10 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband	this Year and How to Put a Romantic Spin to the Day

10 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband this Year and How to Put a Romantic Spin to the Day

Complimentary and heart warming gifts that you can give your husband on Valentine's Day all depend on the understanding of what he means to you. Do you really love him? Here are the most unique gifts to give your husband on Valentine's Day. Not sure how to woo and wow your man? Read through our tips on how to take the lead and turn this day into a super romantic celebration.

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Tips for Buying Special and Romantic Gifts for Him

Keep in Mind the Things He Likes

It is advised to know the liking and taste of your husband before selecting any gift for him. Keep your eyes on him and observe every minute details about his behaviour, this will help you out to know his interest, hobbies and passion. Talk indirectly to him to know his interests, his needs or what he want to have. List all the products on behalf of your observation then select the gift which fulfils his wishes in the most efficient way.

You must always remember one thing you are giving a gift to the most loving and caring person of your life so you must not present any gift for the sake of giving, it should be something which shows your love and care. It should be something which helps you to dedicate yourself to your husband. You should keep in mind his likes and needs before giving him something special. This way he will shower all his love to you, and it will make Valentine's day even more special and memorable.

DIY Gifts Can Help in Strengthen the Bond

DIY gifts are the most valuable gift you can ever present to your husband on any occasion. Its value is unmatchable as you have given your time and efforts in making it and ultimately you are giving it to your husband which shows your love, care, and affection towards him. It will give both of you an immense joy and happiness.

This is the best option as it is obtained after investing precious time and effort thus it is unmatchable to any other readymade gift. Presenting your husband a DIY gift will show you care about his needs and interest and always ready to make him feel special and happy. DIY gifts are awesome along with personal and intimate touch. You don't need to spend a copious amount of money to buy an expensive gift, go for a handmade gift and it will create a sort of togetherness in your relationship this Valentine's day.

Consider His Personality and Lifestyle

Before picking a gift for the husband for the occasion of Valentine' s day, you should observe his personality and lifestyle. These two features help you to buy a perfect gift for him, and he would love and appreciate your efforts and concern. Personality matters the most in giving you a right direction to get close to perfect valentine's gift for him. If he is a foodie then giving him something related to food will make him happy, and if he loves adventure then gifts like a swimsuit, trekking kit etc will be the perfect gift for him.

The next big thing is a lifestyle which will guide you to buy the most suitable gift for him. Understand his lifestyle because it might be possible that the gift that you have chosen for him after a lot of efforts will go into waste if he doesn't use it. He might love sports but he has no time to play any game because of office workload then giving sports accessories does not seems to be a good idea. Therefore, keep in mind his lifestyle and personality to come up with the most useful and appropriate gift for him.

10 Unique Gifts for Your Husband on Valentine's Day

A Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

Everyone nowadays prefers online platform for shopping, and you can give him a gift card which he can use during checkout. You can get gift cards of different value and also for different platforms like Amazon, PayPal etc. If your husband prefers offline shopping for apparels because of size issues, then you can get a gift card from the particular store and gift it to him. This gift will surely bring him closer to yourself.

Before handing over a gift card to your husband, you can personalise it to look more attractive and give it a personal touch. Place the gift card in a nice box and cover it with a good quality wrapping paper. You can also spray your favourite perfume to remind him of you. Get him this gift card in the white box worth Rs.10,000 on Amazon and surprise him on Valentine's Day.


Source www.amazon.in

Every man possesses a good quality wallet which he uses to keep his cash and receipt safe along with his credit and debit cards. A wallet is the most important part of any man and on this coming Valentine's day replace that old wallet with even more strong, and luxury wallet which will keep all his valuables safe.

Leather wallets are always appreciated when it comes to durability and strength. Get him this Titan's black wallet from Amazon. This product is completely made of Leather and weighs only 118 gms. The dimensions of the wallet are 15 cms in length, 12 cms in width, and 8 cms in height. Colour and texture of this wallet are amazing. The wallet comes in nice, and attractive packing, however, you can also wrap it accordingly in a nice wrapping paper and pair it with his favourite chocolate. Get it for Rs.1,014 on Amazon.

Coffee Maker

If your husband loves coffee then giving him a coffee maker along with accessories is the best idea to make him happy. You can go for hand operating or electric operating machine accordingly which suits him. A freshly brewed coffee always tastes better than the instant coffee thus you can give him something which he can also use for brewing purpose.

Buy this Cuisinart brew coffeemaker from Amazon which could hold 12 cups of coffee along with a comfortable handle for dripless pouring. Automation programming has 24-hour brew feature. The machine also contains a heat adjustable warming plate, pause feature, and glass carafe to make coffee accordingly. This machine comes along with an inbuilt charcoal water filter which ensures the purity of coffee. Buy this for Rs.5,150 on Amazon.

Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set

If your man loves to drink, then giving him a decanter set will not only make him happy but it also looks amazing when displayed at home. Every man prefers alcohol with good decorations, and this decanter set will fulfil every prospect. Pair it with his favourite brand of drink, and it will look classy and dashing whenever he will use them while drinking.

In this glass set, there is a small central cell with a few outlets at the bottom. On pouring your favourite wine into the central cell it cascades into the glass through the outlets, making it like a small fountain. While the visual is interesting enoughg, what this does is it releases fragrant aromas of your wine into the air. Get it for Rs.3,436 on uncommongoods.com.

