Healthy Habits are Essential for Every Age, Especially for the Students Who Are at the Prime Stage of Their Life: Healthy Habits for Students to Lead a Productive Life (2020)

Healthy Habits are Essential for Every Age, Especially for the Students Who Are at the Prime Stage of Their Life: Healthy Habits for Students to Lead a Productive Life (2020)

Healthy habits are essential for every age, especially for the students who are always at the prime stage of their life. It will lead them to be happy and healthy, preventing future health problems like diabetes, heart disease, or a weak immune system. A balanced diet, physical exercise, and personal hygiene are the three pillars of a healthy life ahead. There are some other habits as well, which we would be discussing in this post that every student must incorporate in their life!

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Why There is a Need to Maintain Basic Healthy Lifestyle for Students

To Look Your Best

Everybody wants to stay beautiful and young. While a student, especially being a girl, you are more concerned about your skin and hair and the way you look in different dresses. Staying beautiful and getting good skin and hair depends on many small and big things throughout the day. Eating healthy food like starting your day with a heavy breakfast like protein and vitamins is essential.

Walking in the morning is an excellent start to make your body ready for the rest of the day. Choosing healthier options like skim low-fat milk and cutting off carbohydrates a bit will make you fit and beautiful. Drinking plenty of water also makes your skin supple as water hydrates skin and hair follicles both equally. Dry skin, pouches under the eyes, cellulite, excess weight, sparse hair, will wait for you if you do not take care of your body.

For a Healthy & Long Life


The foundation of a healthy and prosperous adult life depends on early childhood days. If, as a student, you want to see, learn, and experience the rich knowledge of the universe, you will need to live a long life with fewer complications. It's not only important to live a long life but also without any illnesses. That is why it is crucial to be a student practicing good habits, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To Boost Creativity & Joy

The right motivation sometimes plays a miracle in your life. A healthy life is essential because it stimulates creativity. Physical activity is a valuable food for the brain, and it fills the mind with new ideas. If you are stressed and depressed, you can not see the positiveness of life, and there will be no sign of creativity. If you are maintaining a healthy life, your mind will be more clear to think about the ideas naturally.

For a Sound Sleep


Sleep deprivation is a common problem among students, especially for the college-goers, as most of them choose to stay up late nights. This raises the problem of diabetes, insomnia, weight gain, elevated blood pressure, and even mental health problems. This brings a negative impact on their studies and nature. A poor sleeping habit can lead to avoidance of healthy food and lean towards junk foods and caffeinated beverages. But few people know that a healthy lifestyle during the day time is interrelated with nighttime sleep patterns. You need to have a balanced diet and proper exercise to sleep well at night, along with sleeping as early as possible. This will help you to have productive daytime activities.

To Maintain Savings

After a student leaves homes for studies, life changes rapidly. From buying vegetables to cooking can become a harsh reality. Often not getting ready food they used to get at home can create a lot of mental pressure. They can think that finding and making healthy food is an extra task for them, which can lead to more attraction towards easily available junk foods.

They can also think about buying all kinds of stuff like vegetables and spices and then making them can be expensive. Buying cheap, unhealthy food can seem to be a better option. But parents need to make them understand the value of buying healthy raw material for cooking saves money. It is not so expensive at the month-end like eating outside food, and also it keeps a person healthy. They will hardly need to visit the doctor or take medicines, which is more possible while eating outside food.

Healthy Habits for Students to Follow

Exercise Regularly


Exercise not only energises our body but also kick-starts your brain for daily activity. Exercise releases protein in your brain according to some studies which increase memory and cognitive performance. It also has emotional benefits along with mental benefits, as exercise releases endorphins, which reduce stress level, which is helpful to cope up with examination phobia. If you are at home, you can easily hit the gym or go for a yoga class.

If you are staying at a hostel or similar place, then walk around every hour and get some fresh air for cognitive function. It is always a good idea to consult a professional before doing any kind of serious exercise. You can head to the gym in the morning or evening before or after school, which can be formed as a routine.

Riding a bike to your school and taking stairs for anywhere you go instead of an elevator is also an excellent passive exercise for your body throughout the day. If you can not do yoga by yourself or join the gym for a monetary reason, simply stretching two times a day without any equipment will do the job. Minimum 30 minutes to 2 hours of aerobic exercises are required for a healthy regular life.

Doing some cardio exercises will strengthen your heart and lungs, help to lose weight, increase metabolism, good cholesterol level, and help to control blood sugar. Swimming laps or walking briskly can be some of the other excellent choices for a relaxed body and mind. You can also play your favourite sport after school to gain your much-needed energy back. Whatever you do, make your exercise a fun time, which will double up the health benefits.

Sleep Well Enough


Maintaining a 'sleep hygiene' for the students is extremely crucial. Sleep hygiene is not a silly word, but just like kids are bound to do brushing, washing hands, and bathing every single day, maintaining good sleep hygiene can be very useful in the long run.

