Are You Looking for Comfortable Yet Fashionable Woolen Kurtis to Keep You Warm This Winter? Here Are Some of the Best Available Online!

Are You Looking for Comfortable Yet Fashionable Woolen Kurtis to Keep You Warm This Winter? Here Are Some of the Best Available Online!

Winter wear does not usually have to be jeans and sweaters. If you prefer eastern kurtis, you do not have to settle for wearing moderately warm linen clothes! You can easily find super warm and stylish winter kurtis in woollen material, to keep you comfortable in harsh weather. You can wear them even to a gathering without your teeth chattering all the time! Here are some of the most stylish woollen Kurtis that you can order online now!

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Winter's Here! Take Proper Care of Your Woolen Clothing!

Be Careful While Washing & Drying

In order to keep your woolen looking as good as the day you bought them, it is vital to follow the right washing and drying instructions. Being a natural non-allergenic material, woolens result in rashes only if there’s lanolin in it. Since the fabric has a tendency to lose shape easily, and if it's washed without proper measures, the fabric can become less defined or shrink in size. Most woolens are recommended only for dry cleaning, however, if your woolens come with label that says machine wash, then it should also specify if it should be super wash, machine wash or include a symbol that indicates the water temperature (40°C) on it.

For wash program the machine for the gently wash (short) cycle, use a mild liquid or powder detergent applicable for washing woolens and turn the clothes inside out before placing them inside the machine. Once the wash cycle’s complete, you can tumble dry them if the label permits, else to dry, just lay them out horizontally on a towel rack, kept in the shade.

For hand wash, the woolens should be added in a bucket filled with lukewarm water, appropriate detergent and left aside for 3-4 minutes, post which they should be gently squeezed without a harsh rub or pull. Once rinsed, the clothes should be squeezed gently for letting out excess water, laid out on clean towels and left for about 10 minutes, then the clothes should be laid out horizontally on towel racks to dry in the shade.

Use Proper Ironing Settings

Before you iron the woolen, be sure to check the labels for if they can be ironed or not. To iron, the iron settings should be checked for woolens, and the clothes should be dry. Once you place the woolen fabric on the ironing board, lay a thin cloth over it as an added layer of protection while ironing. When you move the iron around on the woolens, make sure that you don't press on the fabric and are very gentle.

Ensure Proper Storage

It may seem daunting when you think of storing your woolens, however, following the necessary steps won't take much time and ultimately you’d be protecting them from getting ruined. To begin with, never hang your woolen clothes in the closet. For storage, always fold them properly and keep them in boxes, cabinets or shelves that aren’t in direct contact with the walls. It is good to add mothballs and cedar chips to store your woolens, as this will repel and kill any insects. Every year, lay your woolens out in the shade at least for a day to air them.

Woolen Kurtis: Top Options Curated from Online Sites

Olive Woollen Kurti

Made of blend fabric with a printed pattern and ideal for special occasions, this smart Olive woollen kurti is a hot seller this winter. With long sleeves, a cowl neck and a pretty striped border, the woollen kurti come with an asymmetric cut giving it a modern touch. Priced at Rs.2,690 t Nykaa, the Olive Woolen Kurti from Indiplum has leaf detailing on the sleeves and chest, adorned with golden glitter to make for a spectacular evening ensemble. Available in sizes large-2XL, the Olive Woolen Kurti is best dry cleaned and cool ironed on the reversed side. You can wear the woollen kurti as a standalone dress or pair it with leggings.

Blue Embroidered Long Kurti

Available in sizes XS-3XL, this beautiful blue embroidered long kurti from Fab India is made in ultra-wool fabric, designed in a regular fit and cut out in A-style. With embroidered detailing, the embroidered blue kurti has a round neckline with a slit on the side and ¾ sleeves. Priced at Rs.4,690, the Blue Embroidered Kurti is best paired with beige coloured palazzos, cigarette pants or even a pair of denims, accessorized with ethnic jhumkis and jootis. It is best to dry clean this embroidered kurti and iron on the reverse side and avoid bleaching or exposing it to sunlight. The wool embroidered kurti is also available in red colour.

