10 of the Best Mascaras and Eyeliners to Create Stunning Eye Makeup (2020). Plus Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Get Results Minus the Fuss

10 of the Best Mascaras and Eyeliners to Create Stunning Eye Makeup (2020). Plus Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Get Results Minus the Fuss

People always say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps that’s why so many women spend a lot of time doing a perfect eye makeup. Whether your eyes are big or small, you can make them more charming by drawing eye liners and applying mascaras. We sorted dozens of eyeliners and mascara to help you choose the best of the best. We considered ease of use, duration, smudge-proofing, cost-effectiveness, and waterproofing.

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Mascara & Eyeliner is All You Need!

It is said that a woman spends about 10 to 11 minutes per day on beautifying herself through makeup each day and the result is astonishing. Makeup dates back to 10,000 B.C in ancient Egypt. Initially, men and women used Kohl, a ground black mineral for their eyes to prevent sun glare and coloured clays and dyes were used to colour their lips and stain nails.

Makeup has been important for women as it enhances their personality and confidence as well as gives you an opportunity to express your style and look sexy too. There are tons of products to do that but if you know how to use the two most important things in your makeup then you are all set.

Eyes are one of the most important features of our body. Eyes are the window of your soul therefore it is important to give your eyes the look it deserves. Two makeup essentials for eyes are the eyeliner and mascara. If you want to look fresh each morning, mascara does wonder. A great mascara makes you look great after partying out all night. Imagine yourself with all the makeup in the world with a killer lip colour but dull and droopy eyes, it won't work. Mascara completes your look and they are available in different colours with advanced curling wands. You can draw all the attention to your eyes effortlessly with the help of a properly applied mascara. A small tube of mascara can help you create that drama in your life and the good part is that if you are running out of eyeliner you can get away with mascara in place of it. If you are feeling low and lame dab on some mascara and you are ready to party.

The same applies to an eyeliner. An eyeliner emphasizes the shape of your eye all you need to do is a little practise and soon you'll see you won't be able to live without it. You can give your eyes a soft look by smudging the eyeliner onto your eyes or use it to define your eye and make it stand out. They come in a variety of colours, textures and most of them are waterproof. These two makeup items are an essential part of a women's makeup kit. Women of any age can wear mascara and eyeliner without feeling too bold.

There are a variety of mascara and eyeliners available online and you can even buy them in a combo pack. We have tried to find some of the best ones for you.

Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Wearing makeup is an important part of a women's daily life. One needs to learn how to put it on and that too safely. Here are some tips that can help you learn to put on makeup and keep your skin safe and glowing all the time.

  • Never keep old makeup in with you. You should change all your makeup in a few months to avoid skin infections.
  • Mascara is a tricky one and if it is dry then it is worse. Don't use dried up mascara and trying to moisten it with water or saliva won't help either. You should change it as soon as it dries up. You can write the date on which you opened your mascara with a permanent marker as a reminder to change it in time.
  • You should keep your makeup at 85° F or below, don't leave it in the car or in the bathroom.
  • Never use your lip pencil on your eyes, you may transfer bacteria in the process.
  • Usage of the permanent colouring of eyelashes can cause serious eye damage.
  • Avoid sharing your cosmetics with friends and family as it may cause infections.

Tips for Applying Eye Cosmetics Safely

It is very important to wear makeup safely specially when it comes to eye makeup to avoid injury. Follow the tips given below to apply eye makeup safely.

Best Eyeliner & Mascara Combos Online

Blue Heaven A combo of Kajal Eyeliner Mascara

Eye makeup is an essential part of women's makeup and choosing a good and reliable brand is even more important. Blue Heaven offers a great combo of mascara and eyeliner together. The eyeliner in the combo is a long-lasting liquid liner, black in colour which helps you define the shape of your eye and enhance your beauty. You can buy this great and affordable combo for Rs. 315 from Flipkart. You will love this permanent liner and length enhancing mascara in your beauty kit.

