Stress is Extremely Detrimental for Health! Reduce Stress with the Top Stress Relief Gadgets for Home, Office and Kids and Know Why You Need Them Today (2020)

Stress is Extremely Detrimental for Health! Reduce Stress with the Top Stress Relief Gadgets for Home, Office and Kids and Know Why You Need Them Today (2020)

Stress, worry and anxiety are like a silent killer which are extremely detrimental not only for your health but your family's health too. So, if you are having high stress or someone in your family is experiencing it then it is high time that you looked at means of reducing the stress. This BP Guide will showcase the best stress relief gadgets for home, office and kids which are sure to alleviate stress in your life. Moreover, they suit every budget and need, and you will surely identify one gadget which suits your requirement perfectly.

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Why Stress Relief Gadgets are a Must Today

If a fast-paced lifestyle, relationship troubles, loneliness, constant pressure to prove yourself, desire to acquire more wealth and career related worries were not enough, the global pandemic has added fuel to the fire. With all of you locked inside your homes, fear of going out, socialising, partying and traveling; most of the economies have entered into a phase of recession. Though the impact is slowly stabilising; the damage has been done and the effects would be long-lasting and intense. With the society slowly getting back to normal, offices opening, and markets buzzing again; everyone is trying hard to adapt to the new normal.

However, the financial instability, job losses, sickness and negativity surrounding the world has had a major impact on your overall health and well-being which includes psychological health as well. Increased worries and doubts about tomorrow have resulted in more cases of stress, anxiety, and worse, heart attacks and suicides. Though the internet is flooded with literature on self-help, meditation, how to maintain work-life balance, eat healthy, exercise, etc. to keep yourself stress-free and balanced, but many of you often read them and make the resolution only to forget it the very next day or week. This is where stress relief gadgets play their role to help you reduce the tension in your life, lighten your worries, and to remain calmer by distracting you from a current stressful thought or situation.

Working in a constant state of stress may result in aggression which if not checked on time can cause heart-related problems and can also lead to poor relationships. These stress-relief gadgets are a boon in the modern era as you don’t have to spare extra time, resources or set reminders to practice them, but you can de-stress yourself simply sitting at your desk, sofa, or in the kitchen by simply fiddling around or playing with these wonderful gadgets. The stress-relief gadgets and toys have gained immense popularity in the last few years as they are handy, cheap and are proven to effectively reduce stress. There are various stress-relief gadgets available for adults, children and the elderly. While choosing the right one for you can be a bit confusing, we have tried to ease out the trouble by selecting a few of them. For your convenience of choosing the right stress-relief gadget, we have segmented them into 3 different sections – for home, for office and for the kids. You can choose one or more of these stress-relief gadgets depending upon your requirement and choice.

Stress Relief Gadgets for Home

URPOWER 2nd Version Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


The Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser by URPOWER is the 2nd generation upgraded version of this model which produces a mist of essential oils to fill your room with a mild fragrance that soothes your senses and provides a calm and pleasant experience. The oil diffuser doesn’t harm the natural aroma of any essential oil (it is recommended to use 100% pure and non-corrosive oil). It can easily hold up to 100 ml of essential oil and has colour-changing LED lights with 7 colours which can be dimmed or brightened as per your choice. The diffuser can work noiselessly, continuously for 6 hours, and can be ordered from Amazon for ₹ 3,798.00.

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine produces different types of soothing sounds to help you relax and feel rejuvenated by providing you a calm and composed atmosphere. This machine has 9 separate sounds that include – white noise, sea waves, crickets sound, rain sound, forest bird sound, stream sound, and 3 pieces of lullabies for kids which help them to fall asleep fast. You get 3 different time options of 15, 30 and 60 minutes to choose from as per your requirement and these sounds help you to have a good and tight sleep. The small and portable design (8 cm x 8 cm x 3.4 cm) weighs only 97 gm and can be easily carried along while the 800 mAh rechargeable battery gets fully charged in 1 hour and can power the device for 50 hours of music play. You also get a USB cable in the box and this product is available for ₹ 1,840.00 on Eassymall.

TheraFlow Large Dual Foot Massager Roller


The TheraFlow Large Dual Foot Massager Roller is made of nice quality wood and works on the ancient principle of Shiatsu Acupressure Relaxation to provide relief in stress, arch pain, sore feet, etc. It helps you feel relaxed and de-stressed after a hectic day and can be easily used anywhere – at your workplace, while watching TV, or during a recipe session in your kitchen. The compact and lightweight design is just 11.2 inches x 2.5 inches x 7.5 inches in size and weighs around 700 gm, thus can be easily carried anywhere. Simply glide your feet on the massage roller and feel the effect of reflexology on your body and mind. You also get a foot reflexology chart along with instructions to do it the right way. This excellent foot massager is available on Amazon for ₹ 4,349.00.

Pillow Massager – Evercare by Seniority

This pillow massager by Seniority relieves muscle tension, stress and pain, and helps you to relax as the 4 nodes inside the pillow massager rotate in opposite directions to provide a powerful Shiatsu massage. It works with the help of a 12V adapter (included in the box) and can give you a decent 15-minute massage. The auto-shut-off in 20-minutes makes it completely safe to use and this pillow massager can be ordered from Seniority for ₹ 1,249.00.

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush with Soft Silicone Bristles


This hair scalp massager by Ross is an economic and handy way to give yourself a good head massage that helps you relax. It relieves stress and can also be used as a shampoo brush because the soft silicone bristles create a rich lather with the shampoo. Made of ABS plastic, this beautiful scalp massager weighs only 65 gm, has an ergonomic handle and you can own it for ₹ 299.00 from Amazon.

