Our List of Fabulous and Unique Birthday Gifts for 2022 to Make It an Unforgettable Day for the Birthday Boy or Girl!

Our List of Fabulous and Unique Birthday Gifts for 2022 to Make It an Unforgettable Day for the Birthday Boy or Girl!

Here is a personalised and unique Birthday Gift List to make it a special birthday. The gifts are assured to make the birthday count. They will leave the gifted feeling cherished and sempiternally appreciative. Besides the many different birthday gifts decided upon below, there are a few ways to also help make the birthday momentous ·.

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Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to make the important people in your life feel special and loved. A carefully chosen gift shows how much you care and also gives the recipient a reason to feel happier on their birthday. That being said, selecting the perfect gift can be difficult which is why our gift experts have already done all the hard work for you. In this article, you will find a list of gifts that are sure to bring joy to the birthday boy or girl.

How to Make Birthdays Special?

Party in a Box

There are a lot of ways to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday. Instead of sending a message or a birthday cake, you can consider making a mixtape to tell them how you feel about them.

Apart from that, you can plan a party for them in a box. A fancy box full of their favourite chocolates, soda and snack. You can also add their favourite beauty product or cosmetics.

Add messages for them in the form of cards and letters. You can also add their favourite brownies or cupcakes as well. It can be a delight for the recipient to receive a box full of their favourite things. Get it delivered by a courier service instead of giving it to them yourself. It will make it fancier.

Start a Birthday Tradition

Be it your spouse's birthday or your friend's, you can consider gifting experiences over products to start a birthday tradition with them.

This can be as simple as having breakfast together, spending some quality time with the birthday boy or birthday girl over a cup of coffee or cooking together. However, remember to maintain it every single time.

Just make sure to create a birthday tradition that you can carry on every year. Just be innovative and make the tradition fun.

Plan a Birthday Breakfast

Birthdays are special days for each individual. Be it family or friends, normally, people are busy in the day celebrating with colleagues and friends.

Thus, you can plan a birthday breakfast. To make it special, book a table in some restaurant or cafe that serves breakfast and ask them to decorate the table with flowers and confetti. Also, let them pick their favourite dishes and make sure to have a lot of dessert options in the breakfast itself.

You can even plan a birthday breakfast at your house. Decorate your house before they wake up in the morning. Also, make their favourite dishes or order it from outside. They will be extremely happy to start the day on a wonderful note.

Why Gift Giving is Important?

Gift-giving does not feel like a chore when giving something from the heart without wanting something in return. Giving something that the recipient likes or needs, tells them that you have been thinking about them.

Gifting is a very good way of strengthening any relationship. At the same time, it is an act of self-gratification. By giving gifts on special days, you will be able to show the person that you love and care about them.

Birthday Gift List to Consider

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Your Partner

1. Personalised Hearts Night Lamp for the Romantic Couple

Source www.fnp.com

If you are planning to gift something to your partner on their birthday, make it romantic and cheesy. This Personalised Hearts Night Lamp For Couple from FNP is the perfect gift option. It comes in the shape of a heart which makes it look very fancy.

The material used is transparent acrylic and it comes with a wooden base. The top glowing part of the lamp is sized 8 by 6 inches. The heart outlines can be personalized with 2-3 names or dates.

The lamp can be customised by providing the name of your partner and you. They will add it in between the hearts. The best part is that it is a permanent engraving and not just a print. It is priced at Rs. 1,349 after discount.

2. Happy Birthday Melodies for the Music Lover

This is an innovative and wonderful gift. You can actually hire a guitarist who will sing various hindi melodies and wish your loved one. All you have to do is book the order online and then, the guitarist will contact you for the time and further details. Then, he will video call you on the decided time and play the songs online.

Hence, you can decide to create a moment for your loved ones during the birthday lunch or dinner. You can also choose to dance to the melodies. You can play the songs on your phone but, hiring a guitarist has an old-world charm to it. Also, it is very romantic ti have live music like that.

Some of the melodies that the guitarist will sing includes Happy Birthday Melody Tum jiyo hazaro saal (birthday special), Jab koi baat bigad jaye, Tujhe itna chahne lage hum, Gulabi ankhein jo teri dekhi and Chura liya h tumne jo dil k. You can choose any three songs from this. The playing time is for 10 to 15 minutes only.

