Spruce up Your Ethnic Style with These Kurtis with Embroidered Necks (2020)!

Spruce up Your Ethnic Style with These Kurtis with Embroidered Necks (2020)!

Worried about your ethnic game being off mark? In this article, you will find the most stunning neck embroidered kurtis. We have also added the different kind of neck embroidery designs available for you to make a better decision. Read on to find some useful tips as well!

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For the Love of Embroidery

The amazing range of stylish, versatile and trendy outfits introduced regularly has kept ethnic attires like kurtis and sarees popular and in sync with the times. You will see models, actors and famous personalities flaunting a gorgeous saree or a beautiful salwar kurta in prestigious international events which make us proud. Kurti is said to be the offspring of the long kurta which was worn by men only but the comfort and ease of wearing made it one of the best attires for women.

A kurti is a perfect outfit for any or all occasions, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a long day at work. They are very comfortable and elegant. You can find zillions of kurtis in the market in various colours, styles and patterns to choose from and one of the most favorite among women is the kurti with embroidery work. Embroidery kurtis look great on women of all ages and the different styles of embroidery on them reflect the wearer's taste and personality.

You can also find kurtis in various styles but one thing which makes it different from the others is the style of neck on it. The neckline of a kurti can create a big difference in an outfit. It can turn a simple kurti into a stylish one and adding embroidery on the neck enhances its beauty immediately. Embroidery is a technique to decorate a simple outfit and make it look unique. Silk yarns are mostly used to do embroidery on kurtis to make it look pretty. It is done by machines or even by hand which shows the craftsmanship of an artist, different stitches like lazy daisy, cross, braiding, beading or chikankari is used on kurtis to make them look different from one another.

Different Styles of Neck in a Kurti

Here are some very popular and stylish neck designs for kurtis that you can try. Each of these designs are unique and transform your kurti into wonderful outfits.

  • 1. Boat Neck: This design is called the boat neck due to its U-shaped neckline although it is not exactly a 'U'. It is flatter in shape and makes your shoulder look wider. It is usually advised that women with broad shoulders should avoid wearing them. The boat neck looks good on women of all ages and can be found easily in the market.

  • 2.Round Neck: Round neck kurtis are the most common and yet are high in demand. You can find some very stylish and expensive party wear kurtis with a round neck. You can also wear different kinds of jewellery with this neck style as it highlights your jewellery well.

  • 3. Square Neck: Another very common neck design in kurtis is the square neck. The square neck makes your neck look longer and narrows your shoulders. Kurtis with a square neck go well with palazzo trousers and can be worn at work with ease and style.

  • 4. Mandarin Collar Neck: It is also called the Chinese or Korean collar. It has become very popular recently among both men and women. It makes a woman look very confident and elegant. So it is a good choice for an office presentation.

  • 5. Angrakha Style Neck: You will find an angarkha neck kurti in every woman’s wardrobe. They make you look very elegant and feminine. They come in various shapes and lengths and look good on everyone. The neck in this kurti is shaped towards the side with a 'V' look with an overlap of some material to make it look different. These kurtis can be worn on events or for a casual day out with friends.

  • 6.Modern V Neck: The modern V neck again is a very popular neck style in kurtis and you can find kurtis with different lengths of 'V' in them. They make you look fuller and sexier as well as thinner at the same time.

  • 7. Keyhole Neck: This is an old neck style which has been in style since a long time. It makes a simple kurti look very stylish. You can find kurtis made in two contrasting colours and these kurtis can be worn at parties or at office with ease.

Trendy Kurtis with Embroidery on the Neck

Mandarin Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

If you want to try a new style in kurtis with an embroidery on the neck, you can check out the mandarin neck kurtis. These will make you look very stylish. You can buy the Light Pink Embroidered Kurti from Naari for Rs.2,145 from nykaafashion.com. The kurti is made with rayon and long sleeves with intricate embroidery on it. It comes with an inner complimenting colour which makes it look beautiful. You can easily pair it with leggings and some traditional jewellery and be ready for a grand party.

You can also buy this Dark Purple Straight Kurti with embroidery on its mandarin collar. This is a very elegant kurti which can be worn in casual settings or small get togethers. The combination of yellow, silver and purple makes it look very attractive and you can buy it for Rs.556 from flipkart.com.

Round Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

If you are interested in round neck kurtis you can check out the two kurtis mentioned here. These kurtis are elegant and have beautiful embroidery done on their necks. This gorgeous kurti with print and embroidery on its round neck is a made with a traditional style. The pink threads used in the embroidery makes it look extremely trendy. The fabric used in making this kurti is very comfortable and can be worn in any season. You can buy it for Rs.599 from shoppersstop.com.

If you like embroidery on your outfits you must have heard about Chikankari. It is a very old and traditional skill belonging mainly from Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. You can buy this beautiful peach kurti with white and peach embroidery done by hand. This beautiful ADA Kurti can be bought for Rs.1,990 from myntra.com.

