Make the Remarkable Woman Feel Extra Special on Her 35th Birthday: Top Gift Ideas for Women's 35th Birthday and How to Make the Occasion Filled with Everlasting Memories (2022)

Make the Remarkable Woman Feel Extra Special on Her 35th Birthday: Top Gift Ideas for Women's 35th Birthday and How to Make the Occasion Filled with Everlasting Memories (2022)

Birthdays are always special, and if it is the 35th birthday of the remarkable woman who has always stood by you, it is time to celebrate it in a manner which not only makes it spectacular but also extremely memorable for her. This BP Guide will not only help you finalise the perfect gift for her on the 35th birthday but it will also share important tips to keep in mind when you are actually doing it, so that your gift makes the occasion extra special and reinforce your bond with her. Read on to know more.

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Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift

Make a List of All the Things the Woman is Interested In

If you're thinking of giving someone a gift on their birthday, you need to do the first things first. Start by making a list of all the things the person is interested in. Look for the hints, what things inspire them, excite them, and bring happiness to them. This will make your decision easier as well as you can get them their favourite thing or something they are looking for. The gift of their choice will show that you care for them and love them in the most beautiful way, because, nothing is more valued than the time and interest you take in someone.

Give a Useful Gift

While selecting a gift, never go off your budget as it will only create more problems. Gift is not judged by its price but your sentiments and the thought behind it is all that matters. So, instead of giving a high-end expensive wall clock worth ₹₹₹, maybe gift a budget-friendly fitness band to track their health and activity level. It will show that you are concerned about their health and this will be a more valuable to them than any other useless idea. So, think of a useful gift this time instead of just a decoration piece.

Never Compromise on the Quality

High quality product doesn’t mean a high-end product. An affordable product within your price bracket can also do wonders. You just have to make sure that the thing you’re getting is made of fine quality. The first thing anyone notices is how neatly the item has been made or crafted because it communicates all your intentions. Of course, if you select a cheap quality product, the recipient will assume that you have just got over their birthday by giving them a useless and good for nothing gift. Similarly, if you even get them a good quality chocolate worth ₹ 120.00, they will appreciate it with all their heart, as it shows your care and concern for them.

List of Gifts for Women's 35th Birthday


1. Perfume for Amazing Fragrance


You can never go wrong with perfume. It is the most sophisticated and classiest gift you can give to someone and is an appropriate choice for almost all occasions. This particular perfume by Chanel has a mild floral fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, jasmine, and amber. The base notes of musk and vanilla make the smell long-lasting for a good 10 hours. The simple glass bottle with a silver cap looks very elegant, making it a perfect birthday gift. Get it on Amazon for ₹ 17,500.00.

2. Hairdryer for Hairstyling

This volumizer blow-dryer is a perfect gift for someone who is always in a hurry. This hair dryer and volumizer dries and styles the hair in only one step. The oval brush detangles the hair while taming the frizz and giving a smoothening effect. The round edges give extra volume, amazing blow dry and can be adjusted close to the scalp for extra hair lift. The Ionic Technology and bristles prevent hair damage by drying them faster. Moreover, it offers 3 heat/speed settings as well as a cool option, according to your hair needs. Buy it from Ubuy for ₹ 3,652.00 and surprise your loved one.

3. Bag for the Boss Lady

A working woman can never say no to a good handbag. It's an essential part of her outfit as it is considered a fashion statement. This shoulder bag by Michael Kors is made of premium quality leather that looks very remarkable. It features a zip closure, one compartment, an inside zip, slip pockets, an MK logo charm with a single carry handle. It is a perfect choice for business events as well as a casual day out. This versatile bag also has an adjustable-removable strap for multipurpose uses. Gift this bag to someone and step up their personal style with luxury and glamour. Buy it from Darverys for ₹ 15,950.00.

Self-Care Gifts

4. Manicure Set for Beauty Lover


This is a perfect gift for someone who is tired of spending so much on nails but loves sharp-looking nails. This manicure kit contains all the essential tools to get new refreshing nails. It includes a small nail file, small nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, large nail clipper, cuticle scissor, tweezer with a square tip, nail cleaner, and a pusher. A good manicure prevents infections, boosts nail health, promotes healthy blood circulation and makes your hands and feet look younger. A good manicure kit deeply cleanses your nails while making them look great. Gift this to someone and let them treat themselves with an at-home DIY manicure. You can buy this product from Nykaa for ₹ 325.00 only.