You can also order this gift for your loved ones if you are apart or travelling on their birthday. Distance should not stop you from creating memories and spreading smiles. You can choose to do a conference call with your better half and the guitarist. It is priced at Rs.399 and you can order this from giftalove.com.

3. Memories in Spotlight for Your Long Term Partner

Source homafy.com

Life is all about creating special memories with the people you love and making the most of the time you spend together.

Do you like to take pictures with your partner as you go about your day? If you have some golden moments spent with your partner captured on camera, then that is all you need to plan a romantic birthday gift.

Gift your loved one this unique 10x14 inch frame fitted with a LED strip. Simply select 12 of your favourite pictures and you can upload them at the time of payment. These pictures can be hung on the frame in your preferred order with the help of the wooden pegs provided. With the flick of a button, the frame lights up beautifully.

Watch your loved one light up with joy along with this frame as you unfold the surprise at midnight with a trip down memory lane. You can purchase it for Rs. 1,650 from homafy.com.

4. Together We Click Well Gift Set for the Coffee Lover

A gift box designed especially for your beloved to convey your feelings to your partner on their birthday. This coordinated set of goodies packed in a cute gift box contains a microwave-safe coffee mug, a vanilla-scented pillar candle with a burn time of 9 hours, a mini wooden quote saying 'You Mean a Latte to Me!' that one can hang anywhere or keep on a desk and a pack of Darzel chocolate that is 45% mild dark chocolate with hazelnut. This Together we click well set is designed and made in India and your partner will be delighted to receive this gift. You can buy it for Rs. 1,550 from giftsoflove.in.

5. Herbal Care Products to Pamper Your Hard Working Spouse

Does your spouse work hard all day and needs a day to truly? Life sure does get busy and sometimes your spouse may need a day to de-stress more than a day to party.

A quiet day at home, chilling and cuddling with your loved one, away from the hustle and bustle of life can also be a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Why not gift them a special herbal bath kit that will help them enjoy a rejuvenating bath to start their birthday on a relaxed and refreshed note.

This bath kit consists of a Rose Water soap, Chandan Haldi soap, Alovera with face scrub facewash, Jasmine and Mogra Facewash and Amla and Bhrinraj Hair Cleanser. All the products are herbal, SLS and Paraben Free and by the brand Khadi.

This five-in-one herbal care kit can be purchased for Rs. 617 from khadinatural.com.

6. Chocolates in a Heart Shaped Box for the Sweet Toothed

Chocolates have been the go-to birthday gifting option since time immemorial. Almost everyone loves chocolates. However, a special person’s birthday calls for some unique and excellent chocolate and it is even better if the packaging is cute.

Nothing speaks love more than a heart full of delicious chocolates, quite literally. A heart-shaped box, containing nine pieces of assorted chocolate pieces including 1 red and 1 white piece and 7 dark all wrapped in foil, is an extremely cute and romantic gift to mark the occasion of your loved one’s birthday.

These will serve as a great standalone gift or you can pair the box with a bunch of red roses and you are ready to start your partner’s birthday with a dose of love.

You can buy it for Rs. 475 from 1stcrushchocolates.com

Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friends

7. Tin Birthday Box to Surprise Your Best Friend

If you are looking to suprise your best friend on their birthday, then opt for the Tin Birthday Box from bookthesurprise.com. It includes various things and so, it will make their birthday really special.

The box contains a customisable photo frame, a customisable fridge magnet, a set of 5 QR code birthday wishes, a photo film box and a birthday card.

You need to upload one picture of your friend for the photo frame, one picture for the fridge magnet and 7 pictures for the photo film box. This gift is good for friends as well as your partner.

It is priced at Rs.999 and can be purchased from bookthesurprise.com.

8. I Love Getting Drunk With You Shot Glasses (Set of 2) for Your Drinking Buddy

If you have a friend who loves their drink, then you must gift them this set of two I Love Getting Drunk With You Shot Glasses from mensxp.com. It is a 60ml shot glass and thus, birthday is the best occasion to gift this to enjoy an evening with your friend. The glasses are fancy and quirky and your friend will surely love them.

