Looking for a Collagen Supplement(2022)? 30 Best Collagen Powders to Transform Your Skin and Health from Inside-Out.

Looking for a Collagen Supplement(2022)? 30 Best Collagen Powders to Transform Your Skin and Health from Inside-Out.

Collagen, one of the most abundant proteins found in our bodies, is often referred to as the body’s scaffolding. Without it, our skin starts to break down and sag. As we age, the collagen in our bodies decreases. Therefore, the need to use collagen supplements arises. So let us take a look at the best collagen supplements in India for hair and skin.

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What is a Collagen Supplement?

Collagen is a type of protein which is most abundant in our body as it is the main component that holds the tissues together. These tissues form some of the major parts of our body such as ligaments, tendons, skin etc. Moreover, collagen plays a major role in providing structure to the skin and also holding it together. When we talk about collagen, there are total of 28 types but four types of collagen are the most common.

Type 1 collagen is found in all the connective tissues whereas Type 2 collagen is present in the intervertebral disc and joints. Type 3 collagen is the main component of reticular fibers most commonly found in skin and blood vessels. Type 4 collagen is present in eyes, eye lens and kidney.

Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

As over the years, the collagen component in our body lessens, collagen supplements could be an effective way of fulfilling it. Let us understand about the health benefits of collagen supplements.

1. Helps to Improve Skin Health

Since collagen forms a significant part of the skin, a deficiency of collagen certainly impacts the skin. Collagen supplements could increase elasticity and maintain the hydration level of the skin. There have been researching studies conducted on collagen suggesting that it might be beneficial in slowing aging and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. You might want to consider some good quality collagen supplements along with the food that is rich in collagen.

2. Joint Pain

Our joints are protected by the rubber-like tissue that is known as cartilage. Now, collagen is a major component of cartilage, so a deficiency of collagen will also weaken the cartilage. With age, you might have noticed people complaining of degenerative joint disorder. Studies have been conducted in this field suggesting that taking a measured amount of collagen helps ease joint pain.

3. Prevents Bone Loss

Bones are also made of collagen getting strength and structure to it. It is therefore evident that as the collagen component in your body drops, the bones start weakening. There have been studies conducted suggesting that taking collagen supplements may help in reducing the possibility of osteoporosis. There have been several studies that have concluded positive results for collagen supplements on the BMD level of the body.

4. Improves Muscle Mass

Last but not the least, collagen is the major protein component in our body also helps in improving muscle mass. Again certain research conducted suggested that supplemental collagen would help in promoting the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine along with increasing the muscle mass.

Top 30 Collagen Supplements in India

As we have discussed about the benefits of taking collagen supplements, here are our top picks from each category with their benefits and pricing.

Best Collagen Supplements for Hair Growth

Here are the top 10 Collagen supplements for stimulating hair growth.

1. Grade One Nutrition Hydrolysed Collagen Builder Powder Supplement

Source www.amazon.in

Grade one collagen is a Type 1 Marine supplement in the hydrolyzed form and therefore easy for the body to absorb. This collagen is packed with Biotin or vitamin H which helps in preventing the brittleness in both hair and nails, therefore, promoting strength and growth. Since it is also infused with Vitamin E and C, along with the hair you also get healthy and radiant skin. You can mix 10 grams of powder and mix it with 150 ml of water to drink. This collagen powder is available on Amazon for just Rs. 1,420.

2. Oziva Plant Based Collagen

Source www.amazon.in

Oziva collagen is a plant-based collagen builder that helps in building the collagen in the skin and therefore replenishes it. The pro-collagen formula contains Guava powder, Sea buckthorn, Lemon powder, rose petals, orange juice, and spinach among other natural ingredient extracts. Apart from taking care of your hair and nails, this collagen builder is also effective in protecting the skin from aging and wrinkle signs. As directed on the pack, for best results, you would need to consume 6 grams of powder in 200 ml of water before bed at night. You can buy this collagen builder on Amazon for just Rs. 809.

3. Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder

Source www.amazon.in

This is a type 1 and types 3 hydrolyzed collagen from Wellbeing nutrition. The Korean marine collagen peptides are sourced from wild-caught fish and is unflavoured. Further, the powder is enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact and therefore give maximum benefit. Not only this collagen powder is sourced from a single origin but also hydrolyzed and agglomerated for easy dissolving and absorption. Get healthy nails and hair with this collagen powder from Wellbeing nutrition that is available on Amazon for just Rs. 2,200.