Stress Relief Gadgets for Office

Mini Fidget Cube Toy Vinyl Stress Reliever

A fidget cube toy is a small gadget specially designed for restless hands. The 6 different sides can be used for rolling, flipping, gliding and clicking to help you focus. Made from high-quality vinyl plastic, the fidget cube is safe for kids and adults, and the small gadget can be carried in a pocket to work, school or you can even enjoy the fidgeting at home. This anti-stress mini fidget cube is 3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm in size and listed on OnshopDeal for ₹ 354.00.

Soft Gel Stress Relief Ball for Sensory Stimulation

Kudize presents this soft gel stress ball which is a wonderful stress reliever that works without electricity or battery and the sensory stimulation helps to de-stress, focus and control anxiety. Made from high-quality gel-based material, the squeezing of this ball manipulates your fingers to provide a form of therapeutic relief as the muscles of your hand and other body parts are stimulated. Not only for stress relief, but it is also beneficial for weak hand muscle conditions like paralysis of the hand, rheumatoid arthritis and post-fracture rehabilitation. Regular use of a stress ball help to find clarity of mind and promotes sleep by relaxing the body. This stress relief ball can be owned from Seniority for ₹ 229.00.

Big Giant Squishy Enter Key Office Stress Reliever

Have you ever noticed people hitting the 'enter' key hard on their computer keyboard when they are stressed or disappointed? This may happen in the office or if you’re working from home, but the poor ‘enter’ key faces the heat and you can also end up messing the keyboard. This soft and big 'enter' key acts as a stress reliever. Connect it to your computer via a USB cable, and it starts acting as a proper enter key. The Giant Squishy Enter Key comes with a detachable cover and is available in 3 attractive colours (black, blue and grey). You can order it from the Princess Dress World for ₹ 2,036.00.

Desktop Punching Speed Ball Stress Buster


Now don’t suppress the urge to bang on the office table because you can relieve your stress while sitting on the office table by hitting and punching on this desktop punching speedball. The base of this ball easily sticks to any flat surface and the heavy-duty bag gets ready to take your bangs. The solid spring is resilient and it keeps coming back for more punches. You get an air pump along with the punching speedball to inflate it and this stress buster punching bag can be purchased from Amazon for ₹ 948.00.

Magnetic Decision Maker

The Magnetic Decision Maker by Kikkerland is an entertaining and fun way to de-stress yourself while you’re working and it also serves as a nice showpiece on your office desk. You can also ask your friends and colleagues to join in this fun game where anyone can ask a question and then you release the ball to get an answer from the options of – yes, no way, maybe, definitely, ask a friend and try again. The decision-maker gadget has dimensions of 5.5 inches x 4 inches x 9.5 inches and is made from plastic and metal with a magnetic ball. This product is available on Ubuy for ₹ 2,202.00.

Stress Relief Gadgets for Kids

Tangle Fidget Toy

The Tangle Fidget Toy by 24x7eMall is an excellent stress-relief and learning toy for kids that would keep them engaged while boosting their creativity and motor skills. The colourful fidget toy is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and requires no batteries or outside power. The dimensions are: 3 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches and it weighs just 50 gm. Kids can play with this fidget toy and simultaneously improve their colour and shape recognition abilities. The tangle fidget toy can be ordered from Flipkart for ₹ 249.00.

Juliana Butter Glittery Fluffy Stretchy Non-Sticky Slime


The Fluffy Butter Glittery Slime by Juliana is a non-sticky slime that can be stretched, pressed, twisted to form any shape. This pink slime weighs 100 gm and has a nice honey scent. This toy helps to take away the stress from your kids while helping them to enhance their imagination and creativity, and keeping them occupied and entertained as well. The slime can be moulded, folded, rolled and squeezed to relieve stress and is a nice parent-child interactive toy that can be purchased for ₹ 320.00 from Amazon.

NASA Tech Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Levitating, Floating Pencil

This DIY levitating pencil kit is a perfect stress buster for your kid as your kid will forget about his worries while trying to balance the pencil between the magnets. It has 4 magnets fitted into a platform made of two glass sheets and two opposite magnets are provided in which the pencil can be placed and then the pencil is made to float above the glass magnets using the force of repulsion. You can order this kit from Flipkart for ₹ 280.00.

Rubik's Activity Cube

Rubik’s Cube is a world-famous gadget that improves the neurological, analytical and logical thinking abilities of your child. This cube’s dimensions are 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 7.5 cm and it weighs 309 gm. Playing with this cube also improves your child’s memory, concentration and observation power while acting as an effective stress buster gadget. This Rubik's Activity Cube is available for ₹ 629.00 on FirstCry.

Electric Magnetic Kinetic Orbital Revolving Cube Toy


This revolving toy works on the principles of electric, magnetic and kinetic energy and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Playing with this toy will reduce the stress level of your kid and keep him entertained while he learns the principles of physics and a few insights about our solar system. Apart from a stress-relief gadget, this toy also serves as a nice table décor item. The dimensions of the base are 4.3 inches x 1.18 inches while the upper portion is 9.06 inches x 9.84 inches. This orbital revolving toy can be purchased from Eassycart for ₹ 1,246.00.

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Don't Let Stress Overwhelm You

Stress, although extremely common nowadays, should not be taken lightly. You should neither ignore it nor allow it to overwhelm you. When you are experiencing stress you should look for means and gadgets to relieve yourself of the excessive stress for your better health and wellbeing. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which stress relief gadget would be the best for your requirement. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.