10 Awesome Gifts for Boyfriend on First Valentine's Day and Amazing Romantic Ideas to Spend the Day

10 Awesome Gifts for Boyfriend on First Valentine's Day and Amazing Romantic Ideas to Spend the Day

Whether you have been dating him for a month of 10 months, anticipating the first Valentine's Day will send you in a flutter of nerves. Need gifts that tell him you love him without making you look over emotional or uncool? BP Guide has gathered the best gift for boyfriend on first Valentine's Day as well as ideas for what to do and how to spend the first Valentine's Day with him.

Tips for Buying a Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Gift Something Romantic

Valentine’s Day is all about love and for your first ever celebration together, a romantic gift is an ideal choice! It is indeed a great opportunity for you to express your love. Go for valentine’s day cake that will take him by surprise. You can print a picture of the two of you on it. Shop for chocolate boxes and top it up with a Valentine’s Day card. Some other romantic ideas for the day could be a lovely photo frame that has a picture of you both. Keychains that split into two parts can also be an option. You can make the day extra special by giving him something handmade.

Shop for Customisable Gifts

Gifts that can be customised are very adorable as they have a personal touch to it. While looking for a gift for your first Valentine’s Day celebration, you can opt for a personalised gift. Go for coffee mugs on which you can get your names written. You can also write cute quotes on the mug. Gifting t-shirts with a couple quotes is also a good idea. For instance, you can get hearts printed on both the t-shirts and then wear them together on Valentine’s Day. You may also choose gifts like customised stationery organiser, couple love bracelets and the like.

Give Meaningful Gifts

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Your relationship with your boyfriend is emotional and you should gift him with things that reflect this aspect. Giving sentimental and useful gifts can be a good way of showing him how much you love him. You can gift him with a memory book that holds snippets of all the wonderful memories that you have made together. This book can have a series of pictures along with your heartfelt messages. You can also give him a heartbeat necklace that signifies that he is your heartbeat. He will be touched by receiving such gifts and it will bring you both closer.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend on Your First Ever Valentine's Day

Love Wooden Finish Photo Frame

Express your love on your first Valentine’s Day with this cute wooden finish photo frame. It is indeed a classy surprise for your boyfriend on a special day. You can put your choice of picture in the frame. The wooden frame has a white border along with a romantic quote on it. It can be kept on a tabletop and will always remind your beloved of you. It is a great gift to give your romantic journey a head start and will make your first ever Valentine’s Day memorable. Shop for this from giveter.com for Rs.475.

Love Photo Mug

Looking for a romantic gift for your beau? Well, this love photo mug is just the right gift for your boyfriend on your first Valentine’s Day celebration. You can customise this gorgeous mug by uploading your preferred picture and it will be displayed inside the “O”. Show your boyfriend how special he is for you with this amazing photo mug. It is colored in red and white that matches the theme of Valentines Day. Your boyfriend can enjoy his morning coffee in this cute mug that has the picture of you two. Shop for this from excitinglives.com for Rs.199.

My Adorable Boyfriend Gift Hamper

If you have been wanting to tell your boyfriend how great your life is because of his presence then give him this gift. Show him that he means the world to you with this beautiful combo. The gift set has a Love You So Much Card. It also has a coffee mug with a very special message for him written on it. The combo has a pack of three heart-shaped chocolates. You can hide this gift somewhere to surprise your boyfriend. Give this special combo pack to your boyfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift. Shop for it from floweraura.com for Rs.799.

Personalised Initials Silver Pendant

This Valentines Day, gift bae with this stunning silver pendant. It can be customised and is beautifully handcrafted with the initials of your choice. This gorgeous piece of jewelry has a gold-plated heart in the middle making it a very romantic gift. The chain and the pendant are made of sterling silver. The heart inside the pendant is made of 18 k gold. Express your feelings to your boyfriend and make him feel special with this amazing gift. He will be truly delighted to receive this awesome pendant. You can shop for this from excitinglives.com for Rs.2,800.

Love Times Today

Do you ever feel as if you want to shout out to the world as to how much you love your boyfriend? This gift sums up the feeling. Profess your love to your boyfriend by making it a headline in “Love Times”. You will need a high-resolution picture of you and your bae. Simply upload the picture of your choice while choosing the gift online. You can personalize the headlines of the newspaper according to your choice. This gift will take your boyfriend to cloud nine! Just keep it at his desk casually and see his reaction. You can shop for this gift from floweraura.com for Rs.425.

