are free of acetone, toluene, and paraben and hence remain gentle on your nails and skin.

The hydrating formula of vitamin E infused in it is not only amazing for your nails’ health but remains light on your budget too. However, do not forget to close the lid tightly after use else the wipes can get a bit dry. Grab this pack of 30 wipes on Nykaa for Rs. 30.

Stay Quirky Nail Polish Remover Wipes

If you are just done with your nail paint then you gotta try Stay Quirky’s I’m Done With You nail paint remover pads. The unique formula enriched with both olive oil and vitamin E removes your nail paint without causing dryness on your nails.

This is a completely non-toxic product that is every bit perfect to pamper your nails and give them the care they deserve. So, whether you are tired of nail paints altogether to want to try something different, these wipes can be your partner in crime. Go grab this pack of 30 wipes on Purplle for Rs. 105.

Masking Diva Nail Paint Remover Wipes

Masking Diva offers these nail paint remover wipes which are truly bliss to your cuticles. This pack contains two of their fragrance variants called Berries and Night Blooming. We totally loved the packaging and of course the product too.

They offer lint-free wipes where 1 wipe can be used for 20 nails. Isn’t that just amazing? Moreover, apart from olive oil and vitamin E, their formula contains aloe Vera too which leaves a cooling effect on your nails. You can grab this pack of 2 on Snapdeal for Rs. 204.

Hiphop Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Hip Hop offers you completely acetone and acetate-free formula which not only cleans your nails but apparently strengthens them too. Along with a mess-free experience, you can also enjoy the long-lasting fragrance too.

Their wipes are enriched with the goodness of Argan oil and Vitamin E which are strong building blocks for nails’ health. With this travel-friendly packaging and easy-to-use procedure, you can finally say goodbye to the traditional cotton and liquid method. Buy this pack of 30 wipes on Netmeds for  Rs. 110.

Inatur Nail Paint Remover Wipes


You are going to love the Ethanol-free formula of Inatur nail polish remover wipes. They use an oil-based formula in their wipes derived from propylene glycol, Vitamin E, and almond oil. All these elements help in strengthening your nails and keep them moisturized.

The presence of antioxidants in this product prevents the chipping of nails and helps them maintain their shape. Definitely, a product worth trying which is available for purchase on Inatur for Rs. 218.

DeBelle Nail Lacquer Remover Wipes (pack of 3)

And lastly, we have DeBelle nail lacquer remover wipes. This one here is a pack of 3 featuring the fragrances of Blueberry, Green Tea, and Lime. The base formula of the product remains the same containing jojoba oil and Vitamin E which have hydrating properties.

Each pack contains 30 wipes whose single swipe is enough to get the nail paint removed. Forget about scrubbing and chipping on your nails, they can finally have the nourishment they need. You can buy this pack of 3 on Purplle for Rs. 587.

Check Out These Zero Cost Alternatives to Wipes

Did you even know that you can remove your polish without the help of nail paint remover wipes? Well, it sounds quite surprising to us as well but everyday items in your home can help you in that.

You can rub some toothpaste on your nails and scrub it with a toothbrush to get off the polish. Another way is to spray some deodorant or hand sanitizer on your nails and clean it with a cotton pad to remove the nail paint. Similarly, you can use hairspray or even perfume too. Intrigued, aren’t you?

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Time to Include Nail-Care in Your Regime

Just like skin and hair care, nail care should be included in your regime too. And apart from using cuticle oil and moisturizing products for your nails, your eating and drinking habits affect the health of your nails too. Stay hydrated, eat lots of greens and fruits and of course take timely manicure sessions to keep those babies long and strong.