4. Himalayan Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder for Hair and Skin with Biotin & Vitamin C

Source www.amazon.in

The Himalayan Organics plant-based collagen builder is a safe and easy-to-swallow capsule. An adequate level of collagen is necessary for hair and nail growth. This capsule is also apt for those who are looking for a vegetarian option. The collagen helps in the nourishing scalp and keeps hydrating. The right amount of collagen not only prevents breakage but also enhances hair growth. This capsule can be taken twice a day after lunch and dinner with normal water. The capsules do not include tree nuts, soy, dairy, fish and so on making it perfect for vegetarians. You can buy this capsule on Amazon for just Rs. 699.

5. Carbamide Forte Hydrolyzed Multi Collagen Peptide with Type I, II, III, V & X Collagen

Source www.amazon.in

Carbamide Forte collagen comes with the power of collagen and piperine blend. One of the best aspects of this collagen capsule is that it has all five types of collagen. The black pepper extract enhances the absorption of collagen in the body and gives better results. This collagen capsule helps in building and improving the hair, nail, joints, bones and digestion. Further, the amino acid in the collagen tablet adds to the thickness and shine of the hair. The pack suggests that three tablets after three meals in a day can be taken or as directed by the healthcare professional. You can buy this collagen supplement on Amazon for just Rs. 599.

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Source www.amazon.in

Vital Proteins collagen supplement is sourced from grass-fed pasture, therefore, making it a natural and sustainable ingredient. The health benefits of these collagen supplements are that they can be digested easily and do not make you feel bloated. If you are looking for a collagen supplement that does not come with artificial flavour, sweetener or colour then consider Vital Proteins collagen. Further, those who are looking to have a dairy-free and gluten-free option can also pick this collagen. The whole30 and Paleo-friendly certified collagen supplement is soluble easily in hot and cold drinks. You can buy Vital Proteins collagen supplement on Amazon for just Rs. 2,499.

7.Swisse Vegan Collagen Builder with Biotin & Vitamin C

Source www.amazon.in

A good option for vegans, the Swisse Vegan Collagen builder is loaded with biotin and nicotinamide which aids in enhancing the level of keratin levels and reduces hair fall. Further, vitamin C and E help in shining and healthier-looking hair. This collagen builder also includes zinc which is a powerful antioxidant and known to reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. Improve skin elasticity, hair growth, and joint health by stimulating the natural collagen building in the body with this vegan option. You can buy Swisse Vegan collagen builder on Amazon for just Rs. 899.

8. Neuherbs Hair Skin Vitamins Supplement

Source www.amazon.in

Suitable for both men and women, this collagen builder from new herbs are loaded with hair and skin vitamins. The antioxidant blend of pomegranate, lycopene and hyaluronic acid is known to repair internal cell damage. Further, the healing herbs such as black pepper, green tea and turmeric weed out the impurities from within making your skin look younger and vibrant. Improve the dull and dry hair into lustrous and healthy hair with this vegetarian collagen builder from neuherbs. You can buy this collagen on Amazon for just Rs. 1,449.

9.Youtheory, Hair, Collagen + Keratin, 120 Mini Tablets

Source in.iherb.com

This dietary supplement from your theory is a powerful blend of collagen and keratin to enhance the hair and skin from within. Since keratin is a key component for hair follicles and keratin is a key component of the hair shaft, this supplement works on both. Youtheory collagen supplement is clinically tested and made from ingredients that are safe for consumption. You can buy this collagen supplement on iherb.com for just Rs. 1408.

10.California Gold Nutrition, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides, Unflavored

Source in.iherb.com

The unflavoured wild-caught marine collagen from California Gold nutrition supports hair, nails and joint health. This collagen is built from the skin of the cold water, and deep sea species and is broken down to amino acid peptides for comfortable absorption and bioavailability. Further, this collagen supplement is formulated and does not contain gluten, GMO or Soy. Regular consumption of the collagen supplement would provide building blocks for supporting the health of bones, skin, hair and joints health. You can buy this collagen on the official website of iherb for just Rs. 866.

