Time for the Longest and Plumpest of Lashes! 10 Best Mascaras for Length and Volume. Trust us: You're Sure to Fall in Love with One or All of Them.

Time for the Longest and Plumpest of Lashes! 10 Best Mascaras for Length and Volume. Trust us: You're Sure to Fall in Love with One or All of Them.

Eyes are the windows to our soul. And that's exactly why we should adorn them with the best of mascaras available. From lengthening mascara to volumizing mascara and lash defining mascara, we have a variety to suit your needs. So, go ahead and choose from the 10 best mascara for length and volume.

Eye Make-Up Tips

Things to Consider Before Shopping for Mascara

Eyes have an important part to play in enhancing your personality and twinkling eyes are the most gorgeous feature of any face. Eyes are magical and can express a lot without words! However, not everyone is blessed enough to have thick and curled eyelashes, which makes eye-makeup imperative. Daily makeup routine involves eye makeup as well and a mascara applied properly can transform your look completely. Whilst being expressive, it can give dream curls to your lashes and hence having an effective mascara is essential.

Shopping for mascara isn’t as simple as it may seem and requires few significant features to be considered. For instance, before you invest in a mascara, consider your lash length.

Lengthening mascara is best for those who have short or stubby lashes. If you’re looking to improve your lash length then choose a mascara with lengthening formula. A lightweight mascara is good for full and thick lashes, while a special mascara would be ideal to add dimension and volume to the lashes. The size, shape and length of a mascara applicator along with its material affects the look of the eyelash, while a wand with short bristles may not be proper in coating lashes in a single stroke. It is also wise to choose a water-resistant mascara vs. a waterproof one, as it prevents running if you get wet or even if you cry but is easy to remove with a makeup remover.

How to Dazzle with Your Eye Makeup

Just like the different ways you can experiment with your face makeup, there are multiple ways of jazzing up your eyes as well. Application of mascara, liner, contouring, shadows and highlights can be a tad bit confusing, but you can make your eyes stand out with some easy tricks.

To begin with, you should know where each type of eye makeup goes and it includes the brow bone for highlight, the crease, lids, upper lash line, lower lash line, outer V, waterline and the tear duct. The next step is to curl your eyelashes to make them look bigger with a lash curler, but before you apply the mascara. Then, use the mascara first to thicken your lashes and then the next to lengthen them.

Move on to applying the eyeliner next, and if you’d like your eyes to look wider, then don’t connect your top and bottom liner and leave a gap. Use an eyeliner that matches the shade of your eye colour which would make them pop out. Next, fill in your eyebrows, even out your eyelids with a concealer then uplift your brows with a white pencil to define them effectively and blend it well. You should apply powder between your mascara coats to add some extra length and volume to your lashes and finally finish up your eye make up by applying an eye shadow.

Caring for the Skin Near Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes shows the earliest signs of ageing without proper care, as it is much thinner and delicate than the skin on other parts of your body. From blinking to expressions, eyes work a lot and this can lead to premature ageing. In addition, UV rays, genetic causes, lifestyle choices and external reasons can also be a deterrent to the skin around the eyes.

When it comes to caring for the skin near your eyes, moisturizing is an essential part of the regime, as the lack of oil glands can expose the skin near the eyes to dryness. You just need to be careful of not irritating your eyes while moisturizing and use an eye cream rather than your usual moisturizer to avoid any sensitivity. When choosing an eye cream, ensure that it addresses issues like fine lines, hyperpigmentation or dark circles and contains antioxidants.

Further, when you remove eye makeup, use a cotton pad, and press it gently onto the skin, slowly dragging it in an outward motion. You should also consider protecting the skin near your eyes against the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Occasional eye massages can help improve the circulation around them as will eating healthy, sleeping on time and ample and exercising will.

Best Mascara for Length and Volume in India

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Makeup has a way of making every woman feel pretty and like a diva! Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara is the ideal choice to get the perfect flawless eyelashes. Enriched with nylon powder and a subtle sheen that makes for an illusion of longer-looking lashes, you'd only be noticed for those dramatic eyes. In addition to adding length and volume to your lashes, the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara also brings in a wondrous curve to puffed eyelashes and its cone-shaped brush helps curl them in a distinct way, giving a perfect finish to your eye makeup. Marked with volume, lift and extension and abundant with a fibre shine formula, the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara is priced Rs.2,522 for 6.5ml at Skin Gene.

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara

L'Oreal Paris’s Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara has been exclusively created to fight clumping of lashes and build them up to 5 times their natural thickness. The mascara’s volume maximizing brush sets the lashes smoothly and evenly, leaving behind soft lashes withno flakes and a smouldering look, completely clump-free! It is fragrance-free and has been tested ophthalmologically and also gone through allergy tests. A waterproof mascara, the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara is priced at Rs.2,803 for .28 ounces and is perfect for those who wear contact lens or have sensitive eyes. Purchase them from Amazon India.

Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara

Enriched with collagen that makes achieving beautiful and voluminous eyelashes, Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara is perfect for increasing each lash individually and provides sheen while boosting volume. The carnauba wax in its formula nourishes the eyelash from root to tip with each application, while extending its reach. The mascara comes in a tube-shaped container with a synthetic bristle brush which is comfortable to use and makes for easy application. The waterproof mascara is good for all skin types, is tested ophthalmologically and suitable for contact lens users as well. The Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara has priced Rs. 1,199 for 10ml, at CaretoBeauty.

Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara

Give your eyes a beautiful made out finish that makes your eyes look big and gorgeously so with Lotus Herbals’ Maxlash Botanical Mascara. With its volume building formula that enhances each lash individually, the smudge-proof and waterproof mascara comes with a distinct brush applicator that separates think and thick lashes for individual coating. Fragrance-free and delicate on sensitive eyes, the mascara comes with witch hazel’s natural extracts that protect your eyes and also include Anugustifolia and Symphytum Officinale leaf that nourish your eyelashes. Lotus Herbals’ Maxlash Botanical Mascara has priced Rs. 250 for 4g at Purplle.

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara

Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational Mascara comes with a 3 times more volume feature that offers more natural and incredibly gorgeous lashes. Its care serum formula not only nourishes your lashes but its visually appealing brush applicator takes each lash and expands it from corner to corner, leaving a voluminous and longer looking lash. Priced at Rs.510, Maybelline New York’s lash sensational mascara gives instant volume and make the lashes look bigger, is waterproof and smudge-proof as well. It can be removed easily with a makeup remover and is available to buy from Maybelline.

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes adds volume and length to your lashes, defining each lash with a fanned out effect and coating them all evenly. Its built-in wiper removes any excess mascara, thereby eliminating any clumping while the millionizer brush helps in the easy and smooth application of the mascara that lasts all day long, leaving behind thick and pretty looking eyelashes with a smudge-free and clump-free look. Priced at Rs. 795, L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara results in a natural-looking finish to your eye makeup. It is available to buy from Life Style Stores.

Colorbar Duo Mascara

Accord your eyelashes the care they deserve with the 2-in-1 Colorbar Duo Mascara. With a two-featured formula that conditions your lashes whilst priming them, the lash volumizer results in thicker, darker and gorgeous looking eyes with clump-free and flake-free lashes, adorned with waterproof mascara. Available to buy from Colourbar Cosmetics, the Colorbar Duo Mascara is priced at Rs.495 and comes free of any parabens, mineral-oils or formaldehyde. It has been tested ophthalmologically and dermatologically.

Oriflame the One Lash Resistance Mascara

With a flake-free finish, the waterproof volumizing Oriflame One Lash Resistance Mascara is one of the longest wearing mascara with a 24-hour window for lash makeup. With an easy swipe, it results in big and bold lashes under the toughest conditions and coat each lash with the help of a specially designed brush applicator. Available to buy from Amazon India, its lightweight finish makes the eyes feel light and give way to smooth and conditioned eyelashes with a high performing makeup finish. the Oriflame One Lash Resistance Mascara is priced at Rs.600 and come sealed securely, saving it from drying up.

Deborah Milano Love My Lashes

Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Mascara reveals clearly defined and thick lashes with its volumizing rich formula that’s been enriched with perfectly round silica microspheres that stick to each lash evenly and thicken them from root to tip. With flexible film-forming polymers wrapped around the lashes, tight micro cylinders of colours are formed and the Hydra-Lash DH complex soaks the lashes, improving their suppleness, also hydrating them. The mascara brush applicator is so designed, to release just the right amount of mascara with volume and definition to each lash individually. For 13ml, Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Mascara is priced at Rs.545 and is available to buy from Nykaa.

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara

Inclusive of a long tube that’s also sturdy with screw-on lid, Faces Canada Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara is equipped well for a long lash application and comes in a gel-like texture which makes it easier to apply and is comfortable on the lashes as well. The mascara applicator covers all lashes easily from root to tip and makes your lashes look longer in a single coat. Its waterproof formula stays on for longer hours without smudging and is infused with conditioning ingredients that aren’t toxic. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara is apt for you if you’re looking for curly and lengthy eyelashes. Priced at Rs.799, it is available to buy from Lifestyle Stores.

Bonus Tips: Amazing Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

Here are some of the best mascara application tips to help get gorgeous eyelashes without investing in a lot of your hard-earned money!

  • Bending the wand – Makes it easier to control and apply the mascara to the eyelash.

  • Prevent mascara spillover – By using a visiting card behind your lashes to protect your eyelids during mascara application. You can use a spoon as well with the bowl side down on the lower lashes and the upside on the top lashes.

  • Voluminous lashes – Come out the best when you apply a single coat of mascara, use a Q-tip to dust off your lashes with some baby powder and then repeat with another coat of mascara.

  • Remove mascara – Even if it's waterproof, remove easily just by applying some coconut oil and witch hazel as they are gentle on the eyes.

  • Mascara plays a dual role – By doubling up as an eyeliner if you use your makeup brush to apply it to your lash line.

  • Unclump – The mascara by using a clean toothbrush.
From our editorial team

Tips to Make Absolute Use of Your Mascara

Mascara is probably the best beauty innovation of this century. With each mascara offering something different and innovative, it is difficult to choose one that suits our needs. And that exactly is why you should make good use of your mascara. First things first: don't pump your mascara; This will dry it out. If you are looking for dramatic lashes, use a lash primer first. Eyelash curler is also another thing that would give a dramatic effect. It opens up your eyes and gives it a sparkle. Don't forget to save your favourite mascara wand once your tube is finished. You can always use with another mascara.