Wondering What to Buy for Your Darling Child? Best Kidswear Brands in India that You Should Go For in 2023

Wondering What to Buy for Your Darling Child? Best Kidswear Brands in India that You Should Go For in 2023

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It’s hard for for parents to take out time out from their busy schedules fand visit crowded markets and buy clothes for their little ones. Yet, it’s a necessity since no one would want their kids to be poorly dressed. If you want your little one to look nice and not like a scruff, then check out the leading kids clothing brands below. We have curated top brands and some great selections from them, so read on.

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Keeps Your Kids Looking Smart!

Yay! It is the holiday season. Now that we are beginning to accept the pandemic, it is time to celebrate! The celebrations have made it time to go shopping. The most crucial and challenging chore at the moment is purchasing for children. Hence, here we are to assist you in selecting clothing for your children. With regular launches of new categories and items, the babycare and kidswear markets are constantly evolving. Now that the world is transitioning into the post-pandemic phase, children's occasion or party wear segments are rapidly growing.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 top kidswear brands in India below, along with a brief introduction to their respective products. Scroll down to know more!

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Clothing for Kids?

The most enjoyable and exciting pastime is shopping, but for most parents, it is a difficult duty. Clothing for children is an investment, and investments should pay off. Parents want the clothes on their children to be adorable, current, cosy, and long-lasting all at once.

Therefore, it is wise to take a number of factors into account when you plan to shop for your children. Here are some pointers for buying children's clothing:

Quality of Fabric!

The key is comfort. Pick a fabric that is soft on the skin and comfy. Choose organic materials over conventional ones since they are gentler on the skin and contain no toxic chemicals. Since children's skin is so delicate, severe exposure might easily irritate it. Choose lightweight cotton clothing that is gentle on the skin. Also, consider removing the manufacturer tags when wearing them because they could irritate your skin and lead to rashes.

Check the Size!

The most important thing to keep on hand is a list of your children's measurements because they will sometimes be small. It takes some time to choose the perfect clothing, and you want to avoid constantly sending it back and forth for exchanges. Buy children's clothing that is a little bigger and in a free size to save time and money and to make them more comfortable.

Also, Think about Weather!

Look for appropriate items for the season when shopping for kids' apparel. For example, wear full-sleeved, body-covering clothing, such as a jacket, in the winter and light, brightly coloured clothing in the summer.

Prefer Simplicity and Easiness!

Children require assistance dressing. So choose clothing that is simple to put on and take off. Choose dresses with flexible or elastic fabric that is simple for children to put on and take off or garments with a front button or zip; how we long to deck out our children in all those gorgeous gowns, complete with frills, ribbons, and brilliant stones. The flashy attire, meanwhile, might irritate your children. They are uncomfortable and may cause rashes as well. Choose elegant and fashionable traditional patterns and designs.

Safety is Always the Priority!

When it comes to children's apparel, safety comes first. The numerous decorative elements on children's clothing—hooks, buttons, stones, flowers, ribbons, etc.—can choke children and put them in danger of strangulation. Avoid purchasing clothing with these characteristics and prioritize safety when selecting clothing for children.

30 Top Kids Wear Brands in India

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If we look back a decade, parents used to buy infant clothes that were made of cotton fabric and had simple designs. However, they are becoming more daring when trying fresh, modern looks for their kids. One of the main problems that parents face when shopping is where to find the best clothes for children online in India.

It's never easy to buy clothing for kids because there are many things to consider, from fabric to comfort and safety. Naturally, you want your kids to appear adorable, but maintaining their skin is just as crucial. It's vital to dress them in cozy clothing that won't bother their delicate skin. Kids also grow up quickly, so you'll need to keep that in mind as well.

We've compiled a list of India's top 30 online kidswear brands to help you unwind.

1. Masilo

Eisha Maskara Sheth founded this conscious brand of organic necessities for mothers and infants. The assortment includes clothing, bedding, towels, and gifts for special occasions. The textiles are exceptionally plush, and the company strives to be more environmentally friendly.

With a homage to the brand's heritage, consider classic block dyeing applied in a new and contemporary approach, the design aesthetic is simple. For instance, you can check out this Masilo Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Masilo, available for just Rs. 1,950 at My Baby Babbles official website.

2. 612 League Kids

Source 612league.com

Famous for its high-quality goods is 612 League Kids. It offers distinctive patterns, styles, and hues. Some of its best kidswear apparel are dresses, jeans, clothing sets, shirts, capris, and more. Check out these super affordable joggers track pants by the brand that you can buy for just Rs. 500 at their official platform! They also offer other articles for kids at reasonable prices worth checking out.