Luxurious Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Watches have become a common part of the lifestyle of any person. They not only show time but also enhance the overall personality of men. Men who pair it with their outlook look even more handsome and smart. There are many types of watches which are paired with different looks. Your husband might have many watches but consider giving him another to replace the one which has now become old-fashioned in his collection.

Give him this cool Magideal watch available on Amazon which shows time, date, week, and month on one analog display. Its case is made of stainless steel with a leather band. Its waterproof feature will allow him to swim without taking it off. Get him this for Rs.5,240 on Amazon.

Tie and Cufflink Combo

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Ties and cufflinks are something which adds a professional touch to your husband's corporate look. Ties help to frame his face, brings the slimming effect in the face, boost confidence to carry his ensemble with pride and enhance his overall look.

Get him this Kanthlangot tie which will definitely look him greatly in his professional look. The set also includes cufflinks which he can pair with any professional attire. The tie is made of jacquard fabric which provides good durability. It measures 58 inches in length and set includes 2 cufflinks. It will complete his overall look. Get him this for Rs.1,150 from Amazon.

Polarized Sunglasses

A man looks smart and handsome in glasses, and it also protects his eyes from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. It is obvious that sometimes he has to drive the car on sunny days and in such situations, these sunglasses will protect his eyes from the glare of the sun so that he can drive carefully. It is a great fashion accessory with many health benefits. Pairing it with nice clothes will enhance his personality.

These sunglasses from Lenskart are polarised and provides great comfort hence he can wear it for the longer duration. These will not only help him to protect his eyes but also make him look even more attractive. Buy this for Rs.1,199 from Lenskart.

Shining Memory Personalised Lamp

Source www.fnp.com

Give him something which can make him feel special, and he will appreciate you for the efforts. On the occasion of Valentine's day, a good piece of personalised room decor will help you to remember your old special days. It could be anything like your first valentine, first date, or any photo of the wedding day. Doing so will make it even more special and romantic.

This Personalised Fluorescent Green Bottle Lamp on fnp.com is the best you can give to your husband on Valentine's day to make the moment a little romantic. You can personalize it with any special photo, and it will appear on the bottle. The set has one stand holding bulb inside the bottle which illuminates the photo in dark. The photo is visible in daylight also. The photo is embedded in such a way that it will not fade away with time. The only drawback of this gift is that image gets dim when the lamp is lighted. Buy this for Rs.799 from fnp.com.

Rocher Choco Bouquet

Source www.fnp.com

If your man is fond of chocolates, then give him a bouquet of chocolates entwined in the form of an attractive bouquet. This will mix sweetness in your sweet relationship. 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates are mounted on the top of the bouquet made of Red paper tied with yellow decorative paper. It is been said that giving such gifts to husband represents luck and life ahead full of adventure. Buy this awesome gift for him for Rs.1,549 on fnp.com.

100 Reasons of Love Book

Source www.fnp.com

It is obvious that you fell in love with him for certain reasons. Just imagine how would it feel when you write down all those reasons in a book and gift him on Valentine's day? It will be the most awesome and romantic moment when you will present this to him. He will love it and appreciate you for all your love, care, and affection.

You can also write romantic quotes for him or any good quality in him that you like the most. Write down how you feel about him now and how you felt the day you met him. This is going to be the most memorable and loveliest moment of your life. Buy this special book for Rs.299 on fnp.com.

Special Things You Must Do with Him This Valentine's Day

Plan a Candlelight Dinner

Show your love and care to him in the classiest way by planning a candlelight dinner for him. Surprise him with exotic, filled with adventure and fun candlelight dinner that he will never forget. You can go to his favourite restaurant and surprise him with awesome lighting and decoration that you prepared for him. Order his favourite dish and don't forget to drink his favourite drink with him.

If you had already visited his favourite restaurant with him many times then consider planning this date in another place to provide him with a new experience. He will be very happy to see your efforts in taking care of his happiness and needs. Remember, romantic candle dinner is not about spending a copious amount of money, it is all about love so you must think about it before making any decision. Give him a bouquet on the way to dinner. This will definitely heat up the moment that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Go on a Wine Tour

If your husband is a wine lover, then you must consider taking him to a vineyard. He will enjoy there a lot. There are many vineyards in India where you can visit with him like the one in Nashik. It has the excellent quality of wine and hospitality as well. Even if your husband doesn't drink, then also you must prefer going there to witness the lush greenery.

You will get to know the process of wine-making, and you can even taste it. Vine-yard is spread over thousands of acres and walking around there could be very distressing. It could lead both of you to exhaustion and after a day full of walking and doing fun activities, reserve a room for two where you can spend a romantic night with him.

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Make your husband happy this Valentine through gift giving

When it comes down to giving gifts to you husband, you ought to make it count. What's more, nothing is as adorable and romantic as presenting your husband with a gift on Valentine's Day. Make him feel loved and he might reciprocate the same, making the environment full of love. Be sure to cheerful and involve him, to make the whole endeavor lively and picturesque. The above described forms of gift are among those painstakingly deliberated on as the best choice as Valentine's Gifts to your husband.