Carry Your Health and Fitness to Office: Check out the Best Lunch Boxes for Office and Important Factors to Consider When Buying One (2022)

Carry Your Health and Fitness to Office: Check out the Best Lunch Boxes for Office and Important Factors to Consider When Buying One (2022)

As work from home comes to an end, working professionals have to prepare themselves to change their relaxed routines and for spending their days in office. It is important that you carry your own home-cooked and healthy food to office rather than relying on unhygienic food aggregators and restaurants. If you are wondering how carrying your home cooked food to office properly and enjoying a hot meal there would be possible, then you have just landed at the right place. This BP Guide has curated a list of the top-30 lunch boxes for office for you to take your pick.

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Lunch Box: A Daily Essential for Delicious Food

Considering the healthiest option should be the cornerstone for buying the best lunch box for the office. The market is loaded with plenty of modern, quick, or stylish lunch boxes, but most of them are not suitable for your health. And the primary reason is the quality of the materials used to manufacture these lunch boxes. Various other reasons line the way as well! Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a detailed guide on buying the best lunch box in India with the top 30 picks. Firstly, there aren’t any harmful plastic containers on the list. This guide is unique in offering the most advanced options, such as electrical tiffin boxes. Lastly, we’d like to begin by informing you of some of the critical factors that will help you make a better decision while buying a lunch box for your office.

Things to Keep in Mind While You're Looking for the Best Lunch Box for Office

Whether you’re an office-goer, student, teacher, corporate employee, or work anywhere else, going with a lunch box is a necessary part of your life. So, you must make it a medium for health and hygiene. Let’s suppose you’re eating healthy but keeping it healthy! Thus, it’s high time you check this list of the important buying factors and never miss considering these pointers while buying the best lunch box:

1. Material & Construction Style

The material with which your lunch box is manufactured tells a lot about its quality aspects. Firstly, you should entirely avoid single-use plastic lunch boxes. Ditch them right away and go for either a BPA-free lunch box or choose from among other materials like stainless steel, glass, etc. Also, ensure you’re careful enough to handle glass lunch boxes, as they’re sensitive to improper handling. Additionally, there are insulated lunch boxes too, worth considering!

2. Insulation

This is another crucial buying factor, especially when it comes to knowing whether your recipe will remain hot or not! This is not just a requirement for office goers, but the school-going kids too. So, be alert to what the seller says about your lunch box's insulation capability.

3. How Many Compartments?

This is a factor as well as a determinant for your needs. If you’re a heavy eater or on a multiple snacks diet, buying a lunch box with a single compartment would be the worst idea! On the other hand, if you eat less in the office or prefer to eat in canteens too, then buying a multi-compartment lunch box wouldn’t be a good fit. Whatever the case may be, this compartment factor has its own merits. You will get more space and better organization with a lunch box with two or more compartments, which you will not get with single-layered lunch boxes.

4. Convenience

The convenience of a lunch box also need to be checked for various aspects - is your lunch box convenient to carry? Is it convenient to clean? Sometimes a carrier is given along with the lunch box, and you may find this a convenient option while traveling. It also eliminates the fear of spilling unnecessary stuff into your office bag.

Next, convenience should also be checked in the terms of cost or budget. If your lunch box is expensive, does it justify the worthy features? If it’s not worth the features mentioned, there’s no point in paying the high price and vice-versa. Lastly, convenience should also be checked in terms of cleaning it - is the process too cumbersome or is it just a breeze? So, take these factors into account!

5. Leakproof

Leakproof lunch boxes are ideal if you enjoy eating hot soup, stews, or sauces with your lunch. A leakproof lunch box helps avoid any leakage because keeping your bag and meal clean is challenging to maintain otherwise.

Explore the List of 30 Premium Quality Lunch Boxes for Office

Best Hot Lunch Boxes for Office

Hot or insulated lunch boxes have various merits such as eco-friendliness, portability, affordability, intelligent designs, and more.

1. TyffynLyte - 600 ml - Black


This is a stainless steel 600 ml tiffin box available in 10+ designs by Vaya. The brand has a good reputation for intelligent innovation, style, eco-friendliness and overall quality. The lunch box is designed with two outer containers of 300 ml each and one outer shell with the base latches and a handle. Moreover, the product has a 1-year warranty and is generally delivered within 1-2 days. Get this hot lunch box for your office for just ₹ 1,890.00 on Vaya.

2. Borosil Hot-n-Fresh Lunch Box, 3 Containers


This is another hot and fresh lunch box from the brand Borosil that you can buy for ₹ 2,552.00 on Borosil. The lunch box features 3 containers made of food-grade stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. It also comes with a foldable spoon, anti-skid grip and side pockets on the carry bag. Before buying this, go through their care instructions once too!

