Express Gratitude to the Woman Who Stood by You. Check out the Best Thank You Gifts for Women and Important Tips on Selecting the Perfect One (2022)

Express Gratitude to the Woman Who Stood by You. Check out the Best Thank You Gifts for Women and Important Tips on Selecting the Perfect One (2022)

We should express our gratitude wholeheartedly to people who stand with us in difficult times. So, if there is a woman who has helped you when you need it the most it is time for you to delight her with a thank you gift. To make your task easier we have curated a list of the top thank you gifts for women which covers the entire spectrum of gifts and budgets. We are sure you will definitely find one which suits your requirement. So, read on to know more.

Why a Thank You Gift is Important?

A thank you is a simple way to say that you acknowledge the person who has helped you. A thank you gift is given as a sign of respect and to express gratitude. It is important to recognise and appreciate the efforts of someone who has done something for you. It not only gives happiness to the receiver of the gift but also shows that they are special to you. It’s a way to express your feelings and gifts usually make everyone feel good. People feel motivated and relationships are strengthened when they are offered gifts with a thank you.

How to Decide on a Thank You Gift?

Your Relationship with the Women You Are Giving the Gift

Gifts are a sweet reminder to let your loved ones know that you love and care for them. However, be mindful of the relationship you share with the women. If you want to show love to your partner then you know that gift has to be a special one and she should cherish it for a long. You can always thank your mother/sister with a more personal gift (as you know their likes and dislikes) for the endless love and care they shower on you. The gift should look professional if you are giving it to your female colleague/boss (as it should not give a wrong impression).

Reason for Giving the Gift

While the reason for giving a gift can be anything like birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, to celebrate an achievement or as an expression of love. A gift for a job well done by a colleague or going out with the family to create life-long memories or a surprise gift to family and friends for no reason whatsoever.

A thank you gift is given when you consider someone special or they have done something for you on multiple occasions. It can be to your parents, teachers, friends, siblings and others who owe a thank you to you. It’s always a win-win situation for both the giver and the receiver. Sometimes we don’t even look for a reason to present the gift if we want to give it to someone we love and care about.

Your Budget

You already know about plenty of opportunities/occasions to give someone a thank you gift. As it is your choice to give a gift with a thank you, you shouldn’t feel over-burdened because of the budget. There are multiple factors that decide the budget, like your relationship and the age of the women. Women appreciate the gesture of giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts more than an expensive but less-needed gift. The gift itself carries more value than the price of the gift.

It's always better to set a monthly/annual budget for gifts. If you are giving it to the special women in your life like your life partner, mother or a special friend then you might know their choice too. It becomes easier to select the type of gift according to their prices. Forgiving a gift to a colleague the budget can be limited to ₹ 300.00 or below ₹ 500.00. You can increase the budget depending on the terms you have with the person. Also, don’t compromise on the quality of the gift.

10 Best Gifting Ideas for Women

There are several options available to pick a thank you gift for a woman. We have listed down some of the best gifts that will make the person feel special.

Flower Bouquet and Indoor Plants


It’s a fact that most women love flowers. The gifting of flowers is a very old tradition and it is used to express feelings and emotions which words can’t express. Flowers are an ideal gift to show love, care, gratitude and appreciation. They bring an instant smile to the face and can be given to women of any age group without worrying. Flowers make for a great gift for friends and loved ones as they symbolize different emotions. Like red roses symbolize love, yellow roses friendship, blue orchids signify beauty and peace, and lilies represent happiness.

You can send fresh flowers online to the desired location of the receiver. At Ferns and Petals (FNP), there are multiple options of flower bouquets with prices ranging from less than ₹ 500.00 to above ₹ 2,500.00. You can select the city and it gives you an option to deliver fresh flowers on the same day and even in 2 hours. Similarly, you can pick this two-layer bamboo indoor plant. You can gift plants in ceramic, glass, wooden or plastic planter. It costs ₹ 599.00 and will not only make the workplace/home beautiful but will also be a memorable gift. Check out FnP for more details.

Thank You Mugs


A Thank You Mug is a great gift. Like this ceramic coffee mug from Amazon which can be gifted to any woman colleague in the office as a token of appreciation. A thank you printed coaster is also coming with the mug. The mug is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. It is environmentally friendly and reusable. You can also get a customized mug by having an image printed on it. The price of the mug is only ₹ 225.00 and it is a great gift for your mother, sister, wife and friends too.



Chocolates are a woman’s best friend. They immediately lift the mood and bring happiness. Chocolates can be given personally and professionally too. Be it Mother’s Day or Women’s Day or you have to say thank you casually, chocolate always works. Women are always happy to receive chocolates even for no reason. You can gift them as a birthday, valentine's, anniversary gift or to make up for a sorry. Chocolates are the easiest and the best option to gift. They elevate your happy hormones.

You can send thank you chocolate packs from Ferns & Petals (FNP) and pick according to their flavours like milk, nuts, dark, fruit chocolate, etc. You can also select brands like Amul, Cadbury, Nestle, Choco Swiss & Hershey’s. Select thank you as the occasion and there are a lot of combo offers available.

You can customise the combo pack such as chocolates with a plant, cake or flowers. This chocolate combo is a lovely gift pack for your girlfriend or someone special in your life. This gift hamper includes a cute teddy bear and red & white roses with Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates all in a cane basket. This special surprise arrangement is priced at ₹ 1,049.00 on FnP.

Low Cost Jewellery Under ₹ 2,000.00


Jewellery is a perfect gift for a woman. Most women like to wear jewellery as it adds value to their personality and makes them look beautiful and confident. It is also one of the durable gifts. Jewellery can make a woman feel special and stylish. These days there are a lot of options available from the most expensive and valuable to low-cost daily wear jewellery pieces with a different price range. You can give according to your budget and the relationship you have with the woman.