Hundred Reasons I Love You Box

If you feel like you are falling short of words to express your feelings then this gift might come in handy. This box will surely bring a smile on your boyfriend’s face! It has a collection of cards carrying a hundred reasons why you love him. The cards are pre-printed and each one has a special reason that states why you love him. This adorable bunch of cards will make your guy feel very special. It comes packed in a beautiful box. Give this as a gift to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and he will certainly be happy. You can shop for this lovely box from excitinglives.com for Rs.399.

Pencil Art

This gift will help you make your boyfriend feel on the top of the world! This intricately carved work of art is indeed a delight to your eyes. You can get his name carved on a pencil by professional artists. The pencil is carved with precision and carefully sealed in a bottle. It is placed on a wooden stand. You can share the name of your beloved while placing the order for it online. It accepts a maximum of 6 alphabets. It is then kept inside a bottle of 4 inches. The gift perfectly symbolizes your love for your boyfriend. Give this to him on Valentine’s Day and win his heart all over again. You can shop for this from oyehappy.com for Rs.2,950.

First Meeting Framed Memento

Immortalise your first date with this stunning First meeting framed memento. It has your names along with the date and time. This is inspired by the famous movie When Harry Met Sally. It is a very romantic gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. This gift forever documents the special bond that you two share. It will always remind him of your lovely first meeting and how it all started. The memento can be kept as a tabletop or can even be hanged on the wall. Give this to your boyfriend on your first Valentine’s Day celebration together. You can shop for this gift from excitinglives.com for Rs.490.

Love Forever Wall Clock

Love is an eternal feeling that gets your heart racing every day, every moment and every second. If you feel like you are hopelessly in love with your boyfriend then you can express it to him with this gift. You can make his heart beat faster with this customized wall clock that is full of love. You can put the image of your choice on this amazing wall clock. It has a beautiful decoration of hearts all around the image. All you have to do is to upload an image of you and your partner while shopping for it online. Shop for this exciting gift from floweraura.com for Rs.699.

Boundless Love

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for you to tell your guy that he is important. It is your chance of telling your boyfriend that he is special. Gift this gorgeous combo to your guy and show him your love. This beautiful gift hamper contains a pack of handmade chocolates in a little cage. It also has a greeting card with a touching message, 'My true love'. The adorable design on the greeting card along with the intricate work and flowers looks amazing. You can surprise him by keeping this on his desk or in his closet. Shop for this from floweraura.com for Rs.1,299.

How to Make Valentine's Day with Bae Even More Special

Write a Crazy Poem for Him

Make Valentine’s Day even more special for bae by writing a crazy poem for him! It doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme. You can simply pen down whatever you feel about him in the form of a poem. Don’t bother to give it a professional touch and just keep it natural; the irregularities and lack of perfect rhyme will make it more endearing. You can derive inspiration from the first time you met and how it made you feel. To present the poem, you can write it down on a decorative piece of paper and accentuates its look with stars and glitter pens. This sweet little gesture of yours will occupy a big space in his heart. He will truly be surprised to get such a heartwarming gift.

Surprise Him with an Impromptu Getaway

Your first ever Valentine’s Day is special and you can plan an impromptu getaway to make it memorable. Choose a nearby travel destination and make all the arrangements in advance. You would have to book the hotel tickets and take care of the commute. You can surprise him after work and ask him to hop on to that bus or plane for your romantic getaway. If it is an outdoor adventure then make sure that you get your camping supplies and food along with you. He will be really impressed with this plan and you can take amazing pictures of this surprise getaway.

Book a Memorable Experience for Both of You

Apart from all the Valentine’s Day gifts, you can also gift him with a special experience. Sharing the lovely moments of life together is a priceless joy. You can make the most out of your first Valentine’s Day together by booking an experience for the two of you. For instance, you can go for a couple’s spa together, sign up for a cake baking class, go for fun cocktail sessions, or even get a couple photoshoot done. You can also go for aerial experiences, foot reflexology for couples, gaming experience, go-karting, helicopter adventure, and luxury dining experience. These amazing experiences will help you both bond with each other and will certainly bring you closer. There are several options to choose from and your guy will feel amazing by receiving such a splendid surprise.

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It's okay to talk about it if you're not sure

Doing too much or giving an underwhelming gift are the two biggest concerns on Valentine's Day. You don't want to come across as head over heels in love with an elaborate Valentine spread while your boyfriend gives you a small box of chocolates, or not have anything to give him while he lands up at your door armed to the teeth with flowers, balloons, candy and gifts. The best way to sweep away uncertainty is to talk to him in the weeks leading up to V Day. Get his views on the subject, maybe even plan something together. It may not seem very romantic but it's better than feeling extremely embarrassed afterwards.