3. Gini & Jony

This apparel is produced by a well-known children's clothing company with Indian roots. Anil, Prakash, and Jay Lakhani founded the business in 1980, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The business is a well-known one with numerous locations across the nation. Consider one of their most popular items, the Gini & Jony Red Cotton Dress is the primary material utilized here to offer maximum comfort. It is crimson and has a round neckline as well. The apparel from Gini & Jony is incredibly airy and light. You can buy this dress at Myntra for just Rs. 63. Explore more of their baby boy and baby girl collections here at Gini & Jony's official website!

4. Max

The manufacturer of this clothing line is a well-known garment business with Emirati roots that has made a name for itself in the nation. It debuted in India in 2006 after being first presented in Abu Dhabi in 2004. The company has a sizable customer base in Asia and also draws interest from other nations like Africa. If you explore the official website of Max, they have a separate range of apparel for kids under the sections ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls.’ Moreover, they are available in a super affordable range too. For instance, you can check out this printed sweatshirt with a hooded neckline available for just Rs. 629 at maxfashion.in.

5. Cucumber

One of the top kids clothing brands in India, this firm for children's clothing was established in 2002. The business was founded by Krishnan Kumar, and its main office is in Kolkata, West Bengal. They deals in a diverse range of kids’ and babies apparel such as panties, pyjamas, vests, caps, tops, t-shirts, and more. Check out this super affordable unicorn print full sleeves top by Cucumber for just Rs. 162.80 at firstcry.com.

6. Mothercare

Mother Care is a British clothing brand that offers great articles for mothers and kids up to the age of eight years old. Some of its offerings include clothing sets, blazers, coats, capris, and dresses. One of their innovative products for kids is this brown silicone bib that you can buy at their official website for just Rs. 1,399. It contains a deep pocket to catch crumbs and an adjustable neck strap for ultimate baby comfort.

7. Cuddles for Cubs

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys is an ancient cliché that still holds true at retail establishments when it comes to children's and babywear. Gender-neutral fashion may be gradually gaining popularity, though. Anushka Jhawar and Arjun Doshi, two siblings, founded Cuddles for Cubs to remedy this. To avoid dangerous chemicals coming into contact with the child's skin, the brand uses AZO-free colours. Check out this Good Vibes Only sweatshirt and joggers set by the brand, which is available in a range of colours in different sizes to give you a cozy vibe!

8. Ed-a-Mamma

Ed-a-Mamma is a sustainable children's clothing company founded by actor-entrepreneur Alia Bhatt and debuted in October 2020 on First Cry. Children between the ages of 2 and 14 are catered to by Ed-a-Mamma. According to a statement, it is wholly domestic and aspires to transform the world one garment at a time. At the time of writing this post, Ed-a-Mamma is offering a winter adventure sale of up to 70% off on all of its articles. Check out this blue printed skirt dress available at a super affordable price of just Rs. 431 to buy now!

9. Veronna

Veronna Damani is one of the fortunate individuals who discovered her vocation and pursued her love. She has worked hard over the years to build the baby and childrens wear label Veronna into what it is today. We loved this Asmaan Kurta by Verona which is available on their official website for Rs. 1,690.

10. Keebee Organic

Source keebee.in

Vandana Kalagara and Smruti Rao, former classmates who are now business owners, are targeting India's expanding market for childrenswear. Their manufacturing company, Keebee Organic, creates eco-friendly children's clothing that is sold directly to customers via its own website as well as online marketplaces like Myntra, FirstCry, The Nestery, and others. You can check out their cute Christmas collection of pretty white shirts and skirts available in a pricing range of Rs. 650 to Rs. 1,199 here.

11. Kidbea

Kid Bea is another sustainable kidswear brand based in Noida. They also claim themselves a ‘spill-proof’ kidswear brand. If you’re struggling to buy chemical-free diapers, check out this pack of 3 premium adjustable baby cloth diapers available at Kidbea for just Rs. 999. It comes with impeccable features of waist adjustment buttons, a superdry feel layer and a waterproof outer worth considering.

12. Baby Hug

Babyhug is an in-house brand of Firstcry.com where you can buy all of their apparel and products at www.firstcry.com and www.babyhug.in Since Christmas is on its way, you must be looking for a jacket to keep your kids protected in this chilling winters. Babyhug offers versatile product line, including clothing & shoes, diapering, baby gear, bath & skin care, feeding & nursing, nursery, healthcare, toys, and books to check out now. Go no far where Baby Hug offers you a striped padded puffer jacket for just Rs. 569 at their official website.

13. Little Kangaroos

This company has been providing stylish, high-quality goods for babies, toddlers, and children since 1976. In India, Little Kangaroos is a well-known brand when it comes to childrens wear. Each season, Little Kangaroo offers more than 400 patterns, where bold hues, current prints, creative layouts, stunning embroidery, and cutting-edge textile treatments all play major roles. To completely block out the winters, we’d like to recommend this fur top by Little Kangaroos, available at First Cry for just Rs. 1,217.