Students who do not get enough sleep can have health or behavioural problems. They are at high risk of obesity, injuries, poor mental health, problems with attention. According to the American Academy of Sleep and Medicine, students should get at least 8-10 hours of sound sleep to avoid behaviour or attention problems. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule during school week and weekend is the basic start to have a good sleeping pattern. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. It is also preferred to keep the room cool and dark while sleeping for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Make Precautions a Part of Your Life


Maintaining a good lifestyle with a balanced diet, proper exercise, and good sleep have several benefits. Among which building up immunity naturally is the major one which helps to be fit round the year. When it comes to avoiding illness throughout the year, handwashing becomes the foremost priority. Not washing hands before and after each meal is one of the fastest ways to make you fall ill.

Due to the daily mechanism of coordination of hands to mouth, germs can be easily transported to our body. Hence, making handwashing a ritual and everyday habit can keep you away from several seasonal viruses and bacterias. Do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes until you wash your hands properly. Getting flu shots on time can help to avoid the seasonal viruses. Often in student life, children share foods and beverages. While on the one hand, it builds a friendship with sharing and caring.

On the other hand, it makes the way of germs much easier to enter into the system. You can also try to avoid going to any sick friend's place and get over the counter remedy if needed. If you are still feeling ill, then visit the doctor's chamber immediately and avoid attending school.

Manage Your Stress


Stress management is not easy, but it is the best favour you can do for yourself. Stress is the cause of various acute health problems like depression, insomnia, diabetes, and heart ailments. Start doing breathing exercises regularly to avoid stress and do it frequently if you feel depressed. If you cannot control your stress by exercise, then it is better to take advice from a doctor. Students nowadays get affected by stress mostly as they go through several competitions and pressure during their study life.

Stress is a part of life, and if you cannot control it, then you have to change your response towards it. Stress management can be divided into two categories - problem focussed coping, and emotion focussed coping. Effective stress relievers can calm down your worry and give you a chance to focus on more important aspects of life. One has to be realistic about life and keep their feet on the ground.

Most school campuses have meditation and yoga programs going on these days. They also have groups and teachers for yoga and stress management. Try to join those groups and take out time to relax. Make some positive friends, and spend time with them. Relaxing with your hobbies can also be very productive as well as a positive thing to bring down the stress level. Learn how to manage time and take out some 'me time' to complete your productive day.

Focus on Your Mental Health


One of the key changes you can make in your mental health is to identify the negative thoughts and make it positive. Keeping in touch with your family and old friends can be effective in keeping you motivated. The expectation is a killer itself, try to expect very less from friends and people and especially from yourself. Things will change in life as nothing is stagnant, so give that time to yourself. Volunteer somewhere where help is needed, it will provide you with inner peace and happiness. Never live to make others happy, enjoy the moment of your life and make it better. Set life goals and fulfil them to invest your valuable time in life in the right way.

Maintain Some Rules for Yourself


Make some go-to rules and regulations for yourself and keep it visible in your room. Avoid drinking and driving while enjoying with friends. Always attend your classes in proper dress and keep regularity. If you have an existing health condition, then always check with those and keep your emergency contact numbers with you. Souffle our backpack essentials every week and keep the weekend cleaning habit. These simple works will keep you positive an assertive towards life and help to maintain good habits easily.

Tips to Help Your Child in Maintaining Health Habits

There is no one else other than parents who can think and act what is best for their children. They are the ones who can help the kids in their early stages to build healthy habits.

  • Child's Habit Starts With You: Parents are the pillar of a kid's life. If they maintain a normal healthy and happy life, kids will automatically learn that from them. Start and end your day with happiness to make your kids mentally and physically sound

  • Healthy Thinking: Help your child to grow inner strength to fight with all the harshness of life. Teach them equality, respect others, whether senior or junior, and learn to accept defeat if needed.

  • Learn to Say 'No' When Needed: Learning to say 'NO' when they need to avoid bad influence is something everyone must learn. Make them understand when and how to say no without getting into a mess.

  • Daily Habits: Be an example of making routines and following them. Let them be self-sufficient by allowing them to make their bed, brushing twice a day, and tidying up their room.

  • Keep Healthy Foods Convenient: Limit the sugar and caffeine intake for kids and always keep healthy foods inconvenient places. So that when they feel hungry they can just grab some right snacks.

  • Restrict the Screen Time: Avoid giving smartphones to kids and always make a particular time for television. It is vital for their growth and development.

  • Stop Procrastinating: Perfectionism stops from greater productivity, so get your kids used to making mistakes and learn from them in the future. Make them learn to stop procrastinating and trick the brain into thinking there is always hope in life.
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Make Some Healthy Habits Today so that You Lead a Worry-free Life Tomorrow!

Doing things regularly turns into a good habit for a lifetime. Doing positive things for yourself can be self-satisfying and rewarding. A balanced diet, personal hygiene, and physical exercise regularly will definitely help to live a worry-free life!