Best Collagen Supplements in India for Skin

11.Kayos Collagen Day Night Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream

Source www.amazon.in

The potent combination of active retinol and hyaluronic acid in this collagen moisturizer from Kayos is the best option if you are looking for one cream suitable for day and night. The all-natural ingredient cream contains the extract from shea butter, vitamin B5, vitamin E, aloe vera extract, green tea extract and jojoba oil. A regular application of this collagen-induced cream ensures the prevention of fine lines, wrinkles and other aging signs. You can buy this collagen supplement for the skin on Amazon for just Rs. 599.

12. It's Skin Collagen Nutrition Emulsion

Source www.nykaa.com

Its skin collagen nutrition supplement helps in enhancing the moisture abilities of the skin and diminishes the fine lines. The marine collagen concentrate included in this solution helps in making the skin firmer and softer. Further, the collagen extract also helps in even tone and enhances skin elasticity. As per the reviews, this emulsion has benefited customers and therefore receives good ratings. Moreover, the emulsion can be used in the morning as well as the night leaving you free from carrying several creams for your face. You can buy this collagen emulsion on nykaa.com for just Rs. 990.

13. Vital Proteins, Beauty Collagen, Strawberry Lemon, 9.6 oz (271 g) Vital Proteins, Beauty Collagen, Strawberry Lemon, 9.6 oz (271 g)

Source in.iherb.com

Just like their collagen supplement for hair and nails, Vital Proteins has also introduced a collagen supplement for the skin. The probiotics, hyaluronic acid and collagen extract are the main ingredients making this product worth a try. Apart from strawberry lemon flavour, you can also pick tropical hibiscus and lavender lemon flavours in this product. If you are looking for a dairy-free collagen supplement option then Vital Proteins has one.

Further, this supplement is also gluten-free, BPA free and is Whole 30 certified. Naturally flavoured minus any artificial sweetener this collagen supplement is available on the official website of iHerb for just Rs. 2,310.

14. Garden of Life, Grass Fed Collagen Beauty, Strawberry Lemonade

Source in.iherb.com

Garden of Life collagen supplements is derived from grass-fed Bovine. This supplement is a blend of Type I and Type III Collagen along with other collagen-rich ingredients. A powerful blend of biotin, vitamin C, silica and probiotics along with Type I and Type III ensures that the supplement works on skin, hair, nails and joints alike. Further, this product is made without dairy and soy ingredients and does not contain sugar or any other filler ingredients. This certified B corporation collagen supplement is also BPA-free, keto certified and Igen Non-GMO Tested. Get this supplement on iherb.com for just Rs. 2,106.

15. Thorne, Collagen Plus, Passion Berry, 17.5 oz (495 g)

Source in.iherb.com

Thorne Research, Collagen Plus dietary supplement contains benefits of collagen and nicotinamide riboside making it perfect for skin care. Further, the plant extracts also support enhancing the effectiveness of the solution. The patented black and red current polyphenol are blended with the white peach extract, collagen peptides and nicotinamide riboside. All these ingredients help in the cellular repair of the aging skin and keep it hydrated. You can buy this product on iHerb for just Rs. 5,067.

16. Nutrova Collagen+Antioxidants

Source nutrova.com

Nutrova collagen antioxidant prevents the skin from aging and other outdoor damages. Apart from providing flexibility, hydration and firmness to the skin, collagen also ensures diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and so on for younger and beautiful skin. This collagen supplement is loaded with one of the most potent types of collagen known as marine collagen. In addition to that vitamin C, E and taurine nourish and repairs skin cell. Further, the blend of natural collagen-enhancing ingredients such as citric acid, grape seed and tomato lycopene also boosts the results. You can buy this collagen supplement on nutrova.com for just Rs. 2,750.

17. Further Food, Premium Marine Collagen Peptides, Unflavored, 6.5 oz (185 g) Further Food, Premium Marine Collagen Peptides, Unflavored, 6.5 oz (185 g)

Source in.iherb.com

These premium marine collagen peptides from Further food are Kosher certified which means that if you are looking for a collagen supplement that complies with Jewish dietary law then this is worth considering. Since the peptides are sourced from wild-caught cod fish, it is free from hormones, GMOs and other harmful ingredients. Further Food collagen supplement is perfect for skin, hair, nails and joints making it an all-in-one solution for all your collagen needs of the body. Moreover, if you are on a specific diet regime such as Keto, then to this collagen supplement can be added to the routine. You can buy this collagen supplement on the iHerb website for just Rs. 2,187.