Angrakha Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

For the women who are in love with Angrakha style kurtis, here are two stunning pieces they can buy. Both the kurtis have beautiful embroidery on the neck line which makes them very attractive.

This hand embroidered chanderi silk kurta looks extremely elegant and makes a great party wear. The bright red and gold embroidery on an off white chanderi silk kurti makes it look divine. This kurti is available for Rs.5,900, which is a little expensive, but then again we are talking about chanderi silk here. You can order it from jaypore.com which is known for its authentic fabrics and designs.

Source www.amazon.in

Another beautiful angrakha kurti is made of pure cotton and has intricate chikankari embroidery done on it. This peach colour kurti with bright maroon embroidery makes it the perfect outfit for an evening party during the summers. You can wear it with leggings or pair it with a sharara to look stunning. It can be bought for just Rs.899 from amazon.in.

V Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

V neck kurtis look elegant and can be worn in almost any occasion. They look great and come in various styles. You can check out this gorgeous two tone grey kurti in grey. The kurti is in frock style and has beautiful embroidery on it in blue and silver. It also has two side pockets which makes it a unique piece. The kurti is made of santoon and Muga silk. You can easily order it online for Rs.1,759 from cilory.com.

Next is the Melange Cotton Blend Straight Kurti with a V neck in a beautiful pink colour. This kurti is perfect for a summer day. The light shade of pink makes it look very feminine and the beautiful embroidery enhances its elegance. The sleeves of this kurti are different as it has a tie ribbon at the end to give it a sophisticated and young look. You can buy it for Rs.909 from flipkart.com.

Band Collar Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

Kurtis with a band neck are always in style. Young girls like to wear them as they make them look very hip. You will see many professional women sporting them as well. This exquisite blush pink chanderi kurti with heavy embroidery on the neck and on the front panel makes it look out of the world. It can be easily worn during festivals or events. The kurti is made with a mix of 80% of cotton and 20% of silk and is perfect for all seasons. It is available for Rs.1,170 on ritukumar.com.

Another gorgeous band neck kurti is this beige sleeveless tunic kurti from Ritu Kumar. The label Ritu Kumar says it all. The kurti is made with viscose and silk with a button detailing on the yoke. It comes with a camisole and you can easily pair it with straight pants and flat shoes to make it look very trendy. The kurti is pure elegance and is available for Rs.3,300 on nykaafashion.com.

Keyhole Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

Source www.amazon.in

Let us not forget the keyhole neck when talking about style. The keyhole neck has been in fashion for ages and is still in demand. You can check out this beautiful rust kurti with stunning flower designed embroidery on the neck from Janasya. This is a sober kurti which can be worn to work or to small events as well. It also has metal beads and a stitched front panel to make it look extraordinary. You can pair it with leggings and traditional Kolhapuri sandals and create an elegant look for the next event. It is available for Rs.898 on amazon.in.

Another beautiful kurti with a keyhole neck and intricate embroidery is this A line kurti from the house of Shoppers Stop. It comes with bell sleeves which make it look very trendy and modern. The kurti has a transparent white layer over a printed kurta with beautiful design on the neck. It can be a great gift for your sister this Diwali. You can buy it for Rs.999 from shoppersstop.com.

Boat Neck Kurti with Embroidery on the Neck

Last but not the least,, the evergreen and ever stylish boat neck kurtis. Check out this gorgeous mustard yellow A line kurti with a boat neck. It has beautiful red floral design embroidery on the neck with green leaves that makes it look very elegant. It is perfect for a young girl getting ready for a night out with friends. You can buy it for Rs.498 from flipkart.com.

Source www.amazon.in

Or you can go with this stylish yet sweet embroidered A line kurta with a boat neck. This kurti is from FBB, Morpankh, and has a beautiful flower vine design on it. It is available for Rs. 934 on amazon.in.

Tips on Choosing a Perfect Neckline for Kurtis

If all you want to do is to wear kurtis, then you should know which neckline to go with to make it look perfect on you. Here are some tips on choosing the right type of neck style for your next kurti.

  • 1. Boat necks are made like a boat. A boat neck passes by the collarbone and goes towards your shoulders. It makes your shoulders look broader and would look good on a small busted woman.

  • 2. The sweetheart neck looks a lot like the top of a heart and it goes well on all women. It looks best on with either small or large bust line and would make a woman with smaller bust line appear more curvaceous.

  • 3. A closed neck for women is actually inspired by the traditional kurtas for men. It is great for women who don't like to wear a dupatta. The closed neck enhances a woman's neckline and looks great with jeans. Women of all ages and all body shaped can easily wear it.

  • 4. A square neck in a kurti elongates a short neck and narrows the shoulders. Women with square face should not wear it but it compliments women with a pear shaped body. You can easily wear them with a palazzo or straight pants.

  • 5. There are many variations in a V neck kurti. The plunging V makes a woman look voluptuous and gives them a slimming look. The V neck kurti looks good on square face with small neck and women with small or large bust line can wear them with comfort. A person with a long face should avoid wearing a V neck kurti.
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