5. Multivitamins for Health Freak


When you're growing old, the first thing you need to focus on is health. And, 35 is the right age when you should start taking healthy supplements. We have chosen biotin supplements as they help with the early signs of aging. These specific supplements boost hair growth, radiant skin and healthy nails. The powerful grapeseed extracts combined with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are necessary for maintaining a healthy skin, lustrous hair and overall body health. The 10,000 mcg biotin, 100% RDA limit with 13 amino acids make these supplements a great choice for improving physical strength. Gift this super amazing and thoughtful gift to someone really close to your heart. Get it on Nykaa for only ₹ 899.00.

6. Sheet Mask for Self-Care

Wanna show your love and affection through a gift? Fret not, we have curated this specific git set to impress your loved one. It contains 10 different sheet masks, each in a different flavour like ginger, cucumber, avocado, green tea, rice, honey, aloe vera, etc. among others. Sheet masks provide skin-soothing and moisturising effects for baby-soft skin. The health nutrients in the essence make the skin glowing, radiant and vibrant. The organic extract absorbs into the skin without leaving any stickiness and keeps it healthy and hydrated. There couldn't be a better gift than this for someone who loves self-care. Buy it from Myntra for ₹ 489.00 and amaze her.

7. Herbal Tea Box for Tea Lover


If she's all about health, give her this herbal tea gift set and get ready to receive all the appreciation. This herbal tea gift set contains 90 tea bags in 9 different flavours - 10 bags of each flavour. The flavours include peppermint tea, chamomile tea, classic Assam, Darjeeling tea, lemon tea, green tea, Kashmiri kahwa, jasmine tea, and earl grey tea. All flavours are made by using real and organic products and contain plant extracts for rich flavour. These teas are really helpful in boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and helping in weight loss as well. They come in a classical wooden box that looks aesthetically pleasing and can even be customised as per your preference. Gift this to your beloved and make her life a little extra refreshing. Buy it from Amazon for ₹ 1,250.00.

Gadget Gift Options

8. AirPods for Music Lover

If you are really looking to pull out all the stops, stop scrolling and check this out. These AirPods will definitely make the receiver appreciate your gift choice. They feature an H1 headphone chip that enables Siri functionality, five hours of battery life in a single charge with an incredible wireless headphone experience. They get connected automatically and can pair both with apple and android devices. They will surely make your life easier as you can perform a lot of tasks without even touching your phone. Moreover, Siri can automatically read notifications from messages, calendar, phone, reminders, and more. Also, you can double-tap to play or skip forward the songs without even opening your phone. Get it from Tata CLiQ for only ₹ 11,499.00 and excite the music lover on her birthday.

9. Massage Gun for Back Pain Relief

Give her an uncommon experience by gifting this home massager. 35 is the age when you start getting tired easily, but this massager will surely take away all the exhaustion and boost your mood. This particular item features a powerful multifunctional massage gun that deeply reduces the rigidity of the muscles by giving strong percussive massage treatment. It loosens the tight muscles that improve blood circulation, thereby relieving stiffness of the tissues. The 10 replacement heads and its handheld design reach every muscle in order to provide a relaxing experience. The 30 modes, LCD touchscreen, and adjustable vibration with high-precision provide a deep tissue massage. It not only reduces stress, soreness, and muscle pain but also increases your flexibility and range of motion. You can buy it from Desertcart for ₹ 9,329.00. Gift this thoughtful gift and help her effortlessly with her hectic routine.

10. Air Purifiers to Prevent Allergens

Who doesn't need an air purifier in this pandemic situation? Air purifiers filter polluted air thereby decreasing the chances of health issues. The pollutants present in stale air trigger respiratory infections like asthma and lung problems. Removing these impurities lead to various immediate and long-lasting health blessings like improved sleep quality and raised life expectancy. This product features high-tech sensors for in-depth purification, 5x manual speed levels for fast functioning, and a HEPA filter for capturing the tiniest pollutant. Moreover, it has light control, sleep mode, and filter indicator for giving you high-quality air. Buy it from Reliance Digital for ₹ 10,490.00. Solve all these airborne issues and provide her with a healthy lifestyle by getting her this Philips Air Purifier.

11. Fitness Band for Fitness Lover

You all know women are superhuman when it comes to compressing everything in their day. And, what would be a better gift than a fitness band for a super-busy woman who cannot keep a track of her health? This Fitbit band model features a digital display, fast charging and five-day battery life. It also gives all the important notifications, can be paired to the phone, and monitors your heartbeat, real-time pace, distance, and menstrual health tracking. It also features a timer, alarm, smart track, swim track, Bluetooth, and active zone minutes among other tech functions. This swim-proof and dust-proof fitness band has a stainless steel case, rectangular shaped-dial, and comes with a 1-year warranty. Buy this spectacular gift from Myntra for ₹ 9,789.00. The receiver will not be able to find the right words to thank you enough for this.