18. Onelife Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Powder Supplement

Source www.amazon.in

This collagen supplement from Onelife aids better skin texture and strengthens muscle. Apart from marine collagen Type I and III, this powder is also induced with the extract from grape seed and green tea extract. Maintain the elasticity of the skin by boosting the production of collagen in your body with this product from Onelife which has great benefits. This collagen supplement is available on netmeds.com for just Rs. 1,349.

19. Power Gummies Jaw Dropping Skin Collagen Builder Gummies

One of the best ways to take the collagen supplement is just to pop the gummy in your mouth and get going. These gummies boost skin and muscle health. Further, the goodness of vitamin C and E aid and rejuvenate your skin from within. Further, the evening primrose oil along with grape seed extract works wonders on the skin that is exposed to the sun for long hours. Last but not the least, sea buck thorn extract rejuvenates and softens the skin. You can buy these power gummies on Amazon for just Rs. 1,105.

20. Injra Pro Collagen

This Japanese marine collagen has a natural flavour and helps in enhancing the health of skin, joints, hair, bones, muscles and tissues. Ideal for overall wellness, INJA Pro Collagen can be mixed into coffee, tea, water and smoothies. Since it does not have any added flavour, this supplement does not overpower any of your beverages. Further, you can also mix this collagen supplement with Whey protein for faster muscle recovery. Apart from working wonders on skin, hair and nails, this collagen supplement also improves digestion and rebuilds gut-lining. You can buy INJA Japanese marine collagen on the official website of Inja wellness for just Rs. 4,000.

Best Collagen Products Weight Loss

Let’s have a look into the top most effective collagen supplements for maintaining healthy weight.

21. Ancient Nutrition - Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Source kiwla.com

Ancient Nutrition multi collagen powder is a clinically studied fermented collagen which aids in digestion and maintaining gut health. Further, this supplement works wonders on the joints and reduces the discomfort rapidly in seven days. Since it is a protein powder with multi collagen, you can easily replace it with normal protein powder after workouts with Ancient nutrition multi collagen powder. Free from gluten, soy and maida this collagen supplement is best for those who are looking for a protein powder after a workout. You can buy this protein powder on kiwla.com for just Rs. 5,329.

22. Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement for

Great Lakes wellness collagen is paleo and keto friendly and therefore eases out your journey of weight loss. Further, the combination of different amino acids heals and conditions from within ensuring post-workout fast recovery. Even more, the collagen greases the joints and reduces pain therefore helping you to resume workouts without worrying about the joints and muscle pain. Since this collagen powder does not contain any added sugar, gluten or cholesterol, it is a perfect mix for your post-workout drinks. Also, you can mix this powder in your juice, coffee or simply water for a daily intake. You can buy this collagen powder on ubuy.in for just Rs. 3,514.

23. KAYOS Keto Collagen Powder – Collagen Peptides and MCT Oil – Low Carb Protein Powder

Source www.amazon.in

This is a keto recipe and therefore 100% diet-friendly collagen powder. If you are or already have adopted the low-carb lifestyle then Kayos Keto collagen is a great option to add. The collagen is infused with the MCT oil in this low-carb protein powder making it perfect for weight loss and vibrant skin.

Moreover, this no gluten and no GMO formula enhance the very health profile of this collagen supplement. Avoid crashing and jitters and perform all the exercises with utmost mental clarity. This collagen powder is tasteless and therefore can be mixed easily in the drink of your choice. Also, the no lump formation ensures that you get a smooth drink. You can buy Kayos Keto collagen on Amazon for just Rs. 899.

24. USN, Weight Loss Collagen, Mixed Berry, 14.8 oz (420 g)

Source in.iherb.com

USN weight loss collagens is premium grass-fed and pasture-raised hydrolyzed Type I and III collagen that provides clean energy during the workout session. This collagen supplement comes with the power of is weight loss ingredients and contains natural caffeine from Tea for boosting energy. Along with weight management, the collagen powder helps you in getting stronger hair, nails and vibrant skin. For the best results, you can add approximately 14 grams of powder with your hot or cold beverage or just water. You can buy USN weight loss collagen supplement on iherb.in for just Rs. 3,297.