Faces Canada Magneteyes Range 3 In 1

You will instantly fall in love with this set because once you lay your hands on it you won't need anything else. The eyeliner in this combo set is long-lasting and smudge-proof whit easy to control applicator. It is in liquid form, therefore, it may take some time to dry but gives a great look to your eye. The mascara brings gives your eye a dramatic look by enhancing your lashes.

It is smudge and sweat proof. It will add volume to your lashes and make them visible from across the room The eyebrow pencil gives a natural shape to your eyebrows and the black and white kajal is a great buy. You can choose the colours according to your dress and the occasion. You can buy this combo set for Rs. 539 from Amazon.

Maybelline Eyeliner and Mascara Combo

Maybelline does not need an introduction. It is famous for its beauty products all around the globe. Maybelline presents a great combo of eyeliner and mascara for Rs. 779 on Flipkart.

The combo contains one Collosal Voume Express mascara, Collosal bold liner and Collosal kajal. This mascara stays on your eye for about 18 hours and the eyeliner is smudge and waterproof too. The products have been tested for sensitive eye and the oil free formula makes it stay long leaving you confident of your makeup.

Cosmac Professional Combo Waterproof Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil With Eyeconic Kajal In Black - Set Of 4

A set of 4 eye makeup kit from Cosmac Professional is another great offer you need to have with you. Cosmac is a well-known brand and it is affordable too. This combo includes a mascara, an eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil and a kajal which is a lifesaver. Once you buy this product you won't need any other beauty product to shine through the night. You can buy this wonderful combo for Rs. 289 on amazon.in.

Rimmel London Office Ready

Rimmel London Office Ready combo set is a great deal for the woman on the go. You get a great volume-enhancing mascara which lasts for 24 hours and keeps you looking perfect all day. It is a smudge-proof mascara and comes with a wonderful brush that keeps your lashes looking thick and long for a long time. The soft Kohl pencil in the combo set lasts for up to 12 hours and lets you get creative with your eye makeup. It is soft therefore glides effortlessly onto your eyes and gives it a bold look. You can buy this combo for Rs. 333 from nykaa.com.

Preyansh Extra Curl Volume Mascara & Eyeliner with Eyebrow Pencil

Women put in a great deal of effort in achieving long curly eyelashes from using curling irons to fake lashes but if you buy the Preyansh extra curl mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil you won't need to put in too much effort for that look. The walk free mascara is water and smudge proof. The eyeliner in the combo set is a long lasting, dark liner which dries as soon as you apply it which saves a lot of time. It also has a soft eyebrow pencil which enhances your eyebrows and completes your look for the night. You can buy this great combo for Rs. 130 from Amazon.

Estee Lauder Lucky Lashes

You don't need to think twice when it comes to Estee Lauder. The name says it all. The Estee Lauder Lucky Lashes is a combo set with black, volume-enhancing mascara that magnifies your lashes. It gives your eye a brighter and bolder look. The mascara is a combination of three high-volume fibres in a mousse-light base which gives your lashes a look you always wanted. It also has three double wear waterproof eyeliners in Kohl Noir, Deep Plum and Graphite which lasts for up to 24 hours. You can dress up your eye according to your mood and the occasion with this combo set. Buy this set for Rs.3,900 from nykaa.com and hit the party.

FLENGO Smudge Proof Makeup Beauty Kajal & Yanqina High Quality Waterproof Liquid-Eye Liner

If you are looking for a great eye makeup combo that is stylish and affordable you can buy this YANQINA eyeliner and mascara combo for Rs. 219 from flipkart. This wonderful combo comes with a rich mascara and smooth eyeliner which gives your eye a dreamy look. The ultra-thin liner allows you to draw precise lines and enhance your eyes and the mascara gives you long and thick lashes in an instant.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Curling Mascara

Source flipkart.com l Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Curling Mascara

Are you tired of searching for the best eye makeup? Look no further because your favourite and most trusted brand gives you a combo of eye makeup kit which will make your busy life a lot easier. This mascara and kajal can be the solution. Just buy this for Rs.568 from Flipkart and you are all set. A Working lady's mornings are the busiest but if you have this mascara set you don't need to waste a lot of time on makeup each morning.

