Curious about the Best Places to Visit in the World(2022)? 10 Destinations Across the World You Should Visit At Least Once!

Curious about the Best Places to Visit in the World(2022)? 10 Destinations Across the World You Should Visit At Least Once!

You might have been thinking about travelling the world and having fun. This is possible if you have the budget and stamina to do it on a regular basis. We have simplified your choices into a list of the best places to visit, breaking down where to go based on what fits your interest best!

Why is Travelling Important for Everyone

Travelling is often seen as an activity meant for the rich and those who do not have any financial challenges. However, the benefits of travelling are manifold and one should ensure a short trip at least once a year. The perspective you gain from travelling is unmatchable and gives you the experience of a lifetime. Travelling between work gives you the much-needed space from the daily hustles of life.

Moreover, the piling-up anxiety, depression and stress slow down your productivity and travelling is the best option to do away with all these issues. Expand your horizon with travelling places that fit your budget and also give you some time for yourself. There are so many reasons you should consider these Best Places to travel in the world.

Reasons Why You Should Travel at Least Once a Year

Healthy Mind and Body

This one is the most obvious reason for which you should give travelling a try. While we do not want to disturb the routine thinking that it will lead us towards achieving great things, our mind is very complicated. You might be experiencing burnout without even knowing it thus compromising your performance at work as well as your personal life. Within no time, your mind will communicate the exhaustion to the entire body and you will feel the fatigue. Therefore, to ensure a healthy body and mind, you would need to travel.

Travelling Helps a Great Deal in Self Development

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often neglect ourselves. Be it the family, colleagues at work or boss in the office, you give the priority to everyone over you. Travelling breaks that pattern and gives you so much time to invest in yourself and understand your needs better. It is a known fact that you can be 100% efficient only when you know yourself.

A Treasure of Memories


Travelling is synonymous with memories that we create through pictures, people and experiences. Whether you are travelling alone or with someone, photos and memories of a journey are a treasure trove. Our minds and hearts fill with love and sweet memories whenever we see the photos from a past trip. Believe it or not, such memories have a refreshing effect on our souls and rejuvenate our minds.

Travelling is a Great Stress Buster

Stress is the single greatest problem for our youth and the working class today. Fast lifestyles and hectic routines get the better of us leaving us with problems and tensions. When you travel, new people, places and experiences take the front seat in our minds, therefore, acting as a stress buster. Anyone who has made it a point to travel at least once a year will know the magical difference travelling makes on our minds and body.



New people, culture and bonding are some of the best things that make travelling even more interesting. Often, we wonder how people prefer travelling solo. If you ask these solo travellers, they will tell you about the magical experience of meeting new people and making friends with them. And who knows maybe you get new opportunities also by meeting people from different walks of life.

Travelling Gives a Great Sense of Confidence

The more you travel and meet new people, the better you know about the world. Not only does travelling increase your knowledge but also enhances your confidence. In fact, travelling is one of the best ways to ensure that you learn about the world. When you travel to the places, you get acquainted with the culture, history and geography of that place thus leaving you more confident and aware than before.

Top 10 Unexplored Places That Should Be on Your Bucket List

So now when we have plenty of reasons for why you should travel, we do not want to leave you without any options of best places to travel in the world 2022. Here are our top picks from the unexplored places that you should include in your bucket list.

Gurez Valley, Kashmir

Kashmir is the crown jewel of India for its breathtaking scenery and beautiful culture. Due to the heavy inflow of domestic and international tourists every year, people are greatly aware of places to visit. However, amongst many hidden gems of Kashmir, Gurez valley is one of them that you should visit. Far from the maddening crowd, Gurez valley is an ultimate spot for those looking for a laid-back vacation. The Blue Mountains with snow cover and greenery in the foothills is a scene straight out of a movie. You will also find here the shepherds giving it even more natural world charm.

Chimmony and Ponmudi

Let’s take you to the other extreme end of India i.e. South India which is known for its heaven-like beaches and mystic beauty of western Ghats. Here, you can visit Chimmony, a protected wildlife sanctuary in the watershed of Chimmony lake that has a luscious green forest area. Surrounding this forest area stands the mountain range and Ponmudi is one of the highest peaks here. Apart from plenty of bird watching and trekking opportunities, you can see the different colour patches such as yellow, light green and orange forming in the mountain range. Do give a visit to different spots within the forest such as the Naked maiden of the forest, the name given after a tree that keeps on shedding its bark continuously.

Badami Caves

If you are an architectural buff then do not miss out on the wonder of Badami Caves. A reminiscent of the Chalukya empire, the cave was once known by the name of Vatapi Badami. Even more amazing is the fact that this place was the capital city of Chalukya dynasty in the 6th century. You can also visit the famous rock-cut monuments here such as bhutanatha temple and badami cave temple. The beauty and the historical significance of badami caves have also been acknowledged by many making them a proposed world heritage site. Experience the architectural marvel in India as you visit these caves and the beautiful temples.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

We all know the cleanest city and places in the world but not many would know that Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in Asia. Perfect and clean roads with neatly kept front yards are something that you will hardly find anywhere else. One of the most interesting things about this village is the separate pits for organic and inorganic wastes along with the bamboo dustbins. One would argue that the scenery of this village is closely similar to the other places in Meghalaya. However, if you are a true nature lover who believes in preservation and recycling Mawlynnong is worth a visit. Be it the recycling of water, smoking ban or plastic ban, the village is a great inspiration for others to follow.