3. Milton Econa Deluxe 3-Container Lunch Box for Office


Milton is among the most renowned homeware brands to offer high-quality, innovative products at affordable prices. This specific Milton lunch box for office is super affordable too, and you have the option to buy it in sets of 2, 3 or 4 containers. The construction material is polycarbonate, which is microwave safe, leak-proof, insulated and can keep your food warm for up to 4 hours. It is available in 4 colour options along with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Buy this lunch box for just ₹ 554.00 on Amazon.

4. Milton Thermosteel Hot Meal Lunch Box with Cover

This is another Milton hot meal lunch box that you can buy for ₹ 1,533.00 from Rasoi Shop. The silver coloured lunch box is designed with a leakproof, sturdy and easy-to-clean thermo-steel body. Also, it comes with a convenient handle for easy carrying, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in your office bag. Along with a 1-year product warranty, you have the option to buy it in a set of either 3 or 4 containers.

5. Oliveware Boss Lunch Box

This Oliveware Boss Lunch Box for the office comes in a bright orange colour. The material is leakproof and microwave safe, and you get around 3 air-tight containers with a bag. The quantity is impressive at 1,200 ml, and thus can also be used for college and school purposes. The containers are made of high quality stainless steel with external insulation and leakproof lids. It is available for just ₹ 664.00 on Flipkart. However, there isn’t an anti-skid grip on its containers, and it can only keep your food warm for up to 3-4 hours.

6. Milton Econa Deluxe-3 3 Containers Lunch Box

This 780 ml tiffin box from Milton is available in 4 colours and 2 container options. Although it’s not primarily for office use, we’ve still included it keeping its portability factor in mind. It has an inner stainless steel and outer polypropylene body, which is also airtight insulated. It can only keep food warm for up to 3-4 hours. Moreover, the product is durable, unbreakable, odourless and is available for just ₹ 569.00 on Flipkart.

Best Glass Lunch Boxes for Office

We know individual preferences are varied and thus we are covering lunch boxes made with different materials. This section is dedicated to reviewing some of the healthy, safe and abrasion-resistant glass lunch boxes.

7. Korobka-Brooklyn Solid Multicolour Glass Lunch Boxes and Bag

Korobka-Brooklyn presents you with one of the solid picks of steaming hot glass lunch boxes. It is made with premium glass material and it has 2 glass food containers with a carry bag. Even though glass is a sensitive material, it’s easy to clean. Moreover, this product's simplicity makes it one of the best ones on the list. So, if you’re also looking for a simple lunch box product, go no far than this pack costing ₹ 799.00 on HomeCentre.

8. Borosil Indigo Glass Lunch Box


This is another glass lunch box option that however has smaller containers than the previous pick. The brand Borosil offers impressive features in this 3-pack lunch box design - microwave-friendliness, scratch-resistance and heat-resistance. Moreover, the containers are made of non-porous glass to avoid absorbing odours or stains. The borosilicate glass containers come with leakproof and sealed airtight lids to keep all the food’s freshness and nutrition intact. Get this glass lunch box now for just ₹ 1,156.00 on Borosil.

9. TintBox Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box (Set of 3) with Canvas Carry Bag


One major thing that attracts us the most in addition to the quality of this lunch box is its unique design. It is a set of 3 glass lunch boxes with a canvas carry bag for your convenience. Although it’s a bit more pricey than the other selections, the product is worth it when it comes to the features. You’re carrying a classy style with this lunch box, not a mere tiffin box! The maker of this lunch box, i.e. TintBox, promises you the usage of the highest standards and safe, eco-friendly material construction. This set is available for ₹ 2,090.00 on TintBox.

10. Signoraware Slim High Borosilicate Glass Small Lunch Box - 600 ml


This next product is a Signoraware glass lunch box that you can get for just ₹ 499.00 on Amazon. It is a 600 ml small lunch box and consists of a simple design with an inbuilt divider. This product comes with different style options. It is an airtight, sealed, microwave-safe tiffin box made of 100% borosilicate glass. Moreover, this glass lunch box is leakproof, spill-proof and worth checking for!

11. Femora Borosilicate Glass Multipurpose Lunch Box for Office


This premium product from Femora is made of borosilicate glass and is available for just ₹ 1,215.00 on Amazon. Here, you have 3 options to choose from: small, medium and big. The best part is that the product comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. There’s 1 big 620 ml container, and 2 smaller 300 ml containers to serve you well during the day!

12. Treo Swag Borosilicate Round Glass 2 Containers Lunch Box (760 ml)

This is yet another great option among borosilicate glass tiffin boxes. It has a unique design both in terms of the carry bag and the lunch box. It contains 2 round containers of 380 ml capacity each, which are microwave and dishwasher safe. Also, we liked its compact, small carry bag, which is extremely convenient when carrying it with other things or bags to your office. All of this is available for just ₹ 649.00 on Flipkart.

