Drag Your Wardrobe into 2020 with a Koti! 12 Stunning and Colourful Kurti with Koti to Add the Oomph Factor.

Drag Your Wardrobe into 2020 with a Koti! 12 Stunning and Colourful Kurti with Koti to Add the Oomph Factor.

Why go with the same kurtis again and again when you can jazz it with a koti? Pair your kurti with a koti and work the jacket trend with a flair. Not sure? We've got you, 12 kurti with koti ranging from a simple A-line kurti to an anarkali. And everything from a trendy one-sleeved koti to a classic mirror work koti. Pick one that's close to your heart and shine!

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What are Koti Kurtis?

The clothing industry is flooded with new fashion ideas every day! Fashion designers come up with trendy new ideas to make us smarter and sharper. Among the recent trends, kurtas paired with kotis have become a huge hit with women. Moreover, this fashion creates a unique amalgamation by combining ethnicity with modernity. Koti is known as an outer garment worn over a shirt. In our case, instead of wearing it over the shirt, we will be wearing it over a kurti.

Types of Kotis Available for Kurtis

The designers take inspiration from numerous things such as culture, demographics, and much more. Among them, here is a list of types of kotis available in the market.

  • Short
  • Long
  • Layered
  • Single-side
  • Thread for, embroidered and mirror work
  • Sheer net
  • Traditional printed
  • Kediyu
  • Shrug
  • Reversible

How to Pair Ethnic Kotis with Kurtis?

With a little work, a koti can work as both ethnic or a trendy outfit depending on how you work it. Here are a few tips for the beginner;

Look chic and stylish by pairing your ethnic kotis with kurtis for casual and formal events.

  • Choose contrasting colours coat for festive events to add colour and fun.
  • For formal events, pair them the same or neutral-coloured koti in the work environment.
  • You can wear ethnic jewellery rather than bling ones to add elegance.
  • Pair colourful kotis with monochrome dresses such as white or black to add a splash of colour.
  • Denim koti is gaining popularity among women due to its awareness. Wear colourful juttis or sandals to rock this combination.
  • Ditch traditional by opting to wear a denim koti with your kurtas. Invest in making coats with raw silk and Benaras to rock festive events by adding fun and glamour.
  • Forego traditional pants and leggings by pairing them with jeans, skirts or dhoti style pants.

12 Great Kurti with Koti Options, Curated Just for You

Long Kurti with One-sided Short Koti

Kotis paired with kurtis are increasingly becoming a fashion statement nowadays. They are mostly favoured by teenagers and young women who want a blend of modernity along with an ethnic touch. The long attire is made from rayon and falls elegantly till one’s ankles. The blue flowy fabric has an empire waistline with half sleeves. The elegant attire is pair with a multi-coloured koti that is attached to it. The front of the jacket forms a half-crescent design and is joined to the other end leaving the kurti exposed to create a one-sleeved koti. It adds a modern touch; One sleeve is made of one colour whereas the other is multicoloured adding a splash of colour to your attire. This jacket along with the dress is perfect for all occasions be it casual or formal. Pair it with simple oxidized jewellery and you are all set to go. This long kurti can be purchased for Rs.1,999/- from Mongoose Kart.

Satin Kurti with Black Koti

Kurtis made from soft and flowy fabrics are always preferred by women since they are easy to wear and maintain. You can opt for this kurti made from green georgette and satin fabric. The body of the attire is a straight cut design made from a combination of georgette and satin. The end of the hemline is embossed with georgette black fabric. The chic kurti is paired with a black koti that is also made from sheer georgette fabric. The coat comes with a collar and three-fourth sleeves with piping along the hemlines. The top of the kurti comprises of a zigzag design that comes with patti design and buttons. The shiny attire can be paired with a pair of black stilettoes and leggings that are perfect for an outing with your friends and family. The stain kurti can be purchased for Rs.1,750/- from Shop Clues.

Mirror Work Koti Kurti

Mirror work is also known as ‘AbhlaBharat’ consists of numerous mirrors embroidered to fabric to reflect light and colours. These mirror worked fabrics are a trademark of India fabric culture and are famous all over the world. Women can opt for a stylish kurti that comes paired with a colourful mirror work koti that adds bling to your wardrobe. The koti is made from yellow-coloured cotton fabric with elegant mirror work whereas the kurti is short and also made from cotton. It comprises of half sleeves that are paired with Patiala pants. The colour attire can be purchased for Rs.400/- per piece and can also be purchased in bulk from India Mart.

Embroidered Party Wear Koti Kurti

Source peachmode.com

Create a style statement by wearing this luminous yellow-red coloured koti style kurti. The kurti is made from rayon fabric along with exquisite embroidery work. The kurti comprises of thread floral embroidery work on the bustier. The bottom part creates layers that are formed by attaching and horizontally tailoring the fabric. It falls just below the knees and is sleeveless. The attire also consists of a red-coloured contrast koti made of cutwork on the bodice and along its sleeves. This chic coat-style kurti can be fashionably paired with contrast coloured leggings or denim. Match your trendy accessories with such a long tote and strappy sandals to create a boho-chic vide. This trendy attire can be purchased for Rs.1,299/- from Peach Mode.

Printed Reversible Koti

Do you want a koti that makes a fashion statement? Then, you have come to the right place. The irreversible coat that can be paired with your kurtis. The causal style coat is made from cotton and consists of a layered design that is printed on both sides. The sleeveless attire can be perfectly teamed with your long or short kurtas. The coat is short at the back whereas it creates a layer on both sides in the front and falls elegantly near your knees. This reversible coat can be purchased for Rs.479/- from Max Fashions.