The Silfra Fissure, Iceland

So that now we have enough hidden gems in India on our travel list, let's go international. First on our must-visit list is Silfra Fissure in Iceland which is not just known for its magical beauty but for other aspects as well. For starters, the water of this fissure is so pure that you can drink it on your diving. If you are wondering that in the presence of aquatic life, how the water can be so clean then let us tell you that these creatures do not venture into the fissure. If you are a diving enthusiast then there are three diving spots waiting for you – Silfra cathedral, Silfra hall and Silfra lagoon.


Vibrant culture, Unique places to visit, interesting food and beautiful beaches and islands, Vietnam has everything to make your holidays a memorable one. Be it the cosmopolitan culture of Ho Chi Minh city which has an electrifying mix of old and new or a calmer city like Hanoi, Vietnam has so many different experiences to offer.

The country is slowly emerging from the shadows of Thailand when it comes to the recognition of beautiful beaches. You can choose from almost forty islands to visit and enjoy a relaxing vacation. Moreover, cities like Nha Trang and Da Nang have a coastline running parallel to the city. Explore a different culture and beautiful landscape of Vietnam next time when you plan to visit outside India.


Not exactly a hidden gem as this small island country has been one of the topmost destinations for decades now. Located amidst the Indian Ocean this bouquet of islands has more than 100 such landscapes. We can safely say that if you are a budget planner and want to experience every bit of ocean life then Seychelles is the place for you. Apart from beautiful beaches and coral life, you can also go for nature tours, wildlife experiences, cruises and so many other fun activities. Apart from the popular islands such as Mahe Island and Victoria, go ahead and explore the lesser-known but even more beautiful islands like Vallée de Mai, Praslin Island, Bird Island - Aldabra Atoll etc.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Vat is the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about Cambodia. However, the place has to offer much more than that and you will know that soon enough after visiting Siem Reap. Known as a resort town in Cambodia, Siem Reap embraces travellers from across the world. Apart from its magnificent collection of temples, there are so many other things to do here. Get going on Pub street, kulen mountains or just stroll in the night markets of Siem Reap, there is an exhaustive list of things to do in Cambodia. Whatever you do, don’t forget to visit the Made in Cambodia market at King’s road to get some of the most authentic stuff.

Chamarel, Mauritius

If you have ever heard of seven coloured earth then now is the time to witness it in Chamarel, Mauritius. Born out of the slow decomposition of basalt into clay this place is breathtaking. However, that is not the only charm in Chamarel as you can do other stuff such as visit various national parks, witness the beautiful Chamarel waterfall or just stay in the picturesque chalet and green cottages. Break the common misconception of Mauritius being famous for only beaches as you explore the beautiful landscapes and wonderful places.

Hallstatt, Austria

Austria is a beautiful European country and within that, you have a fairytale town known as Hallstatt. The 16th-century architecture, delightful cafes and Alpine inns are some of the many pieces that come together to make this town worth visiting. There are so many fun things to do here such as visiting the ice caves, salt mine, Lake Hallstatt, 5-finger look point or just strolling down the lanes of the local market. An experience in itself this beautiful city in Austria deserves a place in your hidden gems list.

Plan Your Travel Budget

Telling you about places to visit but not giving enough insight on how to plan your budget is all things wrong. So let us list for you a few tips we think will help you plan your trip better.

Make a List of Big Expenses

When it comes to big expenses we tend to plan only the airline ticket and even select the trip according to the flight ticket. However, there are other major expenses also such as transportation costs of the place, lodging costs and so on. Sometimes the flight ticket to a place might be reasonable enough but other major expenses might not be pocket friendly. So before selecting a destination, work on all the major expenses and take a call finally.

Should You Go for Travel Insurance

Not many would agree if we say that travel insurance is a useful option that you should consider when travelling international. However, with travel insurance you get covered against a lot of unforeseen situations such as flight delays, cancellations and so on. Make sure to compare different travel insurance providers and also see if the credit card you are using already covers you.

Keep Some Cash and Keep It Safe

We all are going digital and prefer online payment but never undermine the importance of cash. In an unexpected turn of events where you do not have cards working for you, cash can be a real rescuer from the trouble. Make sure to keep your cash separate and safe rather than keeping all of it in your wallet.

Prepaid Travel Card

If you are traumatised by the extortionate amount of exchange rates that the foreign exchange bureaus charge then switch to the prepaid travel cards. Not only you are saved from the ever fluctuating exchange rates but also maintain the travel budget.

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So, here we are with all the best places to travel in April that you have got to explore and suggestions for planning those trips efficiently. Do tell us about the hidden gems in the comment section if you know of any.