14. First Cry

FirstCry is one of India’s largest online stores for newborns, babies, and kids’ products. You can shop from a ton of categories here via the touch of a button only. Some of their popular categories are namely Boys Fashion, Girl's Fashion, Footwear, Toys, Diapering, Gear, Feeding, Bath, Nursery, and Moms. We’d love to recommend these Red Tape Velcro Walking Shoes available for just Rs. 1,379 at www.firstcry.com.

15. Allen Solly

The largest and fastest-growing branded apparel company in India, Allen Solly is a project of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a branch of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is a premium lifestyle player in the retail industry. They have great versatility in Allen Solly kids’ collection ranging from toddler clothes to printed shorts and printed tops etc. To review one of their unique tops, we would like to recommend checking this Girls Maroon solid casual top in cut sleeves which can be a great pair to black leather pants. You can buy this premium top for just Rs. 538 at Allen Solly’s official website.

16. Pinkcow Fashions

Girls' vintage-inspired apparel is available from Pink Cow Fashion, a renowned classic designer clothing line. The Pinkcow line seeks to give your little princess a traditional twist on her personality with an incredible assortment of boutique formal and party clothing. To embrace her individuality, we’d like to recommend checking out this Smart Scuba Top Skirt with Stylish Big Bow in Lace available at www.pinkcowfashions.com for just Rs. 1,895.

17. Chicco

Source www.chicco.in

The apparel and toy company Chicco is Italian and has retail locations all over the world. It offers a variety of goods, such as maternity products for lactation and pregnancy, firstborn, cleanliness and safety, travel and outdoor activities, rest and sleep, sports, apparel, and footwear. If you’re looking for a premium quality bodysuits for your kids, check out this set of 2 bodysuits available for just Rs. 999 at www.chicco.in.

18. Hopscotch

Hop Scotch is the ideal store to visit if you're seeking fashionable and reasonably priced children's apparel. This online retailer provides a large selection of fashionable clothing for boys and girls of all ages. At Hopscotch, you may get anything from party outfits to everyday clothing. You can buy a whole set of apparel at their official website at affordable prices. For instance, check out this Boys Gray Polka Dot Printed Shirt & Pant set with a bow for just Rs. 779.

19. Skiphop

Ellen and Michael Diamont, a married couple, established Skip Hop in 2003, and business has been brisk ever since. Beginning with a diaper bag that became popular among new parents due to its clever design, the business went on to create other goods for infants and toddlers that were as well-thought-out. You can check out this Skip Hop little kid backpack available at their official website for just Rs. 2,399.

20. H&M Kids

Source www2.hm.com

H&M Kids is one of the international kidswear brands in India to enjoy a versatility of kids apparel from shoes and accessories for babies to those cute dresses you’d love to buy from this brand. We loved their specifically curated Christmas Shop with all the premium clothing essentials for kids. Here’s one of our favorite Jacquard-knit jumper that you can buy for just Rs. 799 at H&M.

21. The Plush Club

The Plush Club is a premium, sustainable infant clothing line that is currently offered throughout South and Southeast Asia. It was created in Singapore. Bamboo fabric, which is all-natural, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, is used to make the clothing. The brand offers varieties of apparel for newborns (0-3 months), babies, toddlers, nursery, and gift section. We loved their zippers section for babies where you can check out this half sleeves zipper available for just Rs. 1,499 at theplushclub.co.in. Simple top or bottom unzipping allows for quick entry and exit, making diaper changes quick and simple.

22. Nauti Nati

Source nautinati.com

One of the most promising children's clothing brands on the Indian market is Nauti Nati. The company is renowned for its outstanding selection of children's parties and casual clothing. They also come in a variety of hues, patterns, and textures that are broken down according to age groups. We’d like to recommend checking their ethnic wear section where dresses are available at super affordable rates. For instance, this yellow-coloured printed kurta looks dope on every little girl and can buy for just Rs. 750 at www.nautinati.com.

23. Nino Bambino

This online retailer offers lovely child apparel made of 100% organic cotton. Onesies, t-shirts, jumpsuits, swaddle blankets, bottle covers, booties, dresses, skirts, shirts, and rompers are among the items they provide; all are made, of course, of 100 percent organic cotton and are designed to fit children from birth to between 5 and 6 years old. Check out this Nino Bambino’s anti-pill polyester recycled joggers for unisex babies which you can buy for just Rs. 459 at its www.ninobambino.in.

24. UCB Kids

United Colors of Benetton (a.k.a.) A well-known brand for youngsters is UCB. It is well known for its excellent clothing quality. They offer a range of clothing for kidswear, including blazers, capris, coats, clothing sets, and more. Trousers are a great fit and become a great pair to any dress. Check out these Basic Core trousers by UCB available for just Rs. 1,019 on their official platform.

