Thinking Sustainability? 10 Best Eco-Friendly Products in India in 2022 That You Can Start Using Daily.

Thinking Sustainability? 10 Best Eco-Friendly Products in India in 2022 That You Can Start Using Daily.

You want to use the best products for your family and you need those products to be effective. Here are some of the best eco-friendly products in India to start using daily. Using eco-friendly has many benefits - as it leads to saving our environment, improves our health also, using eco-friendly products are undoubtedly the need of the hour! Read on to know better!

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The Use of Eco-Friendly Products Is Increasing

We have understood that the resources around us are depleting rapidly. There is a need to use friendlier products free from plastics and harmful chemicals. While it can cause harm to us, it can also harm the habitat and marine animals as the waste would eventually reach there. The need for friendlier products can help to have a balance with nature.

The green products are durable and can be easily disposable. They do not harm nature too. It is a sustainable balance with nature and can help the public use lesser resources. These products can be easily recycled too. You can dispose of them separately for recycling. Several products can easily complement the products you use daily. We will discuss some of these products that you can use to go green.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products

You Stay Healthy

Sustainable and eco-friendly products can also keep you healthy. The use of products laden with plastics and other harmful chemicals can affect our well-being. If you decide to go green, you will be benefited from harm-free products that can help you live longer. BPA-free products can keep you free from diseases. You also prevent the use of high-risk additives and improve the quality of life, preventing illnesses, mortality, and ageing effects.

Helps the Planet

The earth has been plagued using harmful substances by humanity. They affect the environment in many ways. The disposal of everyday use products causes significant damage to the environment by clogging up water bodies and releasing toxic solid waste. As the conditions worsen, there has been a sustained need to move to biodegradable materials that are eco friendly too. These products are cheap and prevent harmful wastes from being released.

Save Resources

The lack of a proper disposal mechanism can lead to the wastage of the earth's resources. It affects us as well as our future generations. It becomes necessary to prevent such large scale abuse of the critical resources that we need to survive. When you switch to eco-friendly brands, you can minimise the amount of waste generation. There is a need to protect the earth and shift to products that do not use the necessary resources.

The Feel-Good Factor

There is increasing awareness about keeping the environment safe and healthy for our future generations. There is a call to stay away from plastics and harmful chemicals. Hence, being a group that does not use toxic products is an achievement. Eco-friendly products are suitable for the environment, and you also have a better feeling by doing your bit to preserve our habitat. It can only start by moving towards eco-friendly products.

Reduce Waste

One of the reasonable ways to be responsible for the habitat is to reduce the amount of waste generated. Even the waste generated from households contains excessive chemicals and emissions that can harm the environment. It is necessary that, as responsible citizens, we minimise the waste generated by us. The shift to eco-friendly products can only be the first step. While the amount of waste generated may not be reduced, we can ensure that the waste is biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

Top Eco-Friendly Products in India in 2022

Coroid Eco-Friendly Mosquito Killer Machine

Mosquitos are a common problem across the country. You would be worried about various mosquito-borne diseases. You need mosquito repellent. But are you concerned about the chemical-laden sprays that we need to use? They can harm your health if you are exposed over many hours. You can use an eco-friendly repellent to prevent mosquito bites while not harming your health.

The other alternative is to use a machine that would not release fumes. The eco-friendly device from Coroid(mosquitoes) can be the ideal option for you. It emits light waves of 365 Nm wavelength that can also attract mosquitoes. It is a USB-enabled fly and mosquito killer that can be used in homes. They can also be used in large areas like weddings and parties. The best way to use it before sleeping is to keep it in the dark for around two hours.

This unique machine is available on Flipkart for Rs. 598.

Bamboo Toothbrushes


The use of plastics can be harmful to the environment. Are you worried about using plastic toothbrushes and looking forward to using an eco-friendly one? Plastic toothbrushes can take several years to decompose. Have you ever come across bamboo toothbrushes that can be a sustainable alternative to normal ones? They take only around six months to decompose, thereby improving the environment.

These toothbrushes have a handle and bristles for brushing, more like the normal ones. However, the handle is made of bamboo and is heat-treated. It enhances durability and provides a better finish. The products from Terrabrush have a carbonisation finish that prevents microbial growth and makes them waterproof. The bristles are BPA-free, and the handle is made from biodegradable and antibacterial bamboo.

A packet of four brushes costs Rs. 269 on Amazon.

Ksamah Eco Festive Gift Box Dinner Set 2 Plates 2 Bowls 2 Glass & Bamboo Cutlery Set

Most of our cutlery and dinner sets are made of porcelain. While they may look elegant, they are brittle too. Moreover, they are not environmentally friendly. Melamine is another popular material used for dinner sets which are even worse for the environment. We must look beyond the standard materials that the crockery is made. But what if we tell you that the cutlery is plastic-free? Impossible! No, it isn’t.

We can give the environment a chance by choosing the cutlery from Ecohoy. Ecohoy specialises in eco-friendly products with a motive to positively affect our surroundings. The cutlery set is made from rice husk fibre sourced from farmers. It is BPA-free and is sturdy and durable too. It is bio-based and can be used in your home and office too. They can be used in the freezer and microwave too. You can also put it in the dishwasher.

The dinner set has two glasses, bowls, and plates. It is priced at Rs. 1,899 on the Company Website.