Grey Mandarin Neck Winter Kurti


Straight from W’s ethnic collection comes this smart and fashionable Grey Winter Kurti, which is bound to attract the attention of many! Tailored to perfection, this Mandarin neck-styled winter kurti is made of premium quality fabric and offers a soft and soothing feel when it touches the skin. The mandarin collar enhances its design, while its full sleeves are adorned with a solid print pattern on the arm. The pattern is also seen on the shoulders and side pockets of the kurti. A smart and stylish Kurti from W, this winter offering is available in sizes XS-3XL, priced at Rs.3,299 and is ideal for casual wear, paired with ankle-length leggings in black and ring-toed flats or a pair of heels.

Maroon Woolen Straight Kurti

Beat the winter blues in style with a Maroon coloured woollen straight kurti from Rosary. Made of wool, this long kurti is super comfortable and lightweight and ideal for all kinds of occasions. Simple, yet elegant, its tailored finish is impeccable and coloured attractively. Cut out in a straight style, the kurti length is ankle length. Made with a Chinese collar neckline, the kurti is adorned with a printed pattern and comes in full sleeves. Available in sizes M-4XL, the maroon woollen straight kurti is priced at Rs.998 at Snapdeal and is best paired with ankle-length leggings, accessorized with heels and smart dangler earrings.

Geometric Print Woolen Kurti

A smart pick out of Montrex’s winter kurti collection, this geometric print woollen kurti comes with a unique combination of patterns and colours. Available in three different colours of green, purple and red, this smart knee-length kurti is apt for casual wear with a churidar, leggings or even jeans. Styled in a straight cut, the geometric print kurti is made in acrylic blend fabric and comes with a V-neck and full sleeves. Priced at Rs.1,234, the Geometric Print Woolen Kurti is available in sizes M-2XL at Flipkart, accessories with smart oxidized dangle earrings, ring and a sling bag.

Black Poly Cotton Winter Kurti


Made for cozy comforts and in a soft-to-touch poly cotton fabric, this smart winter kurti from Biba is made in a straight cut style, available in sizes 32-38. Styled comfortably, this winter offer assures you of a snug look, teamed up best with a set of winter pants for the perfect winter look. With a printed pattern, adorning the winter kurti all over, the black kurti comes out of Biba’s mix n’ match collection, with a V-neckline and ¾ sleeves. Priced at Rs.2,239, the Black Poly Cotton Winter Kurti is best washed in cold water without bleach and dried in shade. It should be ironed on medium heat only.

A-line Embellished Winter Kurti

Crafted out of 90% wool and 10% elastine, this gorgeous festive A-Line Winter Kurti from Saadgi has been embellished with beads and stones detailing and is adorned with a floral design. Styled with a round neckline, long sleeves, a pocket on the side and a slightly flared hem, the embellished winter kurti is everything you’d call stylish, comfortable and durable! Wear it for a family gathering or a cozy dinner party and you’re bound to attract hoards of compliments your way. Wear the black A-line Embellished Winter Kurti priced at Rs. 2,335 from Myntra, with dark leggings and chic flat shoes or pair it with white ankle-length pants with white heeled footwear.

Woolen Grey Kurti


Straight out of their premium collection, Janasya’s woollen kurti is ideal for both casual and formal events. With a straight cut and measuring 46” in length, the woollen grey kurti comes with full sleeves and a wide round neckline. Decorated with multi-coloured abstract print pattern, it is a smart piece for office wear as well. Crafted as per modern-day trends, this grey kurti is tailored to dressing perfection from premium quality acrylic and its design is what makes it all the more appealing.

Paired with a contrast set of leggings and stud earrings with a shoulder handbag, this winter ensemble will get heads rolling in your direction! Priced at Rs.1,339 the woollen grey kurti’s available in sizes small-2XL. You can buy yours now from Amazon.