25. Nordic Naturals, Marine Collagen, Strawberry, 5.29 oz (150 g)

Source in.iherb.com

Nordic Naturals marine collagen is a type I collagen peptide extracted from sustainable wild-caught arctic cod. Since these hydrolyzed peptides are easy to digest, they help in the body form its own collagen. Further, the added natural vitamin C from acerola fruit provides antioxidant support and helps in the formation of normal collagen. The mild strawberry flavour adds great taste and dissolves easily in hot and cold beverages. You can buy this collagen powder from iHerb for just Rs. 2,603.

26. Live Conscious, Collagen Peptides, Unflavored, 16 oz (454 g)

Source in.iherb.com

Infused with 19 naturally occurring amino acids, Live Conscious' hydrolyzed types I & III Collagen are good for those looking for a perfect weight loss journey. Since this collagen helps in keeping the gut and immune function intact and aids in weight loss. On top of that this dietary supplement is both keto-friendly and paleo-friendly. If you are looking for gluten-free and GMO-free alternatives that also help you in staying in shape then Live Consciously, Collagen Peptides is a perfect pick. You can buy this collagen supplement on iherb.com for just Rs. 3,009.

27. Sports Research, Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Type I & III Collagen

Source in.iherb.com

Adorned with 4.9 stars in customer rating, Sports Research Collagen Peptides, hydrolyzed type I and III is a great supplement mix in coffee and protein shakes. Other than the natural flavour, this collagen powder is also available in dark chocolate, Matcha green tea and vanilla to suit your taste needs. You can either mix this collagen in your hot or cold beverage or include it in your daily diet. Further, this collagen powder is a great option if you want to mix it into your oatmeal, soup and yogurt also. You can buy this collagen supplement on iherb.com for just Rs. 2,240.

28. Cureveda Glow - Collagen Builder

A full five customer rating makes Cuerveda glow a must-have product on this list. Enriched with cacao and advanced natural nutrition this product also does not have any added sugar. Other ingredients in this powder are Irish sea moss, sea buckthorn, evening primrose and tetrahydro curcuminoid. Apart from aiding in your weight management journey, this collagen supplement can also be taken for curing mild acne and skin pigmentation. Coming to the flavour, you get the option of Rose, chocolate and a combination of Rose and chocolate flavour. You can buy the Cureveda collagen builder on the official website of Cureveda for just Rs. 1,325.

29.Collagen Peptides Powder - Max Absorption

If you are looking for a collagen peptide supplement that helps in post-workout recovery then Physician’s Collagen peptides powder is worth a look. One of the most notable aspects of this supplement is that it is infused with Digseb and 19 amino acids that help in post-workout recovery. With 4.5 stars in customer rating, this collagen supplement has hydrolyzed Type I and III protein along with digestive enzymes. Apart from this, you can also take this collagen supplement for enhancing skin, hair and nail health. You can buy this GMO-free collagen powder on the website of iherb.com for just Rs 2,228.

30. ReserveAge Nutrition, Collagen Booster, 120 Capsules

Source in.iherb.com

ReserveAge nutrition collagen booster comes with the goodness of an active, stable polyphenol from Japanese Knotweed. For those who are not aware of Japanese knowtweed, it is a plant that contains a high and powerful concentration of trans-resveratrol. To make it even more effective, this supplement also contains organic muscadine and French red wine grapes. Further Hyaluronic acid promotes plump, hydrated and youthful skin. You can buy this collagen supplement on iherb.com website for just Rs. 6,180.


Here are the most popular questions asked regarding the collagen.

1. Is Collagen a Complete Protein

No, the collagen is not a complete protein and should not be replaced with the dietary protein such as pulses, eggs etc. Although collagen contains 19 amino acids, it does lack one of the most important one - tryptophan

2. What Do Different Type of Collagen Mean?

Each type of collagen has different function and supports different part of the body. We have explained the types and the organs they support in length at the starting.

3. Can Collagen Be Taken While Pregnant

Source www.cdc.gov

Yes, most of the high standard collagen can be taken and are completely safe during pregnancy as well as nursing. However, it is strictly recommended to consult your doctor and proceed thereafter.

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