Fabulous Birthday Gifts List to Make It a Special Occasion and an Unforgettable Day

Fabulous Birthday Gifts List to Make It a Special Occasion and an Unforgettable Day

Here is a personalised and unique Birthday Gift List to make it a special birthday. The gifts are assured to make the birthday count. They will leave the gifted feeling cherished and sempiternally appreciative. Besides the many different birthday gifts decided upon below, there are a few ways to also help make the birthday momentous ·.

How to Make Birthdays Special?

Party in a Box

It is a good idea to make your loved one's birthday special. There are a lot of ways to do that. One of the simple and fun ways to do it is by making something on your own. Just sending a message or taking a birthday cake will not work. Instead, plan on making a mixtape or telling them how you feel about them.

Apart from that, you can plan a party for them in a box. You can build a fancy box for them. Add item that they completely adore and love. You can get their favourite chocolates, soda and snack. You can also add their favourite beauty product or cosmetics.

Make a customised box of their favourite things. Add messages for them in the form of cards and letters. You can also add their favourite brownies or cupcakes as well. It can be a delight for the recipient to receive a box full of their favourite things. Get it delivered by a courier service instead of giving it to them yourself. It will make it fancier.

Start a Birthday Tradition

It does not matter whether it is your spouse's birthday or your friend's birthday. Looking forward to make it special is what matters. Also, giving experiences over gifts is always a good idea. Hence, try to start a birthday tradition with them.

You do not have to do anything extravagant. You can start a simple tradition of having breakfast together. You can even plan on spending some quality time with the birthday boy or birthday girl over a cup of coffee. However, remember to maintain it every single time.

Just make sure to create a birthday tradition that you can carry on every year. Cook a meal together or bake cookies together. It can be as simple as that. You can even choose to have the first drink of their birthday with them. Just be innovative and make the tradition fun.

Plan a Birthday Breakfast

Birthdays are special days for each individuals. So, it does not matter whether you are looking to plan a surprise for your daughter, mother or husband. This one will work for any of them. Normally, people are busy in the day celebrating with colleagues and friends.

Thus, you can plan a birthday breakfast. A good thing to do is book a table in some restaurant or cafe that serves breakfast. You can ask them to decorate the table with flowers and confetti. Also, let them pick their favourite dishes and make sure to have a lot of dessert options in the breakfast itself.

Apart from that, you can even plan one at your house. Decorate your house before they wake up in the morning. Also, make their favourite dishes or order it from outside. They will be extremely happy to start the day on a wonderful note.

Why Gift Giving is Important?

Gift giving is not a chore. Although, most people treat it like that, which is a very wrong approach. Always give something from the heart without wanting something in return. Giving something that the recipient likes or needs, tells them that you have been thinking about them.

Gifting is a very good way of strengthening any relationship. At the same time, it is an act of self gratification. By giving gifts on special days, you will be able to show the person that you love and care about them.

Also, birthdays are important days. They can also be called as milestones that should be celebrated every year. Giving special attention to your loved ones on their birthdays will make them feel special and loved. It will show them that you care about them and this will give them immense pleasure. Hence, gift giving is important and so, it should not be underestimated.

Birthday Gift List to Consider

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Your Partner

Personalised Hearts Night Lamp for Couple

If you are planning to gift something to your partner on their birthday, them make it romantic and cheesy. This Personalised Hearts Night Lamp For Couple from fnp.com is the perfect gift option. It comes in the shapes of two hearts which makes it look very fancy.

The material used is transparent acrylic and it comes with a wooden base. The top glowing part of the lamp is sized 8 by 6 inches. The dimensions of the wooden base are 6 by 2 by 2 inches. The lamp comes in red colour which also happens to be the color of love.

The lamp is battery operated. Apart from that, the lamp can be customised by providing the name of your partner and you. They will add it in between the two hearts. The best part is that it is a permanent engraving and not just a print. It is priced at Rs.1,299.

Happy Birthday Melodies

This is an innovative and wonderful gift. You can actually hire a guitarist who will sing various Hindi melodies and wish your loved one a happy birthday. All you have to do is book the order online and then, the guitarist will contact you for the time and further details. Then, he will video call you on the decided time and play the songs online.

Hence, you can decide to create a moment for your loved during the birthday lunch or dinner. You can also choose to dance on the melodies. You can play the songs on your phone but, hiring a guitarist has an old world charm to it. Also, it is very romantic to have live music like that.

Some of the melodies that the guitarist will sing includes: Happy Birthday Melody Tum jiyo hazaro saal (birthday special), Jab koi baat bigad jaye, Tujhe itna chahne lage hum, Gulabi ankhein jo teri dekhi and Chura liya h tumne jo dil k. You can choose any three songs from this. The playing time is for 10 to 15 minutes only.

You can also order this gift for your loved ones, if you are apart or travelling on their birthday. Distance should not stop you from creating memories and spreading smiles. You can choose to do a conference call with your better half and the guitarist. It is priced for Rs.399 and you can order this from giftalove.com.

Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friends

The Birthday Mail

If you are looking to surprise your best friend on their birthday, then opt for The Birthday Mail from Oye happy.com. It includes various things and so, it will make their birthday really special. The size of the gift box is 5.5 by 3.5 by 1.25 inches. It also includes customization of pictures.

The box contains a birthday monkey mirror card. The card has a mirror inside which tells the recipient that they are wanted and loved. It also contains a birthday contract which has some funny and interesting terms. They need to be fulfilled by the recipient.