Best Electric Lunch Boxes for Office

Electric lunch boxes are the most convenient these days because you don’t need any heating gear when carrying them. They have a plug and power cord attached to them so that you can have your food hot and fresh anywhere, anytime!

13. Milton Slimtron Electric Lunch Box Tiffin for Office


Easy to carry, spill-proof and proper insulation are some of the top qualities in this electric lunch box which makes it worth buying. It is designed by the renowned brand Milton and is available for just ₹ 1,220.00 on Best of Indian Products. Most of all, it features a shock-proof design with an inbuilt auto-stop feature to prevent overheating. You have 3 other bright colour options in addition to grey to choose from. The lunch box has 2 stainless steel containers, offering logical space and organisation.

14. eClues Electric Lunch Box for School and Office

This electric lunch box by eClues is designed specifically for office and school purposes. The capacity of this tiffin box is ideal at 1.05 liters. There are 2 containers, or heated compartments snuggled inside for better organisation. The USP of this product is an easy-to-carry handle in addition to the affordability factor of ₹ 699.00. It is built with food-grade polypropylene material, which is a non-toxic and environment-friendly pick. Moreover, features like an anti-leak lid cover and an additional soup tray makes it a worthwhile pick. Check it out on Flipkart.

15. Ecoline Power Lunch Q2 Electric Lunch Box


If you’re looking for a traditionally designed tiffin box with electric heating capability, this may be a good buy for you! It is an 800 ml electric lunch box with 2 stainless steel containers of 400 ml capacity each. The product has safety design features such as an automatic shut-off and insulated fabric pouch. Also, there’s no more worry about carrying the power cord separately as this tiffin box has an inbuilt storage for the power cord. Get this premium Ecoline lunch box on Amazon for just ₹ 910.00.

16. Vaya BentoBag Mini Electric Green


Vaya is one of the most innovative brand in terms of both quality and design. This is an insulated electric lunch box bag by Vaya, which also comes with a cutlery pouch and a unit bag. The weight is 218 grams, and the material is 100% polyester which makes it worth considering for purchase. You can get this mini electric BentoBag for just ₹ 1,490.00 on Vaya.

17. WonderChef Hot Meal Slim Electric Lunch Box with 2 Containers, 300 ml

Our next pick is a compact electric lunch box by the brand WonderChef, which you can buy for just ₹ 1,199.00 on WonderChef. It is a 600 gram lunch box, which looks so tiny, and consists of 2 stainless steel compartments. Moreover, the product comes with a 1-year warranty and has an inbuilt power cord storage to carry it hassle-free.

18. Milton 800 ml 3 Compartments Conduction Heat Lunch Box

Sleek, innovative, and organised are some of the best words to describe this electric lunch box by Milton. You can quickly get this lunch box on Flipkart for just ₹ 1,399.00. It is a conduction heat lunch box, offered with 3 different compartments, including 2 separate containers. Unlike other tiffin boxes, we found it quick in heating your food within 15 minutes of plugging it in.

Best Compact Lunch Boxes for Office

You’re not alone when looking for a compact lunch box that you can simply carry anywhere with a class of freshness and healthiness all along!

19. Korobka Transparent Lunch Box With Bag

We feel that compactness doesn’t come from quantity but from better organisation. This is because although this lunch box has 3 containers, it is highly organised and beautifully packed in a carry bag. This is a transparent lunch box by the brand Korobka, built of environment and health-friendly plastic material. Also, the carry bag is elegant and convenient to carry around. Get this compact lunch box for just ₹ 699.00 on HomeCentre.

20. Vinod Stainless Steel Pack It Up, Leak Proof, Lunch Carrier

Here’s another great unique pick of a compact lunch box built with stainless steel interiors. With the fab design, the brand also takes care of the features like a transparent and leakproof lid, and the organisation, of course. Despite being a 2-in-1 product, it is available for just ₹ 1,021.00 on Vinod Stainless Steel. To evaluate the product more, make sure to check out its amazing colour combination too!

21. Vaya Preserve 300 ml + 500 ml Blue with GoBag Blue


Vaya’s lunch boxes are innovative, and you can experience at again here! It is their Preserve series lunch kit that comes with 2 different sized containers, and a warranty card. This whole deal is available for ₹ 2,870.00 on Vaya. The way how Vaya’s insulated lunch carrier is designed looks fab and classy at the same time. So, if you’re also looking for something new and stylish to add to your daily meal plan, this may be the perfect fit to consider!

22. Portable Leakproof Lunch Box


A unique design, a transparent finish and vibrant colours, when all mixed, make a perfect pack of compact lunch box like this one by MetaMersh. It is a combination of stainless steel interiors and plastic outers that you can buy for just ₹ 249.00 on MetaMersh. The weight of container is about 500 grams and it has a capacity of 650 ml, with a divider inside for better organisation. Overall, we’d like to recommend this lunch box for minimal office lunch ideas or those of you who don’t have much space or convenience to carry big tiffin boxes.

