The Best Diwali Gifts that You Can Buy Online Under 1500 Rupees + Tips on How to Not Exceed Your Budget (2019)

The Best Diwali Gifts that You Can Buy Online Under 1500 Rupees + Tips on How to Not Exceed Your Budget (2019)

Diwali expenses can skyrocket if you don't stick to your budget. So we have an array of pocket-friendly gifts that you buy for your friends and family this Diwali, all under 1500. Also read our great tips and guidelines to make sure you stay within budget this year.

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How to Get Great Diwali Gifts Under 1500 Rupees

Diwali is all about fun and enjoyment. This festival has lots of traditions and rituals attached to it like cleaning and decorating the home, making sweets and rangoli, sharing gifts with the friends and family, etc. All these traditions make Diwali even more interesting and enjoyable. But re-doing your home or buying gifts for your friends and family is an expensive process that can put a little dent in your monthly budget. Well now, you can’t miss out the all Diwali fun just because of your limited budget, can you now? Let’s see how can all the Diwali fun can be packed into the budget of ₹1500.

What do You Have in Mind to Make this Diwali Memorable for Your Loved Ones?

Before designing your Diwali gift shopping budget, let’s help you make up your mind first. Decide on what gifts you are buying and for whom. If your gift recipient list is big than adjust your budget, however, if you want to give gifts to a few selected people than your budget can be a little higher. Basically, everything depends on your Diwali gift idea, but if you want an expert's opinion then we would say don’t go over ₹1500. You can find plenty of great gifts online within this budget.

Buying in Bulk can Bring Down Costs

Well, if you buy gift items in bulk from the online gift stores, then you can save some extra money on your Diwali gifts. Shopping sites like sell products directly from the manufacturer that’s why when you order in bulk from these sites, then you can expect some extra discount. However, to get the bulk discount, you will have to give the same Diwali gift to all your family and friends. But, if you want to give different Diwali gifts then this discount isn’t for you. So, it’s up to you whether you want to take a bulk discount or not.

Take Utmost Care in Packing Fragile Gift Items

Okay, so if you have selected the fragile gift items like glass or china for your loved ones. Then, you have to pay special attention to the packaging of these gifts because one little miss and these items will break into million pieces. Moreover, when you order fragile Diwali gifts online, then make sure that your seller is going to pack gift properly or should offer any security to you like cash back or something. Similarly, while gift packing makes sure to use soft gel paper or bubble wrap to pack your delicate Diwali gifts.

How to Choose Diwali Gifts to Fit a Budget?

This is the most important question that people asks before ordering gifts under Rs.1500. Well, guys ordering gifts under a fixed budget is not rocket science, just a little planning in advance can help you here. You need to set some basic guidelines and have to follow them to get the best Diwali gift for Rs. 1500.

Make a List of People You Wish to Send Diwali Gifts

We know that you have a long list of loved ones in your life. Take a pen and paper to make the list of your all loved ones. Making the list will help you in numerous ways like it will give you a rough idea about the people for whom you have to order Diwali gifts online. This way you won’t forget anyone and moreover, you will know the exact number of gifts that you need to order. Here one extra tip, order one or two extra gifts because you never know when you need it as you have a long list of loved ones around you.

How to Set your Diwali Gifting Budget?

Nowadays, you can order Diwali gifts online within a price range of ₹100 to ₹10000. So, if you are unsure about sticking to the Diwali gift budget, then you can use one mathematical formula. Just divide the number of people whom you want to give Diwali gifts to the money you have set aside for gifts. This will give you the exact number that you can spend on one Diwali gift item. But if you don’t want to get into the maths and want a simple solution then just pick a gift from the thousands of options available online.

Opt for Simple Yet Thoughtful Gifts

When you are looking for Diwali gifts that can suit everyone in your family, then pick some simple gift items. But, still, don’t forget to buy a gift that holds some meaning or a precious thought. Like, you can gift deities of gods or goddesses to your family members or for your friend's circle you can customize the same style of t-shirts. Something like these ideas can make your Diwali gifts simple as well indulging with some personal touch. Moreover, simple customized Diwali gifts online can be easily ordered.

10 Spectacular Diwali Gift Options Under Rs 1500

If you want a spectacular Diwali gift under 1500, then you have numerous options available. Rs.1500 is not a meagre amount; it can buy you a variety of gifts suitable for people of all ages and genders. You could search online for gifts or just take a look at our expansive gift guide to guide you through your Diwali shopping.

Funky Wooden Jewellery Box


Let’s start the best Diwali gift under 1500 list with the gifts for ladies. For your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or your girl gang, you can order this handcrafted vintage jewellery box Diwali gift online. The beautiful golden coloured jewellery box can preserve all the precious ornaments of your lovely ladies in it. Moreover, the rustic and royal look of the jewellery box makes it unique and quirky. This stunning jewellery box is selling like a hot cake on the Amazon store and that’s just for ₹599. Don’t miss out on the chance to make all the women around you happy this Diwali.