The brand recommends cleaning them carefully with a mild dishwashing detergent. Do not use a hard scrubber and dry it with a soft cloth. It comes in a set of two glasses and so, your best friend and you can enjoy some good old whiskey in it.

A crockery is always a good option for gifting. This is because it lasts for a long if used carefully. Also, your friend will be reminded of you whenever they will drink in that glass. It is priced at Rs.300.

9. Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack for Your Special Lady Friend

Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack from prezzybox.com is the best gifting option for lady friends. The whole hamper is very fancy and decorative. It is the ultimate strawberry-scented bath time treat.

The set comes with a face mask, bath tea bag, bath bomb and a candle. The products contain no parabens or chemical preservatives. Everything is handmade and the products are not even tested on animals. The products are made from sustainable and high-quality ingredients.

You can use these products for a fantastic nighttime routine. Strawberries and cream are the right kind of combination to pamper your skin. The products will definitely revitalise and moisturise your skin at once. It is priced at Rs.1,877.

10. Lofty Alarm Clock - Purple for Your Friend Who is Never on Time

If you have a friend who cannot simply wake up in the morning but has to due to school or work, then we have the right gift for them. Gift them this Lofty Alarm Clock from modernquests.com.

The clock looks charming and is designed to fit into a contemporary home. If your friend is into minimalist living, then he/she will love this piece. It is available in a beautiful purple shade. The clock is made of metal and comes with a 3-year warranty.

The alarm runs on 1 AA battery. They are not included in the package. The dial is 11 cm and the height is 5.2 cm. It is priced at Rs.1,890 at the modernquests.com.

11. BFF Hamper for That Friend You Cannot Imagine Life Without

It is hard to imagine life without our best friends, isn’t it? We spend so much time talking with them about a lot of things, but how often do we tell them how special they are and how much they mean to us?

This BFF Hamper is a tower made of three boxes stacked atop each other and held together with a cute bow. The ‘Best’ ‘Friends’ ‘Forever’ printed on the boxes already looks special and will make your friend excited to open the gift.

The insides are three handcrafted gifts including a fridge magnet with four of your favourite pictures that can be changed, a pouch of eggless chocolates and an adorable message inside a miniature glass bottle and a detachable BFF friendship band that can be used as a badge too. There is also an official letter bestowing your friend with the best anti-depressant award.

This birthday, gift your best friend this amazing hamper that you can buy for Rs. 1,290 from oyehappy.com.

12. Prink Bomb Trio Photo Props to Prank Your Unsuspecting Friend

Surprise your best friend with this pop-up cube by Prink Bomb on their birthday. Watch in glee as your unsuspecting friend unwraps the hamper only to blast confetti in their face along with three pop-up cubes.

This is a great gift to prank your friend and still make it cute and adorable. It will make a great gift as is or you can combine it along with other gifts you might have planned for your friend.

The cubes are made of good-quality cardboard, personalized with four pictures on each cube. Each cube is 7.5x7.5 cm and lightweight but rigid. The pictures are good quality prints that will stay for a long time.

theprink.in website lists the product for Rs. 650 and you can buy it from there.

Birthday Gifts for Office Colleagues

13. Blue Bucket Planter for the Green Thumbed Colleague

Blue Bucket Planter from giftcart.com is the perfect gift for any office colleague. Plants represent serenity and nature. Thus, they can be gifted to anyone and everyone. Also, this one comes with a jute rope to hang and thus, can be used as a showpiece as well.

It is made out of upcycled whiskey bottle. The plant is given a bucket design which makes it look very innovative. It comes in a blue colour which adds to the fanciness of the planter.

The bucket has a drilled outlet for excess water drainage. It is made with an eco-friendly design. You can use this one inside and outside as well. The unit comes with smooth edges which prevent accidental hazards. It is priced at Rs.275.

14. Trophy Lamp and Pen Holder for Your Diligent Co-Worker

The best thing to gift a colleague is a pen stand that he/she can keep on their desk. It is useful and also an elegant office decor item. One such option is the Trophy Lamp and Pen Holder from thejuneshop.com. It is beautiful and aesthetic at the same time.