23. Lxoice Srxes 3 Compartment Steel Lunch Box


Here is a 3-compartment option for you. Compact and one of the stylish lunch boxes for office by Lxoice is available on Amazon for only ₹ 999.00. It is available in three colour options, namely blue, green and pink. Again, it has stainless steel interiors and plastic dishwasher-safe outer. Also, the brand’s compartment technology is pretty mess-free, as you won’t have the risk of spilling food in between them.

24. LandVK's 4 Compartment BPA-Free Leakproof Plastic Lunch Box


This next option is another budget-friendly option which is available in all-plastic materials without involving any steel. It is divided into 4 compartments and is a perfect fit for women and men going to the office, or even school-going kids. The 1,000 ml capacity is enough for a go-getter. Although stylish, it is leakproof and made of FDA-approved and BPA-free plastic and silicone material. Also, it is budget-friendly too, and is available for just ₹ 549.00 on Amazon.

Best Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes for Office

Stainless steel lunch boxes are more than just containers for your food, because they also serve as indicators for good food and a healthy life.

25. Borosil Carryfresh Lunch Box, Set of 2, Large


Borosil Carryfresh Lunch Box is made of high-quality stainless steel material, and comes with a premium carry bag too. You can buy it for just ₹ 780.00 on Borosil. This lunch box has a separate stainless steel plate provided along with the lid on both the containers to let you enjoy maximum insulation, spill-resistance and freshness of your food. Despite this, it is minimal, and aesthetically designed in terms of proper finishing.

26. Aayaas Floral Hand-Painted Enamelware Stainless Steel 2-Tier Lunch Box

We’d like to suggest this hand-painted lunch box especially for creative geeks. In addition to the elegant design, it comes with ideal space segregated in 2-tiers, which is rarely found in such types of lunch boxes. So, this is an ideal fit if you’re looking for a box-type tiffin box which also has enough space. Get this premium enamelware stainless steel lunch box for just ₹ 1,850.00 on iTokri.

27. GHH Stainless Steel Lunch Box


This GHH brand stainless steel double walled lunch box with 3 containers has a 100% food-grade design and is 100% leakproof, ensuring that your lunch is safe while driving or traveling. It is much easier to clean and does not leave a bad odour like other materials. Its Insulation keeps your food fresh for longer periods of time. This GHH brand lunch box is simple to fit and store in luggage, backpacks, or travel bags. It box is available for just ₹ 655.00 on Blinkit.

28. SignoraWare Compact Stainless Steel Small Lunch Box


The SignoraWare Compact Stainless Steel Lunch Box is the finest way to carry flavourful and nutritious home-cooked food. Its non-cracking feature keeps food warmer and fresh for up to 8 hours. As a result, there will always be a proper meal waiting for you. This leak-resistant stainless steel tiffin box is made of food-grade stainless steel, and available for just ₹ 422.00 on Amazon.

29. Lxoice Srxes 304 Stainless Steel 5 Compartment Lunch Box


This Lxoice’s food-safe lunch box is airtight, protecting your food from getting spoilt and preserving its taste. Unlike other containers, this lunch box is leakproof as well so you don't have to worry about food spillage. It comes with 5 compartments in a single tiffin box for better organisation. Even though it’s outer layer is made of PP material, it’s not microwave-friendly, but it is dishwasher and freezer-safe. So, you can purchase this best steel lunch box for office for ₹ 1,249.00 on Amazon.

30. Cello Max Fresh Click Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set


Modern technological devices and home appliances are available from Cello, a well-known brand of appliances. Your lunch will be secure when driving or travelling thanks to the 100% food-grade and 100% leakproof construction of this Cello Max Fresh Click Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set. This lunch box is so practical and durable that you may purchase it once and use it throughout college and your workplace. Buy it for just ₹ 723.00 on Amazon.

Bonus Tip: Some Exceptional yet Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Office

Looking for delicious yet wholesome lunch box ideas for work? We have got you covered here too. So, let’s note some quick lunch box recipes for office viz. lemon rice, red sauce spaghetti, vegetable pulao, grapes raita, mango dip, coconut chutney, green salad with dressing, stuffed parathas, sandwiches, creamy pastas, and a lot more.

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Understand Your Requirements Before Buying a Lunch Box for Office

It is important for you to carefully evaluate your requirements before buying a lunch box for office. Factors like your budget, mode of transport used, quantum of food to be carried, etc. are some of the important factors worth considering. You should not end up buying a lunch box which doesn't meet your requirements and ultimately ends up in the dustbin. Share your experiences of buying a new lunch box for office with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.