Pamper Your Skin with Natural and Safe Luxury Bath Products Created Based on Tested Ayurveda Formulations

Pamper Your Skin with Natural and Safe Luxury Bath Products Created Based on Tested Ayurveda Formulations

If you have encountered severe itching on your scalp, painful rashes, redness or bloating on your face or premature greying and excessive hair-fall, chances are you have been using harmful skin-care products with dubious chemical compositions and your skin is alerting you to change your skin-care regime to safer, reliably tested natural products which are truly beneficial for your skin and devoid of side-effects. When we started scouting around for high-quality natural skin-care products to truly pamper your skin and make you feel gorgeous inside-out, we stumbled upon Ojas which has created quite a sensation in this space using natural and completely safe formulations from the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.

The Significant Side Effects of Contemporary Chemical Laden Skin-Care Products

You would be surprised to know that an average woman subjects her skin to as many as 200 chemicals in the name of skin-care. Most products, if not all, are made of toxic and harmful chemicals and that too of sub-par and extremely dubious quality. Obviously, exposure to such chemicals and ingredients has an extremely adverse impact not just on women’s skin but also their entire body. The problem is not restricted to women alone, exposure to harmful skin-care products have been linked to reduced sperm count, premature greying, and lower testosterone levels, among a plethora of other diseases witnessed in men. If you wish to really take care of your skin without the harmful effects of these chemical-laden cosmetic products, it is time to move to completely natural, safe and reliably tested skin-care products crafted based on scientific formulations as detailed in the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.

The Vision Behind Ojas – The Luxury Bath

Practising Ayurveda since a very young age, Varisha was always disappointed when she was out looking for 100% natural and organic skin-care products. She decided that it was time to take the situation into her own hands and start talking about Ayurveda and the ancient Indian techniques for natural skin-care. One such conversation with Cherry convinced her that she too was looking for something similar wherein her grandmother’s age-old skin-care formulations could be formalised for the contemporary skin-care market. This is how Ojas – The Luxury Bath was born.

After a lot of effort from Varisha and Cherry, today Ojas has created a special niche for itself in the skin-care market. Ojas prides in itself in creating completely natural and safe skin-care products for both men and women which are rigorously tested, vegan, animal-friendly and environment-friendly too. Formulations are derived from the essence of Ayurveda, the finest raw materials are sourced from the length and breadth of India and then transformed into the finest skin-care products proudly manufactured in India. Ojas believes in a no-compromise policy so that it delivers products which make your skin feel natural, lustrous, hydrated and truly spectacular. We sat down with Varisha and Cherry to know more about Ojas – The Luxury Bath brand.

At Ojas, we present skin care products that derive their meaning from Ayurveda. Our USP lies in creating an alloy of organic ingredients, which come together on a science backed canvas of Ayurveda.

Varisha Kanungo and Cherry Mehta, Co-Founders, Ojas – The Luxury Bath

An Interview with Varisha and Cherry, Co-Founders, Ojas – The Luxury Bath

Co-Founders, Ojas - The Luxury Bath
Varisha Kanungo & Cherry Mehta
Varisha is a yoga enthusiast and an Ayurveda practitioner since a very young age. She has researched the effectiveness of traditional skin-care treatments and wanted to explore how they could be adopted in the modern day lifestyle. Cherry was always inspired by her grandmother’s beauty secrets and wanted to bring them into the limelight so that everyone could benefit from them. Cherry also loves to try different cuisines and finds cooking relaxing.
  • Q. Tell us about yourselves and your background.
  • Growing up as a yoga enthusiast, Varisha was exposed to Ayurveda at an early age and researched the effectiveness of traditional recipes and how they could be adapted for modern-day consumers. Trying to blend both, got her closer to Cherry. They hit it off from the start. This way, they came together and Ojas – The Luxury Bath happened.

