Great Gift Ideas for Women Coworker with a Classy Touch of Innovation and Personalization to Make Them Memorable(2022).

Great Gift Ideas for Women Coworker with a Classy Touch of Innovation and Personalization to Make Them Memorable(2022).

Friends are the family you choose, the platitude goes. And likewise, co-workers are the family chosen for you by the mysterious forces of capitalism. It could be that it's tough to stay on budget when it comes to women coworker gifts. Or maybe it's that you want to show them how much you care without getting too personal, or if you want to be funny without being overly kitschy. This is our curated gift guide for women co-workers.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gift

Stick to Your Budget

Spending more money than you can afford is a big NO! Don’t feel obligated to buy something that is out of your range just to add an element of surprise. This will not only take a toll on your bank account but might create problems for you as well. Workplaces have a set price range to spend on gifts for employees, coworkers, etc. So, check with Hr first and then buy a gift on your budget.

Get a Thoughtful Gift

Before choosing a gift for your colleague, ask yourself what intentions this present conveys about you. Make a list of possible and appropriate gifts, then give it a thought, and shortlist the best ones. Go for the one that not only shows your respect but is right enough to keep the balance between appreciation and affection. Give something that a person can actually use and create convenience for them.

Keep It Professional

While giving a gift at the corporate place, always keep it professional. Avoid giving personal and intimate gifts like perfumes, makeup, and gag gifts. Always think twice 'would this gift offend anyone?' before buying, and go for safer options. Invest in appropriate and generic gifts like edibles, neutral items, practical gifts, books, etc. Get something decent and delicate as the gift is a reflection of your mindset and what you think of them.

9 Amazing Gifts for Women Coworkers

Cosmetics and Skincare Gifts

1- Hand Cream for Skin Care Lover


Got an extremely hardworking coworker? We have got the perfect gift to appreciate her work. Hand cream helps to boost moisture levels while maintaining the beauty of hands. Using a high-quality hand cream will keep the cuticles and nails well-nourished preventing premature wrinkling. This particular hand cream gift set contains three different hand creams. Each cream is made up of organic ingredients and nourishing oils like vitamin E, shea butter, and, almond oil, etc. The formula is 100% vegan, cruelty, and paraben-free. Let their hands feel fresh throughout the day. Get it from Amazon for Rs.899.

Practical Gifts

2- Portable Charger for Someone Who Borrows a Charger

Portable chargers are a perfect gift for those who frequently work on their mobiles. A portable charger reduces the worry of dead mobile batteries and provides a fast-charging experience at any time and anywhere. This portable charger has multiple benefits. It has a hybrid-high capacity and dual-port to plug it either on the wall or use on the go. You just need to put in the Anker and a USB cord, and your problem is solved. It is an excellent gift for a colleague who forgets to charge her phone. You can buy it from Desert Cart for Rs.4,639.

3- Laptop Sleeve For Someone Who Carries Laptop in Hand

Worried too much about their laptop? Help protect your computer-expert coworker's laptop with this sturdy sleeve. This pouch has a delicate design with a fully-padded sleeve and cotton inner lining to protect against knocks and bumps. It is made up of premium quality canvas material and features a metal zipper with leather pull to minimize the dust from entering it. You can also keep the books or any other in the inner pocket of the case. A pouch not only protects the laptop from falls and drops but also keeps it clean and debris-free. This is an ideal gift for a person who loves playing around with a laptop. Buy it from Daily Objects for Rs.1,299.

4- Travel Journal Notebook

For a colleague who loves to travel and likes to keep every single pass, token or ticket, this journal is for them. A travel journal book helps to keep endless memories while travelling in an organized way. Also, it helps to highlight the most cherishable moments of the trip and document your progress. This particular travel journal looks antique with a rusty tinge for a classic experience. It has lined pages, card slots, and side pocket inserts to store, recollect, and pen down your memories. This vintage journal will definitely inspire your wanderlust coworker on the go. You can buy it from Desert Cart for Rs.1,589.

5- Photo Frame


The coworker whose table is loaded with photos will surely love this gift. This photo frame with a retro touch and classical golden antique finishing look very decent yet appealing. It is made up of the finest quality resin and high definition glass to clearly look back on memories for years to come. Photo frames are timeless and never go out of season. They always bring loads of happiness, joy and remind you of the giver's thoughtfulness. You can buy this simple yet meaningful gift for your associate from Amazon for only Rs.499.

Gifts for Food Lovers

6- Cookies Waffers Gift Hamper

What do you get from the person who has everything? Not everyone likes materialistic things, some are food lovers. And, you can never go wrong with cookies. They are not just delicious but are healthy snacking options as well. Cookies come in a variety of flavours, spread happiness, and are great for sharing. This cookie and wafer gift hamper contains almond and caramel cookies, choco wafers, milk chocolates, and cream sandwich biscuits to satisfy their taste buds and please the plate. However, avoid giving this to someone who is allergic to nuts and dairy. Buy this exclusive gift hamper from The Gift Tree for Rs.1,308.

Apparel Gifts

7- Unisex T-shirt for Fashionista

Wanna surprise your fashionista coworker? We have got a perfect gift for you. A unisex t-shirt is a perfect choice to wear casually and at places where dress codes are mandatory. They are usually tailored and seem very chick. You can pair them up with minimal jewelry to step up your everyday look. This specific t-shirt in light lilac colour is made up of 100% cotton material and features a regular fit and a round neck. It has typography in white colour and a regular fit. This cute t-shirt will surely make their day. Get it from Nykaa for only Rs.359.

8- Shawl for Extra Glam

Every woman has a space in her wardrobe for an extra piece of a warm and cozy shawl. Fur shawls are a great option to wear before heading out in winter. They not only keep the neck and shoulder warm but also grab some extra attention. The comfy shawls add a little extra glam to the basic outfit and can be styled in various ways. This specific shawl is super soft, comfortable, and has a solid pattern. This eye-catching shawl is your best bet if you're on a budget. You can purchase it from Nykaa for only Rs.1,793.

9- Personalised Bag


How many bags are enough for a bag enthusiast? Of course, infinite. Bags are something that every woman carries. It is a very thoughtful yet practical gift for working women as it helps them to hold all their essential stuff. You can never go wrong with a brown delicate bag. This bag is made up of polyurethane material and is very spacious. It has a minimal texture with fine golden details and a metal zipper for closure. Also, give it a personalized touch by getting their name engraved on it. Get her something that lasts forever and makes their everyday life more fashionable. Buy this from FnP for only Rs.1,999.

Bonus Tips: A List of Gifts You Should Avoid!

In case you want to try out some other gifts, remember the tips below.

  • Make sure that the gifts aren't too expensive as this has two disadvantages. For one, the coworker may expect you to gift every year and an expensive one will be rather unsustainable.
  • Secondly, you are in the workplace still and an expensive gift can give the wrong idea.
  • Avoid any personal gifts, like perfumes or makeup. This is because you might not know about their preferences and allergies which could cause problems for you.
  • If the coworker is an environmentalist, avoid anything made from plastic and other ecologically harmful substances. Similarly, you should avoid any religious objects.
  • Finally, I wouldn't recommend giving masculine or feminine gifts.
From our editorial team

It's the Gesture that Counts

We usually spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our families. Small gift ideas for coworkers are a wonderful way to bring the team closer together and share in each other's important life events. Gifts for colleagues are generally less expensive than those for loved ones, but it's the gesture that counts. For female coworkers, the most important times to buy a gift are if they are going on maternity leave, have been given a promotion, are leaving for a new job, their birthday. It's also nice to give executive assistant gifts after a particularly busy period at work.