Motivate your hard-working colleague with this elegant pen holder which will add the right amount of sophistication to your desk. It is made out of plastic and fibre. It is sturdy and does not bend easily. The lamp is in the shape of a trophy and is powered by a USB. Adorned with a number 1 star and saying Future Star, this is one gift that is sure to light up your coworker's face every time.

It is a great pen stand and one can just use it as office decor as well. The pen stand is spacious and will be able to hold all the stationery elements. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

15. Smart Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle (500 ml) to Keep Your Busy Colleague Stay Hydrated

One of the most essential things a person needs to have on them at all times is a water bottle. It makes all the more sense to have one at their desk at work to ensure they have easy access to it, especially when engrossed in important work.

Gift your colleague a water bottle on their birthday to show how much you care and appreciate them. You can personalize this water bottle with their name. Another good feature is that the stainless-steel bottle has a LED touch display on the screw-on lid to show the temperature of the beverage it contains.

It also comes with a strainer to make tea and infused water while on the go.

This can be bought for Rs. 500 from yourgiftstudio.com

16. Tea/Coffee Mug with Lid So Your Colleague's Beverage Never Goes Cold Again

Source www.amazon.in

When at work, tea or coffee is a must to fight off any laziness and stay fresh. Does your colleague like to bring back a cup of coffee to his desk after lunch to have as he works? Does his coffee turn cold even before he can take a sip?

Why not gift him a coffee mug with a lid to keep his favourite drink hot for longer. This stylish mug is stainless steel with a 300 ml capacity. The lid helps to keep the drink hot for up to 2 hours and cold for up to 5 hours which makes it sound just perfect to have on the work desk. It is BPA free and quite travels friendly too.

This is one birthday gift that your colleague is sure to appreciate. You can buy it for Rs. 999 from amazon.in

17. Personalized Stationery for Those Who Love to Write

Source www.igp.com

Does your colleague enjoy writing or keeping a journal? If yes then a stationery set would be a good and useful gift that you can consider gifting.

This stationery set in black and gold can also be personalized with the recipient's name. It will make a perfect gift for your colleague. It is both simple and classic and that is what adds to its charm that your colleague will cherish.

The set comprises a 79 paged notebook with a leatherette cover and a matching black matte finish pen with blue ink. There is also a compact visiting cardholder and a keychain. The matching set is classy and comes packed neatly in a box ready to gift to your wonderful colleague.

You can buy it for Rs. 995 from igp.com

18. Laptop Sleeve for Your Colleague to Enter Meetings in Style

If your coworker uses a laptop that needs to be carried around to important onsite meetings or if they need to travel frequently to meet clients and take their laptop along, then a sleek and stylish laptop sleeve will definitely help them make a good first impression.

It is available in four amazing colour options and can be personalized with the recipient’s name and comes with a free charm that you can select while purchasing it. This is a perfect synthetic leather sleeve for a 13inch Macbook and other laptops. There is an option have to it gift wrapped as well.

Your coworker will love this trendy laptop bag as a gift on their birthday. If you think this is the right gift for your colleague then you can select the right colour from themessycorner.in and buy it for Rs. 1,199.

Birthday Gifts for Family Members

19. Birthday Slam Frame to Tell Your Sibling How Much You Care

The one person who knows you in and out is your sibling. You fight, you makeup, you share all your secrets and you share a bond that is strong and sweet with a tiny dose of bitterness. But you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, would you?

On your sibling’s birthday, get a little vocal about your love for them by sharing this Birthday Slam frame that can be personalized with two of your favourite pictures with your sibling.

All you need to do is answer some questions about your sister or brother and you are done. The answers will be creatively added to the frame and your sibling can proudly display them in their room.

The frames are available in various sizes ranging from A2 to A6. This cute gift will bring a smile to your sibling’s face on their special day. An A4 size frame with standard delivery will cost around Rs. 990. You can place your order from portraitstore.in.

20. Birthday Surprise Box Full of Pictures for Your Mom to Cherish

Birthday Surprise Box from bondingifts.in is a wonderful gifting option. It is a birthday box which is made out of 23 photographs. You will have to upload the different photos when you place the order. This is a great gift and you can give it to anyone from your mother, father, partner and even relatives.