Coconut Soap Tray

Most of us throw away coconut shells as waste. Have you considered that they can be of use as well? Yes, the coconut shell can be recycled into multiple things beneficial to us. You can get such products on Brown Living. They are the first plastic-free marketplace and has several everyday use products. The products are locally made in India and picked after ensuring they do not affect the environment.

The soap tray is recycled from coconut shells and has an elegant shape. It has a natural-looking finish and does not have any toxic materials. It is handcrafted, making it look more elegant and containing the unique smell of coconut. It is eye-catching too. It measures 3.5 inches X 3 inches X 2 inches.

It is priced at Rs. 189 on Brown Living website.

Envirofit Spandan Efficient Chulha


The chulha is still being used in several households in the countryside. It is cumbersome to use and can cause health hazards to the person who uses it. There is a need to use a safer version that would adhere to environmental best practices. You must use a robust chulha to last long and use lesser fuel. The product from Envirofit can be the one to purchase for the kitchen. It cooks faster and uses around 60% lesser fuel.

The chulha is at least three times more efficient than the traditional ones. It is designed in a way that helps to transfer the heat to the food being cooked efficiently. The toxic smoke emissions are reduced by at least 80% and helps you have a cleaner kitchen with lesser smoke and soot. It is made from high-quality materials and is maintenance-free.

The product comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. It is priced at Rs. 2,750 on Amazon.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Home Cleaners

The various products we use in our homes are made from chemicals. The cleaners we use are also made from harmful chemicals. Parents are always worried about kids crawling on the floors. We must stay away from the toxic cleaners we use in our bathroom, laundry, floors or dishwashing. Choosing eco-friendly products will help us lead a sustainable lifestyle.

You can choose the products from The Better Home, which have a motto in making their patrons understand the need to select an adequate answer to the cleaning problems at home and choosing what is good for the planet. The floor cleaner is safe and powerful due to the plant-based surfactants. The pathogenically active microbes decompose the organic materials. It is non-toxic and cleans gently. It is also suitable for kids crawling across the house. It is ideal for hard surfaces, and the wastewater can be reused for the plants.

A pack of four 500 ml bottles is priced at Rs. 754 on the Company Website.

Wooden Roti Box


Many of us use casseroles at home that is made from hard plastic. We are unknowingly causing harm to the health of our family. It is time that we moved to safer options. Would you believe that there are roti boxes made of wood? And they are designed exquisitely as well. It provides a touch of class to the dining table too.

The roti box is made from high-quality mango wood. It is crafted with a contemporary look and is a classic change to the harmful casseroles we use at home. There is a multi-coloured wooden finish that adds to the grandeur of your dining table. The surface is polished deftly to bring out the texture and additional gloss. It ensures that the rotis are kept hot for a long time.

This mango wood roti box has an exquisite floral design and is priced at Rs. 2,030 on the Wud Box website.

Bamboo Notebook

We rarely think twice before whipping out our notebook to write. Pages are wasted, and we are also quick to move to a new notebook even before finishing the last one. It increases our carbon footprints, ensuring that our habits can protect the environment. The shift to environmentally friendly options is the need of the hour. What if we told you to use a bamboo notebook?

The eco-friendly notebook from Bamboo India is made from recycled paper that gives a yellowish tinge to the pages. This notebook has 70 pages and has a pen attached to it. It can be used at your home, office or for kids at school. Apart from the elegant design, you will also stay assured that you are using environment-friendly materials.

It is priced at Rs. 449 on the Company Website.

Eco-Friendly Face Cream

We love to take care of our skin, especially our face. But several of us are not aware of the harmful chemicals that go into making them. There is a need to have a healthy option for skincare. Conscious Chemist is a brand that uses natural ingredients for its facial creams. The great cream makes the skin look healthy and beautiful. It is also hydrated and enlivens you too.

This cream is made from matcha green tea and hemp seed oil. The use of hemp seed oil ensures that the skin is nourished and prevents dryness. Matcha green tea has several antioxidants and reduces sun damage. It deactivates the free radicals and reduces puffiness. The grapefruit essential oil also acts as an antioxidant, improves blood circulation, and shrinks skin pores.

It is available at Rs. 1,095 on the Sublime Life website.

Zilver Eco-Friendly Lamp Shade


There has been an increasing shift towards opting for sleek items to rev up our drawing-room. It starts with the lampshades, and we spend several hours online searching one for our homes. However, there are several eco-friendly options that we give a miss. You can use a lampshade from Zilver, known for its environmentally efficient products.

The hanging lampshade is made from premium cane material and comes in brown. The durability and superior design provide an antique look too. The product has a sleek finish and measures 16 cm X 21 cm X 16 cm.

The varnish brown coloured lamps come in a set of two and are priced at Rs. 1,099 on Amazon.

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Make a Change Today, and See a Difference for Years to Come. Say No to Plastic!

India has a long history and legacy in sustainable lifestyle and a considered environment as God. But in search of stylish, versatile and cheapie, people crave plastics in large volumes and reduce the quality and longevity of life along the way. Going back to the countryside in India you will find lots of eco-friendly products still in use which we are not aware of. Be it broomsticks, bamboo products, ladders, or eco-friendly coconut soap trays and scrubbers that are sustainable and good for better health. So, Pick eco-friendly products from the list, it's about taking a small step towards making our planet a greener, cleaner and happier place to live.