14 Exceptional Return Gifts for Teachers Who Taught You Everything You Know

14 Exceptional Return Gifts for Teachers Who Taught You Everything You Know

Looking for the best gifts for a teacher from her student? Teachers impact the lives of so many children in a big way and are rarely appreciated in the way they should. Be it Teacher's Day, end of a school term, or just wanting to thank them for their efforts, these gifts are ideal to give to teachers from their students. Pick from everyday school items, personalised gifts for teachers and useful products that any teacher will appreciate.

What Do Teachers Prefer to Receive as Gifts from their Students

It takes an amazing person to be a teacher. They play an important part in our lives. We trust the teachers with our children to teach them not only lessons but also values and morals. They are patient, persistent, and filled with love and kindness. To be a teacher is not easy, you need guts of steel to handle a class full of little monsters. If anything, we owe the teachers a lot for what they do. The least we could do is to appreciate them for the influence they have on our child’s life.

Unlike us, the teachers are a special breed. They love everything to do with children. It need not be something glittery and out of the world. It might be something very simple with a few words. But those heartfelt words are what they love and require. If you would like to gift your child’s teacher a little something to appreciate everything they have done for you and your family, you are in the right place. We have a few ideas and also a few gifts to help you in the right direction.

Give Them Personalised Gifts

Teachers spend most part of the day with the kids teaching them and interacting with them. It’s safe to say that they know the kids much better than we ourselves do. What they would love receiving from the student is something they love and can use on a regular basis but also personalised with slogans or maybe with the teacher’s name or the student’s name. A coffee mug, picture frame, a pen holder and desk organisers are a few that always come in handy and can also be personalised easily. This way your child can let the teacher know that they love the teacher and appreciate him or her for everything they have done for them.

DIY Student Made Gifts

This is always a big hit among the teachers. This can be anything, the only condition is that the child has to make it himself or herself for the teacher. There is nothing that brings such joy to the teacher other than knowing that the child spent time and effort making a gift for them. There are a lot of things you can do with a mason jar. Fill it with treats and get one of those printables online and stick it to the jar. You can do something similar to the tutorial available on anightowlblog.com. These are quick and sure to be a hit among teachers.

School Supplies are Always Appreciated

School supplies are something that teachers always need in excess. You and your child would know what the teachers need in their classes and make a gift of it. They would need everything from pencils, erasers, sketches, sharpies, whiteboard markers, glues, sticky tapes and everything in between. If you’d like to go a little fancy, plan a school supplies cake like the one from bystephanielynn.com or “Pop”ular Teacher Appreciation Gift by skiptomylou.org. They would make an amazing gift and the teachers are free from having to stock it again and again.

Cards from Kids

Who wouldn’t like to be appreciated for our effort? Teachers are like us too. Teacher appreciation cards from kids are one of the best gifts you could get a teacher. It need not be anything big. Just a “Thank You for All That You Have Done” is strong enough to bring a tear to the teacher’s eyes. Teachers deserve being appreciated for the effort they have put into teaching, moulding and shaping our children. Besides cards, you can attach some of the cute printables available for on howdoesshe.com on small gifts and give them to the teacher.

Gift Cards

Teachers are also humans. In between setting exam papers and correcting homework, they too would love to nip out and shop. How about a bundle of gift cards from popular stores? If you happen to know their interests, you can get a gift card from their favourite store. If not get a few gift cards from good bookstores so that they can buy what they want. Or you can get a gift card to an eStore like Amazon India where you can get anything from fashion to school supplies. This idea also works well as a group gift from students on Teacher's Day, at the end of a school year or even the teacher's birthday. The amount may not add up to a very big sum but any teacher will be touched that the kids pooled in their pocket money to give them a sweet and thoughtful gift like that.

What School Supplies Can You Give Your Teacher

If you ask a school teacher what they would love for a gift at the beginning of a school year, school supplies are the answer. Though schools supply them with the necessary supplies and students bring their own, teachers always find themselves in need of certain supplies that don’t come in the same category.