The whole theme of the box is that of a birthday. It comes with 12 elements that are fully laminated. The box has prints of Happy Birthday on it which makes it look really attractive and colourful.

It comes in various colours. The size of the box is 16 by 16 cm when closed and 42 by 42 cm when open. It is made out art paper and cardboard. You can choose to add chocolates to the box. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

21. Nuts about Nuts Gift hamper - The Gourmet Box for the Health Conscious

When it comes to selecting a gift for the elders in the family, one tends to limit to flowers and such. However, there are a plethora of options to choose from and one such idea is Gift Hamper consisting of a number of goodies and healthy snacks packed elegantly in a square box tied with a ribbon together with a personalized gift tag.

Nuts about Nuts Gift hamper by The Gourmet Box brings together the goodness of peanuts and almonds etc.

We highly recommend this hamper for the elderly in the family and it can even work well for the health-conscious younger ones too. There is an option to select a card to go along with the gift as well.

You can purchase it for Rs. 795 from thegourmetbox.in.

22. Custom Caricature Stand for Your Fun Loving Dad

If you have had enough of family portraits hanging around your home, then it is time to spice up the décor with some caricatures instead. This would make a cute birthday gift for your mother or father and will be a nice addition to any room in your home.

This quirky gift would be loved by one and all and make the birthday boy or girl laugh out loud. Printed using UV printing on 2 mm thick white acrylic, the caricature's height and head quantity can be selected from the website while placing the order.

A large 10inch caricature with 2 heads is priced at Rs. 599 and you can upload your picture and purchase it from canvaschamp.in as a fun gift for family or friends.

23. Assorted Coffee Jar Set for Those Obsessed with Coffee

We all have that one person in the family that cannot do without coffee. In a country obsessed with tea, the coffee person should not feel left out. For that one family member, we have a cool birthday gift for you to consider.

A gift box by countrybean.in, Marigold Gift Box consists of two jars of assorted coffee. India’s first flavoured coffee gives café the taste at home, you can surprise your loved ones with this set that comes in a beautiful gift box.

Easy to prepare, unsweetened and devoid of any artificial additives, this birthday gift will be a hit. You can purchase it for Rs. 799 from countrybean.in

24. Custom 90's Kit

Is there someone in your family, a cousin or a sibling perhaps, who is often bringing up the past and reminiscing the golden childhood days?

Do Phantom cigarettes, magic pops and Tinkle digest ring a bell? This Custom 90s Kit is for all those 90s kids who are obsessed with nostalgia. Bring back the good old memories from your childhood as you share this creatively crafted box of timeless goodies with your loved one on their birthday.

The kit contains an old comic book, mango bytes, catapult, bucket boat, carousel camera, Magic Pop, lucky 7 roulette, brick game, orange candies, fatafat, a pack of phantom cigarettes, copter fan, and a personalized nostalgic mug. Which 90s kid wouldn’t love that on their birthday!

It also includes a note with some lines that are sure to stir up nostalgia. Truly a gift to be enjoyed by the entire family together. For Rs. 1,590 it is loot that you can get from oyehappy.com

Birthday Gifts for Kids that Will Bring Them Joy

25. The Little Ones - Personalised Gift Hamper for the Cute Baby First Trip

Customised gifts have a charm of its own. People will be really happy to receive personalised gifts as everyones loves their picture or name engraved on a particular item. One such option is The Little Ones - Personalised Gift Hamper from themessycorner.in.

It is a hamper for a baby or a toddler. You can gift this one to your sister's or friend's child. You can even buy this one for your own toddler on their birthday. It is a travel hamper and so, it includes a passport cover, vanity pouch and a luggage tag.

You can customise all the items with the recipient's name. The items are made out of synthetic leather which gives the perfect charm. It comes packed in a gift box and is priced at Rs.1,799.

26. Personalized Name Based Book- A Unique Book for Your Favorite Kid

Source www.amazon.in

Kids these days already seem to have everything that you can think of gifting to them which makes it even harder to find a good birthday gift for them.

Not all children are drawn to books for obvious reasons but there is a way to give them a reason to look into a book and maybe develop a love of reading in future. One such innovation is by personalizing a storybook for them.