25. Forty Red Bangles

A socially responsible business, Forty Red Bangles is working to develop a sustainable premium range of clothes and accessories. The group sells organic children's apparel, footwear, and accessories. As you go through their Kids section, you will see a lot of sustainably printed apparel among which we loved this printed bus pyjama set available for just Rs. 900 at sale on www.fortyredbangles.com.

26. The Almirah

The Almirah is a Bangalore-based socially responsible children's clothing retailer that offers a large selection of hand-stitched clothing, bedding, and accessories with lovely patterns, breathable fabrics, and casual styling. They have a separate Kids and Baby section consisting of categories such as clothing, bedding, and nursery. One of our favorite products from the brand is this Llama organic bed sheet which you can buy for just Rs. 795 under the kids section at www.thealmirah.com.

27. Muu Yee

For your small ones, MuuYee makes adorable, gender-neutral clothing such as shirts, pants, jackets, kurtas, and dresses from natural fibres that are hand-dyed using botanical natural colours like dried pomegranate and Indian madder twigs. Here’s a great pick from MuuYee - Milky White Boro Dress which you can buy for just Rs. 2,800 at www.muuyee.com.

28. Zee Zee Zoo

Source zeezeezoo.com

ZeeZeeZoo sells organic cotton bodysuits, t-shirts, bibs, and blankets that are free of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. If you’re looking for customized dressing options for your infants, here’s a ‘Team (Family Name)’ tee that you can buy for just Rs. 599 at www.zeezeezoo.com.

29. Tula

Source tula.org.in

Tüla is a social venture that produces desi cotton clothing that is cultivated by small-scale, rain-fed farmers. They employ hand-spun yarn that is coloured with natural dyes by expert khadhi artisans, who are then stitched by both men and women from socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Tula sells lightweight cotton clothing for children online. You can check out kidswear apparel under the section Product Offering on Tula.

30. Baby Couture

You can buy infant, toddler, and child couture from a store called baby couture. It features a centre for clothing from infants to children as well as quantities of children's products to switch over with. For both boys and girls, the assortment includes western-style and ethnic apparel. Despite the boys and girls, they have an adorable section for kids too. Check out this cotton baby rust orange sleepsuit that you can buy for just Rs. 499 at www.babycouture.in The outfit consists of a bottom and an upper piece for infants. The outfit is composed of 100 percent pure cotton and offers the maximum warmth and comfort for a sound night's sleep.

Bonus: Trendy and Fashionable Style for Kids 2022

Mothers will go to tremendous lengths for their children's health, development, or appearance. We have put together a list for you to choose styles while keeping in mind the newest trends, children's comfort, and the choice and voice of today's little ones.

90's Plaids!

Kids caught the retro fever as they spent the lockdown learning more about their parents' youth. And this signalled the arrival of low-waist jeans and plaid patterns. What better style from adolescence if you're wondering how to dress your kids? The 1990s are about to come back into fashion.

Rising Demand for Natural Colours!

Source www.joom.com

For the summer of 2022 and beyond, kidswear trends are expected to favor vibrant, organic, and light colors. Additionally, becoming in popularity are pastel and simple color schemes. Colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, peach, and purple are particularly beloved by children.

Daisy Dukes!

Source pibaby.com

You did read that correctly. This fall's dominant ladies' fashion trend is comfortable clothes, with narrow jeans losing ground to their wider-legged, higher-waisted competitors. And since their mothers have personally felt the spaciousness of Daisy Dukes, they are overjoyed about the change.

Here are Some of Our Fave Styles!

In the heat, it is best to wear fashionable and comfortable clothes. In the spring and summer, capris and shorts are making a comeback. Athleisure clothing is popular during the summer because it's a popular time for trips and picnics. For the casual kidswear trend in 2022, denim jackets teamed with laid-back bottom apparel and sporty footwear is also becoming more popular. People like tops, t-shirts, shirts, and shorts for everyday attire.

Cruella Patterns

The most popular color scheme among 90s children, Cruella Dots, has returned in 2021 with the release of the new movie, "Cruella." Both mothers and fans of children's fashion around the world warmly welcome the return of the retro style. With a gorgeous and stylish dalmatian appearance, you may make your tiny munchkins the center of attention in the room.

Colorblocked Jackets or Clothes!

These adorable coats' soft appearance is ideal for preserving your infants' inherent attractiveness and giving them a contemporary style. This vibrant clothing in rainbow-hued hues is perfect for your child's back-to-school wardrobe.

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Although parenting may not always be easy, these 30 top kidswear brands in India will undoubtedly have made your life a little easier. It can be difficult to shop for children's clothing. Consideration must be given to a number of factors, including texture, comfort, and protection. However, one must ensure that their children are wearing clothes that are not only comfortable and accessible but also made of high-quality texture and do not lose colour or softness after a few washes.