Looking for The Most Affordable Yet Exquisite Gifts for Your Loved One? 30 Best Flowers and Teddy Bear Combos That Can Bring a Smile to Anyone's Face (2022)

Looking for The Most Affordable Yet Exquisite Gifts for Your Loved One? 30 Best Flowers and Teddy Bear Combos That Can Bring a Smile to Anyone's Face (2022)

Flowers and teddy bears are the most charming gifts to make your sweetheart happy. Be it your first Valentine's Day celebration, your girlfriend's birthday or first marriage anniversary, these delightful combos of flowers and teddy bear are perfect to make your partner feel on top of the world and express how much you care about them.

Tips for Choosing The Best Gift

If you are planning on giving a gift to someone, then get ready to pay attention to the little and read between the lines. This will leave them surprised and help you to select the gift of their choice.

Don't get afraid to experiment and give a unique gift. Most people enjoy experiences more than a materialistic thing, so do your research before.

A thoughtful gift will last forever not in their life, but their heart as well. Get them something they can actually use. It will not only shows your care towards them, but will remind them of your unconditional love too.

Last but not the least, always remember 'Money doesn't count' it's the 'thought' that stays with them. So, buy something that they will truly appreciate and value and make it even better by adding a personalized touch to it.

15 Best Flower and Teddy Gift Sets

Cute Love for Your Significant Other

Nothing can beat OG red roses on valentine's day. Rec colour is associated with love, passion, and deep love and is the most popular colour sold on Valentine's. You can give it to your significant other, crush, or even parents to show your feelings. This hamper contains a bunch of 10 red roses with baby breaths arranged in a beautiful basket. Also, it has a white teddy bear to further express your feelings. Buy this from Floraindia for Rs. 1,090.

Romantic Mixed Roses Chocolate Surprise

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Looking for a sweet and feminine gift on this valentine? This bouquet is a great choice. It contains six pink roses, four red roses, eight milk chocolates, one six-inches teddy bear, and a cane basket. Red roses symbolize love and adoration while pink shows appreciation and innocence. You can give this hamper to your best friend, sister, mother, or even your crush. The chocolates and teddy bear further enhance the beauty of the package and show your love. Get this on Fnp for Rs. 1,049.

Special Surprise Arrangement

Make his or her heart skip a beat by giving this gorgeous hamper. It contains four red roses, four white roses, ten Cadbury milk chocolates, and a white six-inches teddy bear, arranged in a cane basket. The basket is decorated beautifully with red ribbon and baby breaths. The gift will not only help you to express your love but also radiate positive vibes, making it a pleasant gift. You can buy this at Chocolaty for Rs. 1,099.

Bouquet of Orchids & Teddy for More Sophistication

Give these exotic orchids this valentine and bloom someone's life. Orchids are a true symbol of elegance, love, beauty, and grace. They come in various spectacular colours and varieties, so you can always find the right orchid to match your valentine’s nature. This particular hamper contains five bunch of purple orchids packed in light pink paper tied with a white ribbon. Also, it comes with a six-inches teddy bear to further add to its beauty. Get this package from Flowersandfruits for Rs. 1,019.

Bouquet of White & Orange Roses with Teddy to Complete Their Day

This bouquet will express your feelings when you are out of words. Just like the orange colour, the oranges symbolize vibrant, fresh, and youthful love. However, the white roses indicate purity, innocence, and charm. It has six stems of orange roses, and six stems of white roses, along with greens & gypsophelia, tied in a beautiful wrapping, and a six-inches teddy bear. This bouquet is an ideal option to give someone a sign to turn friendship into a romantic relationship. Get this from Flowersandfruits for Rs. 1,095.

Pink Roses Bouquet With Chocolate & Teddy for Sweet Lover

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Pink roses are the second most popular among flowers. They represent appreciation, affection, elegance, comfort, and happiness. Pink roses purely show femininity and respect towards your loved one. This particular bouquet contains ten bunches of red roses, baby breaths, seasonal fillers, and ten milk chocolates, all wrapped in a subtle pink paper. Along with the hamper, comes a six-inches teddy bear for that extra adoration. Buy this from Fnp for Rs. 1,099.

Red Roses to Fall in Love

Trying to pick the ideal gift for your loved one at this Valentine's? Well, your search ends here. This basket contains 12 stems of roses and a white six-inches teddy bear, arranged in a cane basket, filled with green fillers. Red roses never fail to express your feelings with their deep colour. No matter you want to say I Love You or express your happiness or congratulations on a big day, this bouquet will never let you down. You can buy it from Floraindia for Rs. 1,040.

Rosy Teddy Rocher for Chocolate Lover

It's no secret that red roses are the ultimate gift to express feelings when it comes to love. The red colour is usually associated with love, romance, and passion. Likewise, red roses communicate love, at first sight, desire, and appreciation for someone close to your heart. This heart-shaped hamper with an arrangement of eighteen bright red roses, six Ferrero rocher, and a white teddy bear would be a perfect gift to convey your feelings. Get this on Floweraura for Rs. 1,399.