Multi-coloured Woolen Straight Kurti Set


From Japroz comes this multi-coloured woollen kurti set that’ll bring a refreshing uplift to your wardrobe. Ideal for your ethnic wear, you can pair these knee-length Kurtis in solid designs and full sleeves with any casual or ethnic bottoms. Crafted in a straight cut and with a Chinese collar neck, the red and pink coloured kurtis set are designed the same with a solid pattern and available in size XL. Priced at Rs.1,328 at Snapdeal, the multi-coloured Woolen straight kurti set is best paired with black leggings and measures 42” in length.

Red & Grey Melange Printed Knitted Straight Kurti

A stylish offering from Laabha, this beautiful straight cut kurti comes in a colour combination of red and grey, with a woven knit design, round neckline, straight hem, side slits and long sleeves. Whether you wear it for a family event or an evening out, this Red & Grey Melange Printed Knitted Straight Kurti is sure to take your personal style a notch up! Priced at Rs.1,249 and available in sizes small-3XL from Myntra, Melange Printed Knitted Straight Kurti can be paired with a simple accessories and gorgeous Kolhapuris. The Melange Printed Knitted Straight Kurti is adorned with ethnic motifs and regular weaved patterns.

Bonus Tips: Everyday Hacks for Different Winter Wear

Woolens serve you well, keep you warm, snug and cozy when the temperature dips. To effectively prolong the life of your woollen clothes, you should know how to maintain them, wash, and store them according to different fabrics. Here are some simple tips to follow in maintaining the different types of woollen clothes you have.

  • Cashmere – is best washed by hand, irrespective of what the label says. Whether you wash it in baby shampoo or woolite, the wash is good for optimum softness and damage from chemicals. Wash your cashmere not more than twice a season. Avoid holding a wet cashmere by the shoulders as it will stretch the sweater out. To dry it quickly, use a salad spinner to release excess water in seconds, lay it flat to dry and press gently with a towel. Always clean your cashmere before storing it for winters, as insects/moths get attracted to everyday scents like smoke, deos or perfumes. Once dry-cleaned, be sure to wrap the cashmere in tissue paper, placed in cedar scented bags for storage.

  • Coats, Cardigans & Pans – are best treated with a lint or suede brush after wearing them to remove any surface soil or lint. Hang the overcoats on wood hangers to avoid stretching the shoulders owing to the overcoat weight. Space to let the coat's breath make the fabrics stay crisp. Any light stains should be removed by blotting and not rubbed, with either club soda or cold water using paper towels or absorbent cloth.

  • Down Jackets, & Blankets – require a front-load wash as the top-load machine can damage these items. It is best to use the permanent press cycle wash with the right amount of soap. Drying is a slow process for these items as high heat can cause unnecessary wear and tear. On a standard dryer, low heat works the best for such items.

  • Velvet – can be both dry cleaned or machine washed, it is best to follow the label instructions for such fabrics. Never iron velvet, as the fibres are bound to get crushed and may leave an iron imprint. Use a steamer to remove mild wrinkles by turning the fabric inside out. You can hang a wrinkled velvet in a steamy bathroom as well to remove creases. Never fold velvet when storing it, just stuff it gently with tissue paper and lay it flat inside the garment box. Avoid pressing or blotting the velvet as it may flatten easily. You can use a lint roller to remove any dust, thread or lint off the velvet.

  • Storing – To make your woollens last long, besides mothballs and cedar chips, you can also use Neem leaves to store the woollens and keep them insect-free.
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Experiment Creating New Looks By Using your Old Shawls!

You can create entirely new looks by reusing your old shawls. This can be done by pairing them with plain suits or even by getting them stitched into new kurtis. This is because the fabric quality of our shawls are excellent, and by making new kurtis out of them we can get comfortable and cozy winter wear without having to pay much. You can also use old shawls as capes and drapes over your jeans or leggings to create a new look!