White Board Markers

Source www.amazon.in

If your school uses whiteboards, the teachers will tell how fast the whiteboard markers get over. Moreover, it is very important that they are stocked up with Whiteboard Markers since many schools are transitioning from chalks and blackboards to whiteboards. The advantage of using a whiteboard over a blackboard is the lack of dust which is the bane for many kids and teachers alike.

You can get the Cello Whitemate Vivid Whiteboard Marker for just ₹100 for a set of 4. This set has 4 fun and vibrant colours to attract the attention of the children. The ink is non-toxic, hence safe for children too. They are also quick to erase, in which case we have the Whitelily Magnetic Duster For Erasing for just ₹88. The duster comes with a marker slot, to store the marker conveniently. While you are at it, you can also get the AmazonBasics Permanent Markers for ₹249. All these are available for purchase at amazon.in.

Pin-Up Board

Source www.amazon.in

If there’s one thing that a school needs but is lacking most of the time is a pin-up board in classes. A pin-up board helps in displaying the children’s art to the class and probably the school. It can also be used as a way of the teacher letting the class know about important assignments and notifications. If you are looking to buy a pin-up board as a gift for a class teacher, check out the Pragati Systems Genius Pin-up Board available on amazon.in for ₹865. It is also advisable to get a few thumb tacks, like a pack of Imprint Multicolour Thumb Pins for just ₹165 at amazon.in. They come in reusable storage boxes of their own which makes it easy for organising.

Staedtler Noris Tradition Tub Round Metal Sharpener

Source www.amazon.in

A metal sharpener is a must-have in a classroom especially if your child is still in the primary. The teacher would be handling pencil issues every day when the children are still learning to hold and write with their pencils. The Staedtler 511 001 Noris Tradition Tub Round Metal Sharpener does the job perfectly. Priced at ₹235, it might seem pricey for a sharpener but the quality is unmatched. It also has a round tub to hold the pencil shavings which comes with its own safety lock to prevent an accidental mess. Check out amazon.in for more details on the sharpener.

Lesson Planner

Source www.amazon.in

Every teacher would have to make lesson plans for the whole year which makes it easy for the entire year. Not only does it make it easy for the teacher to keep track of the lessons, but it also makes for proper organising. You can also maintain your student roster including seating charts, parent contacts, behavioural pattern and birthday information for each student. The Teacher's Lesson Planner and Record Book by Stephanie Embrey is definitely a godsend for the teachers. Buy this at amazon.in for ₹1,723.

10 Fascinating Return Gifts for Teachers

Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Many teachers we know like to bring their own lunch and sit with the kids. If your kid’s teacher also does the same, how about getting this swanky lunch bag for her/him. The insulated lining in the tote keeps the food warm until lunch. Priced at ₹384, the lunch tote has a net pocket at the sides to hold the water bottle and also pockets to hold accessories like tissues and spoons. EarthVibe Combo Lunch Tote Bag also comes with a 30 x 20 cm lunch mat and is available on amazon.in.


Source www.amazon.in

Succulents have a way of brightening the classroom and bringing a sense of peace. They are very hardy which is very unusual for plants this size. They are easy maintenance and in the classroom, the students can also help take care of the plants. The Cappl Small Exotic Succulents are a perfect fit for the classroom and tiny enough around 3-7 cm that they can fit on the window sill. Even being so tiny and delicate they have a sense of resilience about them which is exactly what the teachers need during a midday break. You can buy the set of 5 succulents from amazon.in for ₹949.

Healthy & Natural Gift Hamper

Source www.amazon.in

Honey has been used in a traditional medicine for centuries. Not only that they also have many cosmetic uses and is a staple food in any pantry. The Honey Shop – Honey Bloom Gift Hamper has pure and natural acacia honey, forest honey and a handmade honey lavender bathing bar. Honey, being a natural antioxidant is touted to be nature’s boon to mankind. Buy this pocket-sized miracle at amazon.in for ₹365.