How to Apply Mascara without Smudging It

It is easy to buy eye makeup combo and keep it in your bag but wearing a mascara can be a little tricky. It won't be a problem if you learn how to apply it properly. There are a variety of mascaras in the market and you need to decide which one you want. A mascara give volume, lengthens and defines your lashes therefore you need to see what you want to do with your lashes and buy the best one for you.

  • If you are looking for thick lashes you should go with the one with a round brush but if you have short lashes then you might want to buy a smaller brush with thick bristles for the perfect look. If you are blessed with full lashes and you want to enhance length then you should buy one with a long brush with evenly-spaced bristles which will help you separate the lashes and make them look longer.
  • Mascara comes in a variety of shade, therefore, choose the one which gives you the kind of lash and effect you want.
  • Always apply your eye makeup first then use the mascara at the end.
  • Take the wand from the mascara tube twist it instead of pumping it and pumping lets the air into the tube which dries the mascara sooner than it should.
  • Look upwards and open your mouth while putting on mascara, this will help you to prevent from blinking and smudging your mascara.
  • Put the want against the base of your lashes and move it back and forth because you want the mascara to coat the base of your lashes and not just the tips of it.
  • Apply the mascara with just a wiggle, let it dry for a couple of seconds and you can apply it again for that bold look.
  • You can also try to mix two different kinds of mascara for that perfect look. Use a lengthening mascara on first and then add another layer of a thickening mascara on top for a perfect blend.
  • Women often forget to apply mascara on the inner and outer part of the eyelid which makes your eyes look narrow. Apply mascara on the lashes from corner to corner for a fuller-looking eye. You can do that by bending your brush to a 45-degree angle and apply it without having mascara streaks over your face.
  • You can also apply some baby powder. Apply a coat of mascara and dust your lashes with baby powder using a brush or cotton then apply the second coat of mascara over it. This will help the mascara to stay longer and add volume to your lashes.

How to Apply an Eyeliner Perfectly

Learning how to apply eyeliner is also important. A badly applied eyeliner can make you look awful and ruin your night out.

  • Clean your face, moisturize it will especially the area around the eyes.
  • Apply eye primer on the eyelid and under your eyes. It will help smoothen your skin and will make it easier to apply it and it also gives a great finish to your makeup.
  • Apply concealer on the eyelid and under your eyes, don't forget to blend it and put some powder at the end.
  • You should start with the line right above your eyelashes by using small lines and strokes.
  • Check to see the thickness of the line and if you are ok with one eye you can repeat the same with the next eye.
  • Another thing is to wing it: It gives a dramatic look to your eye. You should start with the lower lash line and fill it. Be steady, you don't want to spoil it or else you will have to do it all over again.
  • Once you are done with the upper line you can do it on to the lower lash line too but only in the outer half. Use a pencil liner, it will not smudge.
  • Apply your mascara at the end and you are all set to go.
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Remove Your Make Up Before You Sleep

While it may be tempting to drift off to sleep with a face full of foundation, blush, and mascara, completely removing your makeup before going to bed is essential to your skin’s health.

Sleeping with mascara is very harmful to your eyelashes. Long-term use of mascara can result in overly dry and brittle lashes. People who consistently sleep with mascara on can end up having lashes that dramatically thin and even fall out.

Preventing the above issues is as simple as always making sure to remove your makeup before going to sleep (and adding a nightly moisturizer is ideal). If you’ve fallen victim to sleeping your makeup on here’s a great tip: consider leaving makeup remover pads beside your bed. This way, you can simply wipe away your old makeup on nights where you’re too tired to properly cleanse.