    Inspired by her grandmother's beauty secrets, Cherry had decided from the very beginning that she will bring the age-old wisdom in the limelight. She wanted to introduce a traditional version of skin-care made according to Ayurveda but with a modern twist. Apart from managing her business, Cherry loves to try out different cuisines, and finds cooking therapeutic.
  • Q. What led you to create Ojas and how did you go about it?
  • The idea popped in while shopping my heart out at a duty-free store. Picking up all the beauty products needed to survive the entire year. But did you know the ancient science of cosmetology is believed to have originated in India and Egypt. There is evidence of highly advanced ideas of various cosmetic usages both by men and women, in ancient India. In fact Ashtānga Hridaya (a 1,500 year old book of Ayurveda) offers six different formulations to be used for the six seasons of the year. Similarly, special cosmetic (oils) and (clarified butter or ghee) were used for facial beautification. Many remedies have been indicated for hair growth, prevention of falling hair and premature greying. Yet we expose our skin to risk with beauty products that are not suitable for our skin type, plus aren’t anywhere close to what our rich culture has gifted us. So why not come up with a natural, old school skin-care brand?
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce a product?
  • The idea behind Ojas was to build an organic beauty brand that not only stands for luxury items but also delivers a pure and pleasant experience to its customers, which is safe for their skin and the environment as well.
  • Q. What are some challenges you faced in developing your products or creating this brand?
  • Trust. People don’t trust a new brand that easily. Especially since you don’t have a famous face to market it.

Ojas' Most Popular Products

Pink White Tie Dye Robe

This beautiful bath robe is made of high-quality 100% cotton and gives an extremely comfortable and cosy feeling. It has introduced the concept of "tie and dye" for the very first time in bath robes. It is a free size bath robe and you can get it for ₹ 1,899.00 here.

Bath Towel Customized - Jungle Theme

This bath towel with your name customized on it and featuring a jungle theme is sure to make you happy when you go for a bath. The towel is made of high grade, ultra-soft, extra absorbent Egyptian cotton and is available in 2 sizes – 150 cm x 75 cm (for adults) and 120 cm x 60 cm (for children). It also gives you the option to choose from a range of 12 different colours as per your preference. Priced at ₹ 1,400.00, you can order it here.

Sleep Spell Oil

If you suffer from anxiety and sleeplessness it is time to calm your nerves using this excellent sleep spell oil which will induce peaceful sleep cycles and you will wake up refreshed and energised every morning. This sleep spell oil contains infused sunflower oil, infused olive oil, lavender, sweet orange, ylang ylang, vetiver and bergamot. This bottle of 15 ml costs ₹ 405.00 and you can get it here.

Where Can You Find Them?

Interview with Varisha and Cherry (Contd.)

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • Quality control is a 3-step process for us. On manufacturing, on customizations and finally in the packing process as well.
  • Q. What makes Ojas stand out from other brands?
  • Its simple approach of selling what’s mentioned. No hidden ingredients or labels.

What's Next for Ojas?

Life is full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises, isn’t it?

Ojas' New Product Launches

Bath Towel Customized - Floral Design

This is a customizable bath towel made of high quality Egyptian cotton and is available in 2 sizes - for adults and for kids. You also get to choose from 12 different colours in addition to having it customized with your name or initials. The towel is priced at ₹ 1,100.00 and you can check it out here.

Bell Jar Candle

Feeling a bit down and need a little mood upliftment? The refreshing fragrance of macaroon roses in this exquisite bell jar candle is just what you need. Priced at ₹ 699.00 you can get it here.

Environment Friendly Bamboo Tooth Brush

If you are environmentally conscious and want to do your bit for our planet why not move to this environment friendly bamboo toothbrush instead of those plastic ones? This bamboo toothbrush has a bamboo handle and nylon fibres. It offers the same quality of cleaning and durability as a plastic toothbrush and is more sensitive towards the environment. It is available for ₹ 99.00 and you can check it out here.

Any Recommendations for Our Readers?

  • Q. Which products would you recommend to someone trying Ojas for the first time?
  • Our bathrobes are the most loved product. We customize them as per what the customers want.
  • Q. Please can you give us some tips on buying beauty and wellness products as gifts?
  • Buying skin-care is like buying food. Don’t pick something with super fancy terms or ingredients. It’s basically food for your skin that eventually enters your system through your skin. So keep it natural like your grand mum always did.
From our editorial team

Adopt Organic, Natural and Skin Friendly Products for a Glowing and Healthy Skin

Who does not want a naturally glowing and healthy skin, and without the side-effects of harmful chemicals? It is time for you to junk your contemporary skin-care products and adopt high quality, organic and skin friendly products like the ones from Ojas. They will not only rejuvenate your skin naturally, replenish the nutrients it has lost out on, but will also bring no side effects with them. Share your experiences of using Ojas products with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.