This beautiful blooming flower silver necklace from Giva is a lightweight and daily wear jewellery. It has high-quality zircon stones embedded in it. It is stylish and can be given to friends and colleagues who gel well with you, more than other colleagues. It is 925 silver hallmarked jewellery and comes with an authenticity certificate. The original price of the product is ₹ 2,999.00, however as a sale is going on, the price has been reduced to ₹ 1,599.00.

Hair Accessories Like Hair Straightener and Styling Kit


This is a perfect gift for women who prefer to look stylish and want to change their look occasionally and whenever they want to at their own convenience. They can change their look anytime by making their hair straight or curled. There are a lot of styling tools available that you can pick from like a hair dryer, straightener or curler. They are available on all e-commerce websites like Amazon, Nykaa & Myntra. You can gift this to any woman in your family or a friend and she will surely love it.

This styling tool set from Vega is an excellent gift for compete hair styles. The original price of the set is ₹ 2,850.00 and after discount, it is available at ₹ 2,299.00 on Nykaa. The product's name is Miss Versatile Styling Kit. It consists of a hair dryer, a hair straightener and a curler. It comes with two heat and speed settings and with a foldable handle.

Personalised Gift Items


Personalised gifts are very special if given to your close ones as they show that you love and care for them. It has sentimental value. These days there are multiple options available and in different price ranges. You can buy them online and get them customised. Your loved ones will surely remember your gifts for a long time.

Like you can get a personalised table clock, mug, calendar, lamp or photo frame. You will surely like this LED cushion cover from Ferns and Petals (FNP). You need to send a photo to get it customized. The yellow LED light battery circuit is fitted inside the cushion. You need to connect the battery to the circuit and gently press it. The price of the cushion is ₹ 599.00. It is a very useful and beautiful gift. This is the perfect personal gift that can be given to family and friends. Order it from FnP.

eGift Cards


eGift cards are the most convenient and easy gift option. This gift card can also be given when you are not sure which gift to select. It can be sent online directly to the recipient. You just have to select the amount and share the email/messaging app link where you wish to send the gift card. This ecard can be used for both online and offline purchases. These gift cards are available at Amazon, Flipkart and other eCommerce platforms. Visit Amazon to buy an Amazon Pay eGift Card.

Skin Care as Gift

Who doesn’t desire clear, flawless and shiny skin, especially women? While skincare gifting is a good idea but you have to be mindful of what are you buying and for whom. Your relationship also matters to the woman you are offering the gift to. You can buy it for your family members like mother, daughter, girlfriend or best friend in your life but not for a colleague or your boss in the office. Be sure to buy only premium quality products for gifting else low-quality products might make their skin worse and will also look cheap.

Women generally don’t invest in luxurious premium skincare products for themselves, so it is a very good gift if you care for them. You can buy these products online and one of the premium ayurvedic skincare brands is Forest Essentials. You can check out Forest Essentials' Jasmine and Mogra Mini Bath & Body Ritual pack which is priced at ₹ 2,135.00.

Personalised Water Bottles


Personalized bottles are one of the economical gift options and perfect to be given as a professional gift. Like corporates can gift personalised water bottles as thank you gifts on Women’s Day. These bottles can be personalised and customised with the name and image of the persons printed on them. There are a variety of bottles available like thermos, temperature display and stainless steel bottles. Check out this white aluminum water bottle with a capacity of 650 ml available on FnP for ₹ 649.00.

A Holiday Package as a Gift

There isn’t a better gift than giving your loved ones an experience of a lifetime like travel. You can plan the trip or can just suggest the idea of a trip to the receiver of the gift. If she likes it then go ahead with the booking at her convenience. If you are sure that she loves travelling then you can also surprise her with the actual booking. The important things to remember before surprising someone with a travel plan are the cost, destination, dates, type of accommodation & if the person who will be travelling is actually worth this gift, like this is not a good gift to give someone in your office. You can give this to someone who is special to you like friends and family. Do keep a check on the ultimate budget for you and the person travelling. It will surely create a lifetime of memories.

Suggestion/Tips to Consider Before Buying a Gift

Selecting a gift which is according to the occasion, purpose, person is a tricky task sometimes. Here are a few tips to follow before buying a thank you gift:

  • Always buy the gift keeping in mind the receiver of the gift. Your choice also matters but the receiver should like it too.

  • Don’t give clothes/personal items as gifts as these are a very personal affair and some people might not like it. However, if you buy these then give them an option to exchange it, if it doesn’t fit them or they don’t like it. Similarly, don’t gift a book to a non-reader.

  • Do consider the age of the receiver. Like gifting a gadget to an elderly person is not a good idea unless she is a techno-freak.

  • Remove the price tag of the gift irrespective of its price.

  • The gift should be useful for the person. if you know that they are in need of something and its within your budget then you can surely buy that gift.

  • Sometimes you can give an experience as a thank you gift rather than a thing. You can plan a party or go on a vacation with her.

  • If you are buying the gift online then always check for a better price or compare with other shopping sites to avail discount coupons/less priced products.

The most important point to remember is, the receiver should feel valued & happy. Both of you should feel satisfied as it definitely deepens the bond you share. Also, always present the gift with a smile and don’t expect anything in return.

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A Thank You Gift Strengthens Your Relationship

Most of you would have encountered "fair-weather friends/relatives" who are only present when things are going great for you. Individuals who stand beside you and support you in times of adversity are few and far between. It is therefore important to appreciate the efforts of such individuals with a thank you gift and also strengthen your relationship with them. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which thank you gift would be the most suited for the woman who stood by you. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more engaging content.