Highly suitable for kids between 2 and 8 years old, ‘Oh! My Name’ is a personalized name-based book by Nikhil Mittal. The unique book contains stories in English, that will be unique for each child based on their name. Also, the stories are rhyming and easy to read.

The other brilliant option is to have the birthday kid’s photo featured on the front page of the book.

A paperback version is available for Rs. 1,299 while a hardcover for Rs. 1,399 on amazon.in

27. Personalized Birthday Puzzle for the Intelligent Kid

Puzzles are a wonderful way of exercising one’s brain and having fun too. Also, puzzles are wonderfully engaging gifts too in the toy category for kids. Even better if the puzzle can be personalized for that cute kiddo in your life who deserves the best of everything.

Printed on high-quality acrylic, this vibrant puzzle can be personalized with any of your favourite pictures. The puzzle will keep the birthday boy or girl happily engrossed for some time. You can even select the size and number of pieces from the website to customize it further.

You can buy a 16x20 inch puzzle with 25 pieces for Rs. 824 from canvaschamp.in

28. Rotating Personalised Pen Stand for School Going Kids

Kids love to own cool pencils and pens and what could be a better gift than gifting them a personalized pen stand to keep all their treasured pencils in.

This cute pen stand that is made of wood, can be kept on the study table. You can personalize the pen stand with two of your favourite pictures. This pen stand is perfect for school-going kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and even for pre-schoolers.

It is 10.5 x 10 x 10 cm in size and black in colour with one big compartment. On the sides, it can be personalized with four of your best pictures. You can buy it for your children or niece/nephew for Rs. 575 from excitinglives.com

29. Wooden Tic Tac Toe for Children to Have Some Fun with Family

Source www.shumee.in

If you are looking for a good quality wooden toy that a child can enjoy with their friends and family or carry along on a trip, then this Wooden Tic Tac Toe by Shumee is a good option to go for.

The classic game of Tic Tac Toe where the knots and crosses are innovatively replaced with adorable-looking donuts and cupcakes is absolutely perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 18. On one side, it has a 3x3 grid and on the other is a 4x4 grid. This game not only builds strategic thinking but also improves fine motor skills.

A gift that will allow all members of the family to get involved in playing and spending quality time with the child.

You can purchase this as a birthday gift for Rs. 995 from shumee.in.

30. Butterfly Balance Board for the Growing Kids

Source www.shumee.in

Is the birthday kid between 3 and 10 years of age? If you are looking for a safe and eco-friendly gift for the child, then a balance board is the right pick.

This particular balance board by Shumee is bright and colourful in the shape of a butterfly that will immediately catch the attention of the kids. It is made of wood and painted with safe water-based paints.

A balance board will help the child to improve balance and coordination as they stand on the board and rock it from side to side. It can be used to balance, wobble or jiggle on it.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and can take up to 60 kgs of weight. You can buy it for Rs. 2,370 from shumee.com.

Tips to Add a Personal Touch to the Gift

Source cricut.com

We put in a lot of careful thought and efforts into selecting the most suitable gift for our loved ones. There are a few ways of making it even more appealing and exciting such as personalized gift wrapping.

Here are a few tips to make the gift wrapping a gift in itself for the birthday boy or girl.

  • Use photos instead of gift tags.
  • Add in a bonus gift as a gift topper that could be tiny trinkets or a tiny heart for your partner. These could be handmade too if you are good at crafts.
  • Use a few seasonal flowers that you personally picked from your garden rather than buy a bouquet to go with the gift.
  • Write a note or a heartfelt letter. Letter writing is slowly fading with the advent of technology but the warmth that a message in a handwritten letter carries is matchless.

We hope that with these gifts and gift wrapping tips you will be able to make your loved ones extra happy on their birthday.

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Make It Count By Giving your Loved Ones a Birthday to Remember

Whether workmates, friends or family, there is something to gift. Above are some of the most remarkable gifts to make it a special day for your loved ones. These exquisite gifts have been carefully chosen with the recipient in mind. In addition to the gifts, are some ways to even make it more interesting. This could be by gifting them an experience. Something worthwhile and not extremely extravagant. A coffee date is a good example as well as many more ways and unforgettable gifts to make the birthday memorable.