Cute Pink Love for Pastel Fan

Pink colour always gives off feminine vibes with a tinge of innocence and integrity. This basket, full of pink flowers, will definitely communicate your message. It contains ink roses, pink oriental lilies, pink orchids, along with a small six-inches pink teddy bear. As a symbol of happiness, admiration, grace, beauty, and uniqueness, you can gift this basket to your loved ones and make their day. Get it on Floraindia for Rs. 3,249.

Lucky Bamboo & Roses Love Combo for Practical Gift

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Thinking of getting your loved ones a unique yet thoughtful gift? Fret not, we have got your back. This hamper contains one two-layered bamboo plant arranged in a glass vase, three red roses, three yellow roses, two white roses, two pink roses, along with five milk s and a six-inches teddy bear. This gift symbolizes strength, flexibility, happiness, love, integrity, respect, vibrancy, and purity with all colours of beautiful fresh roses. The chocolates are a treat for a sweet tooth, and the teddy bear needs no words to express the hidden love. Get this from Fnp for Rs. 1,499 and make your loved one delightful.

Pink Carnation n Teddy to Show Support

Valentine is not just to express your love towards your better half, but is a perfect day to show your unconditional love to your family as well. And, keeping this in mind, we have carefully selected this bouquet of pink carnations. It is a great hamper to express your gratitude and love to your mother. Pink carnations express your pure love, appreciation, and gratefulness with their cute fluffy petals. The teddy bear will make her feel special and communicate your childish love towards her. You can buy this from Chocolaty for Rs. 549.

Red Roses N Black Forest for Cake Lover

Bursting with flavours, this delicious chocolate cake will surely give your message most lovingly. The cherries crowned on the top will add an extra bundle of joy, and everyone's favourite chocolate shreds will show care and affection. Along with a bouquet of red roses and a six-inches teddy bear, make their day special and express your undying love. Buy this from Floweraura for Rs. 1,499.

Beary Charm to Make Them Feel Loved

Treat your valentine with his amazing gift and make them feel special. The hamper contains a bouquet of roses; six red roses and six white roses. Also, it comes with an elegant brown six-inches teddy bear, and a heart-shaped chocolate box having eight dark chocolates and two milk chocolates. The combo is a perfect gift to show your love, affection, and add a touch of romance with it. Buy this from Floweraura for Rs. 1,099.

Valentine Beauty When Words Fall Short

Treat your loved ones with the red roses, this valentine because no one can ever have enough of them. Red roses never go out of style and are everyone's favourite. This particular gift contains red roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates arranged in a glass vase instead of a bouquet which adds to its uniqueness and grace. Also, it comes with a six-inches teddy bear, which tremendously increases cuteness. Get it from Floraindia for Rs. 1,340.

Cuddly Choco Odyssey to Show Unconditional Love

Orchids are delicate but exotic aesthetically pleasing, and known to be women's favourite. They don't only look lovely but smells amazing as well. Pink orchids are graceful flowers that seem luxurious with elegant blooms and romantic sentiments. This hamper contains a bunch of six pretty orchids with long stems, a lovely six-inch teddy bear, and a half kg chocolate cake. This gift is a great choice for valentine's day and is a perfect feast for your loved one. Get this on Floweraura for Rs. 1,399.

Three Affordable Teddy Gift Ideas

HUG 'n' Feel Soft Teddybear for Extreme Comfort

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Gifting a teddy bear on valentine's day is an ideal way to express your love and communicate your feelings towards your beloved. This specific huggable teddy bear will never fail to showcase your affection through its cuddly and soft body. It is made up of plush material and is stuffed with soft fibre for comfortness. This can be a great friend to hug and a bed companion as well. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 699.

Aurora World Ashford Teddy Bear to Mark Compassion

Teddy bears make the best gift as they are not perishable and last forever. They not only show your affection towards someone but makes a fantastic cuddling partner as well. The teddy we have selected for you is made up of soft quality material filled with fibre fills and plastic pellets. This makes the bear super cosy, comfortable, and highly lovable. You can buy it from Compare Buyhatke for Rs. 2,088 and have a super-amazing experience.

Gund Fuzzy Teddy Bear to Melt The Heart

If you think your special one deserves a lot of love and hugs, then no gift would be a better choice than this cuddly bear. This super-warm teddy bear is made up of polyester material with soft fibre fillings, and a fluffy texture. The floppy arms and huggable size of the bear make it a perfect gift. Convey the sentiments of your heart to your love through this plush bear. Buy it from Desertcar for Rs. 2,549.

Three Wonderful Artificial Flower Gifts

White Babies Breath Flowers For Everlasting Love

Spread positive vibes and express your everlasting love for this valentine with these amazing flowers. Baby breaths are very popular flowers as they are liked by everyone. They signify innocence, purity, and love for someone special. This product has ten stems made of high-quality and chemical-free material. They can be dyed in different colours and last for years. Give this to your loved one and show your eternal love. Buy it from Desertcart for Rs. 2,569.

Artificial Wildflowers to Show Your Love

Cannot find a perfect bouquet for someone who is allergic to fragrances? Well, guess what? We have something for you. These flowers in different colours are made up of premium quality silk materials with plastic branches. They are completely free of chemical substances and harmful dyes. It has almost six stems of daisies with long branches, almost fit for all medium-sized vases. Daisies signify innocence, purity, spirituality, with undying love and remembrance. You can buy these flowers from Desertcart for Rs. 3,929.