Banjara Kutch Work Embroidered Koti

Source www.amazon.in

Do you feel bored wearing white or monochrome kurtis and feel you want to add some colour to it? Opt for a koti that adds a splash of colour and fun to your attire by opting for a colourful embroidered coat that can be worn over your boring dress. The base of the coat is made from black fabric and consists of colourful squares with circular patterns in the middle. The amalgamation of colours create a colourful riot and add zing to your drab white kurta. Pair them with colourful jutti to spice up any festive event. The jacket comes to the waist and is free size thus making it suitable for all sizes. The women’s jacket can be purchased for Rs.299/- from Amazon Fashion.

Embroidered Koti Style Kurti

Flaunt your style and elegance by opting to wear an embroidered koti style kurti. The jacket along with the kurti is made from high-quality fabric that is soft against your skin. The sleeveless, blue and white striped attire is made from soft handloom fabric. It consists of a round neck and button with charms on the front of the bodice. However, it comprises a contrast, embroidered jacket made from the pink rayon fabric with three-fourth sleeves that beautifully complements your sense of fashion. The jacket consists of a Chinese neck aka mandarin collar. Skip your leggings with this embroidered koti style kurti and pair it with colourful sandals. Purchase it from Gunj Fashion for Rs. 960/-.

Kalamkari Handblock Print Koti

Source www.ajio.com

Handpainted and block printed textile made from cotton is famous all over the world and is commonly known as kalamkari. In this type of technique, it entirely handworked using a freehand design. The art comprises of common subjects such as temples, portraits, gods, or animals. This kalamkari jacket infuses style and modernity to your jackets with its print and gorgeous neckline. The koti is stitched like a modern blazer with layered flannels on either side. Moreover, you can also use it as a shrug and pair it with all your western garments. The kalamkari jacket can be purchased for Rs.570/- from Ajio.

Layered Koti

Are you bored of wearing short kotis and want to add more layers? Ditch your short coats for a layered koti that can be elegantly worn over your kurtas. The coat is made from muslin china cotton that is very soft and lightweight. The inner kurti is a brown colour and comprises of a boat neck. The koti long and consists of multiple layers with three-fourth layered sleeves. The top part of the coat is decorated with faux pearl and sequin work. The fluorescent green koti is perfectly paired with the earthy brown kurti and be the centre of attraction in any event. Moreover, this killer combo is available in various colours and cane purchased for Rs.2,249/- from Cilory.

Shibouri Print Kurti with Koti

Shibori prints are a must in a woman’s wardrobe. It is a resist tie-dyeing technique that is used for producing numerous patterns on the fabric. It is a tie-dye technique that originated in Japan and is considered to be an ethnic art form. The kurti comprises a pink base that is made from soft rayon that offers lightness and fluidity. The entire kurti consists of colourful shibori prints. The attire has an empire waistline and the fabric accentuates one’s figure. The sleeveless kurti consists of sheer pink net koti that is fastened at the neck to create an open neck jacket pattern. This attractive dress can be purchased for Rs.1,999/- from Mongoose Kart.

Kediyu Koti with Mirror Work

Source www.ajio.com

Kediyu is a traditional Gujarati attire that is worn for festive events such as Dandiya. It is usually worn over pants or skirts and is commonly worn by men. Incorporate this ethnic coat into your wardrobe. It is elaborately adorned with colourful thread embroidery along the neckline and the bodice of the koti. The bottom half of the coat is ruffle patterned to create a loose fit. It comprises of three-fourth, loose sleeves with pipping and pom work. It can be elegantly fastened over your kurtas with the help of thread tassels and you all set to go. You can buy this ethnic coat for Rs.3,299/- from Ajio.

Anarkali Kurti with Koti

Source www.amazon.in

Are you surprised to find that anarkali kurtis can be also be paired with kotis? The answer is yes, the anarkali is made from printed material whereas the coat is made from beige colour. Both the anarkali and coat are made from rayon. It comes fitted over the dress and has a drawstring waist that can be easily adjusted. It has a collar neck along with full sleeves to provide a homely appearance. The demure attire can be purchased for Rs.999/- from Amazon Fashion.

DIY: Koti for Kurti or Top

Though there are numerous koti kurtis online, you can make it at home to save money and create your design. Use the following DIY method to make kotis at home.

Things required:
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Markers or chalk
  • Stencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Decorative stone buttons

  • Select the fabric of your choice and using the measuring tape to trace the outline using chalk.
  • After the tracing has been carried out. Cut along the curves and lines of the fabric.
  • Cut the fabric into two halves at the front and a single full piece at the back.
  • Place them correctly and stitch them together with a needle and thread.
  • Once the koti has been stitched together, you can decorate it in the front by opting for stone buttons.
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Have a Care with the Kurti and Accessories.

Koti's have bee worn traditionally since ages. It has seen a new revival and is paired with kurti. You can flaunt it with everything from a casual outfit to a formal outfit to even a party wear outfit. But however, you need to be careful so as not to overload your outfit. Koti's tend to be colourful and heavily worked; In this case, take care that your kurti is simple and monochrome. Forego modern accessories and go for a traditional pair of earrings and juttis. This in itself elevates your outfit. Remember simplicity is the key even if you are colourful and glittering.