Best Teacher Certificate

Source www.amazon.in

Sometimes the best gift is something as simple as the student awarding the teacher a 'Best Teacher Certificate'. Priced at ₹599, this certificate comes engraved in wood and preserved for years to come. Show your beloved teacher, love, with this awesome certificate and Parker pen set. The certificate is available at amazon.in and can be personalised by adding your name and the teacher’s name. This is sure to be a memorable gift and will be just the thing to bring her the proper mindset when the going gets tough.

Apple for Teacher

Source www.gifts.com

Just like the proverb an apple a day keeps the doctor away, this apple is aimed at teachers to keep weariness at bay. This isn’t a candied apple or even a sculpture. What is it? It is a beautifully handcrafted wooden keepsake box. The insert is a tile with a doodled apple which is personalised for the teacher. The wood keepsake box measures 5" (L) x 5" (W) x 3-1/2" (H) with a cherry wood finish. Priced at ₹1,819, the Apple for Teacher Keepsake Tile Box is available at gifts.com.

Teach, Love, Inspire Tote Bag

Source www.gifts.com

Teachers have to carry huge books every day and they do need a sturdy tote to lug them around. How about getting them a personalised tote that reminds them of you and the reason why they chose to teach? Teaching is not an easy task; it is very difficult and it is easy to become jaded. Get the Teach, Love, Inspire Tote Bag for your kid’s teacher for ₹1,092 at gifts.com. It is sturdy and made of a cotton and polyester blend, measuring 15.5" x 18" x 4". Apart from the "Teach, Love, Inspire" message you can also add one line up to 16 characters additionally.

Thank You for Helping Me Grow Pendant

Source www.etsy.com

Teachers are special people who help our children grow into responsible adults who contribute to the society. This gift is ideal for a teacher especially when she has impacted your child so much in the essential growing years. Gift it to the teacher at the end of the year and watch her enjoy the fruits of her labour. The pendant can be personalised with the birthstone of the teacher which sits on the tree of life charm hanging on a slender silver chain. The Thank You for Helping Me Grow Pendant is available to buy at etsy.com for ₹1,328.

Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

Source www.amazon.in

With the multitude of things that a teacher does apart from teaching, it is difficult to keep track of everything. This desk pad calendar would help the teacher keep track of all the appointments and important notes. The best thing about this calendar is that it comes in loose sheets with a wooden back which also has a holder for the pen. The quality of the paper is nothing to be frowned upon. Priced at ₹799, Monthly Desk Pad Calendar is available at amazon.in. It can be a perfect tool for organising and setting daily goals.

Handmade Notebook

Source www.igp.com

Be it a diary or a notebook, everyone has one where they write their heart out. It can be very cathartic to someone who has the futures of little children in their hands. To make it special for your child’s favourite teacher, the notebook is handmade with a leather embossed cover featuring an elephant. The pages of the notebook are also handmade and the notebook comes with a strap to bind it together. Available on igp.com, the Handmade Notebook is priced at ₹520.

Desk Name Plate

Source www.etsy.com

A nameplate like this screams of a selfless and dedicated teacher who is loved by many students including your child. What teacher wouldn’t love a nameplate reminding them of the noble reason they do this job. This personalised nameplate is perfect for your child’s teacher with the slogan “ Live Love Teach”. This vintage style wooden block nameplate is available at etsy.com for ₹1,319.

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Stick to school related products and avoid giving very personal gifts

No matter how close students are to their teachers, they must respect personal boundaries and avoid giving gifts of a very personal nature or something very expensive as it will make them feel awkward. The best way is to stick to gifts that can be used by the teacher on a daily basis for school related purposes. Also try thinking from their perspective - a teacher has a large number of students over the years and would be getting small gifts on a regular basis. Imagine how many 'best teacher' mugs and plaques they would have collected over the years. Too many than they know what to do with, so also avoid cliched gifts that tend to stick around for a while.