Kitchen Gifts

12. Instant Pot for Enjoyable Cooking

Someone who loves cooking will definitely be dying to try out this instant pot. It offers nine smart programs for cooking white and brown rice, all types of grains, and risotto. It has four sauté features, steam, warming, and slow cooking with double convenience. You can automatically adjust the cooking time according to your needs and recipes. The pot has in-built safety against overheating and a non-stick ceramic coating for better taste and cooking experience. Moreover, the pot is lightweight, thus easy to carry and store. The bright display, status indicators, and digital timer allow you to know the cooking process. The delay start and keep warm functions provides double ease and make the process smooth. You can buy this product from Desertcart for ₹ 14,069.00. This gift is an amazing option and she will surely get overwhelmed on receiving this.

13. Homemade Dessert Recipes for Baking Lover

Nothing can beat a good recipe book if you like baking. Bakers love to experiment with new things and flavours. So, this recipe book will definitely become their best friend in the kitchen. It contains various recipes of cupcakes, cookies, tarts, biscuits, and many other easy homemade desserts. All the ingredients are listed down, and the process is explained step-by-step for your convenience. This recipe book will surely save the time by making your favourite recipes easy to find. Gift this to your beloved and let her indulge all your senses with her mind-blowing baking. Buy it from Flipkart for only ₹ 484.00.

14. Food Processor for Easy Preps

This time go for a smart birthday gift instead of a cute one. It will not only make her life easier but surely remind her of you whenever she uses it. We have selected a Philips Daily Collection Food Processor to perform all the cooking tasks with double ease. It features two-speed settings i.e. high and low for maximum control, a 40% larger feeding tube to save the pre-cutting time of fruits and vegetables, and a sharper S blade for chopping. Moreover, it has PowerChop technology for a superior cooking experience. It can be used to perform various tasks from chopping onions to grating, shredding to making smoothies. Your receiver will definitely love this multifunctional food processor as it will make her cooking stress-free and full of fun. You can buy this awesome all-in-one product from Philips for ₹ 4,795.00 only.

15. Tea Trolley for Convenience

The older she gets, the more she will appreciate this gift. This tea trolley will make half of her worries go away by serving the food effortlessly without falling. She can move it around every corner of the house to serve all the guests. It can also be used to keep all the exquisite bottles and glasses in an organised way. Above all, it will attract the attention of all the guests with its elegant style and minimal fine details. It is made of premium quality marble and steel. The two slabs of marble rows in beige brown colour and gold stands will suit every interior and add to its grace. You can also make some changes according to your preference in this exclusive tea trolley. Get it on IndiaMart for only ₹ 4,500.00.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Gift

Personalisation Can Spice It Up!

Personalised gifts always have a special place in the heart and leave a long-lasting impression. They not only remind the receiver of your thoughtfulness but also create a stronger-than-ever bond between you two. A personalised gift helps communicate the gesture of love, appreciation and thankfulness in a special way that shows the recipient they are valued and acknowledged for who they really are.

Add Some Flowers to Make Her Day

A classical bouquet of flowers will always add an extra touch of affection and mesmerisation to your gift. They express your deepest feeling in a decent manner without saying a single word. You can either add a bunch of flowers with your gift or give a big bouquet alone. The colour and choice of flowers will effortlessly communicate your message and speak on your behalf by their beauty. So, upgrade your gift game in the most elegant way by adding this token of love.

Give Experience a Try

Get your recipient more excited by giving them experiences instead of experiential gifts. These will stay long-lasting by leaving rich memories in her heart and mind. She can nostalgically recall the memories and get happy whenever and wherever she wants. A materialistic gift can be broken, stolen, or lost, but an experience gift will definitely get her more excited than once and will always stay with her. So, on this birthday, give her an experience over a physical gift and make her day more fun, excited and happy.

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Your Messaging is Extremely Important

When you are looking for a gift for a woman's 35th birthday, more than the expense involved it is your thoughts and messaging which is important. Try to look for a thoughtful gift which not only aligns with the woman's personal tastes and preferences, but conveys your feelings for her aptly. We hope this BP Guide would have given you many ideas as to where to start. Share your experiences with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.