Silver Plated Pooja Thali


Diwali is the festival of devotion and prayers. So, why not under 1500 rs budget order the beautiful silver plated pooja thali for your dear friends and family members. This gorgeous pooja thali includes all the essential components that are required during pooja such as Chandan Vati(5 Cm), Chandan Vati (5 Cm), Kankavati (5 Cm), Loti (6 * 6 Cm), Spoon (12.5 Cm), Divi (3.5 Cm), Takori (8 Cm) and Agarbati Stand (6 Cm). This complete pooja thali combo would be a decent intriguing gift for your all relatives. From the Amazon store, this pooja thali combo can be ordered for just ₹999.

Marble Ganesh with Chowki

Well, you can give blessings of Lord Ganesh to your friends and family this Diwali with this gift. This beautiful marble statue of the Ganesh Ji with the stone studded red trunk is ideal Diwali gifts for your elders. This stunning statue of the Ganesh can be easily available under our designated budget. This best Diwali gift under 1500 can be ordered from the in ₹300 only.

Decorative Wall Clock


This Diwali, you can go for something modern and useful gift like this elegant and classic wooden decorative wall clocks. You can give this black wooden wall clock to your friends and wish them prosperity in their life. This decorative wall clock is specially designed to enhance the natural look of the bedrooms and living rooms. This quartz wall clock is made up of wood, but still, it is very lightweight and can be easily hanged to the wall. From the Amazon this stylish wall clock can be ordered immediately just for ₹449.

Coffee-Cookie Delight

So, if you want to buy a best Diwali gift under 1500 rs, then you just have one interesting gift hamper available on the Yep, the exotic chocolate and coffee delight combo can be your sweet Diwali gift. This aromatic combo includes coffee powder 200gms and cookie tin from Cafe coffee day coupled with a cake Britannia Nutri choice oats biscuits 75gms, Britannia five grains biscuits 100gms, and a packet of chips ahoy. Moreover, in this combo, you will get idols of Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi accompanied by the silver coin. Buy all this for just ₹1299.

Kundankari Pen Stand

It’s right time to ditch the regular pen stands this Diwali and replace them with the handcrafted Kundan pen stand. This wooden pen stand decorated with the Kundan meenakari work is the perfect creative Diwali gift for all the little people of your family. This gorgeous handcrafted pen stand has been specially designed by the artists of Jaipur. To deliver this handcrafted pen stand at your home before Diwali, you have to order this Diwali gift online from the for ₹576.

Laksmi Ganesha Metal Idol

This unique oxidized silver Laxmi Ganesh showpiece can be the next beautiful Diwali gift to share with your friends and family. This idol can be used for Diwali pooja by the recipient of the gift. Moreover, this showpiece can be used to decorate the home or the office. This kind of showpieces is made by the skilled artisans with their various unique techniques. This gift under 1500 can save you lots of money as from the this idol is available for ₹434 only.

German Silver Pudding Bowl

The simple and general Diwali gift under 1500 rs could be this adorable duck-shaped silver pudding bowl. This unique silver bowl can be used to serve desserts and other dishes to the special guests. With this silver pudding bowl, you will also get one silver spoon. To create a statement with your Diwali gift this year, you must have to order this silver duck pudding bowl from the The one piece of silver pudding bowl going to cost you for ₹605, so you can order two pudding bowls for ₹1210.

Marble Minakari Paperweight

Simple and eye-catching, this marble meenakari work paperweight slash watch is the perfect gift to give anyone for the occasion of Diwali. The design on the item is accentuated by the intelligent use of golden colour. This marble meenakari item is a perfect example of the great Indian craftsmanship and artistry. Numerous beads have been used to enhance the look of this beautiful red clock. To order this gift, you just have to spend ₹405 on the

Personalised Rotating Lamp


The personalized rotating lamp is something which your friends can lighten up daily and remember you. In this gift, you can put any of your two favourite pictures and gift it to your pal. The LED of this crystal cube lights up when it is placed on a motor either after inserting batteries in it or after plugging in the adapter. So, to add the personal touch to your Diwali gifts, you can order this Diwali gift online from the for ₹1350.

How Customised Diwali Gifts Can Enhance the Oomph Factor

Well, if you want your gift recipients to go berserk after receiving your Diwali gift, then get them customised ones this year. Customised gifts are one of a kind and unique. It's not that hard to find customised gifts online. There are various websites that sell customised mugs, clothes, bedding, stationery, bath products and various other products. The smile that you will see on your loved one's faces after receiving something that is just for them alone, is priceless.

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Make Diwali less about expensive gifts and more about family

Diwali is the time to have a good time with your near and dear ones. Gifts are only a part of the celebrations. Don't let them become the main focus of this festival. Spend quality time together, share some good food, burn some sparklers and don't forget to be thankful to Goddess Lakshmi for your good fortune and prosperity.