There is a party kit in the box as well. It includes:

  • 3 balloons
  • 1 DIY cake mix
  • A party whistle
  • 3 mini candles for the cake
  • 1 tiny bottle of cake sprinkler
  • One bottle for measurement
  • 30 gms of crunch chocolates

It also contains a birthday magnet which can be customized of 4 photos of your choice.

Apart from that, the box contains 5 postcards with quirky lines. It take 4 to 7 days for them to deliver this package and so, order accordingly. It is priced for Rs.990.

Set Of 2 Glass Of Celebration

If you have a friend who loves their drink, then you must gift them this Set Of 2 Glass Of Celebration from winni.in. It is a glass of celebration and thus, birthday is the best occasion to gift this. The glasses are fancy and your friend will surely love it.

The brand recommends cleaning them carefully with a mild dishwashing detergent. Do not use a hard scrubber and dry it with a soft cloth. It comes in a set of two glasses and so, you and your best friend can enjoy some good old whiskey in it.

Crockery is always a good option for gifting. This is because it lasts for long, if used carefully. Also, your friend will be reminded of you whenever they will drink in that glass. It is priced for Rs.999.

Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack

Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack from prezzybox.com is the best gifting option for lady friends. The whole hamper is very fancy and decorative. It is the ultimate strawberry scented bath time treat.

The set comes with a face mask, bath tea bag, bath bomb and a candle. The products contain no parabens or chemical preservatives. Everything is handmade. The products are made from sustainable and high quality ingredients.

You can use these products for a fantastic night time routine. Strawberries and cream is the right kind of combination to pamper your skin. The products will definitely revitalise and moisturise your skin at once. It is priced for Rs.1,877.

Robot Desk Alarm Clock

If you have a friend who cannot simply wake up in the morning but has to due to school or work, then we have the right gift for them. Gift them this Robot Desk Alarm Clock from bigsmall.in. It is a quirky and quintessential alarm clock.

The clock looks charming and is designed like it was born in a sci-fi world. If your friend is into Star trek and robots, then they will love this piece. It is available in various colors. The clock comes with horizontally movable legs and arms. It can be made to stand in funny poses as well.

It is also designed to glare its eyes every time the alarm goes off. The alarm runs on 1 and 1.5 AA batteries. They are not included with the package. The dial is of 8.5 cm. It is of 20 cm when fully expanded and 13.5 cm when collapsed. It is priced for Rs.1,499.

Birthday Gifts for Office Colleagues

Blue Bucket Planter

Blue Bucket Planter from giftcart.com is the perfect gift for any office colleague. Plants represent serenity and nature. Thus, they can be gifted to anyone and everyone. Also, this one comes with a jute rope to hang and thus, can be used as a showpiece as well.

It is made out of upcycled whiskey bottle. The planter has bucket design which makes it look very innovative. It comes in a blue colour which adds to the fanciness of the planter.

The bucket has a drilled outlet for excess water drainage. It is made with an eco-friendly design. You can use this one inside and outside as well. The unit comes with smooth edges which prevents accidental hazards. It is priced for Rs.275.

Metallic Round Pen Stand

The best thing to gift a colleague is a pen stand that he/she can keep on their desk. It is a utility item and it will come into your budget as well. One such option is the Metallic Round Pen Stand from thejuneshop.com. It is beautiful and aesthetic at the same time.

It comes in rose gold colour which will add the right amount of sophistication to your desk. It is made out of good quality of metal. It is sturdy and does not bend easily. It is also made with a dainty and unique pattern.

It is a great pen stand and one can just use it as an office décor as well. The pen stand is spacious and will be able to hold all the stationery elements. It is priced for Rs.499.

Customised Birthday Gifts for Family Members

The Little Ones - Personalised Gift Hamper

Customised gifts have a charm of its own. People will be really happy to receive personalised gifts as everyone's loves their picture or name engraved on a particular item. One such option is The Little Ones - Personalised Gift Hamper from themessycorner.in.

It is a hamper for a baby or a toddler. You can gift this one to your sister's or friend's child. You can even buy this on for your own toddler on their birthday. It is a travel hamper and so, it includes a passport cover, vanity pouch and a luggage tag.

You can customize all the items with the recipient's name. The items are made out of synthetic leather which gives the perfect charm. It comes packed in a gift box and is priced for Rs.1,799.

Birthday Surprise Box

Birthday Surprise Box from bondingifts.in is a wonderful gifting option. It is birthday box which is made out of 23 photographs. You will have to upload the different photos when you place the order. This is a great gift and you can give it to anyone from your mother, father, partner and even relatives.

The whole theme of the box is that of a birthday. It comes with 12 elements which are fully laminated. The box has prints of Happy Birthday on it which makes it look really attractive and colorful.

It comes in various colours. The size of the box is 16 by 16 cm when closed and 42 by 42 cm when open. It is made out art paper and cardboard. You can choose to add chocolates in the box. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

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Make It Count By Giving your Loved Ones a Birthday To Remember

Whether workmates, friends or family, there is something to gift. Above are some of the most remarkable gifts to make it a special day for your loved ones. These exquisite gifts have been carefully chosen with the recipient in mind. In addition to the gifts, are some ways to even make it more interesting. This could be by gifting them an experience. Something worthwhile and not extremely extravagant. A coffee date is a good example as well as many more ways and unforgettable gifts to make the birthday memorable.