Multicolor Tulips to Brighten Up The Day

Think out of the box and buy these flowers for your beloved. The particular flower pot contains tulips in different colours with green fillers. The vibrant colours are perfect to brighten up the mood and the shimmery vase adds to its illumination. This gift will last forever and will always remind him/ her of your unconditional love. You can buy this from Flipkart for Rs. 599.

Go Old Skool with Fresh Roses

Awesome Red for Showing Passion

Red roses are known to be the symbol of love, desire, and passion. The red colour is particularly associated with valentine because of its deep intimacy and sentiments. And, this valentine we have selected this most gorgeous and exclusive bouquet for you. It contains thirty bunches of red roses wrapped in bright red paper tied with red ribbon, giving a sight for sore eyes. Give this to your valentine and express your never-ending love. Buy this from Floraindia for Rs. 1,399.

Ice Blue Rose Box to Show Harmony

Wanna stand out this valentine and impress your loved one? Get this Ice-blue bouquet full of white roses and express your love and care in a different way. This gorgeous blue box has sixteen stems of white roses set in a square arrangement, making a very delicate symmetry. Gift this to someone very friendly, peaceful, and loves calm. Buy this from Floweraura for Rs. 1,199.

Orange Roses for Fiery Love

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Orange is fun, joy, and dynamic. Orange roses give brilliant cheerful vibes with some extra energy. For valentine, orange roses represent fiery passion, love, and excitement, making them a perfect choice. This specific basket consists of eighteen stems of orange roses, with white gipsies for added beauty. Also, the basket is made up of wood with fine details and decorated with brown ribbon. Get it on Fnp for Rs. 1,299.

Affordable Alternatives to Flowers and Teddy

Choice Citizen NH8350-83E for A Watch Enthusiast

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A wristwatch is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can ever give to someone. It daily reminds you of the person who gave you and shows their care for you. This particular watch is made up of stainless steel material and has an analogue display. This water-resistant watch has a 40 mm diameter and 11.5 mm thickness and comes with a screw-down case. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 12,600.

Bobbi Brown Soho Glow Mini Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick Set for Makeup Fan

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Nothing could make a makeup freak happier than getting makeup on valentines day. This Bobbi Brown mini eyeshadow set is highly pigmented, soft texture, and melts smoothly into the skin. The eye shadows have a creamy texture and are buttery soft with a long-lasting effect. Also, they are smudge-proof, fade-resistant, and crease-proof. These metallic eyeshadows are in dusty mauve, golden pink, and golden bronze. Buy this from Nykaa for Rs. 2,300.

Deep Black Mug for Caffiene Addict

Not every girl is a makeup lover, some live for coffee. And, this coffee mug will definitely do the work. It is made up of the finest quality ceramic material and has floral prints in multi colours. The plus point is that it is microwave-safe and has a capacity of 300ml. Give this beautiful cup to your valentine and sort their coffee problems. Buy it from Limeroad for Rs. 280.

Luxury Antique Photo Frame to Cherish Memories

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Preserve all your special memories in a little more special way through this photo frame. It is made up of resin material with metallic polishing, and delicate finishing. The square-shaped frame with antique detailing at the edges gives it a striking look. The high-definition glass and crown with diamontes increase the attractiveness immensely. Gift this photo frame to your beloved and let them capture the moment forever. Get it from Amazon for Rs. 899.

Chesapeake Bay Candle for The Fragrance Lover

With aesthetically appealing jars and mind relaxing scents, these candles will do wonders for your loved one. These are made up of natural soy wax, self-trimming wicks in thick glass jars with wooden covers at the top. The soft-coloured glasses are tinted and have a fragrance description on them. The jars let the flame shine through them which makes the view candles allow the light of the flame to shine through to add more aesthetic to the room. When they burn, they sweet release fragrance of essential oils that calm the mind and senses. Get it from Desertcart for Rs. 8,649.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker for Music Freak

Everyone enjoys good music after a hectic day. No gift can be better than something that lightens the mood and spread happy vibes. So, we have chosen these amazing Bluetooth speakers for your music lover. These particular speakers are made up of silicone material and are sturdy and strong. Also, they are water-resistant, sweat-resistant, d have almost six hours of playing time. With this gift, he/ she doesn't have to worry about the charging and carefree sing and dance on their favourite songs. Buy it from Indiamart for Rs. 160.

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Express The Warmth of Your Love with Flowers and Teddy!

You may encounter several occasions in your life where you will be required to provide a gift. Flowers and a teddy bear are usually a nice choice for birthdays or anniversaries, new year or Christmas, and other occasions. While flowers can send your message of joy, love, romance, affection, admiration, or compassion, a soft, warm, and a teddy bear will lure the receiver with its soft, warm, and cuddly touch. Flowers and teddy bears are always appropriate for any event or occasion. Flowers and teddy bear arrangements in a gift basket create the most desired present for your loved ones. So, go ahead and pick our flowers and teddy bear collections now!